Three reasons why Gabriel Jesus is not the answer for Arsenal

Hello all! The transfer window is open and the fact that we’re going about our business with speed is heart warming. But I’m sure none would dispute the fact that speed is nothing without direction. Our pursuit of Gabriel Jesus has been making the rounds daily and as at the time of writing this piece, he hasn’t been signed. While I certainly would not be vexed by seeing him at Arsenal, I’m also not going to be too excited either. He’s a good player (and has shown that) but I don’t know if he’s exactly what we need? My reasons are as follows:

The list below consists of strikers with their respective heights:
Man City: Haaland 1.94m
Man Utd: Ronaldo 1.87m
Chelsea: Lukaku 1.91m
Spurs: Kane 1.88m
Liverpool: Nunez 1.87m
Bayern: Lewandowski 1.85m
Madrid: Benzema 1.85m
Juventus: Vlahovic 1.90m
Napoli: Osimhen 1.85m
Inter Milan: Dzeko 1.93m
AC Milan:Giroud 1.93m Ibrahimovic 1.95
The above are central forwards for the biggest and best clubs in Europe. Four of them are league winners of four out of the top five leagues this season just concluded. Admittedly, not all big clubs have tall strikers as in the case of PSG. But they’ve got Messi and Neymar on either side of Mbappe. Napoli may not exactly be one of them, but you get the gist. Why do big clubs have tall strikers? Why are we continually linked with Napoli’s Osimhen? Is there something about being tall as a modern day striker? I really think so. If Jesus comes, we would be having
Nketiah: 1.80m
Jesus: 1.75m
He’s shorter than Nketiah which sends some cold shivers down my spine. We are usually hopeful in corners because of Magalhaes. He’s 1.90m tall. I don’t think it’s too much to have a Magalhaes at the back and another in the attack to put away the crosses (and Arteta likes them).
Another reason why I’m skeptical about Jesus is that I don’t think he will be as committed to the badge as Arteta might demand. Remember Aubameyang and Özil being accused of not being committed enough? Ødegaard came from Madrid but unlike the two above, he has not achieved much in his career and therefore has a lot to play for. Jesus will (may) arrive on a huge transfer fee and large wages having achieved quite a lot at City which is a bigger club than us (recent trophies and footballing talents only). He seems to need quite some convincing to drop down to the Europa League while it seems that Tottenham Hotspur is interested in him. I can bet which of the two North London clubs he will choose if it comes to that. Reports say that Lisandro Martinez is adding some push for the deal bringing him to Arsenal. While I’m not asking Jesus to clash with his club, I do believe the transfer would have been wrapped up if he had been pushing for it. He’s probably bidding his time to see if there’s a better club or better offer than Arsenal can give. This isn’t fact though. I also didn’t want Locatelli because he needed convincing to sign for us, and I’m glad we didn’t get him.
My final reason is that there is/are better targets. Given the constant links, I see no indication that Osimhen would not sign for us if we seriously go for him. I would rather pay Napoli’s asking price of £85m for Osimhen than pay £50m for Jesus. He’s younger and has more of the traits we need than Jesus does. This is not exactly a post calling out for Osimhen. I’m just using him as an example of what we need. So in summary;
1. Jesus is short
2. Jesus will most likely be here for just the money without real commitment, rather than for sporting reasons
3. There are better players who are possibly available.
Finally, if Jesus is the only striker we get this summer, I won’t be too disappointed as I believe he will still raise the quality of our frontline given what we have. Welcome to Arsenal Gabriel Jesus. You have my full support

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        1. Some sources say 1.80m, others say 1.75m.
          But that means we are having two short men of equal shortness. Not exactly exciting to me

      1. That’s true Gabriel Jesus (for me) is not what Arsenal really need besides I think neketiah has the same skill set to Gabriel Jesus and osimehn despite being the perfect fit for me would cost a fortune ($90,000,000) so players like gakpo,samacca are suitable (I think gakpo would cost 47,000,000)

    1. I don’t think hight maters any more as more and more players avoid heading balls because of links to dementia, it is proven that defenders are five times more likely to suffer from dementia, speed and accuracy with dribbling skills are the future

      1. It’s not about heading the ball. Its about all round strength to hold of the cb to play the deep running midfield artetaball. Being a big bully in all essence.

        Eddie and Jesus are runners and cannot hold the ball up as it is not within their skill set.

  1. Dortmund have had the highly skilled Mallen and Adeyemi. Yet they’re still signing Haller, a towering CF, to diversify their attacking methods

    Tuchel had the skillful Neymar and Mbappe at PSG, yet his team were inferior to Flick’s Bayern Muenchen in UCL final. Tuchel changed his tactics after having Havertz at Chelsea, a tall false nine, and won UCL as the result

    Arteta seems to follow his mentor Guardiola’s and Klopp’s tactics last season, by collecting highly technical attackers. Unfortunately, his system isn’t as stable as those two world class managers’ and Man City/ Liverpool have signed tall CFs to make their attacks more unpredictable

  2. I agree with the article.

    Why we have gone quiet on Victor Osimhen baffles🤦‍♂️ Could he himself uninterested in us?

    Besides just the height, Victor is a little forceful and seems to be hungrier to drive towards goal all the time. He has aerial instincts and with the service of our wingers in MA’s approach to the game, him or someone similar in our shirt would be a dream for our current needs.

    1. Perhaps there are talks going on behind the media circus and we might make a surprise announcement we have signed Osimhen just like the surprise with Veria .Hope i hope this is the case.

  3. Gabriel Jesus is a PROVEN player who has won many league winners medals. He can play–well–at EPL level. What the F has Nketiah done at all. For sure we need a big striker like Gianluca Scamacca too, but we will improve by miles with Jesus in the team. Of course this depends if the Arsenal Slow Train is slowed down up by Kroenke……we are usually so pedantic that the Yves Bissouma’s of the world sign for our rivals. Edu is not the brightest bulb in the football chandelier and we easily get gazumped. If Arteta gets another good midfield player, brings William Saliba back we are set to go. If Kroenke really wants us to be a BIG club again he could even sign Raphinha. We are four or five players away from being challengers. We MUST urgently OUT the thug….XHAKA.

  4. So to paraphrase – I don’t think you are physically up to it. I don’t think you are mentally up to it. I think there are much better options then you. But, hey ho, welcome to Arsenal mate, you have my full support.

    Have you considered a job as a motivational speaker?

  5. I agree totally with you. One other point Jesus don’t score enough goals he’s another Lacazette

    The problem is with Edu. He’s no experience in Europe so his concentration is on Brazilian and Portuguese players.

    We’ll struggle for goals if we bring in Jesus.
    Even that Jesus purchase is proving difficult because City wants 50m and we should not pay that much for a player with 1yr left on his contract. Maximum 35m or we look elsewhere say Scamacca.

    Brazilian football world is riddled with corruption and Edu’s increasing taste for his countrymen makes me suspicious of his intentions.

  6. If Jesus were in it for the money, wouldn’t he stay at City.
    As I understand the reports, he is mainly looking for a new club in order to be the no. 1 choice.

    And hey – didn’t Man City do pretty well with him?

    1. 1. Man City would net pay Jesus what we are willing to pay

      2. Man City didn’t do pretty well with him. They never trusted him to replace Aguero. They even preferred to play different midfielders in attack even though he was their only recognized striker. They signed Haaland and another relatively unknown striker to replace him. He has never scored more than 14 goals a season, and that was only once despite playing for the best chance creating team in the world. He only became first choice striker at the end of the season

      1. It is actually pathetic that fans see Gabriel as the one. We are signing players to keep us below Liverpool and City. If Klopp didnt get Mane, Salah and Firminho right Liverpool wouldn’t be where there are today. When you are spending more you need to make transformative signings. Gabriel will become a bench player in future when we realise he’s not the one and we will have to replace him. He may not even be coming to play as a striker.

      2. 1) I trust you are just guessing the numbers, as nothing is public. All reports, I have read are about playing opportunities, and possibly working with Arteta. Not money

        2) Maybe the fact, he wasn’t played as first choice enough is the reason, he didn’t score more, and once he was trusted, he produced

        1. Anders do you really believe any player will decide to join Arsenal for the prospective of working under Arteta?

          1. @HH
            Personally I think the reason all these certain aged players have seen what Arteta has done this season and are desperate to be part of his project.

            1. 1. I think we are in an era already where players are not motivated to play under a certain manager or a particular competition or league. Its something said a lot but I don’t think it’s true anymore. Players are going where they are paid the most even if it is in the championship.

              2. I commend him for really challenging for fourth with such a thin squad and was really warming up to him until he lost it against such weak opponents. So he can do it but not consistently. But when is he going to be consistent?

              He might be building something but until I see it I won’t hold my breath.

              1. Cheers HH, the only youthful players whom have come here have been those who were given exceptionally higher wages and assurances regarding playing time, which wasn’t always in the best interests of the club as a whole

    2. Well he scored 8 of there 99 goals, 1 being a penalty so 7 from open play.

      28 games and 1,878 minutes so 1 goal every 235 EPL minutes.

      Am I missing your point?

      1. Don’t know where you get your numbers from.

        According to he has started 12 games as a CF in the PL 21/22 and scored 5 goals and made 3 assists.
        The rest of the games he has played RW or LW.
        looks like he could be pretty good as a CF.

        1. Lol those are his EPL minutes and goals for the past season… can you even argue with that??? Man City players rotate all the time so the amount of games he started as CF officially is irrelevant.

          He played in 28 matches for a total of 1,878 minutes…what’s difficult to understand?

          Do the facts upset you Anders?

    3. Man City did pretty well with him, when? He scored 8 goals in 20/21 season and 14 in 21/22 season. 4 of those goals was against one team.

      He’s really isn’t prolific in front of goal and has no height to effect crosses.

    4. 8 goals out of 99 goals. Literally recorded less than 10% of city overall goals.
      That’s not impactful as a forward player who played that much.
      This is the kind of stats you will expect from a substitute player who hardly get to start a match.
      Four out of those goals came agaisnt a single opponent and a single game.

      1. These stats are concerning for sure. And yes 50m with 1 year left is a lot. It was 10 years ago, but we sold RVP for 24m with 1 year left. OK it was 10 years ago, but he was the best striker in EPL too.

  7. The fact that we have continuously crossed the ball in the air to no one for that last 2 years is reason enough to question certain tactics.

  8. Aguero and Messi? They are not the tallest forwards in the world. Go fudge yourself, there’s more to football than height.

  9. Well, this is kind of awkward now but Jesus has scored 17 headed goals out of his 95 in the Premier a league. That’s 18% of his total goals, being 175 tall.

    Osimhen has scored 15 headed goals out of his professional career of 66. That’s roughly 22%.

    So if you want to compare these exact strikers, Osimhen does not come out as good you’re saying he is in this particular aspect of the game.

    If you want to have an actual threat in the air, it should be someone of the height of Scamacca, Weghorst etc. and not Osimhen.

    1. You might want to correct you stats. No Brazilian player have 95 goals in EPL history.
      Am not sure anyone of them have up to 70.
      Who gave jesus 95 goals?? In 5 years??

  10. Why would you buy Gabriel for 50m?? Stick Aubameyang who many say is past it in this current City side and he’ll get you more goals. You can’t just ignore a player’s qualities and expect them to morph into a new player when they get transferred. Gabriel is not a natural born scorer. It is clear from his style of play. Btw Scamacca is massively overrated. The annoying thing is fans will support these signings but turn back on the same coach when they aren’t good enough. Gabriel is good though

    1. £50m for Jesus is serious mugging especially considering that he has only 12 months on his deal. If he joins Tottenham Hotspur, he will certainly be second fiddle

      1. He’s a good player but is not the one to be seen as a star striker. I don’t know the basis on which people expect him to morph into a 25 goals a season striker. He is coming here to start. Does he even see himself as a complete centre forward or a winger?? You can make good signings but still be around the same level if the signings aren’t transformative. Him for 50m is not it.

    2. Kev

      “Scamacca is massively overated”. Sounds like coffee table chat from someone who doesn’t watch him. You think they rate him for no reason or do you know better?

      1. That is just my view of him as it was also with Pepe before we signed him. I judge off the eye test free of any hype or sentiments. He may be good but is not the player many think he is.

    1. Have you ever heard that Man City has the most expensive team and best players? Have you heard that Arteta likes his team to cross the ball into the box often as he said himself in an interview? Have you heard that Arsenal doesn’t ha e the same quality as Man City does? Did you notice from the article that the biggest clubs in Europe have tall strikers?

  11. Osimhen has never played in the EPL, Jesus has won EPL winners medals regularly and is only 25 years old….at his peak for 3 more years. He needs Gianluca Scamacca next to him. Why can’t Edu do two tranfers at once…..he is so sloooooow at business.

    1. Jesus has won multiple EPL titles from the bench.How many goals has he scored?

      The signing of Nketiah makes signing Jesus of little sense cos they’re both short. It’s either Jesus/Tall target man or Nketiah/Tall target man

      1. dgrxt
        They are not clones. Jesus is a good footballer. How do I know… watching him. Nketia is not a good footballer. How do I know….by watching him for a long time. Nketiah vs Garbriel Jesus….apples and oranges. You cant say Nketiah is taller than Jesus so he is better, that would be bizarre and suggest that taller forwards are better. I do think Jesus would be better off with a taller CF with him like City had in the past like Edin Džeko, or like Giroud, thats why we should go for Gianluca Scamacca a strike partner for him. Sadly we, over many years, get our transfer intake half done, so will probably always be a couple of players off. Sad but I don’t think Edu has his eye fully on the ball. I hope I am wrong. We still need a Youri Tielemans, Houssem Aouar type player, but one of Xhaka, Elneny may still be here…….Arghhhhh!

        1. My point is that Nketiah and Jesus have similar skill sets. That’s why I prefer we get a tall striker to give us something different. I don’t want Nketiah around, but since he’s already signed the deal, we should then go for a taller person and not a shorter one. It’s counter intuitive for me

          1. dgr8xt
            We need both. A shorter quality player and a big strong CF….we need both. We need to replace 2 forwards to have strength in depth for Europe and cups. We need to address the WHOLE problem rather than the usual ‘half baked’ job. Do we REALLY want to challenge for the EPL title and Europe, or are we going for fourth again.

            1. We need both. Yes
              One can be short and the other tall. I’ll take Jesus any day to Nketiah. I’m only saying that since Nketiah has been signed already, the other option should be a taller striker. But maybe we have £500m to spend, I do not know. I just think that shelling so much on Jesus might make us unable to spend on another taller striker who may probably be more expensive (Osimhen comes to mind)

    2. So at his peak he scored 8 goals last season surrounded by some of the best players on the planet?

  12. Last season Arsenal missed CL by just two points in fact were 6 points clear with 6 games to go so at that stage not having a a top class striker was not seen as a problem. Do we need a 50/60m striker? Our 182m strike force of Laca, Auba and Pepe scored 10 PL goals between them last season. Now Auba who cost 95mill and Laca who cost 95mill have left for free. Now we intend buying Jesus for 50mill and also pay him 50mill in salaries total 100mill just for him to leave for free in 5 years. Yet Saka, free, got 11 gals . ESR, free got 10 goals. Nketia, free, got 5 goals. Martinelli 7mill, got 5 goals. Odegaard 30m got 6 goals. All the mega strikers in the world started out costing some one nothing but now they we have to pay 50/100mill. Isn’t that what the academy is for? Saka and ESR have proved it so let others prove it too. I know they will buy a 50mill striker or else the fans will scream their heads off. But to be honest I would be totally comfortable with Nketiah Martinelli Marquinos Biereth and Balogun backed up by Saka ESR Odegaard and now Vieira plus Azeez Nelson and Pepe can only get better. Remember we only missed CL by 3 goals not 300..

    1. So, if Nketiah scores you 5 goals but he’s for free and, let’s say Jesus at 50m, scores you 15 goals, you rather stick with Nketiah just because he’s free?

      You can’t just buy youngsters and hope for your Academy to keep producing. You have to find a mix IMO. Its also not fair to compare young, hungry players to players that in their 30s that are past their prime. Compare them to Laca, Auba in their prime

  13. It would useful to have at least one striker over six feet, especially as there are five subs allowed now.

  14. Now that Arsenal are working in this window I see no reason for the fans to really complain unless we miss out on our targets but some ppl will say that arteta is wasting funds just because they dislike him

  15. There is talk in Portugal that the fee for Fabuo Viera was inflated at 34m. In fact they’re shocked that we’re paying so much for the player though a good player. This inflated fees began when the South Americans joined the club.

    It was Raul Sanhelli first and then Edu Gasper. Don’t give South American a position where he can smell money.

    1. Didn’t I read that some Porto president candidate saying that the fee is lower than his quality? Or is it just politics.

      1. Yes, he was basically saying that he was a steal at that price but apparently people chose to read it differently

      1. It’s not racism. South American isn’t a race.
        He’s wrong in his examples anyway because Raul Sanheli is Spanish

  16. An impressive article with well detailed reasons for the writers personal view. One cannot ask for much more than that when reading any piece. Some of us will agree and others will not. That is par for the course on any fansite. But I find mysef being, at least, given food for thought, in this writers well constructed piece.

    I have never argued against the idea of height being a distinct advantage in any central striker andheading a ball EFFECTIVELY is not something any of our strikers have done since Giroud left!
    Hence “food for thought”!

  17. I’m not too concerned about the height – it’s definitely useful, but far from the only factor. He was city’s main striker this year and they won the title, sometimes not even playing with a striker at all. I think he even played wide with someone else as false 9 at times? It’s more about movement and control. It would be better to have another forward come in to offer a more physical presence at times, though, I agree.
    The question of motivation is key – my hope and expectation is that we’re getting someone who doesn’t feel fulfilled because he’s won loads without ever being seen as the main man, possibly something like alexis when he joined us. It is possible it could go the other (Ozil) way, but i think this is an extremely talented player who wants to build a legacy of his own, rather than being a small part in a great side.
    I would hope that the club are aware of his mindset and that’s a major reason we’re pursuing him, otherwise it would be a massive mistake.

  18. All centre forwards are strikers but not all strikers are centre forwards. A real centre forward isn’t just someone who is good in the air. He has the ability to play with his back to goal, hold the ball and bring others into play. Look at Kane, he creates openings for Son almost as often as often as he strikes himself. It’s obviously a lot easier to hold off a centre half if you are physically strong, not so much about height as muscle. Many teams play without a centre forward, it really depends on how the manager wants to set his side up. One thing for sure, Jesus can’t do that job which doesn’t mean he can’t get goals.

  19. “Jesus will most likely be here for just the money without real commitment, rather than for sporting reasons”
    This is just clasping at straws. Flimsy speculation.

    As for height thing when did AFC become Stoke City? We should sign Peter Crouch’s son ASAP

  20. I dont get the obsession with height these days. Yes, it could be a good option especially as a ‘plan B’.

    In Giroud, we had one of the best headers in the game. He also had good height. But still when we had him, he didnt score enough goals and people were complaining that he wasnt fast enough.

    Lets take Haaland for example. In 3 seasons in te Bundesliga, he scored 62 goals of which only 5 were headers. Most of the rest of the goals he probably would have scored too if he was shorter.

    Its not all about height. Some players with height are bad in heading, some shorter players are good in the air.

    I do agree that its good to have a taller, stronger option on the bench instead of having only smaller option. But I dont get the obsession everyone seems to have lately. Lets not forget that City have been dominating last few years with almost only short players and Liverpool was also one of the best teams in Europa the past few seasons with only short players up front

  21. I can see that the generality of the commenters on here on this burning issue of Arsenal possible signing of Gabriel Jesus this summer are not against his signing per say.
    Which means Arsenal could sign him if they so desired to do his signing. After all Arsenal have his complete stats at their disposal to look it at and study it carefully before taking a decision on whether to do signing or leave it.
    By and large, what I think the majority of the Gooners who have commented on this matter and are against is the £50m transfer fee price tag that is reportedly being placed on G Jesus’s head for Arsenal to pay by his Man City club side before they’ll be allowed to sign him.
    And I too support the Gooners 100 % who have veruvoicely voiced their opinions against Arsenal signing G Jesus at the cost of a hopping £50m for a player who has only a season left at his club to leave. It’ll be absurd if Arsenal went ahead to sign G Jesus at £50m cost price from Man City this summer.
    Man City haven know that Arsenal are desperate to sign a top quality striker this summer, are taking advantage of this Arsenal desperate situation to reap Arsenal of their money as they come to them to sign their G Jesus. Who from all Indications is now surpluse to requirements at Man City who want to get rid of him this summer.
    But Arsenal should not make the mistakes to pay over the odds price to sign G Jesus this summer. But pay his true and correct signing cost price of say, £30-35m to sign him. But if Man City refused to collect the money, I strongly advice Arsenal to forget about G Jesus signing this summer. Who has reportedly scored 13 times in as in many applications in the EPL last term for his Man City club.
    Undeniably, G Jesus is not CR7, H Kane, Mo Salah and S Mane in the EPL in the past and last season. Who can guaranteed Arsenal well over 20 goals scored per season’s campaign if signed by Arsenal. After all, is G Jesus world class, or just a normal top striker but not extraordinary kinds? I think he is just a top normal striker.
    Even V Osimhen is not in my own look worth the reported £85m come and get him signed price tag that his Napoli club side have placed on his head for Arsenal to pay them before they’ll be allowed to sign him this summer. But he may be worth £40-60m to sign by Arsenal if his being taller than G Jesus is considered an advantage over G Jesus.
    In essence, if G Jesus deal is proving difficult for Arsenal to get done. And they wouldn’t want to do that of Osimhen either due to his over the board transfer cost price. Arsenal should leave their pursuits of both strikers for signings this summer and look elsewhere for other striker targets to sign. But whose overall grades should not be lower than those of G Jesus and V Osimhen could bring to Arsenal but even higher after signing him or them and natured them.

  22. Personally I would be giving Jesus a wide berth, he isn’t what is needed for arteaball… whatever that may be? Too much like what we had and got.

    I’d be looking at Cavani and Suarez
    Two free transfers and still can do the job if they remain fit for a couple of seasons until we get that sacred champions league spot so we can pick from the bunch.

    What have we got to lose?

  23. i have to agree with dgr8xt in that i don’t think Jesus is our best option for several reasons.if you look at his stats during his time at City,yes he scored a fair number of goals but his convertion rate is not great,this is exactly the same problem we had with Laca,when “yes but he is a hard working forward”is the best compliment City fans can give him,i think it says a lot!not only that but for the last few seasons,the club couldn’t go out and buy a top CF because of Auba and Laca,now that they’re both gone we should really go for it like the other big clubs instead of going for the cheapest option and in a couple of years having to look for a new CF.also,as it has already been mentioned by others his size,in effect we would be getting a younger Laca in Jesus and our many crosses will still have no real target man.

  24. Why we are not looking at that kid on loan at Southampton from Chelsea last season is beyond me. Same with Toney at Brentford?

    Actually I have a list of players that fit the requisite for Arteaball, more than Jesus.

    Dont get me wrong, I don’t mind him joining, as long as it isn’t only Jesus or it will be exactly the same dross as last season.

  25. dgr8xt…I concur with the underlying premise of your article, in that there’s no doubting the fact that we should being employing much more diverse options up top…that said, I think some have logically questioned your notion that our purple patch kid and GJ are one in the same…Jesus is miles ahead of Eddie from a “skills” standpoint, albeit both are clearly diminutive figures

    in a perfect world, we would have allowed Eddie to move elsewhere, then totally revamped our frontline with the addition of both Jesus and a taller, pacer Striker, like an Oshimen or Scamacca, the latter being the more likely from a financial capacity…the fact that we’ve already paid above the number for a player seemingly on no one’s radar and re-upped Eddie for an rather unjustified wage, all but quashes this very tantalizing possibilty…my greatest fear is that MA will continue to pursue more “luxury” options before addressing our most pressing needs, which just might leave us in the unenviable position of having Eddie as our primary Striker

    1. I concur…

      “my greatest fear is that MA will continue to pursue more “luxury” options before addressing our most pressing needs,”

      Jesus, like Willian was and will be a luxury item and is not what Artetaball needs.

  26. I’ve thrown his name around on a few posts.

    But, mark my words… Keiffer Moore is going to cause chaos next season for Bournemouth against the opposition defence.

    Came through like Vardy, built like big Dunc, and is as fleet footed as Carroll in his prime. Shame he isn’t 3 years younger because he wouldn’t be at Bournemouth now.

    I will be surprised if he is still at Bournemouth next season. IJS

  27. It’s obvious, Arsenal is playing the waiting game. Manchester City is also risking loosing him for free, well, they are rich, they could afford the loss. Let Arsenal turn to their major targets and sign them on time. Jesus deal will continue to drag if not to the end of transfer window. A midfielder, two strikers and a left full back as backup are needed. 4 more signings.
    Victor Osimeh of Napoli
    Gabriel Jesus of Man City
    Tieliesman and Hickey, all these players have been linked with us already, just get it done on time and we will be reckoned with one more time in the game

  28. I think that Jesus would only give us a marginal improvement in terms of goals should we buy him. He wasn’t exactly prolific at City and if he was they wouldn’t be letting him go so easily. They would’ve done what theythey did with Agüero and kept him around until the last as they knew Agüero was the real deal in the goal scoring stakes.

    I’m not sure that we wouldn’t be just a stepping stone for Jesus. He’s come from a bigger club, won many major footballing honours and being told they can do without him. He would probably come to us with the idea that he doesn’t need to prove anything as he’s already done that at a club he still no doubt, respects more than us!

    Any failure on his part to come to fruition would likely to be seen by him as our failure for being such a lesser footballing club than his previous employers.

    I’d rather hang on to the 50m and spend it on someone who wants to give it their all both personally and for the team. A player that plays with heart and gives everything. When we had players like Wright, Bergkamp, Henry, Sánchez, they were proper hard working strikers that done their job with aplomb, not just journeymen who just wanted to use us as a stepping stone to somewhere else.

    I don’t think Jesus will be that type of striker for Arsenal. It would be nice to believe that he would be vexed enough to prove to Man City that he’s not washed up and be so incensed that he would become a beast for us and show them what they were missing, unlikely though. He’ll be happy for the wage, happy to still be in the premiership and the public eye and to be getting a run out.

    It’s not my 50m so I can’t dictate how it should be spent but if it were, I wouldn’t be wasting it on fading and faded stars.

  29. These stats are concerning for sure. And yes 50m with 1 year left is a lot. It was 10 years ago, but we sold RVP for 24m with 1 year left. OK it was 10 years ago, but he was the best striker in EPL too.

  30. For all those saying Aguero was a short forward should also remember at the time ManCity partnered him with Dzeko and Negredo who are tall.

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