Three reasons why Vardy rejecting Arsenal is a good thing

Why Vardy’s rejection is a good thing for the Gunners!

So its being reported generally that Jamie Vardy is going to refuse Arsenal’s offer, and that he is 80% sure he will stay at Leicester for the new season.

Of course having Vardy on board would’ve been a boost for the Arsenal squad and there’s no doubt he would’ve made an impact for us. However there are too many concerns surrounding the player, which makes me think that Vardy rejecting Arsenal may not be the worst news we could’ve heard.

Firstly we should focus on his position. Vardy is an out and out striker, a man that can score goals from anywhere. He’s a man with pace, strength and aggression to win the ball and someone who can score a goal out of nothing. He is a striker that Arsenal do desperately need, because ultimately we do need a player who can score 20+ goals a season in the league alone, if we are to be ambitious of winning the league. The issue is that with our playing style of passing the ball around until we have a clear shot on goal, Jamie Vardy just would not fit in. He thrives off long ball passing and counter attacks. Arsenal like to build the play up slowly with plenty of passing before finding their chance. I think this would be too frustrating for Vardy’s character and the aggression that we have seen he can sometimes have, may end up causing him to be on the wrong end of the stick if he gets frustrated with Arsenal’s slow build up.

Secondly is his age. Vardy isn’t getting any younger and at 29 years old, he is arguably in his prime right now for the age of a striker. He had a fantastic campaign last season but there is no guarantee he would be able to replicate such form because as of yet, he has been largely a ‘one season wonder’. This was Vardy’s last chance to arguably make a big impact on the grandest stage of European football and I don’t think that he will be able to get the same opportunity again to move to one of Europe’s biggest clubs in the coming years.

Thirdly is the money. £20 million may be a very good price in today’s current market for a player to break all kinds of records last season and take Leicester to the Premier League title. However for a player who has no guarantee of fitting into Arsenal’s style of play, a player who has only really come to form in one season and a player who will only have a few more years left in his professional career, it raises the question if Wenger should really spend £20 million on Vardy or splash out £10/15 million more on one of the world’s biggest stars.

Lastly is Vardy’s uncertainty if he wants to join Arsenal. Although it is unlikely there will ever be anything that beats his achievements with Leicester during the rest of his professional career, the opportunity to sign with Arsenal or any top European clubs for that matter, probably won’t come along again. His uncertainty with whether he really wants to sign for Arsenal or not, suggests to me that he wouldn’t be entirely committed and therefore Arsenal should start to look elsewhere for their new striker, rather than be left to wait by Jamie Vardy.

Like I said, Vardy would’ve made an impact and he would’ve been supported if he was to join the Gunners. However with it looking more and more unlikely to happen, I for one am not too disappointed to hear that this deal may fall through.


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  1. Jimbeam says:

    We are lucky Vardy doesnt want to come. He had one great season. He might never be able to repeat it. He played in a counter attacking team, we are different. He is 29, not the best age to buy someone with one good season behind them. He is not world class, which is what we should be looking for if we have any ambition.

    1. jb29 says:

      Absolutely right.

    2. arsenalkid1970 says:

      I never want him but him turning Arsenal down is bad for AW unless AW was useing it as a trick for something else

  2. jb29 says:

    Well I for one never-ever wanted him to be here. Or actually yes – as a nice 2nd or 3rd choice striker. Now lets just forget about the aging louse f***er with a single good season in the EPL and aim for someone good thinking of the future and actually feeling proud of having the chance to play for us. Thanks.

    Oh and we just had THREE midfielders leaving, so Xhaka ain’t gonna make it all up. Remember the Van Persie-Giroud thing, aye? Lotsa’ stuff to do.

    1. josh37 says:

      What? Flamini, Arteta and Rosicky played very little for us last season… We’ve brought in Elneny and Xhaka which is a serious upgrade IMO. Coquelin, Xhaka, Elneny, Ramsey, Wilshere, Cazorla and Ozil is a pretty stacked midfield!!

      1. jb29 says:

        Stacked, sure, I agree, but we always have a lot of injuries, which used to leave us in trouble. So 3 leaving, 2 arriving just isn’t enough in my opinion. Elneny is a sure upgrade though!

        1. josh37 says:

          There’s Toral, Hayden and Bielik for emergencies. I genuinely think we have enough quality/depth/variation in our midfielders.

  3. fem-vcc says:

    not to b disrespectful but thats just loads of BS…our build up is slow bcuz we have giroud…when Walcott wuz 9 beginning of d season, we played a fast paced counter…now with xhaka(long pass merchant) we can lump those balls for vardy for him to do rest….secondly, age doesnt rili matter(ibra,del piero, totti, di natale, tevez, heck!!, ronaldo) and him being a one season wonder is just rubbish.., has d 2nd season commenced????….thirdly, 20m for a top striker in England??? no brainer!!! sign him up!!!!…. you can’t get any top striker for 35m now, never happening…auba, lewa, higuain, aguero, Kane, dybala, griezmann, lukaku, all will never b sold for 35m…if ur rili interested, u start d bidding at £50m for any…..him being confused as to join is not going to affect is performance if he signs for us as long as he bangs in goals and fan support him immensely….and no matter he much most of us buttress it, it will hurt if he rejects us cuz getting a striker with lower risks is going to b hard

    1. josh37 says:

      Thankyou!!.. Vardy is a fighter who was deadly in front of goal last season. People cry for a mobile striker and we’re linked with a player who led his team in scoring to one of the greatest sporting achievements in history!!! I mean cummon…. 24 goals and 6 assists. Vardy may not be a complete forward, but he is very, very good at what he does.

      1. atid says:

        I’m with you and there is another important thing to remember, the home grown rule.

        As for this age thing, when did 29 become old? I see Ronaldo banging goals in at age 30 lifting world player of the year titles, champions league titles and breaking all sorts of scoring records. I see ibrahimovic doing similar at age 34. Vardy is late starter fresh and hungry. How England could have done with his finishing last night.

  4. ThirdManJW says:

    Vardy rejecting us is only good if we sign another top quality striker, otherwise it’s huge disappointment, because he’s a big upgrade on what we currently have at Arsenal upfront.

  5. Ronny331 says:

    I’m torn. When I heard the rumour I wasn’t overly impressed. But who else is available for 20 Mil with a known buy out clause in a team that they’d supposedly leave to come to arsenal, is proven at scoring if only for one season, has epl and epl winners experience and is clearly a scrapper on the pitch? Also we know how Wenger loves his British core. I don’t see anyone fitting this criteria especially when you consider that striker knows the main reason they are being purchased is to cover largely for Danny welbeck. Personally I’d prefer a fox in the box type striker such as Javier hernandez.

  6. Ronny331 says:

    Also I’d take mahrez over vardy any day. Mahrez on the wing and sanchez up front.

  7. Trevor says:

    How you described Vardy in the beginning, absolutely sounds like someone we could put to good use. I’m sick of that stage of the season, when we say we have no real fight, haven’t got the stomach for it. I think this is the main reason I was on board with this signing. We got Xhaka who looks like he definitely has the stomach for it. We have Alexis Coq and sometimes Wilshere, who all have a little iron in their play, among a couple others. The spine is where it’s needed most, so yes, I was willing to give Vardy the benefit of the doubt. But I wont lie in saying how he and his agents actions, have miffed me right off, totally irked by the whole ordeal.

    1. ruelando says:

      i really want some one to tell me if Vardy’s agent is actually Walcott agent, because it would answer a lot of questions.
      I am not a fan of Vardy signing for us, but never the less if he does put on the arsenal shirt i would support him 100 percent.
      It does bug me however that if he was the one that initiated contact with arsenal about signing him and now it has become a shit storm with every headline saying he is not signing for arsenal, what makes this further infuriating is the fact that no official from arsenal has come out and made a statement to clear up the situation.

      i feel that this is only damaging our reputation(what little we do have) in the transfer market

  8. atid says:

    The deal has not collapsed anyway.

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