Three names that keep popping up as potential Arsenal signings

Nicolas Pepe will most likely be confirmed as an Arsenal player later this afternoon and with nine days until the transfer window shuts the question is, who will Arsenal sign next?

Celtic defender Kieran Tierney is the most obvious candidate right now, there is a ton of media reports claiming one thing or another but the general consensus is that Arsenal’s interest remains and that the 22-year-old is more likely to be a Gunner than a Hoop in the next week or so.

The next name that I have seen regularly in the last couple of days is Juventus midfielder Sami Khedira. Unai Emery sort of dismissed the speculation but respected journalists like Tancredi Palmeri are continuing to push this one.

Finally, Juventus defender Daniele Rugani’s name is being mentioned a lot. The main focus of the reports is that the 25-year-old will possibly join on a loan or as part of a deal that includes Khedira.

So, they are three names that I am seeing the most, there are others but not as often as Tierney, Khedira and Rugani.

The most credible one is, of course, Tierney but that one has dragged on now and could come down to the wire, a deadline day deal.

The two Juventus links are interesting, the Italian Champions have spent big and does have players surplus to requirements and they are very busy trying to get deals done, so who knows?

The bottom line for me is that I do expect more new signings and any of the three named players in this article could easily end up being an Arsenal player within the next week or so.


  1. I haven’t watched much of Rugani so I’m not sure if he’ll help us get top 4 but the fact that he is a young CB is good enough 4 me.
    As for Khedira, why? We got Torriera and Chambers, and Ashley so no thanks!
    Tierney, sign da ting!

  2. signing khedira at 32years will be a joke, would rather consider lemina, rugani for a two year loan with an option to buy will be a good deal.

    1. No Khedira please. We definitely need a CB if Emery is not considering Bielik or Mavropanos as an option. Also need to sell Mustafi and Elneny and Koacielny because he want to leave. With pepe, tierney(hope will happen), ceballos and martinelli we just need 1 CB. Use Nelson as a winger and he will come good. We lacked players who could their man by ease.

      1. No to Khedira, given Arsenal have promising midfielders coming through and he is reportedly on £200k a week at Juventus.

      2. For me l think arsenal needs to concentrate much now on the defense and the one more quick attacking player with brain when it reaches to the final third not to be dull like Alex wobi when he reaches to box and he looses l deas. Saha Wilfred would be a nother good addition.

  3. A dream ending to this window,
    assuming both Tierney and Pepe deals
    are over the line..


    Mustafi (£25M)
    El Neny (£8M)
    Boss (£7M)
    Jenkinson (£5M)
    Iwobi (£25M)
    Xhaka (£35M)
    Miki (loan)

    Roughly £105M recouped from players


    S Bergwijn or Soares (£35M)
    J. Tah (£50M)
    D. Sidibe (£15M)


        1. Im obviously not an Iwobi fan
          but the Nigerian is a good
          player, still relatively
          young, and has featured
          prominently in the EPL over
          the past few years. Teams
          would be interested if he was
          openly made available by AFC

          FWIW Transfermarkets
          evaluation is around £22M

      1. The operative word being “DREAM”
        ending 2 the window.

        And all those players listed
        above imho arent good enough to
        consistently feature in the first
        11 and should be moved on.

  4. News hitting up on another bid lunch worth 60 million pounds for Zaha. I don’t know how true that is but would be an incredible transfer if we do get Pepe and Zaha in one window.

    Fingers crossed we get in Tierney and one CD then I will be over the moon.

    1. Oh man, I won’t lie to you.We need Zaha badly but for the quoted price of £80m it is a robbery.
      A real shame because he has that WC dribbling the team is lacking.He always terrorises the top 6 and will probably terrorise them again.A real shame

    2. Guh, hope not. All effort should be on finishing Tierney and getting a CB in. Since we have Pepe it is not essential we even get Zaha this window. He isn’t going anywhere anyways since Everton are getting Moise Kean.

  5. Get Tierney and a CB on loan would be great window for Arsenal. Unless we ship Kos and Mustafi out don’t think another CB is incoming.

    Over the moon if we add Tierney, agree with Celtic please, fingers crossed.

    1. Tierney is not the one we should be worried about because he’s Arsenal bound.It is whether the club can sell Mustafi and Kos and replace them by signing a CB.Bielik is on the move now so things should be interesting

      1. Hope you’re right kev about Tierney being in the bag. We have too many CB’s on roster, and unless Kos and Mustafi both moved don’t think one is incoming.

        Holding (injured), Sokratis, Chambers, Mustafi, Kos, Mavro, Medley, and Beliek is quanity not quality.

        Chambers can play CB/CDM and worth keeping as backup, Mavro needs playing time too. Sven brought in Mavro and Wenger liked him once he saw him train. Hope Emery gives the lad a chance before dismissing him so easily.

    2. Agree that a Tierney, Rugani (loan)
      end to the window would be a smashing

      However if Mustafi, Boss, Bielek,
      El Neny and Jenkinson are somehow
      moved on I wouldnt be surprisee if
      Raul and co. shock Gunners worldwide
      with a last minute Top Class CB
      aquisition. Any of the following
      would due nicely

      D. Upamecano
      I. Kontae
      S. Umitit
      J. Tah
      W. Orban
      N. Ake
      P. Kimpebe
      B. Kamara
      A. Diallo
      N. Elvedi
      L. Dunk

  6. The Beilik one confuses me, why not give the lad a go along with Mavraponas to see what they can do, they arnt going to Start. Holding is already one of our 2 main CBs along with Sokratis. Saliba next summer. Get Koss & Mustafi out whatever the price this window. A last min deal can be done for a CB.

    Pepe is a done deal, Auba & Laca already there and Nelson & Willok can step in for off the bench appearances. Why not! Get rid of Ozil and dont even consider Khedira at this stage of his career and our new journey under Unai with the rebuild, he is not needed. Xhaka does enough damage dont need more of the same but slower.

    This Zaha rumour isn’t going to happen, why would it when we signed Pepe and have the 2youngsters. Get the Tierney deal wrapped up would be good or target another wing back asap.

    Bellerin Holding Sokratis Teirney

    Torreira Cabellos

    Pepe laca Auba

    Not a bad starting 11 but need more defensive minded strategy for the 3 in the middle as all are young but Xhaka has been awful along with Ozil & Iwobi. Mhiki has his moments so could be handy off the bench.

  7. I get the feeling that with pepe and still rumours of Zaha does anybody else feel we could be about to lose Abu?

    1. My gut says we’ll keep Auba, but he has only 2 years left, and the new board have openly said they will sell with 2 years left, if there is no extension. I love Auba, but I would support his sale, because we cannot keep letting our biggest assets leave for next to nothing or free.

  8. Is Khedira only linked with us because he watched an Emirates Cup match? If so, lazy journalism yet again UK…

  9. Khederia nonsense, injury prone, slow, and not up to PL level. Ridiculous rumor honestly, guess he’s the new “Benzema” rumor for us.

    Tell him to jog on, however tell Juve we’ll take Rugani on loan to help with their wage bill.

  10. According to reports we still want to sign Zaha and or Everton.

    For me, if we sign either, a CB like Umtiti and Tierney — to go with Pepe, Ceballos, Martinelli, we will be the favourites for the PL along with City and Liverpool.

    Make no mistake.

    1. I love the enthusiasm GS88 but just because we buy well this window wouldn’t make us favourites at all, as much as I would like us to compete, fixing what we saw from last season and also in preseason is a stretch in the time frame.

      Before Ceballos everyone was saying we were falling behind and relegation material now we have Ceballos and potentially Pepe and a defender you swing we are in contention?

  11. Even though these are the names that pop a lot, they are just to make us know we are still active in the market and not necessarily that we taking them…We still want 3 more signings yes but not them.
    WE want Tierney yes but if not the Danny Rose yes!
    We also want a CB, Daniele Rugani is ok but Ibrahima Konate or Dan-axel Zagadou is excellent, can envision the Combination with Saliba next year.
    And lastly a RB not a Midfielder, though tactically our problems emanate from a lazy, slow and out of position midfield.

  12. May I say that the rumour about Mustafi to Monaco are rubbish, it was a typing/predictive text error, where in fact Mustafi is buying a Monocle !….just so he can look distinquished like Franz Beckenbaur did !…………although that is the only resemblance as Beckenbaur was known as ……The Kaiser ?………….. and Mustafi ……..The Khazi ?!

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