Three Steps Arsenal need to take to become Champions again

How Arsenal can become champions again By SK

It is a new week folks! I am sure we are all happy going into another week of hustling and struggling, partly because our darling Arsenal won a game by a great margin over the weekend. It has been a while we saw such a wide goal margin from our team. Can we even remember when last we won a game? Nevertheless, we are relieved that Arsenal showed us they still knew how to score goals.

Winning leads to happiness and happiness is what every Arsenal fan wants for this great team; I am sure nobody was happy watching us lose games scandalously to fellow big teams. However, what everybody will be praying for is for us to maintain the winning streak and also beat the big teams in the process. So, what can Arsenal do to become Champions again? Well, my theories may be not totally proven to work but at least, I am allowed to chip in a few words of advice, right? So, here we go….

The first step to be taken if any team wants to be a champion is to hire and maintain the service of a coach who knows what it takes to be a title winning coach. Teams, who have won trophies in the past, always had a coach who knew how to make them play to win. Real Madrid, Chelsea or even Juventus, have constantly been winning trophies because they had coaches with a winning mentality. Arsene Wenger has paid his dues in the game of football; he has won several trophies for the club but as of now, he seems to have lost the Midas touch. The board needs to relieve him of his job and go for a title winning coach, or else risk not winning trophies for many years to come.

The second step is to recruit the right players to make you a champion. It is no hidden secret that Arsenal football club is a club with a lot of average and below average players! With the exemption of Sanchez, Ozil, Koscielny and probably Cech, every other player in the Arsenal set up right now, are not the right players Arsenal needs to win trophies. After recruiting the right coach for the team, the next sensible thing to do, will be to get rid of the wrong set of players and recruit the right set of players.

The right form of Motivation, which is the third step, is also crucial in shaping a team into a title winning team. Football today has been highly commercialized and nothing can be done about that for now! If the truth must be told, Arsenal needs to improve on its wage structure. Not paying your players wages that their counterparts earn in other clubs, is a sure way of losing them to other clubs. If it means paying your players wages to motivate them, then do it and do it fast and let us start by paying Sanchez and Ozil their worth. Another way of motivating your players to put in their best is to provide them with good training facilities and the best medical care available. When you have all these in place, I don’t see any reason why a footballer will not put in his best.

These are just some of the ways I feel we can turn Arsenal to title contenders every other season. If you have other changes you feel can be done, why not share them with us, will you?

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. chinaka1 says:

    Agree with you in all but one…Bellarin, Cazorla n Mustafi should make the grade.

    It will make sense to replace Mr wenger with Luis Enrique who will be leaving Barca at the end of the current season.
    Do i need say why?

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:

      You wouldn’t wanna take Luis enhrique off celta vigo back then would you?
      But barca did and it worked out well for them…..they fired a worldclass manager to get him in…. How do we think we’d succeed when we’re scared of change & still having old Mr potato head as our manager?
      Now we see it deem fit to go for Luis?…
      If we must move on then we gotta Let go of certain things in our Lives…. One of them….Wenger!

    2. optimist says:

      Much as I agree with Sylvester, that there’s need for recruitment at Arsenal, I would like to state that Aresnal need more quality players-players that have the hunger to and know what it is to win, players with high level mental and physical endurance, natural leaders, etc.-than a coach. That’s becuase Wenger is a quality coach. It’s only when Wenger has been entrusted with the right crop of players but still fails to deliver after a couple of years or so that he should be crucified. We just don’t have a trophy-winning squad yet and the Frenchman should not take all the blame alone.
      Further to that, there is need for restructuring of the Arsenal Board itself which has been smiling to the bank all these years as fans groan. That is unless they agree to buy the right quality players and pay wages similar to what obtains at clubs such as Man U, Chelsea, Man City, Barca, Juve, etc. the fans should subsequently direct their anger and frustration at the Board than any other person. The Club must strategically adjust it’s policy on recruitment and wages and set higher or more ambitious targets in terms of what the club intends to achieve annually.
      Realistically, No Guardiolla or Morinho can be consistent, or deliver what the fans are asking Wenger to, with the current squad and none of tope flight football managers would accept to assume Wenger’s role at Arsenal unless the necessary changes have been effected.
      Let’s be more objective in ore analysis.

  2. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Three steps Arsenal needs to take to be champions again
    1) Sack/forcelly retire Mr potato Head
    2) FLush the Board and rebrand the AKBs
    3) Let go of some of these sissies in arsenal Jersey
    That way we can all think about moving forward else forget the idea!!!

  3. Break-on-through says:

    None of this three step nonsense, a weekend seminar for the right price BS. It takes allot of hard work and allot of smart choices to become champion these days, more so than ever. It also takes money, usually allot of money.

  4. Simon_MrMac says:

    Disagree –

    We finished 2nd last season. And we have a good team with good depth.

    Most of all we are missing some motivation, belief, and mostly Hunger.

    If we had every player working at 90-100% of ability, and we’ll collectively then I believe we would win the Prem’ship

    I realise as a fan it’s easy to focus on the bad results and negativity – but that’s we don’t earn the same as these players. Even after a big loss it’s there job to bounce back, believe and push for the next win

    If – and I realise it’s a big IF – we had Sanchez playing his best down the middle scoring 20-30 goals a season. If we had Ramsey of old contributing 15 (he’s very capable of it), Walcott 15-20 goals. Giroud from bench or occasional starter 15-20

    Add Carzola goals and Trickery. Ozil assists. Iwobi, Wellbeck (under-rated).

    Mustafi and Boss are great. Bellerine is good – and could become great if he chooses to use his speed and attack little more.

    We really do have an exceptional team.

    Whilst I’m a big Coqueline fan- Xhaka isn’t the midfield boss and pass distributor we need and hoping he would be. He’s OK – but he’s no Kante!

    Yes there are some better players – but firstly we need to get the team working better together.

    We too often play scared. I honestly think a lot of that comes from the pressure of the fans – not an excuse it’s their job to perform despite crowd emotions.

    Come on Arsenal – greatness is awaiting us if we willing to fight for it

  5. georgie b says:

    Why does Lucas Perez rarely get mentioned? I rate him highly.

  6. Wonder says:

    Arsenal supporters need to change and stop creating a tense atmosphere when the team is not playing well! Spurs haven’t won anything for long but they will always get behind the team regardless of the results!

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