Three talking points from Arsenal’s destruction of Newcastle

A few observations from the Newcastle game by Lagos Gooner

This is surely a good time to be an Arsenal fan and I am so glad. A lot of Arsenal fans have been waiting for this type of game for a long time; the type of game where we would score goals like goals were becoming extinct. Beating Newcastle by four sweet goals is something to shout in excitement about. While the game against Newcastle was going on, I had a friendly bet with my friend on how many goals we would score! I won the bet because I boasted that we would flog Newcastle silly, and we did just that!

Meanwhile, after watching the game again this morning, I made some few observations…Please read on.

Ozil played better when he had another playmaker by his side: I may be wrong here, but I noticed that Mesut Ozil played his best game in an Arsenal shirt this season, yesterday. With Dani Ceballos starting the game alongside Ozil in the Midfield, the creative workload was evenly shared between Ceballos and Ozil, thereby lifting a little bit of the creative pressure off the former German international player. I saw Ozil drifting more to the left side of the midfield, from where he was able to get into goal scoring positions. Ozil is getting old, football-wise, and I strongly suggest that Arteta plays Ozil in the midfield with an extra but talented playmaker, to get the best from him.

Lacazette surely needed a rest: When Nketiah started the game at the expense of the French striker I am quite sure not a few people were surprised. Many felt Lacazette should have started so that he can continue building his confidence, while searching for his first game in a long time. Others on the other hand, felt Martinelli should have been allowed to start instead of Nketiah. While I won’t want to deny people of their opinion, I would like to say that the experience of making use of Eddie, worked. Yes, he missed a golden scoring opportunity and he was nowhere to be found in some cases, but then he led the attack well in my opinion. With more playing time, he will learn to be calmer in front of the post. When Lacazette was brought in towards the end of the game, he came in with this passion I have not seen in him this season so far. He came in like somebody ready to prove a point, and he did. He recorded an assist and a goal. Lacazette may have broken his goal scoring voodoo against Newcastle, but I still believe he should sit out more games this season.

Saka played himself into a new contract: I don’t know if the stories I heard last week about Arsenal offering Saka a new contract is true, but if it is not true, then the club should quickly arrange a new contract package that will keep this young bundle of talent at Arsenal. He contributed a lot to the attack like he has been and he should be rewarded with a contract that will pay him well; at least better that the three thousand pounds he is rumored to be earning at the moment.

We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. Shakir says:

    Another talking point is nicolas pepe.
    His game has changed.Rather than being direct he was working as a team player and boy that worked.He didnt lose possession like he did in other games because of his offensive change.Ozil and ceballos were constantly feeding him and he was able to do his “thing”.

    And his defensive game,OMG.He tracked back like a cheetah chasing a prey.I think he made the most recoveries.His pressing was good.He was making good runs.

    He got 2 assists and a goal and i will say that is well deserved.

    NICOLAS PEPE,the chapter continues…❤


    1. Mobella says:

      Shakir please which Pepe are you talking about. is it the same Pepe who contributed nothing offensively against NC ( with a goal and two assists ) you talking about or another Pepe ( Pape Gueye ) the one will get linked with or former RM defender.😂😂😂😂

  2. gunnerforlife says:

    Ozil definitely played well with Ceballos behind him and this is the formation MA should stick to in important games. Also Pepe really showed what he is capable of and Saka was brilliant as usual. Arsenal FC should reward him with a new contract asap.

  3. Rux says:

    Absolutely, Arsenal is in talks to renew Saka’s contract, considering Man u, Liverpool, Bayern Munich etc. Are the teams after him.
    Arsenal should work as faster as possible

  4. Neo Malefane says:

    It was a good result but I won’t get carried away. I want to see a good result against Everton on Sunday since they are once place above us. But honestly top 4 is not out of reach, we just need to get on a good run. Also we need to start well from kick-off, not after half-time. Otherwise a good second half performance and good result.

  5. John Andrews says:

    it was a really good game yesterday.Actually the first where I think we had a game plan against teams sitting back to defend against us. Everyone worked hard both offensively and defensively, auba made the first crucial defensive clearance in the earlier minutes of the game. Pepe was also helping bellerin who was finding it difficult to cope with Maxim and. Now the master class was the midfield base. There wasn’t the usual excess diagonal passes, one Chaka gets the ball,he gives to ceballos who will all look for the forward pass to the wings. That was helped with the fact that we had 4 wingers on the field. Auba and Pepe didn’t remain wide, they were always going to the center pulling the NC full backs with them hereby given massive spaces for Wide fullbacks to exploit. I do hope it wasn’t fluke though. I hope arteta just found his master game plan, oh coughing.

  6. John Andrews says:

    Oh coyg

  7. Gizzle says:

    I am not impressed with our management at all.
    MArtinelli , Saka have been standout players for us this season and the idea that they are just looking into Sakas contract is silly . I dont think LIverpool took time to work on Arnolds contracvt when he broke into the first team ,did they .
    In other news i cant wait to see the match againt Everton

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