Three big positives we have learned from Arsenal pre-season

The things that have glaringly improved in the Arsenal team since the last campaign. by Nonny
1. Scoring proficiency: When you take a look at Arsenal’s pre-season results, you will notice that there is an improvement in the team’s scoring ratio, especially against rival teams. For example, Arsenal defeated Chelsea 4-0, and the Gunners defeated Sevilla 6-0. The results mentioned above are notable improvements in the attack because Arsenal struggled to defeat numerous opponents last season, especially in the English Premier League. Furthermore, the team has won six out of their seven pre-season games. This is a great moral boost for the players going into the 2022/23 season. Though I wasn’t fully convinced about  chasing Jesus but I now think that the board made the right decision by signing Gabriel Jesus.
2. Defensive Resilience: If you’ve been watching the team in the pre-season games, you will notice that the defence is becoming more organized. You would also agree that the defenders are becoming more responsible, especially in the aspect of decision-making. This is another notable improvement. One unique thing about the defence in the pre-season is that they did not concede any goal against most rival teams. For example, Chelsea, Everton, and Sevilla. The above statistics shows that the defence is improving.
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  1. The team is definitely heading in the right direction….but we are not quite there. If either Partey or Jesus got injured, which can easily happen, we would not have enough depth to manage that. We are so close to out best challenge for years. Tielemans is a NO brainer. A top player and easily affordable. If we miss him it will self-harm. If Jesus gets injured Nketiah is not going to keep us challenging on his own, fact, so another striker is imperative. Cody Gakpo looks like he can play across the front and wide. We can easily do ‘Arsenal’ normal and not quite finish the job, or we can become Arsenal the ‘great’ by finishing the transfer window in style.

  2. Great results and I really liked the dynamic formation. Can’t wait to watch our first EPL game

    But if our B team succumbed to Brentford’s physicality, they could also get bullied by Palace’s big players. Maybe that’s why we’re still linked with Cody Gakpo

  3. Yeah, several steps in the right direction during this off-season, but not there just yet. Still a lot of players to offload/resolve futures, then I guess Arsenal can look at hopefully getting towards the end of the jigsaw puzzle.

  4. Just the preseason of course, but it’s hard not to be excited about the way the goals have been pouring in. That was our Achilles Heel for most of the the last term.

    I think it’s a combination of things. Obviously Jesus appears to be a great signing. I think we’ve got a lot of the right pieces in place now that just make our attack more versatile and dangerous. Plus players know the system and their roles better and it appears we are pressing well which creates more chances too.

    Defense is looking really solid as well, which also supports the high pressure. Best of all, that’s been in the absence of K.T. of Tomi and before Zinchenko has even had a chance to bed in, so things are likely to only improve here.

  5. We’ve seen this all before – blow teams away in meaningless preseason friendlies then lose or draw our first two games. Let’s see how they fare under real pressure before making any assessment of the team.

  6. Bellerin

    These 8 players might be out before the transfer deadline day.

    Hopefully, that would bring at least 50 million pounds, if most of them are being sold.

    Cody Gakpo and a strong midfielder like Onana should be added before the window closes to make it the perfect window for us.

  7. I strongly believe we will win away to Crystal Palace on Friday.

    Our squad is a quite improved one than the squad that played them away last season.

    The addition of Jesus, Zinchenko, and Saliba would make our game play superior to Crystal Palace on Friday.

  8. My plead is, that our Defeners and Midfielders should disarm referees by being Most Disciplined in their own HALF of the field ALWAYS. Red Cards have been a big Deterrent to the progress of AFC. Note and precautions
    should be taken.
    One red card can cost the team 6 points. That has happened to AFC
    recurrently in the past campaigns

  9. If we can move these players out quick enough:
    Bellerin, Runnarsson, Niles, Pepe, Mari, Nelson, Torreira.

    Get these three players in before the window closes:
    Gakpo, A Onana and Maxence Lacroix.

    Bring It On!!!!

  10. I am positive about arsenal this season but I think it is necessary to remember the following:
    our defensive midfield has not changed ( Partey, Xhaka) and they showed us weakness before. During the preseason the 2 teams (Chelsea, and Sevilla) that should have tested that midfield didn’t produce the goods at all. So for me, there is still this question mark on how these two will perform this season against a big team.

    Also regarding the Crystal palace game, I think Viera has been watching the same thing as us. so he will try to stop us from playing, frustrating us the whole game. If we manage to get out of that trap we will have a good season.

  11. I still think we need to add either Tielemans or Savic in the midfield and an addition to Jesus upfront in the mould of Gakpo. We require quality depth since the season will be long and hard.

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