Three top-six sides including Liverpool eye £21.5M Arsenal raid

Manchester City, Tottenham and Liverpool are claimed to be eyeing Arsenal midfielder Granit Xhaka.

The Swiss international has been strongly linked with a move to AS Roma since the end of the season, but his performances at Euro 2020 has attracted further interest in his signature.

Juventus were initially believed to have entered the race to sign the Gunners star, but PSG, Man City, Liverpool and Spurs are now believed to be considering their own offers, with the claim that he could leave for as little as £21.5 Million (25 Million Euros), as stated in TransferMarketWeb.

Xhaka hasn’t had an easy ride in North London, regularly coming in for strong pressure from their fans, so much so that he eventually erupted whilst being booed off the field as captain previously, and his reaction ultimately cost him the club captaincy under Unai Emery, before Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was eventually installed as the club’s permanent captain.

The midfielder does appear keen on an exit from the club this window however, despite his impressive spell at the European Championships, and I believe the fans will be more than happy to see him depart, even if he was to join a Premier League rival.

I’d go as far as to say that we wouldn’t even care if he joined Tottenham, although I’m not sure he would be willing to make such a jump.

There isn’t many players I would be happy to sell to Spurs, but Xhaka is one I could definitely live with. Am I alone in that?


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  1. Sell sell sell! Xhaka has his qualities but he isn’t the future for Arsenal. I read somewhere that Delan Rice iasked to be put on transfer list and refused a new contract. He would be a good replacement.

    1. Declan Rice still has 3 years left in his current contract with an option for a one year extension. Plus, he’s just 22, a full-fledged English international with the home-grown tag. As I’m typing, England are assured a place in the Euro semifinals. There is a good probability, Rice may end up with a Euro winners, or at least a runner-up, medal in a few days time.

      Do you think Arsenal have the cash reserve to bid for him?

      If you’re still wondering how much he might cost, just assume a value for our very-own ESR and multiply that with 3 or 4. If we wish to sign Rice, we must sell ESR along with half-a-dozen fringe players to meet their asking price.

  2. Please let it be true (i know it isn’t) because they can be handicapped with him like we are. PLEASE! 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

  3. Good, hopefully a bidding war will ensure that goes in our favor. Xhaka flourishes playing counter attacking football.

    Swiss tactics, Emeryball, and last year with the morose Artetaball where we played 11 men behind the ball.

    His lack of pace and slow thinking and action is exposed in attacking football.
    Whether playing fast paced or defending an open game his flaws are there for all to see.

    He’s perfect for Jose; slower paced league with a park the bus manager.

  4. I dont understand the hatred for xhaka, he is our best holding midfielder for the past two seasons. I will hate to see him,

    1. Because they dislike him and already have that biased attitude towards him, and according to them Xhaka will never be good no matter the amount of improvement there is to his game.
      Lol football fans, complain about him and his game, finally reached his peak and has been immense for the past two seasons and everyone tells sell him.
      Well it’s what we are known for, selling players in their peak and buying players still on the rise

      1. Eddie, berating a player for his performances is one thing; attacking and abusing that player’s family is completely uncalled for and disgusting behaviour. Xhaka was highly provoked and reacted poorly; however he still continued to turn up and play for the Club. If he is sold, preferably in a bidding war to approach what Arsenal paid, it is hoped the player bought is an upgrade.

  5. He is going to Roma, why all this noise.

    Just another stupid article looking for clicks

    (Just shows how stupid I am)

  6. What a hilarious though ludicrous thought to imagine ,even in a parallel universe, that astute managers like Guardiola or Klopp would want this immobile tortoise!

    How I’d love to see him end up at Spuds and ruin them too. But that too won’t be happening either, as even they are not that stupid!

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