Three players Arsenal should sell to generate extra transfer funds

Selling these three players will fund new signings by Martin

In the January transfer window Arsenal brought in just one new signing and that was only a loan in the shape of Denis Suarez, who came in from Barcelona and it is unthinkable that we will not strengthen in the summer.

However, it is being reported everywhere that there are financial restrictions preventing Unai Emery from splashing the cash in the same manner that our top six rivals are able to do, well, apart from Spurs maybe.

So, if there are financial restrictions and we do need to strengthen the squad then we have two options, bring through a few youngsters or sell players to fund new acquisitions.

Bringing through a couple of youngsters is a good thing of course and should be done as standard regardless of what we do in the transfer market and in all reality blooding a few youth players will not be enough to compete for the title when your opponents are spending tens of millions on established experience proven players.

That leaves selling players and lucky for us there are at least three players that we could offload that should raise a healthy amount of money.

Carl Jenkinson

The 27-year-old has never really made the breakthrough at Arsenal, has he? and he is not what you would categorise as a world class player but he is English and that carries a premium in today’s crazy transfer market and you have to think we could get a tidy sum for him.

Shkodran Mustafi

What a let down he has been and to think that he cost us £35 Million, no way will we get that amount back but he would surely be snapped up for £20 Million.

Mohamed Elneny

More was expected from Elneny but he has failed to live up to his billing, he barely features and let’s be honest, he would not be missed.

Selling those three players could raise close to £50 Million and reduce the wage bill somewhat, it would enable us to bring in at least one top class player, possibly even two and that can only be a positive thing.



    1. ? That’s what I was thinking! Maybe 30M. Mustafi £15M, El Neny £8M, Jenkinson £7-5M. I believe we would be hard pressed to find buyers willing to pay £50M for that bunch.

        1. Your figures are bang on I’d say QD… seeing as we paid way over the odds for Mustafi!! No way we’ll recoup all of that 35m!!!

      1. Mustafi should be worth more than that

        Because of he is Arsenal’s best CB according to his high defending statistics and he is a World Cup winner like Ozil, despite he seldom played in the final stage

        1. That is exactly why statistics are nonsense!

          Mustafi is a liability every single game. I’d like to see a stat for the number of errors he’s made that have led to a goal or goal scoring opportunity this season. I bet it’d be well over 20.

      2. Yeah bang on, although I ‘d more like 5 than 7 for Jenkinson. And Mustafi = 15 if we are lucky!

  1. Why not just ship Ozil out to China? He would command a huge fee and let’s face it, at 31 years of age, his best years are behind him. Then, we could replace him with a younger CAM who is more suited to Emery ball.

  2. Add Ozil to the list. We won’t be needing him next season. Iwobi can take over as our designated CAM deputized by Micki

    1. I also want to see Iwobi play as a CAM, but Ozil cannot be sold if he wants to stay in London. Even if Arsenal put him in the transfer list and bench him more often

      If Ozil is still passionate about his career, he would have looked for another club. I think he wouldn’t budge like Sanchez at Man United

      1. Wow I’m lost for words ,you want iwobi to play in ozils position ,do you want to see us relegated ?iwobi should be the 1st at the door .
        If ozil goes , which I doubt very much then we would have to spend 100 million plus to get someone with his talents .
        Iwobi as a number 10 ?????he cant even cross a ball but you want him to be a playmaker .

        1. What do you mean by ”if ozil goes , which I doubt very much then we would have to spend 100 million plus to get someone with his talents”.Man I wouldnt have Iwobi as a CAM but neither would I have Ozil as a CAM too.Even Sanchez did better than Ozil for Arsenal in his time here but you and I knew that we didn’t need 100 million plus to replace Sanchez.In fact people can debate it all they want but if it were to be for talent we would not need 100 million plus to replace each player in this Arsenal starting eleven.

      2. @gotanidea

        sentiment aside – highly unlikely we see iwobi as ozil’s permanent replacement, not unless he inspires his national team to excel itself by achieving semi-final place in a WC and thereafter managing to distinguishes himself in the Champions League. Is he really that guy ? Do think again.

    2. People say Iwobi is a CAM but I dont see it all.He’s more of a playmaking winger.He’ better coming in from the LW.In Arsenal’s academy he was used more as a winger and times used as a CF for the U23’s but for some reason is being labelled a CAM.We can try it but I dont see him excelling in that position at all.
      A month or so ago Maitland-Niles was being called average and was just a matter of time before being labelled as ”deadwood”.It was shameful considering the fact that he was never a RWB or RB in the first place.It’s funny how his performance at Old Trafford last season has been ignored and the guy has even earned the respect of Pogba till this day just like how Frimpong earned the respect of Riquelme.

      1. I wonder if people just ignore history for something that is being waved in their faces?
        AMN isn’t a RB yet look at how people are saying he should replace Bellerin and we should sell Bellerin for cash as we have AMN… I can’t get my head around that style of thinking.

        Almost as if something flashy got waved in front of them and they forgot what they was doing and go; “Ooooh pretty shiny!”

        1. Yes, it’s not even worth the discussion.The thing about Niles is that he has pace,power,strength,speed,dribbling,agility and height.He has everything so because of that he’s able to use his qualities to accustom himself to many positions.But the fact is that he doesn’t have the mindset of a fullback.He lacks proper positioning and many times uses his speed to bail him out of trouble.I can see him making numerous mistakes in a position he was not primarily trained for.This season should’ve been used to assess him at CM and then we would know if all he has is form or class.Now we might go and buy another player and should Niles impress at CM next season if given the chance there might be a factor of regret due to not giving him the chance earlier.

          1. He is so close to the complete footballer tag that I can comprehend why people think of him in different positions, I get the fantasies as I have my own about AMN being able to not only replace Vieira but do it with goals in him as well, more than Vieira.

            I know it is a big hope for such a young lad, we all have high hopes for him I think, it would be nice to see more people pushing the idea of him being the complete CM.

            1. Imagine pairing him with Torreira and a quality DLP.Have you read stories linking Arsenal back with Bennacer?I hope we go back for him.Hes such a gem and a shame he left us.Hes much better than Xhaka and Guendouzi I tell you but the team he plays in but the team he plays in has reduced the hype.Napoli tried to sign him but Arsenal can sign him back for £12m.

    3. Neither ozil nor iwobi, sell them bother are not arsenal quality if we really want to compete at the higher level

  3. I thought Jenkinson would be out of contract by the end of this season.

    I like Mustafi’s aggresion, pace and marking, but his decisions are awful sometimes. His defending stats are always one of the highest at the club, hence he could be worth more than 25 millions in today’s market

    Arsenal could easily find a buyer for Mustafi due to those stats, but it’s difficult to find a pacey, technical and agressive CB like him. Elneny never got a long run as a starter, hence I feel he has been treated unfairly

  4. If you look at Carl Jenkinson’s best form as Arsenal player he should’ve been a far better player than he is right now.I wonder if any here remember his MOTM performance against City some years back.In his case I am willing to base it on the fact that injuries have hampered him bu imo he should’ve been given more chances at RB and allowed to prove himself at RB this season.Are Arsenal saying Carl Jenkinson is so bad that he can’t even deputise as a RB?Well it’s up to them.
    As for Mustafi,in truth he could’ve been a far better CB if not for his mistakes though he was never world class.On the basis of past seasons he didn’t deserve the chance to prove himself this season but should’ve been sold last season.
    Elneny, lost his place long ago and it was very bad of us to not only refuse selling him but not selling him for 15million pound which Leicester City were ready to pay.

    1. I think you’re right about Jenkinsons caontract expiring this year, also I thought it was Elneny who refused the move to Leicester, not the club.

  5. Well if you consider £20 million to be close to £50 million, then you might be right. Most of us , me included, do not. Personally I think we will be lucky to get a single penny for Elneny and about £5 mill for Jenks. Mustafi is not worth the remaining £15 mill but since the market is mad and he is still relatively young , we just MIGHT get that. I would keep Jenks as he is almost worthless to sell but is a half decent reserve and I’d pay the rubbish man to take the other two away on his horse and cart to the tip, where they would be surrounded by similar rubbish. Mustafi is just the latest in a long string of hopeless CB ‘s brought in by Wenger ever since the great George Graham defence retired. Starting with Senderos! UGH!! As FOR Elneny… Hackney Marshes is about his standard.

    1. Leicester City were prepared to pay £15 mill for Elneny in the summer but for some reason he wasn’t sold. £5 mill and £20 million represent exactly the values of Jenkinson and Mustafi respectively.Anything less than that will be bad business and I know other clubs that have sold players of lower quality than their actual values.It happens always but it’s just about being smart.The thing is they take advantage of time value of players in terms of money whereas we don’t.I still believe we can get £5 mill for Jenkinson and £15-20 million for Mustafi in this market.

    2. “Mustafi is just the latest in a long string of hopeless CB ‘s brought in by Wenger ever since the great George Graham defence retired.”


      Yup, not one GG defender in that lineup.

      How on earth did we go unbeaten!!!! Wenger built that def, how did we not conceded 1000000000 goals???

      Or maybe Wenger was better in his earlier years and this also included a period of time after GG defense. Wenger declined over many years, not in a snap of some finger clicking.

      What you say also dismisses the achievement of Szcz for sharing the golden glove with Cech when Cech had Jose parking the bus in front of him.

      It ignores the fact that a team defends together, Vieira was a B2B yet look how many people have called him a DM due to how he helped out defensively. Not like Ramsey in Wengers later years although Ramsey could have been encouraged to pay more attention to the def side, he wasn’t and the team suffered.

      For someone who praises GG defense and slated Per for his speed, it seems a bit like you have no idea on what a defender is, if Wenger had bought Adams then you would have moaned about Adams being a slow donkey. That is how it feels with any Arsenal CB other than what GG left behind. You could have highlighted the unbeaten season and pointed out how Wenger had declined in the years since but no, Wenger never got any good defender since GG players.

      Poor legends who helped us do something amazing and ignored because the manager was Wenger and not GG.

      1. Ok then, here is my counter thrust: Senderos, Djourou, Schillachi, Sylvestre, Stepanovs, Cygan, Toure( decent only and not remotely an Adams, Bould or Campbell), Mustafi, and two top CB’s ONLY brought in. Campbell on a free and and Kos, now well past his very best and fast ageing. And please don’t try saying the inconsistent Gallas was top class, as he was not. KOLO TOURE WAS DECENT ONLY WHEN PLAYING NEXT TO CAMPBELL- DECENT IS NOT TOP CLASS – and Wengers judgement of CB’s was laughably bad. One quality Wenger created defenceonly, since the famous GG back four retired is, frankly , bloody poor going over all those years. And to even attempt to compare the legendary Adams lack of real speed with the freakishly slow Merts is beyond silly.

        1. Jon, you are right, Campbell made Kolo look good, just as CR7 made Ozil look good at RM. And that Mustafi, a reject of Everton, relegation threatened Valentia could be suitable for AFC? Which person in his sane mind would think like that? And further sell Gabriel and retain Mustafi is another discussion for another day.

  6. 50M??? Lol

    A more realistic figure imho woupd be around
    £30M for all three, although I honestly cant see
    2 many suitors seriously considering either
    El Neny or Jenko atm

    What I see happening in the summer window

    Ospina—£4M to stay in Napoli
    El Neny—-£8M
    Suarez—-back to Barca

    Around £40M in player sales and more critically
    over £500K trimmed from the wage bill.

    Add the supposed £45M in the transfer kitty and
    Emery will have close to £90M to spend on the
    following players

    CB( Manolas, Tah, etc)—-£30-35M
    Chillwell or Grimaldo—£25-30M

    ESR, Nelson and Martinez return from there
    respective loan spells.

    STK….Auba, Laca, Nkietah
    Wingers—-Sarr, Nelson, Iwobi, Amaechi
    Cam—-Ozil, Miki, ESR
    CM—Guendouzi, Xhaka,
    DM—Torreria, Chambers
    CB—-Manolas(Tah), Socratis, Boss, Holding,
    Mavro, Medley
    LB—Nacho, Saed, Grimaldo
    RB—Hector, AMN
    Keeper—Leno, Martinez

    1. I dont rate sarr as a arsenal quality player and not he is that is why no single big club apart from us want him.. Better trust nelson.. We need massive investment in quality player to compete with the like of city and liver

      nicolas pepe
      Djene Dakonam
      Kieran tierny
      Reiss nelson (from loan)
      Play AMN in his natural position will be as new adition to replace ramsey

  7. We need better CAM than Iwobi or Ozil if we want to challenge for the title

    If we sell Mustafi then we need a better CB as replacement.

    I’m fine with selling Jenkinson and El Neny

  8. The way we talked about these players I won’t even pay a penny for any one of them????. I’m glad you guys aren’t handling our transfer sales. Do people think Ivan is still here. As bad as he is in selling players he got 18m pounds for Giroud that is considering leaving Chelsea on Bosman or free at the end of the season. Like Kev said and I also had said it several times here Liecester was ready to pay us 15m for Elneny and that was before he extended his contract and some dof here thinks we will be luck to get 5 to nothing for him???. I’m not saying they are wrong but can we all wait till June please.

  9. If I got my way…

    Mustafi(£20 mil), Monreal(£10 mil), Elneny(£15 mil), Xhaka (£30 mil) and Mkhi(£10 mil)

    Sales: £85 mil
    + UCL football = £100 mill
    Total: £185 Million

    De Ligt (£75 mil), Tierney (£25 mil), Win-Bassaka (£40 mil), Rabiot (Free), Martins (£35 mil) and Nkunku (£10 mil)
    Total: £185 million

    Team next season:
    GK: Leno and Martinez
    RB: Bellerin and Win-Bassaka
    LB: Tierney and Kola
    Right CB: De Ligt, Sokratis and Chambers
    Left CB: Kos, Holding and Mavropanos
    DM: Torreira, Guendouzi and Chambers can cover this as well.
    B2B: AMN and Rabiot
    Right AM: Mertins and Nkunku
    ACM: Ozil and Nelson
    Left AM: Iwobi and Nketiah
    CF: Auba and Laca

    24 players, not all of them have to be registered either due to age. 9 Homegrown in that list?

    4231 formation.
    Use the season to look past Kos and Sokratis, hence the listing of 3 CBs for each side and heavy investment into De Ligt.
    Basically Wenger setup but the successful Wenger, when he used Gilberto and Vieira in the middle, solid players who could be trusted to win the ball back. AMN has pace and stamina which is on display at RWB and like Vieira used to… Torreira can defend well which we have seen ourselves for Arsenal along with doing very well at WC… Like Gilberto was a top DM.

    Not saying it will equal the legends but that is the inspiration and what I would work towards. We have a coach who will develop players in Emery so give him the hardest task imaginable… develop players into legends while playing attractive attacking football.

      1. Fingers crossed that the reports are just the spanish media making up stories yet again, up till yesterday there was little about Barca and De Ligt other than De Ligt wasn’t keen on being a bench warmer and not happy he would be valued less than De Jong.

        If we can show him real playing time and real importance then maybe he would prefer here to warming Barca bench.

  10. To return to reality and the suggestions made by Martin I suspect we could at best get £25/30m for the three players mentioned.

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