Three reasons Arsenal to sign Higuain THIS WEEK

Arsenal do not even play the first match of this pre-season until next Friday when we face Lens in France, but Arsene Wenger is already facing something of a crisis in terms of his squad. No surprise there then. The Frenchman may well be hoping that the next few weeks prove that the likes of Theo Walcott, Joel Campbell and Chuba Akpom are more than capable of firing Arsenal to a good start in the Premier League, but the more realistic point of view is that we need more.

But Wenger has a problem because he has already told Arsenal Player that he feels that the four players that went furthest in the Euro 2016 tournament need more time to recover than they would get if he was to recall them in time for the start of the season.

He said, “It takes you two or three weeks to regenerate… to recover completely, and they need to come back with hunger. That disappointment to lose a final, it takes some time to recover from that.

“I believe the club benefits from [our players’] experiences at the top level, and the mental experiences as well that they have gone through with such a huge pressure. Of course in the longer term you benefit from that.”

It seems clear that the boss is determined not to see a repeat of the drop in performance level we saw from Alexis Sanchez last season and so the Gunners will almost certainly be without Giroud, Ozil, Koscielny and Ramsey when Liverpool come to north London.

That is one reason for him to secure the transfer of another striker as soon as possible and another is the bad news about the ankle injury of Alexis Sanchez, with The Mirror reporting that although the swelling and bruising has gone, there is still a problem with his ligament and a real doubt about him being fit in time.

As if this was not enough, an Evening Standard report claims that our top transfer target Gonzalo Higuain is now being seriously pursued by the Italian champions Juventus. So if Arsenal are serious about signing the striker from Napoli we need to get on the case fast and get it done so he can be up and running with the team in time for the EPL opener.

Do you think we will see Higuain finally join Arsenal this week?


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    1. LmfaO…….. We don’t do transfers on saturdays or sundays…….

      So we wait to see the next striker we’d be Linked with on monday!

  1. 10yrs (and still counting) no headway……… I guess it’s time for us to stop giving mr Wenger the benefit of a doubt!

  2. Admin, Please stop these ‘Click Bait Articles’. This is NOT happening. Wenger busy practising his presentation to fans and the media on why a striker and defender has not been signed. Practising hard on the American way of presenting a disappointment with lots and lots of positive spins on the talk. Practising his speech, body language, eye contact, dressing on how to succeed in making a big disappointment look very positive! Taking us for fools!!

  3. Three reasons why Higuain will NOT sign for Arsenal this week or any other week.

    1. Arsene Wenger
    2. Ivan Gazidis
    3. Stan Kroenke

    I don’t know what is worse out of all this – the clubs lack of ambition and management ability, the media constantly feeding us this crap or “forum” sites like this actually making us believe some of this crap is true.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that nothing is happening or will happen and next season will be like the previous ten before under that idiot…

    Spends his summer commentating on French Football when he should be signing players.

    Another crap season awaits…

      1. We need DRAXLER:
        – Very very fast
        – Can dribble
        – Pass accurately (see videos)
        – Young
        – Has a good combo with Ozil and above all
        – He is an Arsenal type of player.
        I wanted Draxler. please please get Draxler. The one and only – Draxler…

        1. Draxler and Higuain please £100 million+ well spent
          Give Sanogo and Theo part exchange

          Oh…and a Top CB

  4. I reckon Napoli intend to sell Higuain at some stage, they payed allot for him. It’d be unusual for a club like that to let the contract run down. They need to get serious with their valuation though. I almost want Higuain to stay till the end now and have Napoli miss out on a nice big fat pay day. Italian clubs are having difficulties with finances, so I feel they’ll have to get real at some stage. It might be next season though, when he’s 29 going on 30, they’ll probably receive what they payed for him, or a slight bit more.

    1. higuain is 28 going on 29. Giroud is the 29 set to be 30 barely 2months from now.
      and I see nothing wrong with valuing a 36goals scorer in his form of his life giving the closest person to him-Dybala a gap of 17goals… Dybala who we ll as well take.
      he achieved this feat with Hamsik the most creative force behind him.
      proven in two of Europe’s top5 leagues repeatedly
      and a well rounded finisher;
      with Ozil,Xhaka,Cazorla,Alexis, Bellerin,Ramsey he could smash not just the 40goal-mark but get to the 50-goal mark like Higuain.
      I mean he scored 36 in the league alone against the physicality of SerieA, unfortunately for him Napoli did a Liverpool ; got eliminated from other comps. early to focus on the league.

  5. Higuain prefer a direct solution of our conversion rate problem. But he’s now a right man in the wrong place at the wrong time. 78M pounds buy out clause was such a massive protector. Need craziness a la Abramovich to trigger it, and that’s done by Juve. Arsenal is richer than any of Italian clubs but clearly didn’t have guts to do so. I think Juve is making speculation as if they will get 100M pounds from Pogba selling to ManUre. Can we compete with Juve? Definitely YES. But are we willing to do? You read my mind, we will NOT.
    Draxler prefer a great potential to emulate King Henry if we sign him, but he’s not a direct solution, as he needs to adjust in new character and position. I prefer Icardi, a target man who has Barcelona DNA on him.

  6. three reasons arsenal will not sign higuain:

    1. our coach is an a**hole

    2. our board is a bag full of a** holes

    3. our fans are gullible

    (p.s. admin sorry for my language, not able to keep my cool anymore)

  7. It’s funny as well frustrating to know that with 84m spent we would be perfect for next season but Arsene wnt spend that where United are willing to part with 100m for one overrated player(Pogba) ; City are set to give 90m for 2 kids (stones,sane). it’s cos of penny-pinching we lost out on what could have been a bargain for Higgy 3 years ago at 35m.
    now I’m sure Wenger ll gladly pay 35m for him but guess what? he is now worth double that after scoring 36 goals in 35games, more goals than all our strikers combined in the last 3years and in the form of his life.

  8. It looks like Arsenal fc are getting stuck in the past or at least Wenger’s behind. The club needs a new direction. I’m sick and tired of losing pub debates ? cos of Wenger’s penny pinching

  9. Higuain £40m Giroud
    Mahrez £30m
    Varane/ Subotic- £30m/ £14m.
    Higuain,Mahrez,Subotic combined cost is £84m

  10. Higuain to Arsenal will never happen, not under Arsene Wenger reigns.
    If it does it will be a mockery of Arsene ‘s delusion.
    Same Higuain 3 seasons ago was for £35m now £40m – £ 50m + Girroud.
    Wenger will not, he will never mock himself with the purchase of Higuain.
    Wenger is very arrogant

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