Which of these three should replace Wenger as Arsenal boss?

There is a growing sense that the tenure of Arsene Wenger as the manager of Arsenal is growing short and whether the Frenchman gets another season and runs down his current contract or leaves at the end of the current campaign is probably as much down to him as the board and could be determined on what happens on the pitch and on the terraces in the next couple of months.

Even the Wenger supporters that feel there has been a lack of respect towards the prof from some sections of the fans and the media are starting to see that it might be time for a change but one of the big worries is about who can fill his boots. A lot of us were hoping for Pep Guardiola or Jurgen Klopp but those ships have sailed and neither Thierry henry or Patrick Vieira are ready to take on such a massive job.

According to a Metro report there are two major candidates being considered by the club and they are the Atletico Madrid boss Diego Simeone and the outward bound Man City manager Manuel Pellegrini. It seems a bit odd because they are very different characters, with the Chilean being very much like Wenger and the Argentinean being almost the opposite.

I am not really sure that either of the two would be the right choice. Too much change on one hand and not enough on the other but I do, for once, agree with the pundit Robbie Savage who told Radio 5 Live that he thinks the ideal choice would be the Dutch boss of Southampton Ronald Koeman.

Savage said, “I think he’s a fantastic young manager with great ideas and plays great football. So I think there are replacements out there for Arsene Wenger.”

Koeman does seem to me to have the right blend of passion and intelligence and his teams can defend and battle as well as being based on the passing and creative side of things. Which of the three would you rather see in the Arsenal hotseat?

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  1. 1. Simone
    2. Frank De Boer/Bergkamp
    3. Koeman

    Simone is my No1 choice to put fire into people’s bellies as well as an established system of play on the field. He has done wonders on very little financially speaking and by comparison so am sure he could give us a harder edge (like we used to have).

    But I would obviously be happy with Frank De Boer and the Iceman. Again with Ajax they have created a team who really can play football and win things. And what inspiration for those players who are already at Arsenal or that arrive to see Dennis the legend as coach.

    Koeman, has again showed how to build a team and play good attractive football on relative peanuts.

    All are improvements and that’s from a choice of three. New blood, new chapter, new beginnings.

    1. ya lets bring in simeone whose the antithesis of arsenal’s philosophy great idea. Lets bring in Simeone who has no style or attacking qualities but I’m sure wed all love to watch 10 men behind the ball at home while winning our games 1-0.
      De Boer? No.
      Koeman has built a team? I didn’t realize that.

      “all are improvements’ haha just shows how little you know

      1. What 1-nil to the Arsenal like it was before Wenger took the silk trail from Japan to Uk?

        Simone IMO is exactly what we need: fighting spirit, no excuses, and don’t get beat easy. Again just like the ole Arsenal.

        Why not De Boer?
        And Koeman did build a team no? He bought some of them, trained them and motivated them. Wasn’t talking in the Lego sense or even more far out sense than Wenger has of himself being solely responsible for building our club.

        Night night

        1. I have trouble deciding whether I would love or hate simeone as manager. He reminds me too much of jose mourinho – both the good and the bad.

          His players obviously enjoy playing for him, and in his short career he has proved he is a winner already. But he is also cocky and outwardly emotional, and often plays negative football.

          I just dont know if he is right for Arsenal.

    1. Always laugh when I read our fans jeering at Chelsea for being owned by a Russian plunderer or man city by oil Barrons .. Kroenke is a corporate sleaze bag of the first order as recently witnessed in his dealing with the rams .. So need kronke to go along with his Gallic fool

  2. A reminder from the last AGM:


  3. we will most likely go with a director of football styled set up when wenger leaves, as it is easier for the d/o/f to handle the higher up things and the manager just manages football matters on the pitch, if we get in frank the farmer and mr iceberg in, we might see marc overmars fill that role as he is doing a sterling job in that role for ajax atm.
    and would be able to handle things smoother between board and manager to. i remember seeing a little while back that we were very interested, in juve’s technical director paratici not sure what became of that, but it shows that the board are looking at an alternative way forward in structure of management in the club.

    gazidis – ceo ¬
    director of football ¬
    ????? new manager ¬
    ?????? hopefully winning team ¬
    ???????????????? happy fans

  4. Nobody better than the man who thinks like some of the Arsenal fans in his quotes “Specialist in Failure”… you guessed it… The Special One


  5. Wenger: “Football owes me nothing. I represent Arsenal & we want to come here & give a positive performance. That’s what we owe to football.”

    what ever you say about wenger as arsenal manager, he still has the football words of wisdom in general, you dont hear many other managers come out with such inspiring words to the footballing world, to see that the game as a whole is what we unite to support.


    1. Really? And what about this from the hyper narcissist/egotist!!!

      Unbelievable..I think he is having a melt down..


      1. like i said whatever you say about him as arsenal manager(and trust me we all have a lot to say against him at this moment in time and i am 100% with you on that one), i was talking more of the context of wenger the football philosopher than, wenger the arsenal manager, when i re quoted that quote from him.

        1. which of these managers are true legends of the club


          or is it the club that is the legend it self?

          1. wenger and chapman for me

            nothing is black and white bro.
            relentless wenger out calls doesnt wipe away all hes done for this club

            he is a legend

          2. Like Adams my soft spot is for George:


  6. You know the Koeeee maaaaan!

    But, Get Bilic instead and all our Bogey teams,
    Will be a thing of the past!
    Just like Mr errrrrh…. I don’t know. .. I didn’t see it.?

    1. Bilic was and still is one of my favorite coaches today. Thing is I don’t care who will replace Wenger (and we know that won’t be very soon) as long as the new manager will go for the results first and then for the buck. Will the new manager have the balls to do that or he will bow to the profit king? Speculations, speculations… Meanwhile Wenger is still the manager with one more year on his contract. And with a high chance of getting another term should Gazidis be the board executive.

      1. I’m confused ???
        Did someone tell Wenger that he wasn’t allowed to win the premier league again? ?? and that the club made more money by not winning it? ?

        I’m sure that Bilic could step in and improve the results on the pitch, without even spending a penny!

        The man does his homework for each and every game!
        He has tactics and plan B’s too ??

        1. i would even go so far and say that every manager right now is good for arsenal. the current arsenal team has become way to comfortable.

          so much comfo, that the dudes even smoke, fk. h…ers before game, crash cars, the owner also takes money out the arsenal for uknown reason. buys some typical murica ranche, and is t stinky to spend some money at arsenal.

          maybe stan should buy wenger some horses, so he can find a new hobby, find his way back to his wife, and enjoy his earned millions

    2. Billic is the ideal replacement. If we can bring him in. He will be a better replacement than Koeman. Westham beat all the top 4 teams away at the beginning of the season. They are 3 points behind Arsenal at the moment. Payet is fantastic as well, and to think he was bought for 10m from Marseille.

  7. I think speculating about the next manager is pointless at the moment, as Arsene Wenger is not going to leave, and the board is not going to sack him.

    Whatever you and I wish for, he will be the manager next year I feel sure.

    So lets get behind the team, this season is not over yet, and whatever happens we want/need/ HAVE TO / finish higher than Spurs

    1. i woud not be so sure of that, if you see wenger storm out from press conferences and act all fired up, you know and understand that he feels the heat.

      the board and wenger are just a few, the fans are many.

      wengerits are just fan boys and dont give a damn about football. think about that, think again, one more timer. good, now you got it.

  8. Wenger’s arrogance has just reached Supremacy!
    And now.. He thinks that he gave birth to Arsenal fc! ??

    Hahaha. .. Something is about to pop and I don’t think it’s a hamstring!

    I’m hoping that the response from Arsenal,
    will be the type, that will leave Barcelona walking like a crab for weeks! ? ? ?

  9. MR Wenger is the manager for now and we are meting barca tomorrow.
    Managers come and go and Arsenal will still be here so let us support Arsenal for now
    Arsenal is more important specially tomorrow than fighting each other
    wenger being good or bad wont matter right now what matters right now is the match against barca so give your Arsenal the loudest support that you can

  10. You want to voice your concern by all means do but not in matches at matches we should support the Arsenal and not voice our concern and embarrass our selves in front of our opponents We all know where the club is put a petition up to management and directors voice your concern at the club but not matches
    At matches we support the Arsenal

  11. Have you seen Diego on the tv. Filled with passion and overload of winning mentality. Such a manager every big team in the world needs. But never get your hopes right, bec arsenal has a manager which they deserve. Atletico madrid is a football club with a proper football manager. Full stop.

    Wenger and arsenal are the opposite of Diego and atletico. think about it, now think again, got it? think one more time. Good, now you know the diff.

    1. i thought about it twice k…still dont know why my girl wont give me none after i mention wenger…. what did i do wrong?

  12. dunno man, maybe she is tired with 4th place performances and demands more detication and better end results 😛

  13. Who said that Arsenal don’t need to win trophies? Not Wenger, not the team but the owner. If he has said that in public, he must have certainly said that in private several times, so you really need to look no further for negative effects pervading the team. It doesn’t matter who we get as manager, or in the team, while we have this Jonah in charge of the ship, we will always be sailing to mediocrity.

    I highly doubt any of the high flying managers mentioned will come to Arsenal with him around, who would want to come to a club whose owner doesn’t want footballing success? He is the one that needs to be removed first.

    Achieving success is never easy, and removing him is certainly the most difficult option but it is clear that the success most fans crave will not be achieved with him in charge, and just to make sure we all understand that, he has publicly stated it.

    1. Kroenke’s comments were difficult to understand. On the one hand seemed to say that winning championships was not important. Then said expanding the “brand” was impostant. Did not seem to make the connection between sucess on the field being necessary to expand the “brand”. All seemed muddled to me, no wonder we are in such a mess with this type of thinking coming from the top.

  14. Whoever comes in to replace AW, be prepared for at least one season in wilderness. Even Simeone wan’t guarantee success immediately. Any thing below Cl qualification will be treated as failure. So we must rope in some with a long term plan and not instant success.

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