Three things Arsenal must do to beat West Ham today

Three things that must be done if Arsenal are to beat West Ham today by Lagos Gooner

Hello Gooners all over the world. Today is another match day and we are playing West Ham. The Hammers, as they are called, are not going to be easy opponents. They are tall and well coordinated at the back. However, they are very beatable; all that is needed is for us to play to our strengths.

What do we really need to do to beat West Ham today? May I suggest these three things..

We need to attack from the first blast of the whistle: once the referee blows his whistle, our boys should start bombarding the Hammers with attack upon attack. The Hammers should not be allowed to rest. Our boys need to make them sweat from the kick off. If we are to start with Martinelli, Aubameyang and Pepe, I am so sure we will score the goals to beat West Ham today and run their defenders ragged. Attacking West Ham will surely give us the victory. No team wins when all it does is sit back and defend; so we need to attack.

Stop them from outpacing us: The Hammers have some pacy players who can cause us havoc if we don’t stop them. They may sit back and absorb our attacks and launch a counter attack against us once they get the ball. We need whoever plays from the wing back positions and those playing from the wings in the attack, to not allow the Hammers to run with the ball because we may not be able to catch up with them when they do. In order to help us achieve this, we need to make sure we don’t lose possession in sensitive areas and even if we do, we should do everything it takes to win back the ball back. We can do this, let us do it.

Keep our focus: I have been hammering on about this for a while now. I have noticed that our boys find it difficult keeping their focus till the end of a game. We have found ourselves a goal or two up in several games, only for us to switch off and concede back to back goals that may cost us all the points at stake. We can’t do this if we are to beat West Ham today. We seriously need our defenders and midfielders to be on the alert at all times. After scoring a goal, we should limit our celebrations In order to keep our focus. We can celebrate as much as we want after the match but while the match is going on, we need to not get distracted.

We are Arsenal and we are proud

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. Drop Luiz, Ozil, and Xhaka, that’s three! Drop Laca, and Bellerin also. So five things we must do.

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