Three POSITIVES from Arsenal’s draw at Everton

Arsenal: Three positives from the draw against Everton by SE

For a very brief period on Saturday, Arsenal were keeping their skeptics happy. But, when Kevin Friend blew his final whistle, Wenger’s men would have felt content and encouraged by the attitude they showed, to leave Goodison Park with a well-earned point. However, looking back on the game, what are the three positives that Arsenal can take from salvaging a draw against Everton?

Wenger’s tactical flexibility
Wenger has been the protagonist behind Arsenal, throughout the summer, as he intends to bring back those glory old days to the Emirates. He went ahead and signed Sanchez, following the Chilean’s impressive performances in the World Cup. Furthermore he has audaciously invested in 19-year old Chambers, who, so far, has vindicated his hefty transfer fee of 16 million pounds.

And, on Saturday, when he had a decision to make on the kind of system he wanted his side to play, out came 4-1-4-1, with Sanchez leading the line for the first time in an Arsenal shirt. Albeit Arsenal might not have impacted the game by much, playing in what was a balanced formation – defensively and offensively – Wenger’s initiative and tactical flexibility is definitely a positive to come out of the game. And, with plenty more big games to come this season, expect Wenger to innovate like he did against Everton.

Not going down when they weren’t having their best of days
It is the spirit that counts when you aren’t finding your best of touches, and Arsenal went on to prove their credentials as one of this season’s title contenders. They may have salvaged a meager point, but from being 0-2 down and 10 minutes to go, Cazorla and Monreal conjuring up the third sumptuous cross of the game – in addition to Barry’s cross for Everton’s first goal – gave Arsenal an indispensable away point.

Arsenal’s bench impacted the game immensely
It wasn’t Sanchez, and neither was it the 42.4 million pound man; instead, it was Cazorla (for Ramsey) and Giroud – two of whom harnessed those sporadic of chances for the Gunners on the evening. Not every day will you have your top stars firing on all cylinders, which is why bench strength becomes ever so vital and, on this occasion, Arsenal’s bench – consisting of Cazorla, Giroud and Campbell – came to their side’s rescue.

Final thoughts
Arsenal would have to do much better on their travels, if they are to challenge for the Premier League title. But, take nothing away from a spirited showing in the last 10 minutes of the game, to muster an invaluable away point.


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  1. Off topic:
    If Podolski leaves the club, do you think Arsene willl buy a replacement or Campbell is already considered as one? The dream signing would be Marco Reus though..

    1. The positive i observed is that Arsenal do have depth for the attacking area. We started with Ozil, Ramsey, Sanchez and the Ox but when it failed, Giroud, Cazorla and Campbell came on and changed the game yet there’s still Walcott, Rosicky, Sanogo. Podolski.

    2. Campbell is hugely unproven. My guess is that Wenger wants to ease him in. I do think it is time for the LW not to be played by a CAM like Carzola or Ozil. Why not get the OX on that position with Campbell as his understudy.

      RW will be Sanchez/Gnabry when both are fit.

      CF Giroud/Wallcott – in 2012/13 season Wallcott did well in CF position.

      This can all change if we do buy CF/LW in this transfer window.

    3. 3 important things I have figured out after the draw

      1. we need a defender

      2. we need a holding midfielder

      3. we fking need a striker

  2. I think our team has matured even more in terms of attitude for the new season where we don’t give up under pressure. That’s a obvious sign of a title seeking team.

  3. Wenger hasn’t even started Campbell despite Podolski being out, so I’m not sure if he’s considered a replacement. I think we have plenty if wingers, though I wouldn’t say no to Reus! Podolski leaving means we have 2 open spots in the squad, a DM (seemingly Carvalho) and a CB seem to be our two priority signings, though a DM is usually able to play as a CB too, but I haven’t seen Carvalho play as a CB so I’m not sure. If we get a DM that can play as 4th choice CB, then we’re able to buy another LW/ST, otherwise we’ll need another CB as well as a DM.

    1. Then there is gustavo. If wenger is selling podolski, then let him go to wolfsburg in exchange with gustavo. He can play DM & CB. For those who think he’s sh!$, watch bayern game vs madrid on youtube. Then you come back here tell me if he’s sh!$.
      Wenger tried to sign him last season. If he had succeeded, you can imagine where we could have finished. He’s the missing link.

      1. Yup, he is. His only weakness in my opinion is that he does tend to stack up the yellows 😀 . A bit like Flamini in that respect 😉

  4. Reus, Carvalho and Manolas please. Some people say Reus is too much of a dream however I disagree. He’s within our price range (30 mill or so), we can offer him champs league football, prem contenders and a couple of German mates. He supports arsenal and idolises Rosicky. Perfect match and a brilliant replacement/improvement on Podolski – who will be missed.
    Although nothing will happen until we’ve qualified for champs league

    1. @jonbonjovi

      i disagree with u..
      we offer champs league football but never come near to competing dortmund actually contend for the trophy.
      he is a dortmund born an bred so thats his team, he is fan fave there, an board/manager love him,
      hes within everyones price range
      in dortmund he has way more ‘german mates’ than arsenal

      DREAM ON

    2. Has Manolas not gone somewhere else. I heard on SKY that our deal was off, because he wanted guarantee of start.
      As for the post, I have 3 points from the game.
      Firstl, I want to say that, on comments on here, and, MOTD and pundits, a lot commented about defensive frailties, none however bothered to mention that, we had Kos out injured, and so, had to bring in an obviously unfit BFG, to play alongside 2 players he had NEVER played with before, and hardly practiced with even, and, Chambers struggled too as a consequence of that. So, MY FIRST POINT IS. Kos and Chambers looked our best partnership, especially against quick forwards. BFG needs to get fully fit, and then be gradually moved to 3rd choice CB.
      Jack and Rambo do NOT play well together, and though Jack had a better overall game than the Welshman, his substitution freed us up. With Arteta out, maybe Chambers could be tried in DM alongside either.
      3 Alexis was NOT a great hit as Striker, but, I do not think our system suited him up front, and he needs more chances but with a slight change in our formation/personnel.
      A draw, considering these points, especially the first, at Goodison, was a great result.

  5. If you think this transfer window is successful you need to think again. The early buys convinced people to renew season ticket, now its back to the same old stingy tactic with selling and then buying. How much of the Puma money did they actually spend? Again we are still buying replacements after replacements. The only addition so far is Sanchez and that could possibly be a replacement if Podolski is sold. I thought we are in a position where we don’t need to sell any more players?

      1. I don’t know why people don’t rate Gustavo, I really rate him and would prefer in over any other DM.. And I also like Tiote of Newcastle..

        It might seem weird to some fellow gooners but I think these 2 players have got something..

  6. Arsenal and Sporting are in talks over William Carvalho. Sporting wants €30-35m + 1-2 players permanently/on loan acc 2 Portuguese media going into final week of the window, Carvalho is no.1 target, Gustavo no.2.

      1. Miyaichi Coquelin yes. I also ready reports about Gnabry on loan. I would not do that to teams outside the EPL like Sporting. He will loose his home grown status. This is exactly what happened to Miyaichi when going to Feyenoord. Home grown status means higher resale value in EPL.

        1. What if we never want to sell Gnabry… because he looks the business. Sporting is one of the best places on the planet to develop a player.

  7. @jonbonjovi
    I agree with you, but I just hope deals have been already agreed waiting for the CL certitude.
    The fact is we still need a CB, CL or not as we are way short.

    Do you realise that Chambers was not a first team player at Southampton (22 games last season) despite his talent… It just shows either they have missed something or you can just walk into the Arsenal team if you play at the right position because we are always short of players…!! (I might be wrong)
    I just hope he keeps performing the way he has started.

    1. Who knows why Chambers did not start at St Marys. Assume the Manager rated Clyne better, and, thought the 2 CBs were too.
      For me, it just proves Wenger and our scouts are great at identifying talent.
      Some make it and become legends, others do not, and get abuse from fans and have to leave.

  8. I never saw anyone who gave a more concrete reason / hunch / or link as to whether we have Marco Reus in our shopping list other than that we WANTED to sign him before he got injured before world cup. Thereafter, we opted for Sanchez. To me, that ends his chase. Does ANYONE have a reason or hint to still hold believe in our perpetual pursuit of REUS??????

    I can’t see Wenger signing him along with Sanchez within same transfer window,though I will be over the moon to see such superb signings in just single transfer window.

  9. @Leo
    Well said… We can include some players in the deal.
    I am sure Sporting would not mind having Diaby and the Portuguese league is way less physical.

      1. what’s the point of being good when he makes a cameo appearance for 1-2 games & then disappears for the rest of the season & in 1-2 yrs carvalho will be a better player

        1. Just wait. RvP also blossomed at his 27-28 yrs of age. Also missed many games due to injuries. If Diaby can give 20 games/season then we can challenge top spots. Tired of this playoff round in ECL.

            1. Of course. But quality is not what Diaby misses. Quality is there. What he lacks is fitness, resilience, strength and a huge dose of luck. I remember RvP since he came into the first squad at Feyenoord, I was there because I was a season ticket holder and he always was inconsistent, you wouldn’t put your faith in him and always ready to get in trouble. You have no clue what RvP we bought in 2004. Balotelli looks like a saint compared with RvP 2001-2004. Involved in a rape scandal and famous for the fights he had with van Maarwijk. Flashes of genius? You bet he had plenty but if it wasn’t for Bergkamp to coach and take care of him I doubt he’d be the RvP we see today. And I wonder how many managers would stick to an injured player for so long.

  10. I am sorry I just cannot see any positive about the draw at Everton…
    We show in 10 mins that they could not cope with us and we were dominant (last minutes of the game).
    It is just clear that if the tactic had been right from the beginning we would have cruise the feature easily…!!

    1. yeah & Martinez claimed his players were tired in the 2nd half amazing we have played 3 time in the last 9 days while everton had a weeks rest & many call him a tactical genius we should have won that game if the first goals wasn’t allowed (foul + offside) & had giroud taken his chances well he had 3 good chances

  11. Greek paper reports: “Roma are closer to signing Manolas, unless Arsenal comes back in. Arsenal have offered 14 million euros.”

    1. But he wants assurance of game time, which Wenger can’t give him. Don’t forget Gnabry as loan in Carvalho deal. Geez, hope we can get him. And as for Reus, that goes without saying….. Podolski has been one of my favourite players for years even when he was at Cologne, will miss him but he hasn’t quite set the pitch alight. Alderwierld would be an awesome acquisition but who knows.

      1. If this whole game time rumour is true. Then why would you want him. He is clearly a dropkick without the steel to push for first team.

  12. 3 Positives:

    1. Girould scored against a top 5 team and decided a game

    2. The Germans are back

    3. It showed were the team needs improvement – Defending set pieces / defending counter attacking teams / pressing uptop / a battler in midfield / some soughting out on the left wing / and the need to play OG as a supper sub.

  13. What positives? There where none. We played rrly bad, and the only reason we have drawed was bec Everton got tired and we scored 2 odd goals.

  14. The positive i observed is that Arsenal do have depth for the attacking area. We started with Ozil, Ramsey, Sanchez and the Ox but when it failed, Giroud, Cazorla and Campbell came on and changed the game yet there’s still Walcott, Rosicky, Sanogo. Podolski.

  15. This is apparently the first time that we make up a 2-goal deficit away from home since 2011. A point away at Goodison Park isn’t a bad return. Sure, the squad needs some fine tuning and injuries are already a problem, but things are better than what the media say.

    I worry about our midfield though. I’m not convinced Ramsey and Wilshere can play well together. We’ll probably have Wilshere-Flamini-Özil in midfield against Besiktas and I reckon that should work better.

    I’d like to see that team start : Szcz – Deb, Kos, Per, Monreal – Flamini, Wilshere – Cazorla, Özil, Sanchez – Giroud. With the Ox, Rosicky and Chambers as subs.

  16. People keep saying we should sell giroud or swap for cavanni or an other. A certain manager from a club in london that I despise said he needs minimum 3 forwards for the season, I agree. We need to keep giroud as he’s a handful to defend against late in the game when brought drom the bench. The starting striker does not need to be high profile, remy, hernandez even welbeck would do me at this stage. 10-15m should easily do it. Dm and cb need to be priorities before striker though. My preference would be to pay well for a top class cb and bench / phase out per, (sorry bfg you worry the sh*t out of me!). Chambers 3rd place cb.

  17. Positives of the game:

    We showed determination to get back after 2-0 down.
    Do not sell Giroud, he gives a lot.

    Lessons to move forward. We showed pace to go forward but we were crap at using the pace into direct shots at the goal. We kept passing in front of the goal so that Everton organised their defenders. This made it hard.

    Arsenal needs to practice hanging close to the offside trap and create opportunities by placing the ball to players near the offside line. Well timed this give you one on one opportunities in front of the goal. If timed well even Giroud can look fast.

    Secondly Arsenal should not be afraid of making a direct shot or challenge a player to get in front of the goal. This will result in lots of possession being lost in return we will get more direct chances in front of the goal.

    Thirdly when we need to press higher. This allows us to have more players in the final third.

    Fourthly when we attack on pace more players need to run with it.

    I think we do have the right mix of players, it is more about tactics and training on this.

    Where as Everton always looked dangerous on the counter attack. Their second goal was from the offside line / position. I know the referee was not helpful. But these type of chance I want Arsenal to have.

    RvP was and is still great hanging on the offside line and through that right timing he has scored lots of goals. Lots of times he does get it wrong which can be frustrating to see but when it is right it is almost guaranteed a goal.

    1. VERY TRUE, giroud and rvp both don’t have pace but rvp’s tactical know how, positioning and finishing is world class, giroud’s is EXTREMELY average, definitely something he can change, do I believe he will is a whole different question, he had 2 FULL seasons to learn, uninterrupted by injury and unlimited game time,instead of working hard, grabbing the opportunity with both hands and learning, olivier was banging some model, talking to the press and rolling on the ground after 15 misses with his tongue, U TELL ME WHY HE SHOULD I GIVE HIM MY TRUST AND BELIEF? bendtner was an arsenal player but i don’t remember u folk screaming his name in joy everytime he missed, is it cause giroud is good looking or french?

  18. We need to offer Sporting Lisbon 24M + RYO+ COQUELIN permanently for Carvalho.
    Im hearing Giroud could be out for several weeks. Common Wenger sign Falcao.

    1. giroud and arteta injuries could be blessings in disguise, p.s. when is diaby retiring? he obviously isn’t fit for the gazillionth time and as sad as it is, it really is time to call it a day, as great as he is

      1. Not such a blessing if don’t have the players to fill the gaps in important games… ECL Qualifier for example.

  19. acc 2 Daily Telegraph Arsenal fear Giroud ankle injury could force club into late transfer window move for a striker

    so who will it be cavani/falcao or etto on 1 year deal

      1. if its because of giroud injury will be some nobody loan signing like the swede from russian league last season.

          1. salomon kalou lol anyway we may have no giroud or sanogo for beskitas game meaning Campbell or akpom will have 2 start can’t understand why wenger is selling podoslki hope it’s 2 bring in someone better else why weaken the squad

    1. Cavani and Falcao hardly look like players you’ll go for in an emergency. You must plan for it 1-2 seasons in advance 😉

    2. we need to, as far as i always say giroud is good enough etc, without him we NEED a striker and since we re going to do so, indeed better go for any of these guys you mention

  20. we still lacking of 2 quality world class strikers to score goals and rotate

    2 world class centrebacks to rotate with Kos and Per

    1 World class DM

    1 World class LW

    1 World class LB to cover for Gibbs

    we need to spend big

  21. heard that cavavni/falcao wants to leave & if so they (PSG/Monaco) could make a move for Jackson Martinez or luis Muriel so even if ibra is injured (though ibra is back in training)
    cavani could still leave but we have 2 act fast

      1. You know all this talk of us needing to be in the CL to even sign an average defender o any player at all is just ridiculous. I think AW has got to our heads too abit too much. Does it mean if God forbid we do not make it to CL we wont sign any player? Is that our only bargain chip when negotiating for players to join us.

        I mean this issue must be looked into seriously, don’t our officials know how to negotiate? Don’t we offer good enough contracts or other incentives? or are our targets only interested in us for CL football? I mean some of the players we are linked with aint even WC players that would demand for CL football.

        It all comes to the clubs ambition and desire to sign WC or any decent player period to fill the gaps in our squad which have been there for years! We cant always wait for last minute when all the ripe fruits have been picked.

    1. sometimes I believe he lives in my mind…
      I love the guy , I believe in him,
      I just dont believe in his fitness too much.
      The Abbey

  22. Its seems like we can not spend a penny more until we qualify for the group stage of the CL, so we are actually going down to the last days of the transfer window again, RIDICULOUS.

    The writer state something about balance team against everton, i wonder where he saw that, anyway i will not jump on that song, i felt rather disappointed that we drew with everton i felt if we started the correct team we could have won, started a small forward line with a small midfield just will not work in the PL. Everton came alive after they scored which i think would have been avoided in the first place if Giroud had been the point man, Sanchez was the point man at he time of the foul, he actually committed the foul from which the free kick was given, then ozil allowing his attacker to continue his run unmolested RIDICULOUS.

    All can do know is wait impatiently for Wednesday victory against Besiktas clash, one major request just dont play OZIL/CAZORLA/WILSHERE on the left/right wing

  23. “It is easy for me to say that we have great character but if we put in performances like that week in, week out we can prove it to people,” he said. “We have got great character, great togetherness and some leaders out there that keep us going. We also have great players to go with that.

    “We never give up and at this level that is massive. We have always shown over the years that Arsenal are going to battle like mad right until the end.

    “There have been a few games where we have been behind right until the end but have kept going.

    Guess who said these words??????

  24. There is one positive thing in the fact that Everton played well, that they are among the top 6 teams in the league last season.
    If you put all the positives alongside those lines it is far more impressive.

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