Three players Arsenal can sign for free but should they?

Sunday morning and the first things I do are have a cup of tea, jump in the shower, power up the laptop and have a read of the latest Arsenal news and this morning was no different.

While reading through the latest Arsenal updates I came across a piece in the Daily Express with the headline “The three out-of-contract players Arsenal should sign to revitalise squad for free”

Naturally, that peaked my attention and so I clicked on the article and found out that the three players in question were Neven Subotic, Thomas Vermaelen and Daniel Sturridge.

Interesting names, right?

I obviously need not tell any of you about 33-year-old Vermaelen, who is now out of contract at Barcelona. At least he knows Arsenal so that is something.

Daniel Sturridge, 29, released by Liverpool and while on his day is clinical in front of the goal he is seriously injury prone and I would always question why sign him after releasing Danny Welbeck.

But the one that really would interest me is Neven Subotic.

He is leaving Ligue 1 outfit, St Etienne, this summer and while he never set the world on fire there he remains a very good player, he is just 30 and so has at least 2-3 years left at the top level and showed at Borussia Dortmund the quality he possesses. He played 196 for the Bundesliga outfit including in a Champions League final.

Considering his age, his experience and the fact that he is free I do believe he is seriously worth considering.

So, for me, I would definitely consider Subotic but not sure about the other two.

What are your thought?


  1. Payup or lose then no competition, that is the market value.No need to retreat u got face it.

  2. Sturridge spends more time injured than anything else! Big fat no!
    Vermaelen is getting on.. we really don’t need another 33 year old!!
    Wouldn’t surprise me if Subotic ended up with us (Dortmund reunion ?)
    Tomorrow is July 1st… Seaman & Parlour are at the Armoury, the new kits are unveiled… it’s Adidas all the way, baby!!
    Things will start happening from tomorrow… COYG

    1. Why is free players always link to arsenal???? Why not man utd, Chelsea or even the spurs…. At arsenal we have a long way to go.

      1. Dude we’ve got only £45m to spend and almost the whole squad of players to overhaul. As such, in these contemporary transfer market times, free is the only word that is synonymous with help in our situation. Thanks

    2. Vermaelen’s fitness makes sturridge look like superman ? I would take Sturridge because we can’t afford another striker and Nketiah is too raw some people expect these youngsters to burst on the scene and hit the ground running it’s never gonna happen us fans are already a frustrated bunch ? tomorrow you promise Sue ? ?

      1. Why can’t young players hit the ground running? Cesc certainly did at 16 and never stopped till he went back to Barca. We have a history of young players doing it way back to Kennedy, Adams, George, Rocky, so why not now? What’s the point of having an academy if you don’t use it. Bielik is playing out of his skin st present and has been wasted. Play some young players Emery ffs!

        1. Bielik was playing in League one I’m not saying he wasn’t in the form of his life but league one and the premier League is a giant step up! Young players should be introduced gradually it’s alright saying their tearing up the u21s and u21s once again the premier League is a giant step up there’s a reason a host of young players get loaned out.. to gain experience, you can have all the talent in the world but experience does count! Too many quality players in the PL to throw a exodus of youngsters in! Anyway if they were so good and ready they would have walked the checkatrade trophy.

          1. Guendouzi was playing in league two and he’s doing ok.
            I agree, give more run outs to the excellent younger players we have.

        2. kev82, your views on our previous academy players is so true and what great players they turned out to be.
          As you again correctly state, why have one if your not going to utilise it as they must cost a fortune to run.

          Back to the Verm…what a shrewd bit of business that was by AW. he was injured for nearly a year sfter he signed for Barca, but was a really good CB when fit.
          That’s the one I might just be tempted with on a pay as you play contract, with a minimal basic salary.
          As long as he passes a strict medical of course.

    1. Seconded and ignore this silly rumor

      Arsenal have to sign a big name player in this summer or they could lose some supporters

      1. Yeah, like the supporters they lost already?

        Let’s be real gotanidea. Our supporters are tuning up rain or shine. It won’t make any difference if we take all the freebies we can this year!

        Liverpool supporters know how to make a stand and look where it got them..

  3. Whoever put those 3 players together and suggest we sign them most be on cheap drugs or unwell. How did Litch worked out for us. No more other clubs rejects.

  4. Rather take Alves cahill Moreno Rabiot and Brahimi.

    However of the 3 Daniel Sturridge would interest me, he is far better than Welbeck and no more injury prone than Welbeck or the other two.

    1. But we got rid of Welbeck and Wilshere precisely because they were injury prone. So why sign Sturridge now? What would we acconplish by swapping one 5 game a season player with another 5 game a season player?

      1. Yes, there must be good reasons why these players can walk away freely. Most likely because they are prone to injuries

        Arsenal should be careful when getting a freebie. Kolasinac is one example, good in attacking but not so good in defending

  5. Subotic? Really? Do we want yet another past-it defender joining our ranks? Wasn’t Lichtsteiner enough? Didn’t we learn? How do we expect to ever be the best when we recruit defenders like Subotic? Is Emery a magician? Why is defending never taken seriously at this club!

  6. Subotic at 30 is almost a year younger than Otamendi and more than 2 and a half years younger than Kompany, who were both champions this year.

    Lichsteiner, on the other hand, is 35.

    Don’t post nonsense.

    Buying a 30 year-old defender might be foolish, but getting one for free when you have to spend most of your money on a winger and a fullback, is not necessarily bad.

  7. Make no mistake, Serbians are tough and gritty when it comes to defending. The national team have show that over the years. Neven Subotic would bring a lot of experience for nothing. With the right salary he could be a good little bargain!?

    As for the other two…

  8. I don’t think any one of those 3 players will improve our squad…… maybe Sturridge as a back up…… he’s capable of scoring good goal, but he’s too injury prone…… on another note, what do you guys think about swapping Martial plus cash for Aubameyang?….. I think we’d have robbed them, if we got them to agree to this, because Martial is still young, and skillful…. and he’d have something to prove if he joined another big EPL team from Man U, due to his unimpressive stay with them…. I for one would be excited by this deal.

  9. Why do people keep quoting we don’t have any money to spend

    It’s not that we don’t its that we won’t fact

  10. Just in – Tierney jets in from camp in Austria. Spotted in the UK to finalize deal. 20m pounds plus 5m pounds for add ons, just read this morning hope it’s true

  11. That’s a good point Diogenes, taking a punt on a thirty year old defender makes sense and we won’t lose a lot of money if it doesn’t work out.

    1. Actually if we don’t get UCL football again because we’ve acquired another shitty defender than we’ll lose 50m plus from our transfer budget next season. So yes a

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