Three Manchester United players that can hurt Arsenal

Manchester United are not in the best place right now, they are struggling for form, they are missing some crucial players through injury and their manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is under severe pressure. Basically, how Arsenal have been recently.

The assumption is that this is the best time to be facing United, that may well be right, however, it would be foolhardy to underestimate the Red Devils, especially at Old Trafford.

United still have an abundance of top talent running through their squad, they spent some serious money in the summer and all those new signings are likely to face Arsenal on Monday. Additionally, they have a solid core of experienced players with a sprinkling of youth thrown in and are more than capable of beating any top-six side in Manchester.

Daniel James

What a signing he has been, he frightens the hell out of opponents and at this minute in time is probably United’s best-performing player. If he is shackled then Arsenal will have a much better chance of winning the game, if not, they could be in for a torrid time.

Nemanja Matic

The 31-year-old is not at his best right now but he has a tremendous shot and when he is on his game can be unplayable in the middle of the park. The Serbian cannot be allowed to get control of the midfield, which he is more than capable of doing.

Harry Maguire

He is a top-quality defender and poses a significant danger at set-pieces. Aubameyang will have to be at his very best if he is to get the better of the Englishman and the Arsenal defence will have to be on their toes, especially at corners.


  1. Really you left out British Michael Jackson?
    Despite the fact that he scores against us whenever he plays?
    My only hope is that Emery doesn’t end up fielding a defensive team.
    It’ll be so stupid.
    If we don’t win this one then I’ll wonder if there’s any change compared to when we were under Wenger. We can’t play three top teams and pick just 1 point or 2 points.
    If we do, then we’re no fit to be called a top team either

    1. Arsenal always fail at OT no matter how bad Man utd is performing.Hope this time round we can revenge for the 8-2 humiliation. I will hate Emery for ever if he goes for defensive tactics in this game of which he might do just to make sure he does something to make us unhappy. This week, we were happy that the team played well in Europa cup but today he decided to spoil it. Next week, he will do the same with his lineup! Lastly, Man utd is struggling but so are we. I can’t remember any EPL match that we can say we played well leave alone lucky wins.

      1. Still going on about the 8-2, seriously man get a life I bet you don’t even remember the situation at the time,I do i am old enough,get over it bro!

    2. By the way can we put into context how messed up that celebration seems now? After years of the Wenger-pedofile chants the only way lingard could have made that celebration worse is by donning a jimmy savile mask and screaming “now then, now then”

  2. I’m more worried about the Arsenal players that can hurt Arsenal more than any other player of any opposition team.

    1. @Sue
      Thought David James was a goalkeeper that played for Liverpool and ManCity… Guess he’s out of retirement and playin up front for ManU… 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. In His days he played upfront in the PL can,t remember for which team,about 30 minutes true story!!

  3. Meanwhile elsewhere Emery’s trying to defend picking Xhaka

    “I trust and believe in him and he is a good man, a good professional and a good player. Sometimes he has made a mistake, yes, but the most important thing is to analyse, to learn and to correct that in the future”

    I don’t know if Emery is saying us fans are dumb and stoopid or that he himself is the dumb and stoopid one here.
    How many more years of mistakes and silly errors will Xhaka get to make?
    Do we have to be I’m the Championship first?
    So Mustafi makes mistakes, he gets thrown under the bus by Emery and gets dropped, but Xhaka who’s the midfield clone of Mustafi gets to analyze and correct his owns in the future?
    This man though

    “His challenge, and our challenge, is to change that opinion and above all, show personality and improve in each match and give us his help every time. The first match is on Monday at Manchester United.”

    And wait, if in the first place you have to keep trying to defend the guy and hoping he fixes and changes his errors in the future, doesn’t that mean there’s a real and big problem in the first place?
    Why’d you have to choose him?
    Even Keown has said the decision is wrong and mind boggling

      1. Oh, I’m living with it bruv, just not getting carried away by anything.
        This whole management reeks of Mediocre.
        Trust me, I’m living with it.
        I’ve lived with far worse

    1. Hilarious. Improve at his age and at the expense of the team?! We are in trouble. Emery will never drop him no matter how bad he plays because he is now focusing on proving that he indeed have Faith in him. Again, it’s not even the mistakes that bothers me! Poor slow paced football bothers me more

  4. They are beatable. That’s all we need.

    If Emery doesn’t start Xhaka, Mustafi, Ozil then we should have a good chance

    Start Leno, Bellerin/Chambers, Holding, Luiz, Tierney, Torreira, Wilock/Guendouzi, Ceballos, Pepe, Martinelli/Saka and Aubameyang

  5. The only player that can really hurt us is De gea, I won’t be surprise if he get the man of the match, and how about the arsenal players that can hurt united, Auba, Saka, Pepe, Luiz.

  6. Might want to add Pogba Lingaard De Gea Bissaka, just to name a few, beside their fans and stadium.

    The biggest threat for us is in our camp; Emery, he picks the team wrong, giving away points, for free.

    Dude actually paid millions for that while I can and my ass’ broke! Life so unfair!

    1. Martinez
      Bellerin Holding Mustafi Tierny
      Chambers – Willock
      Ozil Xhaka
      Auba Martinelli

      Can pick Luis for Mustafi, Ceballos for Ozil or Xhaka, Nelson for Ozil, leno for Martinez, Saka for Martinelli, Gendouzi for Xhaka or Chambers…

      Means we have loads of options, but also Unai disaster coach; he 10 has options, 8 are good, he’ll sctratch his head to pick between 2 wrong ones…

      Useless to look at Man U’s players but forward to yet another Unai pick, as everyone used to now, worlwide!

        1. Mogunna,
          Wow what an excellent idea, bench your record signing who have only played 6 matches in the league show him he’s not good enough to start against a big team, you should be proud of yourself.

  7. Arsenal are capable of beating Man Utd on Monday night at away in the PL but they’ll not beat them on a plate but through a persistent sheer hardwork enduring punishments from the Man U to not breakdown in the match to concede goals to them and persevering hardships in the game during the match to not give up hope of winning the match working very hard consistently throughout the 90 minutes plus duration of the match.

  8. Our manager is abysmal. Our captain is abysmal. My advice to the pair of you – hand the teamsheet to Freddie and see if you can both get seats in the director’s box.

    From there, observe closely as excellent team selections are made. Then watch Man Utd taken apart and, more importantly, how the team lineup differs so massively from the weak minded, defensive, shambolic ‘play out from the back’ ‘team???’ you would have inflicted on us.

    This will help you come to the realisation that you are a pair of clueless frauds who have no idea whatsoever who your best players are or how to pick a winning team. Once you admit that you will find it much easier to make the honourable decision to leave, thus saving Arsenal from any future embarassment at your hands.

  9. I don’t know where to start with your article,man utd bright lights,Dan James 3 goals,if he is the brightest spark in a team worth of hundreds of millions incl pobga,de gea…says it all!magic has barely played and when he does underperformed,Gary Maguire as so far hasn’t been the solution to their defence,any defender can head all,he was also caught out of position for goals his only good game was against his old club,are you watching other teams? serious question man?players who can hurt arsenal you got one, what about wissa what his name,even Mata…I don’t care how many headers Maguire does but with subs,Pepe, martinelli he will struggle for once trust me!!

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