Three things Arsenal must do to beat Sheff Utd

Arsenal must get the basics right to defeat the Blades

Sheff Utd will not be walkovers, anyone that saw their loss to Liverpool will know that. Anyone that saw their draw at Chelsea will know that and same for anyone that saw them win at Everton.

It would also be a mistake to think that they will sit eleven men behind the ball. They do not.

Sheff Utd does defend deep, they have to but they break quickly and are very organised. They are not an easy team to break down.

If Arsenal is to beat Shefield then they need to do what Liverpool did and not Everton. The Toffees absolutely dominated, yet lost and the reason was simple, they never took their chances and were impatient.

Three things Arsenal must do to beat Sheffield United.

Show patience

Arsenal cannot become frustrated, they must show patience, goals may not come too easy. It will take time to break Chris Wilders men down. Arsenal must not panic and if they keep their heads they will find the breakthrough.

Be very alert to counter-attacks

If Arsenal dominates possession, which they should do, then the only real outlet for United will be the counter-attack. Arsenal must be alert to this, they cannot push too many men forward in search of a goal.

Be Clinical

Liverpool dominated possession against Sheff Utd but only got three shots on target. They will not give Arsenal too many openings and when they do they must be taken. If Arsenal is not clinical they could easily end the game without a goal.


  1. Sheffield utd is a strong opponent but this Liverpool obsession is too much they also lost to Leicester and Southampton all at their ground.

    1. No! They ain’t strong opposition. They did a defensive job on Liverpool which is responsible for that respectable score line. Talking our next against them, people are hopeless because we don’t know what the coach will come up with. Any day and anytime understand normal circumstances arsenal should be wiping the floor with Sheffield.

      1. Sheffield may not be a big name in football but judging from their results they are a strong opponent their league position also shows they are no push-overs

  2. Simply use a more cautious version of 4-2-3-1, because the Gunners are more accustomed to that formation. And bench the underperformers such as Pepe, because this is an away game in EPL:

    ……………… Leno
    Chambers . Holding . Luiz . Tierney
    …….. Guendouzi ……… Willock
    Nelson ………. Ceballos …….. Saka
    …………….. Aubameyang

      1. Just like Wenger and Xhaka’s (ex)managers, Emery needs a lamp post or a lighthouse in the deep midfield area to:

        – Supervise and command the other Gunners in front of him, as Emery’s representative in the field

        – Re-organize the formation when it breaks

        But I think Arsenal need a specialist DM like Fernandinho, Busquets, Casemiro or Fabinho, instead of having a deep-lying playmaker like Xhaka, Pirlo or Jorginho

  3. In my view The Gunners shall win but lately and two goals to nil Auba and one of the young gunners on the score sheet.

  4. Fernandinho,Busquets and Fabinho are not just pure defensive midfielders…. They are also very good at moving the ball forward from deep areas….I doubt if torreira can do that…Xhaka can do that but he is one footed, very less mobile and has a poor defensive reading of the game…..A pure defensive midfielder is of no use to a team who plays possession orientated football….but can be useful in certain situations like when playing against big teams in away matches when not dominating possession…

    1. possession oriented you say! that was Wenger, I really don’t know our style our identity do we even have one

      1. Hmmn why are arsenal fans so negative. Arsenal fans are so unreasonable maybe its because they have been spoilt in the past, and they don’t see the simple things yet they claim to know it all

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