Three reasons why Arsenal may lose Top Four race to Tottenham

The Premier league last weekend was a real spectacle to behold, as all 10 games played provided the delight of attacking football. Showing the reason why the premier league is regarded as one of the best leagues in the world of football. One special note from last weekend is the fact that the race for top four is on, as four teams currently battle for a fourth spot with Arsenal currently leading the race by 1 point over Manchester United.

This article is focused on discussing reasons why Arsenal may fail to achieve their dream of returning to Champions League football this season, as Spurs and Manchester United knock hard on the door. This has nothing to do with Arteta-in or Arteta-out agenda as frequently used here.

1) Tougher Fixtures:
Arsenal are the only team left in the race for Top Four with a tougher fixture list, as they still have to play Chelsea, Liverpool, Leicester, Tottenham and Manchester United. Compared to Tottenham who are only looking to face Arsenal and Manchester United while relishing a run with the bottom half of the table.

2) Arteta’s Inexperience:

Mikel Arteta is still slightly inexperienced compared to someone like Antonio Conte, who is trying to prove to the world that he is an incredible veteran in the world of management. Conte has his eyes set on getting Tottenham in the top four by the end of the season, and if it boils down to the North London derby at Tottenham Hotspur’s stadium, Arteta’s inexperience may get the better of him and force Arsenal into a costly error that might affect their chances of getting into the Top Four.
3) Lack of squad depth:

Arsenal’s squad depth is seriously concerning after the 2022 January transfer window even though the team has been doing great it still remains a concern, because there is lack of adequate cover in many areas.

So far we have managed to keep a fitter squad but that is also down to playing only 3 games in the last month, let’s see how the boys will fare with many games coming up, injury to key players could cost us a Top 4 spot…

What are your thoughts on Arsenal’s chances of being in the Top Four by the end of the season?

Gun down

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Are Arsenal worthy of a Top Four finish?

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  1. Assuming Arsenal loose all five of ‘difficult’ fixture, and win 8 easy fixtures they will end up with 72m points. Similarly Spurs loose two dicfficult fixtures and win their remaining 8 easy fixtures they will still end up with 69 points. See, both of us are over simplifying otherwise complex permutations.

    1. God bless you. This article just didnt make any real sense, all the three points raised are just mere talk of somebody trying to just write an article.

      1. The seemingly easy fixtures are against relegation threatened teams and playing such teams have proven to be very difficult because they fight tooth and nail for survival.

    2. You are absolutely right. I don’t know why so much hatred on Arsenal getting into the top four. They can even end up with top three.

    3. 8 Easy fixtures? I wouldn’t call Southampton away, Newcastle away and West Ham away easy fixtures

    4. Yes, but Spurs have got 12 games remaining, not 10. So add up again. Having said that, the author thinks that Arsenal’s game against Leicester (11th) is “difficult”, whereas Spurs’ games against West Ham (6th) and Liverpool (2nd) are apparently easy…

    5. Spurs will still have 2 games left to play though….there is over simplifying and then there is not being able to count.

    6. You and everyone else agreeing with your comments, while being optimistic are in a fantasy land that defies logic. The writer of the article gave valid factual points on things that can hinder our top 4 chances. It is wishful thinking that we will have all our starting 11 intact till the end of the season. There will be suspensions and injuries whether u want to live in denial of that is up to you. Until it happens, before you are brought back to earth from your utopia. We’ve seen this script happen before. Of course, I’m optimistic too that we can play with our first 11 intact but realistically, with how thin our squad is, our chances of that are slim which might correctly hinder our top 4 chances

    7. you are a pessimist. In your list of the tough fixtures I think we can get a draw against Chelsea, maybe losing against Liverpool and win the rest. Trust me I tell you arsenal is a different animal this season under arteta and no team even the top can pick points easily against us.
      Please write a post after your so called tough games. Admitting you were wrong

  2. You do realise the Tottenham have to play Liverpool, Leicester and West Ham as well as Manchester United and Arsenal? Other than the lack of any form of fact checking, great article lol.

  3. Hmmm, interesting article, but i have to disagree….

    Yes, on paper, we do have a far tougher run in than the spuds You forget to mention that they also have West Ham to play – a team who always raises their game when playing spurs and will no doubt give them a very tough game.

    Notwithstanding this, i believe we will get 4th, as we have momentum and consistency on our side.

    We also have a better defensive balance than spurs, as their defence looks all over the place. Just imagine how they’ll cope with Saka and Martinelli down the wings and with Oodegard pulling the strings. I think spurs will struggle.

    You mention that we have a smaller squad than them. Perhaps we do, but when they dont have the quality in depth to come off the bench to change games, what use is a larger squad??

    Also, given that our one of our games in hand is actually against spurs, once that games is played, we STILL wouldve played one game less than them, so a loss wont be the end of the world as we have a chance to win our next game against a different opposition to get points against. If we cant beat spurs and utd, then a draw against either isnt a bad result at all.

    While our other games vs the likes of brighton, villa, newcastle and some others wont be easy, we have a spirit, bond, hunger and desire within the team that should see us over the line.

    Now, more than ever, is the time for our fans, both at home, away and those of the armchair variety, get behind the team and make a real difference. It’s clear to see just how the team respond when the crowd gets behind them, instead of the poisonous atmosphere we all know was happening.

    Get behind this team and if we happen to miss out on top 4 for whatever reason, let’s remain positive and trust in the process.


      1. @EPL Referee Hater – haha, thanks! I just thought id better put some perspective into it as opposed to ‘just looking at the fixtures’ as such.

  4. Arsenal does not have a tougher schedule. Spurs and Arsenals schedules are equally testing. Because there are so few games left and so much time to play them Arsenal will only have three weeks of the remaining 14 weeks when we play a mid week game. Arsenal only has Tomi out with injury. Arteta is now a hardened PL manager and knows his squad inside out whereas Conte has barely arrived at Spurs. Massive game Man U and Spurs. Our season could be decided this weekend. Have to take care of the Foxes first of course. So Arsenal with a lead and a game in hand remain warm favourite to secure top 4. Unless we implode top 4 is ours for the taking. Although I would still be happy with my original prediction of 5/6.

  5. and who told you we cannot win all the big games including Spurs whether they have Conte or not because we are also a big club like MAN U , Liverpool , City and Chelsea so why should be afraid of them? The era of having the fear factor of playing against the so called big team is no more now with Arteta in charge. He knows all this problem while at Arsenal and he was seconding Pep and he has been trying to remove it from the mind or head of the players, making them understand the value of ARSENAL fc and why as a player you must fight and die on the pitch for the club in order to bring back the old good days. So this Article just does’nt make sense at all and not what all Arsenal fans want to be hearing. I come in peace.

  6. I think it’s almost pointless to speculate. This season has been so up and down for all the teams going for top 4 + different teams with different amounts of games in hand so who knows what will happen.

    Think we’ll only get a true picture with about 6 games left.

    1. Wow
      Yesterday was a crazy busy day for me and I wasn’t online all day, the article was not posted as of when it was sent so I could be able to answer few questions
      It’s only a concern that has been expressed in many places and I decided to share it here, please we all are arsenal fans and we all want the best for the club. I hope to be available to discuss my article in the comments section next time.

  7. Your first point is the one that could make Spuds finish above us, which is about our tougher fixtures

    We still have to play against Liverpool, Man United, Chelsea, West Ham and them, whereas they just have four tough games

    1. Gai,
      It is the Chelsea and Westham gaim I have concern over. If Arteta can come up with a tactical Master class we may not lose to Liverpool and Man U at home. We have a chance of a win over Man. U and a draw with Liverpool. Spuds, Chelsea and Westham are away and will be difficult for Arsenal.

      1. I’m worried about three teams. Liverpool are more creative than us, Chelsea have Havertz/ Lukaku and Spuds have Kane/ Kulusevski

  8. Correction to the above – Spurs need to play both Leicester Liverpool as well.

    Plus they have to travel to Anfield and OT. Where as Man U and Liverpool both have to go to the Emirates.

    In fact, Arsenal only has 3 trips out of London left. Villa, Sham and Newcastle.

    Not so sure Spurs run in is THAT much easier than Arsenal’s when considering those factors. Easier, yes. But not by lots.

    1. It’s a good point Ben, Home advantage appears to be more of a factor this season for all teams compared to last now that we have the fans back in

      So maybe it will be more about where than against who

  9. I’m a THFC supporter & before anyone accuses me of stalking, this article came up on a THFC newsfeed.
    So, I can be & am always completely honest & my message to the author of this article is
    1. Football is played on grass & not paper, so the hypotheticals are irrelevant.
    2. Arteta is doing just fine with….
    3. The squad he has & more credit to him if you think he has an ‘inadequate’ depth of squad.
    4. Spursy – told you all I was honest!

    Obviously I hope THFC do pip AFC to the post but won’t be counting my cockerels any time soon.

    1. Must dig out that Lasagne recipe Stew!

      Seriously, I always appreciate posts by other fans on here, cheers

  10. Arsenal will qualify for top 100%they’ll get Tottenham will also lose and arsenal will beat them.They’ll be prepared for that game but,i don’t see arsenal losing that game.for about ABOUT exspirience.If it was exspirience Watford would’ve won last week,with an experience or veteran coach?Don’t Asenal beat Manchester City & liverpool and even the almigthy Jose Mourinho “JESUS CHRIST”in a league game as manager to Tottehamham hot spurse pess.They won’t qualifier above ARSENAL they should beat Manchester United first.

  11. Do your homework before u try arguing about “tougher” fixture list for Arsenal; U forgot to mention Spurs have Leicester, West Ham &… oh Liverpool away!

  12. Has anyone seen that Abramovich is being sanctioned by the UK government? The ramifications could be huge for them. Apparently they can’t sell tickets to matches at the moment..?

  13. To me, arsenal has a easier run than Tottenham to the end all things beings equal, let not forget, arsenal now have a game in hand against spurs and also 3pts ahead. Also, the only so called big team fixture arsenal will be playing out of emirate is against Chelsea… Also let’s not over hype Tottenham as we all know their ups and down which see beat city, lose to Burnley & middlesbrough and tear down everton 5-0 but still have inferior goal difference to arsenal. Worthy of note is the fact that Tottenham dropped more points against lower teams than top teams this season. So, their remaining fixture might bother them as much as those of arsenal who have lost most points this season to big sides. But then, i strongly believe that united having to play all other big side in the league aside Manchester city will play a big role in the top 4 race to give arsenal the advantage over tottheham starting from this weekend. . . Nevertheless, take away nothing from football just as a big catastrophe can still see Chelsea win the league ahead of city and Liverpool

  14. Their advantage over us is they got a complete striker in Kane and there is great chemistry between him and Son. Could be a formidable trio in future with Kulu in the mix.

  15. shame , it could cost Ukraine 3B from the sale of Chelsk , unless maybe the uk gov seize them and sell them? All a bit dazed and confused about those permutations.
    As for the article , my glass must be a bit more half full than Pat’s.I have trusted the process since Mikel walked in the door and never wavered on that .Focusing on the league is the expression i believe so there is enough of a squad.

    1. Not me matey. It clearly says by Gun Down, it’s his opinion. Personally I am convinced we’ll make Top 4 or even 3, but I understand his worries…

      1. It always amazes me Pat how some posters just don’t realise who writes the articles. It’s quite clear who the writer is and you just “post” it.

  16. I think an article like this is not needed cos none of us here is praying for that outcome

    But in my opinion the real tough teams are Palace, Newcastle, Westham and Aston villa all away plus adding Everton, looks they are probably going to be in relegation fight when we face them.. If we can come out of this 5 fixtures unscathed or somehow get 8-10 points.. Then top 4 is almost certain Imo

  17. Mr. Article man, Arsenal doesn’t play all the remaining games at once in assumptions like you’ve tried to paint it here above. Arteta has always been clear that they take it game by game. Meanwhile as for you have already finished all your games and see yourself in top four because you must be a Tottenham fan, Arsenal is playing Leicester next and see from there. I like it when Tottenham concentrate on Arsenal and then fail themselves to win just one trophy. Stop the hateful articles and support your club as we support our own. Come on Arsenal.

  18. “…as Spurs and Manchester United knock hard on the door”
    How are Manchester United knocking hard on the door with their form?

    Considering the points you enlisted, none of them is certain as there are other several factors to be considered.

    1. All premier leagues fixtures from now till end of the season are tough for every team. Pep knows this.

    2. Veteran coaches can looses to rookie coaches in premier league. Conte has lost points to teams that are lower in position already. Artetas can defeat him. Especially considering the way the boys played against City this year.

    3. Squad depth won’t affect us considering the fact that we are playing just one competition till end of the season. I don’t think Spurs have better squad depth than us.

    Going by form, if there’s any team to be afraid of among the top four contenders, it should be Arsenal Football Club.

  19. Believe this weekend will be pivotal for us to strengthen our position for the top 4 or 3 race
    First we need to win by what ever means and secure the 3 points
    Manure and spuds. One or both teams will drop point.
    If both do then power to us and if one team goes off with all 3 points then the other is looking up at a mind the gap 😀
    The toon army are on the rise and chelski have a fight on there hands
    Villa look like they are capable of nicking a point at WHU
    12 to go after that for us
    7 wins 3 draws and 2 loses gives us top 4 security
    8 wins 2 draws and 2 loses could give us 3rd
    Keep the faith people
    It’s going to be a heart stopping 13 games but better to be on the inside looking out rather than the outside looking in
    Onwards and Upwards

  20. Many on here don’t have faith on the team they just don’t beleive it will happen so soon.why is it called ‘process’ when we haven’t start making progress? for me making top four is just the beginning our agenda should now be on things more advanced by next season.COYG

  21. I think we have similar run-in, Utd having tougher one imho.
    From what I have seen this season, except the top 3 teams arsenal seems ok with other teams around us. In fact am more confident playing top 10 teams than relegation team atm

      1. I agree FF. 72 feels like the magic number. That’s 8 wins and 4 losses, more than doable but Sunday’s game feels huge. A loss there and the pressure starts to build. A win and the lads can go into the Liverpool and Villa games with tails up.

  22. Had to leave a comment cos of the sheer negative lines here. We have been playing great football and yes been a few slip ups but the reality is doom and gloom sells. We look after our own games and could possible get top 3. Surely it’s time to be a bit more positive. From loosing first 3 games to being in top four. The inexperienced arteta hasn’t done to bad.

    1. Take a deep breath the scenario set out is right, what the writer fail to highlight here is the history,
      When Arsenal plays like a team even with a depleted squad coming to the business end of a season they always close like a runaway train, which may make the concerns the writer trys to point out irrelevant
      History supports my claim , this is an unusual season . have never seen the fourth spot so competitive, but I wont be overly surprised if we edge that third spot

  23. chelsk saying they could have trouble fulfilling their fixtures lol. Hogwash of course but would be nice 🙂

    1. nice. i wouldn’t disagree on that
      Last season saw 67 points was good enough for 4th spot which i will be surprised if that would be good enough for 4th this season

  24. If arsenal can beat man (home), West ham (away) & Spurs( away) then top 4 is certain…. Top 3 should be a target

  25. Some time in the past The Great Arsen Wenger has said that Arteta will be a great coach. Indeed Arteta is a great coach . He will continue to be impressive. He deserves all the credit for his outstanding performance

  26. You state Arsenal have to play teams, at the top while, Tottenham have fixtures again lower placed teams Those teams fighting relegation will be hard matches as they will be determined to keep Premier league, status You also omitted to say Tottenham have to visit Liverpool so that’s another hard match As for Arsenals lack of depth in squad up front maybe but in other areas Arsenal are able to provide able deputies The Tottenham squad is no stronger than Arsenal and Manchester United have too many individuals West Ham are not even in contention for top four

  27. All i know and strongly believe from the depth of my heart that arsenal are the occupant of top 4 comfirm!!!

  28. I always wonder why some of our self declared supporters are pessimistic. Why should it be us to fail to make top four? It is this kind of mentality that offends some of us. We should always aim to succeed but not to fail. If we fail to achieve our goals that is hard luck but we should never prepare to fail. Perhaps we need to realise that we are not in our present situation by chance but through hard work, determination and focus. Thus we should not be concerned about others. As long as we continue getting results we shall be fine. The best way to ensure success is to believe in ourselves and translate that into performance on the pitch.

  29. That’s your thoughts but i disagree with you in that fixture arsenal will beat spurs and United so either you like it or not arsenal will make it to the top four and challenge for premier league next season

  30. I think if Arsenal will keep the game winning momentum and consistency which they are presently-in going. After they have won four games on the trot and looking will make it five on the run at home against Leicester next Sunday to keep their current winning momentum on to maintain consistency. The top-four place finish this season should be ours to make.

    In the maintime, what of this Government of the United Kingdom interference in Sports? Football in particular in which they have seized Roman Abramovich’s owned Chelsea FC nationalizing it on the pretext that the Russian Oligarchy Abramovich has a link with the Russian president Vlahovic Putin. Who has ordered the Russian Armed Forces to attack Ukraine an independent neighbouring country of Russia.

    Wagging war leads to lost of lives. Maimm of people and destructions of properties and infrastructures which are vital for people to survive hardships. As the people of the world are seeing the undersieged Ukrainian people are currently undergoing from the Russian Amy. Which has cost them wattomm destruction of lives, properties abdul infrastructures. SORRY!!!

    Let me appeal to Mr Putin the Russian preseason to show humanitarian gesture to the Ukrainians by halting his war on them. And allow negotiations between Russia and Ukraine to take place that will bring lasting peaceful coexistence between the two countries. With Britain, France and Germany as parties to any agreements that is reached.

    Government interference in Sports without any concrete evidence of wrong doing to substantiate the interference to justify it is abysmal. For, the UK Government did not say, this is the concrete evidence they have that is beyond any doubts that showed the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich has a kind of link with Mr Putin that has warranted the Government of the UK to impose sanction on him. Or is the Abramovich link with Mr Putin evidence classified?

    Governments interference in Sports knows no bound There was a summer Olympic games that a US town hosted but the Russians boycotted it in retaliation to the US earlier boycott of the Moscow Olympic which weren all on political ground.

  31. SAA
    My opinions is totally opposite to yours on this subject but Personally I think we should keep politics of this as life is already to stressful as it is but I will say my heart goes out to the ukrine people and no person. No nation should have the right to inflict sorry, pain hardship and destruction on another
    Will we as human beings never learn and as a person for the first time my life am worried for my family and man kind of what might or could happen.
    Peace on earth

  32. I do think that Spurs will be the rival for a top 4 ( or even 3 if chelski’s off field woes weigh on their football) and the points given plus a clearly more potent attack should be a concern … but at the end of the day it’s in the hands of our coach and players … my heart tells me that we have enough to get there my head that it won’t be easy !!

  33. Its difficult to predict. Anything can happen. The fact that the Spuds have to play Arsenal and Man Utd. only does not mean they have a easy run. No team is easy in the PL and specially those fighting relegation will give a tough fight. It all comes down to the team which is more consistent in their performance, injury free and solid who will win the race for the top 4.

  34. The best part about the comments and this article in general is that as Gooners, after 2 consecutive 8th place finishes and 5 years of no UCL, we can finally again discuss a top 4 race that we’re genuinely a part of.

    If you’re pessimistic, I feel you. It’s been tough sledding the past few seasons. If you’re optimistic, more power to ya. At the end of the day, the goal this season was improvement, playing in Europe (and you’re lying if in August you wouldn’t have settled for Europa League next fall), and based on the squad’s form, European football will be back one way or another.

    Basically, get behind this team not based on the top 4, but the fact that at this moment, we’re getting what we asked for and more from the prem’s youngest squad.

  35. A honestly dont think the writer was pessimistic, the scenario painted was merely facts that exist, History shows when we plays like how we are playing now, we always finish strong, I can bet my last pounds a few unpredictable results are going to happen between now and the end of the season .
    I still think though Watford, Norwich and Brentford are going down not before they may spoil a few parties

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