THREE more top Arsenal starlets sent out on loan

It is truly amazing the amount of young up-and-coming talent coming through at Arsenal, and there are already many of them out on loan in the lower divisions. But the latest loan deals are set to be the coming-of-age season for three of our most promising young talent.

Earlier this week it as announced that Chuba Akpom and Isaac Hayden would both be going to try and set the Championship on fire with Hull City, and today it has been confirmed that the talented German Serge Gnabry is set to join Tony Pulis at West Brom. The 20 year-old broke into the Gunners first team the year before last but his development was stalled due to a long term injury. Now he’s fully fit again we can look forward to some impressive displays for the Baggies.

I have very high hopes for both Hayden, who I saw in live action last season, and Chuba Akpom to become first team stars in the future so they will have to make sure they make their mark at Hull. Arsene Wenger is also hopeful they will prove their potential. He said on “There is a moment in your career where you are not anymore for youth level and not ready for the Premier League,”

“I think in this period in English football, we lose players, because we have nothing really on the competition front to offer them. They’ve already played for two or three years in the under-21s and they don’t feel they move forward anymore if they don’t play in the first team.

“They are ready to play in a senior team and I believe that Championship level is a very good terminal stage of the education of a player.

“Unfortunately we cannot do it for everybody because not everybody can play in the Championship. I think it’s a great experience at the end of the education of a player, before he plays in the Premier League and for Arsenal.”

I can see all three of these youngsters being big stars so I will be following their development with interest. I hope Akpom doesn’t score goals for fun and then get sold off for a pittance, like Benik Afobe!

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  1. acc to spanish media rafa wants to keep benz while perez wants to sell him because of debt

    wenger should go for reus & play him/sanchez/theo upfront we wan’t wait else we will end up with no one

    1. Even after the player or his agent himself states intention of not leaving the club, and signing a new deal too, you want that player to be signed at any cost. I wonder if you only provide news or understands them as well.

    2. Guys do you think we have any chance with Lewandowski.I mean can we sign him for €40m-€45 and will Bayern accept a bid for him?

      1. Should we sell Ozil to Bayern? I mean, €40m-€45 should be enough to make us consider, right?

        1. I don’t like the idea of selling Ozil but almost every player is available if the offer is big enough. But if Sterling is worth 50mil pounds then Ozil should be worth at least that much – not less.

          1. If Bayern can sell Lewandowski, Arsenal too can sell Ozil. There’s no need – sporting or financial – by both clubs to sell either players. We’ll sooner resign Bendtner than sign Lewandowski in my Honest Opinion (no pun intended).

    3. The only club I know where the calls are made by the coach is us.
      All the rest is the prrsident /owner / similar (see Abramovich and Mou re Cech).
      So if Florentino wants to sell…Wenger must act

    4. Real Madrid dont have to sell players to manage their debt, especially not first team players. If they sell Benzema, it is because they have other players coming in, like James Rodriguez and Gareth Bale making Di Maria and Özil expendable. As of now, they dont seem to be looking at anyone.

  2. Lol but I thought Benz was one of Perez’s favourite… well the rumours won’t go away..don’t know what to believe again but I guess its one of d intrigues of the transfer season

    1. he is a favorite perez would force mgrs. to pick him for almost every game but with 500m debt he has to sell 1 star player can’t see them selling bale after spending big on him / Ronaldo

  3. They need to try their best and impress if they want 1st team action next season.

    I like all three players. I’ve also got high hopes for Bielik, Zelalem, Crowley

    Good luck to our future

  4. Most clear-cut chances missed in the last 3 Premier League seasons: Giroud (46), Agüero (45), Van Persie (40), Cissé (36), Lukaku (33)
    Olivier Giroud: No player has missed more clear-cut chances in the CL this season than Giroud (6) did in just 2 apps
    we need a new striker can’t see us winning the league with giroud upfront

  5. I know we have about 0 chance of getting benzema but the comments being posted here sometimes are just hating

    benzema is one of the best CF s in football…dont compare him to giroud.

    man united have wayne rooney.
    man city have aguero.
    chelsea have costa.

    I really like giroud but you cant compare him to the above players in the teams we are supposedly competing with for the epl.

    So lets cut the cr*p please.

    wenger get us a good striker and one wont go missing when needed most..a matchwinner.

    and that my fellow gooners is the hard truth.


    1. I thought you were going to say you can’t compare OG to the others because they don’t play as target men.

    2. Aguero – World Class. No doubt.
      But Costa/Rooney are better than Giroud, never world class for me. Especially if you are not from UK, you will not rate Raheem/Rooney so highly. May be close to world class.
      Then comes Giroud.
      Then Kane/Bentake etc

      If we can not get an upgrade, we should forget a striker and get a quality CDM to at least play 20 games in a season

  6. OT. does this group has any fantasy premier league group? would like to join up with fellow gooners.

  7. We could use someone who can play LW as well as up front, so Reus or Greizmann or draxler would be ideal. I don’t like Ozil playing on the left. I want Ozil to play CAM consistently and score more assists then Fabregas this season

    I don’t know much about this Cheryshev guy other than he is on loan to Villarreal from Madrid, he is LW and scored 4 goals last season. I don’t know enough to make an opinion

    1. absolutely agree on reus griezman and draxler…cant believe either of the first two could not be prised away with a 40m bid and some franco german love in

  8. there is something deeply unhealthy about the frenchman and his crypto-idiotic public pronouncements….disliking the press is one thing…many are really stupid for sure and just selling copy…but its his attitude to the fans that is so irksome…other managers state honestly we are short here or weak there, need to strengthen in this or that department etc…it has been obvious to people as stupid as robby savage and michael own that we lack quality up front and steel in the middle of defence…fans have been saying same for years now…but wenger refuses to acknowledge and say hes working on it…respect mourinho for being straight forward on these matters

    1. Wenger can be a bit odd sometimes with transfers.
      last summer. He clearly said no more forwards. He said we had enough, even though we could have used a TOP striker last season. But he bought Welbeck for £16 millon on the last day.

      Well he was in Rome on the last day and said that if he had been in London Wenger would have loaned Welbeck from United, not purchased. Which is a bit confusing to me. But I have no knowledge about club transfer procedures

      Anyway, I hoping and praying that we get a TOP CF or winger at least.

      1. My guess is…..

        Wenger meant he would have pushed harder for the loan vs. purchase. He probably feels he could have negotiated the loan himself but ManU was pushing for the purchase and with the clock running out he was not able to work the deal himself.

  9. More sponsorship money comes Arsenals way as we team up with Betfair as our official betting partner in Europe.

  10. Admin were is your delete button now four posts on. I said something less than what muffdiver is saying now.

  11. Guys i dont know if you have noticed but with the gnabry loaned out we have now 25 players in our squad . With Campell possible moving out and Welbeck and Wilshere injured for 2 months i think we lack of depth , especially in lw . I dont wanna see Ozil playing there when Alexis cant..I dont know whats your opinion but i think either we shouldnt sell/loan joel or buy a lw ( i didnt mention cf position because its obvious) .
    ps. I think the next generation of gunners will be special ( Crowley , Hayden , Bielik , Akpom , Gnabry , Zelalem) . Good luck to them all

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