Three things Arsenal (and the fans) must focus on to stay in title race

Arsenal fans endured a terrible weekend as the team lost 2-0 at the Emirates against Villa. The result is a major setback for our Gunners’ title chances, as they remain second with 71 points, two points behind defending champions Manchester City.

Arsenal critics argue that the league is now essentially dead. However, with six games remaining, Arsenal still has a chance to claw back their lead and hopefully win the title.

However, for that to happen, they should hope that Manchester City drops points and starts performing better in a few areas, such as:

Improve the home form.

This season, Arsenal’s home form has not been up to par for a side looking to dethrone Manchester City as champions. They’ve already dropped ten points at home this season, with two losses and two draws at the Emirates Stadium.

The Gunners drew 2-2 with Fulham and Tottenham Hotspur despite leading in both games, and they failed to score in losses to West Ham and Aston Villa.

Three of Arsenal’s last six games are at home, and they need to take maximum points to have any hope of catching up with Manchester City.

Being clinical

Despite scoring the second-most goals in the Premier League, behind Manchester City, Arsenal’s brutal attack has plainly been ineffective in certain games. The Gunners produced numerous chances against Villa but failed to capitalise on any of them.

Their lack of a clinical striker has held them back. After the mid-season break, they appeared to have rediscovered their stride in front of goal, and were on fire. However, they found themselves exposed on Sunday night.

We are at a point in the season where every goal counts, and the Gunners need to start converting their chances into goals more frequently.

Support During Difficult Times

The aforementioned tweet should leave us Gooners disappointed. When the team wins, the fans are very happy, but they did not support them against Villa, leaving the stadium as soon as the team conceded.

Mikel Arteta repeatedly says in news conferences that the supporters are the club’s soul and that they are essential for this difficult journey.

Arsenal can still win the league, but we need a faultless performance from them in the next few weeks to have a chance.

Sam P

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  1. Again it’s how you lose
    If we had been given it our all., fans don’t walk out early
    In reality that Villa goal had been coming all half

  2. The 1st half had its moments, with Havertz making some excellent runs and being found each time, but a lack on conviction in his finishing cost us. That said, at least he was in a position to score. Not once was Jesus anywhere close to looking like he would score. He is an excellent winger but he’s no striker.

    I am not happy to see the fans leaving early. However, I’m not one to judge as I am very much an arm chair supporter, I did watch the entire game though.

    As Dan stated, the Villa goal was coming and whilst a 4-0 victory would have flattered them, it was absolutely possible given the chances they had, striking the post twice! That is a real concern. Giving up chances is one thing, but chances of that quality will sure as hell make sure you don’t win the league.

    1. Ben – I don’t think Jesus is excellent winger either – he is just average. I would say he is more of a disruptor who like to cause chaos with his pressing and twisting and turning but no more. He can not bench Saka or Martenelli.

  3. Nothing but Mikel doing away with too much of his emotional rollercoster, starting from Saturday at Wolverhampton. Winning all games left to clinch the title before taking on his former beloved club in Everton on the last day. it’s all up to one person, Mikel Arteta!

  4. i think my main frustration/disappointment from losing to Villa was the un-necessary change in formation and system

    Jesus as Centre Forward
    Havertz dropped back to Attacking Midfield
    Rice dropping back to Defensive Midfield

    our system has been working brilliantly until then so why change it

    it was not just in attack we were less effective, but also defence where Jesus is not as good a high-press partner for Odegaard as Havertz

    and behind them Rice is better paired with Jorginho

    the other thing was Zinc at Left Back Inverted, instead of White playing the Inverted and Tomy/Kiwior defending the left

    it all felt an un-necessary risk to take for no obvious benefit

    so in answer to headline = yes let’s get back to our winning formula and save experimentation for pre-season

  5. Stop with this stupid “must” talk. It’s so childish. Grow up. Football is for kids. This is not important, aitleast it shouldn’t be. For grown up people it isn’t. When this succesfull Arsenal team lose a game. it’s like the whole world is fallen apart. For those who “hate” Arsenal it’s like heaven. All nevilles, rios and keanes are happy, and let then be happy, if happiness doesn’t cost more than that. Personally I’m glad that Arsenal is back in the top of the league. If they win or become second or third, who cares? But they are back where they belong, among the teames that are fighting for the title. Maybe Gunners don’t win this time either, then they will come back next season and try again. It’s just fine. Two or three top signings in the summer and it can be true.
    One thing they “must” do – is to get a first class striking forward, otherwise Arteta’s team will lose again, and again. Get Viktor Gyökeres – and win!

  6. It’s tinkering by the manager when it is unnecessary. Arteta prefers Jesus as striker, Havertz in midfield, and Zinchenko at LB; it was our setup when all were healthy.

    However, we stumbled across a better setup when injuries forced a change.

    Havertz as striker, Jorginho in midfield, and Kiwior at LB. Scoring more goals, clean sheets, dominating games.

    Why change what was clearly a more productive setup?

    We looked so unbalanced against Villa. Zinchenko not in sync with other defenders, midfield had gaps in their line, and Jesus yet another toothless performance.

    Like City we need to move past Jesus and Zinchenko. We need a striker that is a goal threat and a defender who can actually defend.

    Hopefully Arteta returns to the effective setup and stops forcing an ineffective and toothless line with Jesus as striker, Havertz as an 8, and Zinchenko as LB. Play one’s who deliver, not favorites.

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