Three reasons why Jack Wilshere is likely to move to West Ham

There has been many Arsenal transfer rumours relating to Jack Wilshere simply because he is entering the last year of his current contract, but as he is still recovering from the hairline fracture in his ankle sustained at the end of last season at Bournemouth, we were not expecting many suitors to come in to bid for the perennially injured midfielder.

But there have been rumours, including one from Sampdoria in Serie A and a request for a loan move to Crystal Palace if he signed an extension at Arsenal, and of course the usual links with West Ham.

Jack obviously has to be doing a lot of thinking right now about his next career move, with the Arsenal midfield getting rather crowded with talented players and he is unlikely to play very often even if he is fit. So it is no surprise that it is being reported that he is keen on moving to the Hammers.

There are three reason’s why I think this is the most likely move for the Englishman. The first is that he loves London, and has spent his whole life in the Smoke. And he was a West Ham fan in his childhood…
Secondly he is much more likely to be getting regular game time for the Hammers once he is fit enough to challenge for his place again…
Thirdly, his new wife, her family and his own family are not going to be happy to be torn apart by moving away from their childhood environment, and he wouldn’t even have to move house…

The only problem I can see is that the Hammers are likely to want to have him on loan for a year to see if he really can play a whole season without getting injured, but that would be impossible unless Arsenal and Jack agree a contract extension. With Wenger adding class players to the team he is more likely to want a straight sale so that the money could be reinvested. Would Wenger let Jack run his contract down and leave for free next summer? I doubt it…


Updated: July 21, 2017 — 12:28 pm


  1. I don’t care where he goes as long as he actually goes.

    1. Two reasons why he won’t move to West Ham
      #1 Wenger must have been on the plonk when he came up with that price
      #2 Injury record next to AC Only

    2. Sorry Vlad accidentally thumbed you down meant to be thumbs up

    3. Blunt but on point.

      The reasons in the article sound naive. He was at the south coast and his family was fine.
      Jack needs regular game time when he’s fit and assurances it will be available when he’s not.
      With all West Ham’s injury woes, he’ll be in good company Carroll, etc… its just not necessarily a good thing.

  2. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

    Jack will definitely be sold, I think he fancies a move to Italy, Or was it just a coincidence that he got married there, recently-ish?

    Reports from France, (who are more reliable than most) suggests that Sanchez’s agent has agreed personal terms on his behalf for a move to PSG. The French club have offered him a long term contract but the player only wants a three year deal on £275,000 a week. All that’s left now is for a fee to be agreed with Arsenal.

    Mendy very close to joining City, it could be announced within 48 hours. Who said Monaco wasn’t selling anymore players? lol ?

  3. For Wishere to come anywhere near West Ham he would have to prove his sustainability and for Wenger to come to his senses.If he thinks anyone is gonna buy Wilshere at £20m and a buy back clause are living on another planet.
    IMO I firmly believe that this so called buy back system is totally wrong and should be banned by the powers that be.Same as Iheanacho-if a player is not good enough to play in your first team,then it is unfair to expect another team to develop him and then be expected to sell him back to the original team when they say so.Once sold stay sold.

  4. Well what ive seen of our youth players in pre season theres a few can step up soon and i dont think Jack will get the game time with World Cup coming up he will want to play for his spot so i think he maybe on his way and i wish him the best pity he couldnt do what we all hoped he would.

    1. The next thing that looks like jack Wilshere in our youth team is Dan Crowley , and he’s gone, I don’t know why, but he’s gone to another club, I hope we inserted buy back clause in the deal

  5. I am sure Wilshire’s new Wife’s roots are Italian? I could be mistaken, but I would rather him go to Italy for £10m with a buy back clause, than somewhere in England for £15m without a buy back clause.

    Either way until him and Cazorla can prove their fitness they should not be part of our 25.

  6. 1 reason for Jack to be sold = He has not contribute anything to Arsenal for the past 3 seasons apart from the wage and medical bills of course.

    We love you but, HIT THE ROAD JACK, and don’t come back NO MORE NO MORE NO MORE NO MORE…. HIT THE ROAD JACK

  7. Sky sports reporting Barcelona have offered us Rafinha for 30m


    Is this what we’ve become or is there more to this ??

    1. Rafhina is not a bad option 27m in this market is a steal. bags of potential and he’ll give 100% in his quest to make the Brazil squad for 2018.

      I think we could do with another option in midfield

      1. Rafhina is a good player – in fact if true I think we should go for it, could be our Santi replacement.

        1. Sorry guys he couldn’t lace santis boots if he’s not good enough for Barca should we aim higher
          Goretzka would be cheaper and better

  8. For us to win the league we need to get a winger and a cm and the rest depends on who we sell. If chambers goes get vvd, ospina with Butland, and if alexis goes then mahrez. As for the cm and winger get rafinha and lemar. If we conduct ourselves like this in the window we have a great chance at winning the league

  9. Picasso it could have been a great chant, if you just modified it…..score a goal jack and we’ll love you some more some more some more some more, score a goal jack an we’ll love you some more. the arsenal say!! nice one all credit to you, but unfortunately we’ll never hear that chant. i feel for him he wasted his talent!

  10. I’m sad u guys are so forgetful and ungrateful, there was a time jack sparkled,even though we won nothing, he still made us happy watching him, the world at his feet, wven xavi of barca new how good jack could be. He is not diaby, to me or to wenger. Wenger will never ever sell am , that guy is the best midfielder England has seen in years, he plays like Messi just that he doesn’t score like him, the perfectly weighted passes, defence splitting runs, dribbles too
    I’ll prefer him at arsenal even if he spends the remaining of his career on the sick bed, believe me, he’s that good and he’s worth sticking with, and wenger knows
    He stuck with Ramsey whom he knows isn’t as important as Wilshere, forget the goals.
    Ramsey, Wilshere,
    If you’ve forgotten how good Ramsey and Wilshere are, watch their you tube clips, and you will see the art of beautiful fooball

    1. Check his clips in Bournemouth last season, check his game in a Bournemouth shirt against Chelsea, just see how Willian, fabregas and co couldn’t stop him, he tormented Chelsea for us last season as a single player. Do we have that kind of player in our ranks now? ,D so called ozil can never torment a big team that much, Kante kept running after him………….I can’t describe the feeling, a single player tormenting Chelsea, go watch the clip
      And you will love jack again even if it is only one full game he is able to play for us this season, I’ll savour it

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