Three players who could replace Xhaka at Arsenal

Reports say Jose Mourinho is targeting a move for Granit Xhaka as he rebuilds his AS Roma team (Football London).

The Romans have named the Portuguese boss their new manager and he will look to add as many quality players as he can to their squad.

He knows the Premier League very well and wants to sign some players from the competition.

Xhaka is one of Mikel Arteta’s most trusted men and the Swiss midfielder remains a key part of the club.

However, he may have overstayed his time in London and likely to be excited about a new challenge.

Arsenal is rebuilding their team and everyone has a price. Xhaka is an important cog in the wheel at the Emirates, but the Gunners could still cash in on him when the transfer window reopens.

With a transfer very possible, Express Sports has named three players that they could use as a replacement for him in the summer.

The report says the Gunners have plans to bring in Yves Bissouma and losing Xhaka could speed up that transfer.

Arsenal has also been linked with a move for Denis Zakaria who might be available on a cheap transfer because he has 12 months left on his current deal at Borussia Monchengladbach.

Finally, it says Joe Willock’s fine form on-loan at Newcastle United means he can have time to play regularly in midfield next season.

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  1. Xhaka had been awful since day one, yet we keep him, and even give him a contract extension.

    Finally, he has a solid season, becoming one of our most reliable, and consistent performers, and now we look to sell!

    Typical Arsenal I guess!

    1. Xhaka been ok and his tackling has improved

      he needs a good partner in the Centre

      Xhaka is similar to Petit

      He can make a good partnership with Partey in the middle

      OR an good squad player if we need a change in formation / strategy in attack

      1. Similar to Petit in some respects, mainly in passing ability, but Petit was on a completely different level overall. The key difference is consistency – Xhaka has never shown he can be relied upon over the course of the season. No player is perfect and you could forgive his defensive weaknesses (although I agree he has improved) if you could rely on him to play well in most games or at least not drop off a cliff at random. We’ve had too many players like him over the years – ones who play brilliantly in spurts but then disappear for weeks on end (Walcott and Bellerin come to mind). They can contribute to some good memories but ultimately these players prevent us from achieving anything.
        One thing to mention, though, is that he’s our best passer and will be missed (massively, actually) if we don’t replace his left foot (especially with Luis leaving as well).

        1. A key reason for Xhaka’s apparent improvement is that Arteta has made significant adjustments to the way Arsenal play. As a result of this he has been less exposed this season than was the case under previous managers.
          The way he plays has not dramatically changed.

      2. Nah mate, we don’t need a player who depends on others to play at his best. Good players perform regardless and it’s the job of the manager to bring in teammates who are as good.

        Xhaka is a disciplined player and has good passing ranges but that’s about it, his other attributes are mediocre. His lack of pace is well known, as his lapses of concentration. Modern game needs dynamic players, Tuchel was spot on when he said that defenders and midfielders need to attack spaces. I saw Declan Rice dribbled past 3 or 4 players, one that caused Carragher to gasp. That would never happen with Xhaka. He is only capable of shielding the ball using his body, that’s the extent of his ability. He couldn’t operate in tight situations or make quick passes. He’s too hot-headed as a midfield general and his mistakes have costed games.

        He could be a squad player, but if a club offers 25 million I would accept it in a heartbeat. We should avoid situations in the past where we were desperate to sell.

    1. There is no problem with selling as long as we earn profits and could bring in players of similar qualities or better.

  2. Manuel Locetelli would be perfect. Deeplying playmaker who can drive forward with the ball and his tackling and interception is very good, wouldn’t cost more than 20m and I’m sure he would jump at the chance to join us since we are a massive step up from sassuolo

    1. Yes, Ive been saying that for a long time now. He would be the perfect partner for Partey. He is technical, is good under pressure and is more suited to the short passing game we are playing. Other than Xhaka, he is good defensively, which is key imo

    2. I agree regards to Manuel Locatelli being perfect in our midfield as a deeplying playmaker, however he will be costing a lot more than the 20m quoted, it would be nearer to 40m once an English club such as Arsenal gets involved, if he is sold in Italy his cost will be closer to the 20m mark.

    1. Yeah I’m desperate to see how he does in the PL. I know it was Dundalk (once they were already beaten), but it looked easy for him in his EL cameo. He looks like he could be a massive player for us but needs an opportunity.

      1. 100% he should be getting the odd 15-30 mins in games we are cruising in but doubt that will happen.

  3. I like locetelli hes a very good player if we can get him for 20-25 million I would jump at the chance perfect for Thomas same price as wilock and grant then a good rb then a cf then a good solid keeper get rid for Leno top 4 here we come

  4. If Xhaka is to leave we need to replace him with a midfielder with a excellent technical abilities. Playing two big engines like Partey and Bissouma together is all well and good against the big boys but when teams sit back and we end up with Partey getting lots of the ball in the opposition half it can be very frustrating. A 21 year old cesc fabregas would be ideal but I guess we could settle with Rueben Nevez from Wolves

    1. no way neves is just right footed xhaka with a portuguese passport. He is also slow and he’s so called long passing range is overated. If we end up signing bissouma we could see saka playing in midfield to balance things out

      1. I agree we should sign Bissouma regardless if Xhaka leaves or not. If he does however leave we will need a more creative midfielder to add balance to our game. Do we need both Bissouma and Partey starting in home games against the bottom half clubs?

        1. If Xhaka doesn’t leave then he will be played in almost every game. There’s zero chance MA is benching him.

          Partey starts, Xhaka starts and ESR starts most games. Where does the new CM pay if Xhaka doesn’t leave?

          1. Strength in depth? Tactical changes? Injuries? Fatigue? Does this response account for any of that?

            What’s wrong with Partey or Bissouma or Xhaka waiting on the bench for when their skill set becomes nescessary?

      2. exactly; his passing accuracy is only good within 5-10 yards but with longer balls disappears

  5. Although Xhaka really improved this year, he has never been at premier league level. He is too slow and circumstancial for that. About his passing; 2 from each 3 of his passes goes backwards or in best case sideways. Arsenal never will have a dynamic midfield with him, so I am really looking forward his departure. About partnership: he might be better with Partey, but Partey is far better with Elneny (remember Manchaster & Chelsea games) One thing he really good at it; shooting from distance; but actually he hardly ever did it as we see only 1-2 from him for the whole season. Either Willock or Guendouzi would be far better in midfield.

  6. Xhaka is the direct cause of our slumberous, snore football. He will slow down Mourinhos team a lot.
    There are two players who will really improve us, and it looks like we are after them anyway, Yves Bissouma and Emi Buendia. They with Thomas Partey would improve our midfield 100%. Buendia would be the role model to take ESR and even Bukayo to another level. I would have a lot more confidence in Edu if he get those two. With real commanding TEAM, maybe if Arteta, will let go of his personal defensive characteristics, his football defensive characteristics and let loose a dominating, effective attacking force on the Premiership in the coming season…..we could surprise a lot of people. I genuinely predict Europe if we sign Bissouma and Buendia and Arteta plays a dominating, sharp forward passing style of football..

  7. So many clubs across Europe have taken a financial hit due to covid-19, therefore, players will be sold in order to cover the loss.
    This transfer window can be a buyers market for clubs looking to buy players at a knock down price, one player and club who are looking to trim their squad is Lyon.
    Houssem Aouar is said to be available for 25m and in January he was 50m + sounds like a fire sale to me!

  8. There are a number of good replacements arsenal can go for beyond the names mentioned here. Locatelli, Neuhaus, Bissouma, Camavinga come to mind.

  9. We should be going for players like maximilian arnold to replace Xhaka. His had a very good season and his more mobile, direct and has a very good passing range. The midfield and striker force needs upgrading this season.

  10. Always wondering why people say Xhaka passing is always to the back. Yes, stat don’t say all things but some people only notice the player they don’t like when he make mistakes whereby ignoring his good part cos they don’t care about it. They only care about the bad part, so how won’t they ignore stat in Xhaka situation?

    They always say, Xhaka is the reason we don’t qualify for CL since his arrival but stat always shows we lose our balance inmore games without him in the side. So why do we keep losing our balance or losing games in games he didn’t play?

    They said, Xhaka passing completion is because he always pass to the back but ignore he is 8th in the ranking of players with the most passes into the opposition’s final third among all players in Europe’s top 5 leagues and 3rd in the EPL. But no, they only see he was the back pass master who never contribute to the ball going forward.

    Toni Kroos, Real Madrid: 223
    Steven Nzonzi, Rennes: 208
    Jordan Henderson, Liverpool: 205
    Dani Parejo, Villarreal: 191
    Manuel Locatelli, Sassuolo: 181
    Rodri, Man City: 181
    David Alaba, Bayern: 179
    Granit Xhaka, Arsenal: 172
    Pierre-Emile Hojberg, Tottenham: 170
    Lionel Messi, Barcelona: 166

    Yes I want us to sign another player who is far better than him(not just slightly) not because he’s not a good baller but because the EPL is too fast for him. I will even prefer him to stay and fight for his position but I want our youngsters to be giving chances to prove themselves but if Arteta can give them chances by playing players according to form and make the youngsters believe, then I don’t mind Xhaka staying at all.

    1. Three players I can think of to replace Xhaka

      1) Nellie The Elephant
      Far more pace.
      2) An Oil Tanker
      Can turn quicker
      3) Stevie Wonder
      Has better vision
      Other than those I’m struggling to be honest

  11. You’re right Bobs, Xhaka’s a gd passer. And let me be sincre to you ma fllw fns,let him lve but we’ll regret about it

  12. @Bobs your comment and analysis on Xhaka is the best I’ve seen. If Arsenal do sell him, we needed an upgrade on him, not a similar type of player.
    Every underperforming teams needs scape goats and it’s just unfortunate for him to be amongst them because his mistakes are too costly and vivid, he is like the Johnny Evans of Man Utd then. Other than that he performed well in my own opinion

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