Three surprising reasons why I believe Arsenal are on the right path

Are Arsenal still on the right path? by Leke Osmani


Losing to Liverpool in that manner has certainly got all the alarm bells ringing around Islington. How can Arsenal be so submissive? Do we need to change players, manager or even the owner? Are we even on the right path anymore? Here are three reasons why we are, and why one match shouldn’t dictate everything we think about the club.


    1. The appointment of Richard Garlick this summer will be a massive boost to the club that will show on the pitch. Currently, Arteta and Edu have a lot of work to do in terms of the footballing side. They must worry about player contracts and negotiating player sales and acquisitions. Bringing in Garlick will mean that he can focus on these issues as Arsenal’s Director of Football. Edu can focus on the hiring of staff to help Arteta and the smooth running of the club. While Arteta can focus on the footballing matters. It’s not up to one man to run our club and we need a full squad of dedicated professionals working behind the scenes to bring us that taste of Premier League and Champions League success we so desperately need.
    2. It may seem trivial to say so but Arteta has been the real shining light in this squad. Bar the defensive mistakes and VAR decisions pulling us back, Arteta cannot be considered responsible for what has transpired this season. He has brought a system, values and desire to the team. Not all the players have shown that this season, but it is a work in progress and an Arsenal man is needed to help us get ourselves out of this mess. Arteta is that man. This season effectively started after the Winter transfer period as we finally got rid of the players that have been hampering our squad. With the summer transfer period and some more players leaving and maybe a few more coming Arteta might finally have his first real pre-season and full season with a squad that he wants. We should afford him this and not compare him to Emery or any other manager as Arteta came in during the biggest crisis we have seen at the club in decades.
    3. It’s time for an unpopular opinion. That of Kroenke In. Why? Why would an Arsenal fan want Kroenke in? The man solely responsible for our lack of finances and forcing us to work within our means to pay our debt and become a force again. Why you ask? Maybe because Kroenke is the strict father getting his children in line. By throwing money into the team, we will have more debt and we will make errors in transfers. Not giving us money to work with we have to work with the pressure and turn our “carbon” into diamonds. 2030 is the year we pay back our debt and thankfully it’s only another ten years and not longer. We will surely pay it back and if we have success with the self-sustainable model Kroenke wants, we will be in the strongest position we have ever been. A squad full of deadwood sales proceeds bought stars and homegrown players we will be a force to be reckoned with for decades on end. We cannot change the inevitable and we cannot be Kroenke out whenever something goes wrong. We need to embrace the desires of our current owner and deliver a system of success.

These three reasons I believe show that there is hope yet, and it is not all doom and gloom. We will come back stronger towards the end of the season and we will surely be better off with the addition of Garlick, the desire of Arteta and the vision of Kroenke.

I want to believe in this as much as every Arsenal fan because it is all we can do. COYG!


    1. I agree, it is all that matters. Let’s postpone judgement to the end of the season.
      Like rvery Arsenal fan should, I wish the team ends the season on good terms.

    2. I totally agree. Get some more ‘deadwood’ gone! Get us back into EU football initially, and finally invest in decent players who are once again, proud to be known as ” THE Arsenal”.

  1. Before Saturday I was reflecting that this is the first year in awhile that I haven’t worried about getting blown out against a top team. Saturday felt like a blow out. Big step backwards.

    Big response needed on Thursday and will show whether team is still responding to Arteta (a big reason for Emery’s demise)

    1. That is precisely why our limp display hurt so much and left us all so frustrated and angry 🙁

  2. “It may seem trivial to say so but Arteta has been the real shining light in this squad”

    This has made me laugh no offense. Had to comment and go back to finish the rest if the article.

    1. “Arteta cannot be considered responsible for what has transpired this season”

      Another gem.

      1. I’ve got to agree ,the excuses are starting to up a few gears now .
        Some of them are really cringe to read as well ,not this Article in particular but reading some posts over the last few weeks.
        No EL no job it’s as simple as that ,if the board decide to keep him on if he does not reach that goal then it shows the ambition at the club or lack of .

        1. Yes Dan. It is understandable if someone defending Arteta is giving sensible reasons but to do it “just because
          they can” sometimess it feels insulting to be honest.

      2. HH, this is a classic example of blind leading the blind. Result aside, I don’t see why these fans think Arteta future is bright with us when the present suggests otherwise. His team ( full of above footballers) can’t get the basis of football right; don’t know what to do when they are throwing, don’t how to organize themselves when opposition is throwing, playing corners or free kicks, can’t mark, tackles and defend properly. When we throw, opponents closed us down and marked us out. When they are making a throw we gave them space and time. There is no urgency in his game plan when leading or chasing the game. I hear a lot fans blame the players, I don’t absorb them of any blame outrightly but most of I highlighted has nothing to do with the skill sets of any individual footballers but mostly coach instruction. I saw our players still passing back when we were 3 goals down and Liverpool was itching for more goals. And someone just said he is not responsible for the sh”””t show we are witnessing and others will let you believe when he has a complete new set of team he will be unstoppable.

        1. There’s a problem somewhere along the line… Auba manages to play well and find the back of the net for Gabon…

    2. HH-I have just checked and can confirm the article was not posted byMrs Arteta. But somebody else obviously loves him.

      1. And is not hiding that fact. Love is truly blind seeing that now even the league position is not the criteria for how a manager has performed in the season.

        “The shining light” sentence though not toppling GAI’s “brilliant tactics ever seen” is another over the top comments in defending Arteta.

  3. The reasons are really surprising and I disagree strongly with reason number two for our obvious table position. I don’t even know what Mr Garlick will be doing but he looks right and feels right so I have hope from that side.

    I remember being excited by the appointment of Raul being that he came from Barcelona and was part of their success and all but I am positive Garlick will be a big improvement from Raul.

  4. 1. What does a DOF actually do?
    2. “Arteta has been the real shining light in the squad “. Ok . 🤣.
    If he wins the EL yes otherwise no.
    Players leaving in the summer?
    Unfortunately only Luiz is out of contract as well as the two loanees Ceballos and Odegaard.
    Every one else including Torreira Guendouzi Saliba Mavropanos Niles Kolasinac +Willock have a rock solid contract. The clubs who can afford our players don’t want them and the clubs who do want our players can’t afford them. All we can do is to give players away for free like we did with Ramsey Sanchez Ozil Mustafi and Soctitis and
    lose millions on transfer fees but save on salaries.
    With such limited options we might as well stay with Arteta adjust our expectations and continue to be patient.
    Thursdsy is critical.

  5. This article is frightening. First, I have never heard of Leke Omani or Richard Garlick. Whatever he wrote in the article misses everything we fear or want improved. Then he goes on to forgive Artera of any wrong. What, not even selling Martinez to Aston Villa for peanuts or sending Saliba on loan keeping deadwood? I rest my case.

    1. Goonerbeall, Not a sensible post of yours All true fans should know by now that Richard Garlick came on board sometime ago , charged with putting right the contract mess and financial mess that goes back to Gazidis’s time and worsened still under Sanllehi, who SUDDENLY resigned WHEN the accounts were being looked at by a fresh and new eye.
      Make of Sanllehis sudden resignation what you will but I know what I believe, as I was not born yesterday! GAZIDIS ALSO RESIGNED RATHER SUDDENLY, IF YOU RECALL (OR EVEN KNOW!)

      As for you not hearing of LEKE, that does not mean he is any less entitled to a platform for his views than you, I, or anyone else.
      Needless to say, I reject all your other nonsense too. We got the going rate for MARTINEZ, given that he demanded to be first choice, which no player can properly ever demand AND given that Covid has destroyed the transfer fee market. So wisen up young man!

      1. Gazidis resigned as soon as Wenger left cause he had nowhere else to hide after he left.Just look at Milan right now to see what he’s capable of.

        1. Sean I suspet you and I are firmly on the same page with Gazidis But the damage is done, is still hurting us and will take a long time to fully repair.

          THAT is why I propose to give MA that necessary time. IT IS UNFAIR NOT TO DO SO.

          1. jon, the appointment of Richard Garlick could be critical and all Arsenal supporters should take the interest to Google his CV.
            jon, and don’t forget the appointment of Tim Lewis, as a non executive director, whose investigations apparently led to the departure of Raul Sanheili.

      2. I understand your clear animosity towards Gazidis but as you (probably) rightly put it, Kroenke and son are rarely in London BUT as business people who are solely interested in lining their pockets (as is often said here), did they not do all that is expected of them by installing people that are/were veterans in the world of football (decorated CVs on the pitch and behind the scenes)? I guess retrospect is all we have as fans but I just feel we should be more fair/unbiased/limit our emotions when apportioning blame for the current mire we cind ourselves in

        1. sk, NO, NO AND A THOUSAND TIMES NO!

          Why do you not understand the simple fact that a business whose owner is absent and cares not that his ill chosen staff are ruining its finances has no moral right to own that business. He does not keep his eye on the ball and that is a disgrace and not allowable by knowing fans.

          You are profoundly wrong and being extremely naive. I suspect you are very young and have little life experience of how any successful business works.

    2. Hey Goonerbeall.

      I have never heard of you either. I don’t see what that is about. Richard Garlick happens to be the Premier League’s, the League Arsenal play in case you haven’t heard of that either, Director of Football.

      He will be sorting out player contracts for the club. This eases the pressure on Mikel and on Edu and Per. This makes running the club easier. It does make sense if you think about it.

      I don’t forgive Arteta because I don’t blame Arteta. He’s the guy trying to get Arsenal back to where they belong. Probably one of the people in the management team that actually care to do that. So have some respect.

      Martinez was sold because he wanted to be sold. He said so himself yesterday. It’s not Arteta’s fault for selling him. Martinez asked Arteta to be sold and Arteta respected his wishes. This isn’t football manager these are real people with their own minds you know. They don’t just run around for 90 minutes, they have lives and ambitions. We couldn’t sell Leno if we tried, Martinez knew that. He also knew that he wanted to be first choice. Leno’s contract was much higher than Martinez’s contract so he knew that being number one was practically impossible too considering they’re both solid goalkeepers and the wages. Martinez did what any respectable man would do and asked to be sold. He made it easy for us. I respect him for that.

      Also Goonerbeall, if that is even your real name, I rest my case.

  6. Am arvellous article LEKE – despite the plethora of gloom from the laughable HH, predictably so, though I cannot share your super optimism on KROENKE AND I’LL TELL YOU WHY(since I think it is always important to give reasons, unlike HH AND HIS ILK, who merely say “I had to laugh” and leave it at that, typically!

    Giving actual reasons in detail for ones thoughts entails real thinking and not just childish reactionary rhetoric. Kroenke is a USA citizen who lives there, not in England and practically never visits us . His son Josh is not here much either . Kroenke does not even like the sport his club plays and knows little of everyday occurence in our PREM. He also left the disastrous Gazidis in post for years to wreak tremendous financial and long lasting(to this day) damage. HAD kREONKE BEEN INTERESTED AND IN TOUCH HE WOULD HAVE SACKED GAZIDIS YEARS EARLIER, THUS SAVING HARM. Kroenke would also never have employed him in thefirst place had he had his finger on the pulse.

    No LEKE, the fact is that an absent, uninterested owner cannot be correctly gifted a proper in touch strategy where none exists. Kroenke is by a long distance our biggest ongoing problem, in fact since 2007 when he first arrived and all our gradual and increasing regression stem from 2007. That is factually proven in league positions etc.

    So you are WRONG on Kroenke .

    BUT you are right in the rest of your article and on MA. Garlick and thefact that it willtake far longer than some hasty fans on here expect to put the tremendous harm of thepast right.
    It will need money and that is not forthcoming in the quantity we need to compete onlevel terms with our biggest rival, which some fans choose to “forget”.
    Overall though, a thought provoking and welcome article More please, when you have time!

    1. I am for anyone defending Arteta but to say he is a shining light this season of all seasons is nothing more than joking or trolling or both.

      1. HH No actual details from you though, once again. Why am I not surprised! Proper discusion, with DETAILS for your thoughts seems to be beyond you, sadly. A bald statement of your oft expressed views but lacking reasons why, impresses no true thinker. THAT then is my challenge to you in future,

        1. What details do you want the drubbing that liverpool gave Arsenal lol.Is that evidence enough?How about losing to Villa and Burnley and here you all thought Wenger was the problem lol.

        2. I only disagree with his second reason. “The shining light” and you agree with that Jon? The shining 10th more likely.

    2. Jon- apologies for not coming back to you and replying from the earlier thread. I have copied your full post and fully intend to answer over the next couple of days. On this particular Headline Article I will just leave it alone for all the very easily pleased supporters who feel Arteta I do the right track. He isn’t. Stevie Wonder can see it. But who am I to argue with blind optimists?

      1. And SueP- apologies to your as well. I will be replying to the question you asked very shortly. It was a very valid question you asked that fully deserves not only an answer but the reasoning behind my thoughts.

      2. Thanks Phil. It is worth noting that no fan can notice all the other questions put to him/her by those who differ and most of the questions you claim I have ducked are simply because , like you, I did not see them. Nothing sinister and I await your reply in good time. No rush either.

        In fact, I put a post on this exactly this point to you about a fortnight ago but you did not see it. That is normal and I do not concern myself too much about what is normal. Cheers!

    3. Hey again Jon Fox.

      I understand the Kroenke Out and I understand why you are against my views.

      I’m saying Kroenke In because whatever we do there’s not gonna be a Kroenke Out. It’s a waste of time and energy to think about him and what he’s done. The fact is that his inability to lead this team might actually be what makes us. We will become stronger by force and this could be beautiful to watch.

      Arteta, Garlick, Edu and Per could be the men who reverse the damage already done. Kroenke In means they won’t have an easy time, they will work harder and they will be more motivated and creative to solve these issues due to pressure.

      This is why I think Kroenke In is good for us. At least I so desperately hope it is!

      Thank you for reading my article Jon Fox! Your response was thought provoking!

      1. It seems then at the very least that in Garlick Kroenke has finally been proactive because any more ludicrous contacts to the likes of Suba and Willian need to be avoided

  7. If Arteta goes in case is fired what happens to kroenke…does he keep hiding in firing coaches or that Stingy Kroenke…its time to goooooooo it’s over 13 years the club is declining🤔 I admire Abromovic!

  8. Agree with got an idea.This another season to forget.I thought Arsenal will be laying the foundation for a challenge for the tilte.
    Instead its another season to forget unless they can win the Europa Cup.
    Arsenal have been drifting from season to season
    and have failed to challenge for the epl . I am afraid in time to come the gunners will be just another London club like CP

  9. As the writer of this Article, I understand that some, or shall I say most, of you are not happy with the Kroenke In decision. I understand why and I’m not a Kroenke fan myself, there’s a list of reasons why he’s not the best man to own our club, but he happens to be our owner. Ripping apart Arteta and the fact that he has been the shining light, albeit off the pitch, is not the way this club’s fan base should treat the one man trying to bring us back.

    Kroenke will never put money into the club. That is a fact. We can cry, whine and shout like children having a tantrum at the shops over chocolate but it will never happen. We can be mature and accept it and try to bring some support to those actually trying to make changes for the better.

    Is our league position the one we want? No. Absolutely not. Has it been a crazy season with all the VAR decisions going against us and all the one off mistakes? Yes. We surely can’t blame Arteta for trying to make a team, that he didn’t build himself, into top four contenders.

    Also, I understand that some of you don’t see the sense in not playing Martinelli but if you think about it it’s better to ease him back in. Gabi had a lengthy time on the sidelines and we don’t want him to be rushed back in and get injured again. Same thing happened with Partey being rushed back and he kept getting injured. Arteta knows why he makes the decisions he makes better than anyone else. We’re not the ones in the managers position. We’ve got to back the club and the manager and not cry for Arteta Out or whatever every time something goes wrong.

    Arteta apologized on behalf of the players. The players lost 3-0 on that pitch because they just couldn’t find the guts to fight. Same thing happened with our abysmal end to Emery’s first season. It’s not a manager problem or a owner problem, it’s simply a mentality problem.

    Arteta said no excuses. No excuses it is. We stop crying and we start backing Arteta for trying to get the worst Arsenal team in decades back to former glory.

    Also this is my first article and for those wondering who I am, I’m an Arsenal fan just like you. Distraught at what my club has come to but hopeful that an Arsenal man and Captain can bring us back.


    1. Well written first article Leke, and a very brave topic to choose for your baptism, because as you know we are a tough audience to please.
      I may not agree with all of your opinions but you have a very interesting perspective on Kroenke and the importance of Garlick.
      Keep up the fine work.

      1. Thank you very much Guy!

        I admire the manner of your approach towards the comments section.

        I want what’s best for this club and considering the resources we have at our disposal it’s going to be difficult.

        Smart management and a positive outlook will surely help us get to where we want to be!

    2. “Kroenke will never put money into the club. That is a fact.”

      -Can you give me facts of the top spending clubs in the EPL since Stan took over Arsenal to see if we really don’t spend?

      “Is our league position the one we want? No. Absolutely not. Has it been a crazy season with all the VAR decisions going against us and all the one off mistakes? Yes.”

      -If we go by this logic the only reason any manager of any team to be replaced will be when they are dead.

      “We surely can’t blame Arteta for trying to make a team, that he didn’t build himself, into top four contenders.”

      -Yes we can and that point is total BS excuse the language. He has brought in 7 players of his choice that is 63% of the first 11. Furthermore he has decided all players he don’t want to be removed from the team (the infamous deadwoods) and they have been removed. Why do you say then he didn’t build the team. Total BS on this point and I apologize for the language but there is no other word fitting.

      “Arteta knows why he makes the decisions he makes better than anyone else.”

      -Yes he does but that does not mean they are good decisions. Based on results they are not good decisions.

      “We’ve got to back the club and the manager and not cry for Arteta Out or whatever every time something goes wrong.”

      -The whole season has gone wrong. He has to give us reason to back him and not blindly passing him nails to nail our coffin.

      “Arteta apologized on behalf of the players. The players lost 3-0 on that pitch because they just couldn’t find the guts to fight. Same thing happened with our abysmal end to Emery’s first season. It’s not a manager problem or a owner problem, it’s simply a mentality problem.”

      -How many points have we been awarded by his apologies? Will we get a special entry to the champions league because Arteta apologized? Why have a manager at all if he is not responsible for the great Arsenal finishing 10th?

      “Arteta said no excuses. No excuses it is. We stop crying and we start backing Arteta for trying to get the worst Arsenal team in decades back to former glory”

      -We don’t want words we want results on the pitch. He is doing the exact ​opposite of taking us to former glory.

      Well done for your first article and may you keep them on coming!

      1. Thank you Highbury Hero.

        I hope more of my articles get published on JustArsenal. The engagement from fellow fans is very interesting and I enjoy reading all the comments. If my next article gets published you will see what I believe Arteta is trying to do during this transition season. 😉

        1. Leke, Your next article will be published! I can hardly wait for it to appear, as a really intelligent writer is a boon to this site We have some bright writers but not all. Nowhere near all!


          1. Thank you Jon Fox!

            If it does get published it will show some facts about our team and what we’ve been doing this season. I hope you enjoy it!

    3. I dont believe this is the worst arsenal team in decades, Wenger had far less to work with and made the top 4 always except for the last year. This team is better than 9th place and give any top manager this team and they would be miles and points way ahead. Believe what we want but arteta is a novice plying his trade against the big boys. I always want him to succeed, because if he succeeds then arsenal succeeds which is what I want, but by the looks of things he is far away from achieving that. Arteta have so much defenders yet he cant settle on his best backline. Arteta have so much midfielders yet he cant finds the right system to compliment them. Arteta have good enough forwards yet he does not have the balls to drop aubameyang for more than one game. He should have been on the bench for the west ham game. so who want to big up arteta can, not me,not until he comes good and not sporadically.

  10. Of all the single words written in response to this article, the following few stood out to me me immediately ;

    “whether (the) team is still responding to Arteta (a big reason for Emery’s demise)”

    And the common denominator for both managers was/is ?????

    P.S @jonfox

    I think you know my level of agreement with you re’ Kroenke ;


    1. AJ, I shall, from now on, always think of Kroenke as NERO!(even though historically inaccurate, according to scholars!) Such an apt name for him!

  11. Have always wanted to ask this question and I will be happy if someone with a very good knowledge on how transfer works can answer the question. The question is, have always read some fans say the owner is stingy and not spending, so I want to ask, (1)”How much should do owner spend before he can be considered as a generous owner. (2) I want to ask, is there any owner in the premier league that spend his own personal money on players transfer. And considering the fact that we have been playing Europa football for more than 3 seasons now and we still spend more than 200million in the last 3 seasons, is that not good enough?

    1. Lenohappy, It is not merely being stingy that is his problem, BUT that he is out of touch, absent, never shows his face, doesn’t even like “soccer” and is in so many other ways totally the wrong sort of owner any ambitious club needs.

      He is massively regressing our chances each year he stays as owner. Think deeper than simply money is my suggestion to you. Aproper owner would have sacked GAZIDIS YEARS EARLIER, SAVING AN ENORMOUS AMOUNT OF DAMAGE, WHICH IS STILL HURTING US NOW. Consider that!

    2. Net spend he hasn’t spent 200million
      And if your business is failing I would expect more in January then slashing the wage bill and 2 loan signings
      Man United for example the previous Jan got Fernandes

      1. Hi Dan
        Don’t you think it is shameful on our owner that he shells out that much money but hasn’t got much in return? Someone sanctioned Pepe @ £70m and he was employed by Kroenke where the buck stops for me

  12. The author has every right to state his opinion. From what I read it is based on hope and emotional conjecture, and purposely avoided any and everything quantifiable.

    Never let facts get in the way of a good story, and this one went out of the way doing just that; avoiding facts.

    I much prefer the real world to day dreaming and fantasy.

    The entire premise is blind faith, burying your head in the sand and hope for the best.

    He believes Arteta is still right choice because he doesn’t want to admit to being wrong.

    Results worse than previous year AGAIN. It got Wenger fired, it got Wenger fired, what will Arteta get?

    I’ll credit Arteta with one change;

    The death of attacking football. He eviscerated freedom and creativity and replaced it with a negative depressing football.

    Under Arteta change our emblem to a turtle not a cannon. Hide in our shell and occasionally appear to counter attack.

    1. Cmon Durand, that’s a really jaundiced view of a game you’re supposed to love. For us fans football is all about emotion, faith, hope and opinions. If you want us to do away all of that and talk only about stats all day you will be dooming us to really boring forums.
      Please think a little next time. I am sure I’m not the only I found your choice of words particularly spiteful towards a first time writer and fellow fan.

      1. Didn’t think my comment was spiteful, or it was not intended to be.

        Arteta was granted all the power he wanted.

        1. He got rid of deadwood he never played.
        2.was he not tasked with developing the youth? Remember his speeches when he joined? Presently, Saliba, Willock, Mavroporas, and Guendouzi off on loan for others to develop.

        2 midfielders he sent off, brought 2 in on loan, so we can pay their wages and develop for Real Madrid. That’s Wiley E. Coyote genius type stuff there.

        Guendouzi has maturity issues granted, how about Ceballos bust ups and fights? Guendouzi can’t be worse, and would not have cost any funds.

        What happened to “second chances” he talked about? Aside from Willian’s endless ones that is.

        Start ESR and let Willock be backup, not like we’re challenging for top 4.

        Instead, start Odegaard, develop for Real Madrid, increase his value, & either we can’t sign him or pay twice the price in the Summer.

        Lastly Arteta admitted he made mistake not playing Saliba in Europa group stages.

        So he benches him until transfer window, loans him to Nice where he goes on to be one of their top players.

        But hey, Arteta said he “wasn’t ready,” except he clearly is ready if performances count, that is.

        I’m critical of Arteta because he’s gotten so much wrong along the way.

        Yet another apology from him, but he’ll change nothing like every previous time he apologized.

        More negative defensive football is all he has offered. 10 men behind the ball against a ragged Liverpool, we defended our final third all game and he expects what exactly?

        Player enthusiasm? Blind support from fans? More funds from owner?

        I want to believe, but as manager and leader show us something.

        10th place, dreary football, and apologies are not it.

        Especially when his 2 predecessors accomplished more with less.

        Less talent, less funds, and less patience than what Arteta is receiving.

        1. Hey Durand,

          If my next article gets published you will surely get an insight into what Arteta wants from this transition season! Have a good one!

          1. Leke
            Thank you for the reply, top class of you to post your opinion as an article.

            I look forward to your article and any stated goals from Arteta to determine his time as progression or regression.

  13. Point 2 is nonsense. If Arteta’s season started after the winter break then that makes things even worse. It means he won the cup with another managers players. Spent 100m and made the tram and results worse. Well bloody done!

  14. Believe what you will ;

    ” Stan Kroenke has taken a considerable amount of money from the club. Since joining the board of directors in 2008, he gets paid £25,000 per year in the form of flat directors’ emoluments for each full season worked. (Except he got 17,000 in his first season since he joined late). In December 2013, his son Josh Kroenke also joined the board of directors and has been taking 25,000 for himself for each full season worked. Stan Kroenke even pockets the money for rendering “Strategic and Advisory Services”, getting £3million for the rendering of these services, credited to KSE n 2013/14. It was given again in the following year except for this time it was shown as outstanding payment. It stopped in 201515/16 and has not been shown ever since.

    Ever since the 100% Privatisation of Arsenal Football Club took place in 2018, all transparency has been forgone. There are no Annual Glossary reports and any transactions between the Kroenke’s and Arsenal FC are harder than ever to trace. For example, the Directors’ salary paid to them that was clearly mentioned up until 2016/17 was not clearly shown after the takeover “.

    Worth repeating;

    ” Ever since the 100% Privatisation of Arsenal Football Club took place in 2018, all transparency has been forgone”.

    Strange that !!

    1. AJ, What a necessary post for those who are blissfully unaware or simply do not care about how corrupt the Kroenkes are. Not “strange” though but expected, given the nature of the beast, I’d suggest!

      1. I don’t get this, how is it corrupt for a person to take money from his own business?

          1. AJ, as I have stated a number of time Kroenke Sports & Entertainment own Arsenal FC assets and liabilities 100% to do with as they please, within the rules of the FA and the laws of the UK.
            Personally, I can’t lay my hands on a spare £2 billion; do you know anyone who can?

    2. 25k per annum in British pounds doesn’t seem like much considering the broadcasting and brand value revenur involved in this sport (even for a seemingly/visibly declining club like ours)…so I fail to see your point sadly

      1. Hi SK.

        Agreed, 25k to silent Stan lives in his back pocket as spare change.

        I was replying to the point he takes NO money from the club – regardless of the amount ( and by the way the 6M already trousered for the most ludicrous of reasons is certainly not to be sniffed at).

        1. In reply to Ozziegunner.

          Alisher Usmanov and Aliko Dangote immediately come to mind.

          Both of whom I suspect would show far more ambition and pride in the “business” (yuk) they would be presiding over i.e. to them this would actually MEAN Arsenal Football Club not simply some limey soccer team.

          I suspect Usmanov will soon lump in with the other member of Red & White holdings we showed the door to
          (now at Everton) preferring instead Mr Kroenke – oh dear !

          1. AJ, I hope you are fight about Usmanov; however his investment in Everton FC is now considerable.

  15. In reply to John Fox

    Another deluded Arteta’s fan, even if you say it one million times, does not mean we are progressing. ARTETA IS A ROOKIE COACH WHO NEEDS ELEVEN WORLD STARS TO PLAY HIS TACTICS.
    And he could not even recognise the talent of Martinez. LOL.

    1. Reply to ozziegunner.

      Yep, the Usmanov yacht has already sailed.

      Speaking to an Everton fan who lives in our street, all systems go.

      New stadium approved – then for the team.

      Largely funded by (and here’s the irony) RED & WHITE holdings.

      Yes, RED & WHITE holdings “forced” out to spend their money on ………………Everton !!!!!!!!

      One ex’ of ours already lashing out up there, with Usmanov to join him after years of attempting to become a “voice” at our place .

      But apparently “We didn’t want the likes of him” having a controlling interest at our place !!!!!!!!

      By the way.

      Has anyone heard even a peep from “BE VERY EXCITED” Josh lately ???

  16. Tell edu to give Brighton willovk and add money for bissouma, give Pepe to Aston Villa for grealish and add so.e money, give Maitland to palace and add mo ey for zaha, sell lacazette and buy Calvert lewin and get aguero on a one year deal, buy maxi Aron’s and sell bellerin, buy Ricardo Rodriguez and sell kolasinac and guenduzi. Buy odegard and give balogun anew contract…send nketiah on loan to Villa and buy back Martinez. It’s possible if we are ambitious

  17. Leke, the “crisis” that Arteta supposedly inherited from Emery with Arsenal having lost 3 games in 8 and sitting in 8th place, only eventuated, because the Arsenal Board removed a manager of 18 years standing with no succession plan in place. If that was a “crisis” what are Arsenal in now, having lost 11 games and sitting in 9th place, with the season yet to end. Terry Neil was sacked for losing 11 games in a whole season.
    How long did KS&E and the Arsenal Board have to plan for the departure of Arsene Wenger? He wasn’t going to be there forever. It wasn’t the same situation as replacing Herbert Chapman, who died suddenly of pneumonia at age 55.

    1. Interesting point ozziegunner
      Maybe Kroenke & co buried their heads in the sand or possible candidates didn’t like the look of the long term plan.

    2. not to mention they had the post-Fergie blueprint, so they knew some of the potential pitfalls that come with just such a transition

    3. Durand, excellent response to guy, who’s posts I also read and admire.

      I have always admired those who take time to write an article on JA – whatever Arsenal subject it concerns, so well done Leke.

      Of course, during my five odd years participating on this site, I have never seen any one article that has received 100% approval.

      We are all passionate Gooners though and I, personally, love debating with the JA faithfull.

      Having said all that, I have to agree 100% with Durand…. but how I wish he was wrong…. and I’m certain he feels the same!!!

      Let’s hope we see more promised articles.

      ozziegunner, I was told by a certain poster from Utah that The Arsenal had been planning for years to replace AW and had put in place a contingency plan to counteract the negative reaction – when asked why the club then offered him a further contract, the line went dead.
      Sometimes one scratches ones head in disbelief.
      It happened again when UE left and yet our noisy neighbours sacked and appointed in less than 48 hours!!

      1. Ken my friend,
        I’m not being unfair or overly harsh on Arteta, merely pointing out a clear double standard he benefits from.

        Always felt a rebuild at a club like Arsenal was far too big a task and responsibility for Arteta; who never managed a single game nor built anything remotely close to what is expected.

        Unfortunately he has shown precious little; negative tactics I wouldn’t say resembles any style.

        Philosophy? I’ve never heard him say, only generalize about “mentality” and “culture,” but never specifics.

        Nearly 18 months, and on pace to finish worse than previous year, or any under Emery or 22 years under Wenger.

        Sorry but you can’t polish a turd; a vulgar summation I fear, but accurate regarding our performances on the pitch.

        At what point does it become unacceptable for the club’s decision makers?

        We should sack the sackers, like in the famous Monty Python skit.

    4. Did the board remove Arsene Wenger or did we the fans remove Arsene Wenger?

      The board have failed us consistently, I am not denying that. That would be ridiculous to state.

      For the Kroenke point, I am only stating that we should look at it in a positive light and not as doom and gloom. It’s not doing the club, the fanbase, or the players any good by always attempting to banish people from the club.

      1. Leke, as much as some fans believe they hold the power at clubs, they do not.
        As an example, I give you the Wimbledon debacle, where, despite the fans boycotts and actions, their efforts failed to stop the club moving to Milton Keynes.

        I would also ask, why you think that “we the fans” means 100%….please don’t become one of the posters who uses the “vast majority” card to try and emphasise your point… was you one of the nearly 60,000 fans who celebrated him, along with the club, at his final game?

        1. We kept telling him to leave. It was even reported in the news. How do you think Wenger felt seeing that? He must of thought I’ve got to go, they don’t want me here anymore.

          So I don’t think it’s wrong to say we the fans because yes it was we the fans.

          I see Wenger as a personal role model but we needed a change. The removal of Wenger was the beginning of the changes that still haven’t come into fruition at the club.

          Garlick coming in and Arteta staying will provide some stability. Let’s give it till December and then see.

          1. Leke, my point is, that no matter the reason for his departure, at Wenger’s age and the length of his tenure, he was going yo leave sometime. Thankfully, it wasn’t in a box like Herbert Chapman. Where was the succession plan by a “competent” Board as I and ken have asked? As SueP postulated, high profile managers would not take the job on under the conditions and financial constraints imposed by the Board. Emery did and was not supported against player power, when he tried to instill discipline and sacrificed by the Board. Arteta took the job, because he couldn’t believe his luck to be offered it as a first appointment. His winning the FA Cup, being an ex player and a better communicator in English, have resulted in him receiving more support from the Board, but obviously no better effort long term from the players.
            The results and League position are “going south”; however like you I believe the Board will be reticent to change managers again mid season, unless Arteta continues to slide.

          2. Leke, we a conservative figure of 100,000 people waiting for season tickets.
            I personally know someone who has been on the red waiting list since the Emirates opened and will pay anything just to see a game.
            Kronkie knows this and he also knows that those currently with season tickets will not give them up for any reason.
            Look back in our history and you will see that we have had worse times than this, but the club and it’s supporters ( not fans) stayed together through thick and thin.
            Your vision of fan power is true, but only up to a point – the REAL power is with a multi millionaire in a far off distant country.

  18. Even if you are sticking by Arteta, to say he holds no responsibility for the results this season is just insulting to anybody’s intelligence.

    1. Hey RSH.

      I am only stating that we can’t expect Arteta to make miracles happen. It’s a process. If next season come December we’re in the same state as we are now it’s also Arteta’s fault. I think he’s deserved till then at least to get us back on our feet. He did win the FA Cup after all.

  19. But it hasn’t been only one game
    That’s was our 6th home defeat
    You realise that never happened under Wenger ?
    So how can we on right path ?

      1. Ken, some people won’t accept that Kroenke (KS&E) owns Arsenal FC, lock, stock and barrel to do with as they please within the rules of the FA and the laws of the UK. If they can get planning permission, they can even redevelope the Emirates for flats.

        1. Absolutely correct ozziegunner and that is the bottom line.
          No amount of fan protest can stop him doing what he wants and THAT is the most frightening fact… as the Wimbledon story bears testimony too.

      2. Because I think some figures are misleading
        As in some will say 70 million for Pepe , I will say only reason we got him is Lillie have accepted a generous repayment plan of like 15 million a season
        He’s net sends say 50-70 a season which is not allot
        Let’s look this season
        Buys Gabiriel 23 million but gets 18 million for Martinez and 3 million for that youngster we sold to Leeds
        Willians wage covered by mykataryans release
        Ceballos wage covered by Guendozi and Toerreria loan
        Runnarson 2 million – covered by 55 redundancies
        Forgot their names but we get a 4-5 million for players who we sold and get percentage of resell – pays for Mari
        So a billionaires response to our worst Leauge position in 25 years is 45 million for Partey
        We get to Xmas ….worse start in decades
        His response …….2_loan signings
        As I wrote at time , with all the releases and loans he reduced his wage bill by approx 15 million ( which goes to Lillie )
        Oh then he takes out a 150 million loan lol
        This summer I bet our net spend will come to 50-70 while the likes of the Manchester clubs buy Kane and Halland
        If we go back further since he had main control , he got about 50 million for Fabregas / nasri and brought ?
        Who replaced Vanpersie ?
        We buy lacca then sell the ox
        Walcott , giroud and coquelin paid for Aubameyang
        So no compared to our rivals he has zero ambition

        1. Dan, after all that, which is probably about right, he has still spent over £300,000,000 since gazidis took the reins over from AW…. and I’m going not sure why you have put the last sentence in for comparison?
          Pepe is a red herring, because we have to pay the reported £72,000,000 eventually do we not?
          How much have the teams above us spent since January 2018 and how do their wage bills compare to us in the same period?

          I’m not defending kronkie and your correct in that he has no ambition – but AW, gazidis, Edu and MA have all spent the money he sanctioned – don’t forget it’s his money – poorly to say the least.
          Can’t wait for him to leave the club, but he knows exactly what he has got… a fail proof investment in Arsenal FC.

  20. Appears as if there was no fundamental succession plan in place even though they had just witnessed what had transpired in Manchester following Fergie’s departure

  21. Yes, very surprising. Reminds me of the old Isn Drury song,” Reasons to be cheerful, parts 1,2, and 3″. That was tongue in cheek,so I’d like to have some of what you’ve been smoking. I liked what Arseblog wrote yesterday. After 12 defeats we should be used to losing, however it’s the cowardly way the manager has set up the team to fail safe,which particularly galls.

  22. Mate, you did not think this through.
    Read the comments below your article and agree, too early to judge, if we manage to win Europa league the season looks great if not then it is as it is right now:
    Mid table at the moment and lost at least 12 games this year-12 games!

    We’ve got a huge wage bill and a squad full of players on high wages no one would take off us at the moment (or at least those guys are not worth what we paid for them)

    We’ve got a disinterested owner and ever changing directors walking through the club

    Best performers are the kids 18 and 19 years of age because they want it more than their more experienced (and better paid) senior colleagues

    If they win Europa League then we might be in position to attract better players and sell Champions League football to them but otherwise we are mid table side (and we look it too) with all the above.

    Let’s wait until the end of the season.

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