Three Tottenham players Arsenal should target – not the obvious names

Last Saturday Liverpool set out to stifle the threat of Dani Ceballos and it worked perfectly and in doing so they eliminated much of the creative options for Arsenal.

Targeting specific players works and it does not always have to be the best players that the opposition fields.

Targeting Harry Kane would seem obvious but surely it would be better to target players that provide him with the service because you not only cut off Kane you also cut off Son, Moura etc.

Another reason for targeting a particular player is to give yourself dominance in a certain part of the field and that is definitely what Arsenal should be looking to do next Sunday against Tottenham.

Every team has weak spots and Spurs will be targeting specific Arsenal players I assure and do not assume they will be the big names, that is too obvious and the reason they are the best players is that they are used to being targeted.

It is the lesser-known more vulnerable players that if targeted correctly can pay dividends.

Harry Winks

The 23-year-old is a very negative player but he keeps the flow going in the Tottenham midfield, by targeting him it will give Arsenal superiority in the middle of the park, he is their weakest link in that area and controlling midfield is crucial.

Danny Rose

A poor defender but can be a danger if allowed to get down the flanks, he is a useless crosser of the ball but what he does do effectively is lay the ball off just outside the penalty area to the likes of Son, Eriksen, Moura or whoever is playing in that part of the field. He cannot be allowed to run down the wing with impunity because he brings far more dangerous Tottenham players into the game.

Davinson Sánchez

He will not be able to handle the pace of any of Arsenal’s forwards and he is an inferior defender to Toby Alderweireld, he gives fouls away as if he was a charity and if there is one central defender Arsenal need to run at it is Sanchez. By constantly playing the ball into the area he is defending Arsenal will get far more joy than if they tried to take on Alderweireld.


  1. And the three obvious ones for Spurs are: Xhaka, Luiz, and AMN. Four if Ozil plays.

    I pray Chambers comes back into the starting lineup for this one. He gets a clean sheet, with no dramas at the back. Then it’s 4 goals shipped in two games, and very shaky defending against Liverpool, and Burnley. I hope Emery finally unleashes PAL from the start.

    1. I would have loved that (PAL) on Saturday, TMJW… here’s hoping it’ll be on Sunday…better late than never, hey?! ?

    2. Don’t get your hopes up, some managers have a knack of going against the obvious. I still think one of the PALs will not start and Xhaka will keep his place. I hope am wrong though.

    3. You’re speaking as if Chambers is anything special.I even saw much more potential in Bielik than Chambers and Holding.
      The whole Arsenal defense is a target for any team in any match.

      1. I’m not saying Chambers is anything special, but in the context of our central defenders, he’s our second best CB after Holding. Out of our main 4 CB’s, Luiz is our worst.

        1. Debatable.Our CB’s are almost carbon copies of each other.They are error prone and Chambers is no different.It just takes a mistake from him and another tune will be sang

          1. It’s like watching watching paint dry with Emery at the helm ,how many games last season can you remember getting out your seat .
            Where’s the quick free flowing football we used to watch and love.
            Hopefully we can get Ozil back where he belongs and running games again .

          2. I agree with you except on the Ozil part l.He’s not been doing anything much for seasons.Expexting him to shine this season means you’ve not your lessons.Another up and down sea on incoming from him.

          3. How long will you continue to deceive yourself when it comes to ozil Dan, recently have found myself loving your comments but you have to really stop this ozil obsession, “Hopefully we can get Ozil back where he belongs and running games again ” you mean scoring 2 assists last season, the guy is finished Dan the soon you realize this the better for you my friend.

          4. Fanboy??? Even Xhaka and the like have them so it’s not a big deal for a WC player on his day like Ozil

        2. With you on Chambers as as second best after Holding. Surely it is patently obvious why Luiz was bought at the last minute. KROENKE REFUSED to sanction proper funds for the better CBs we were linked to but could not afford and Luiz is on his day a great player and on another of his days, a woeful player too. LIVERPOOL was the latter one but imo I take issue with him being worse than Sokratis. Only Mustafi is worse than “the wrestler” and even he by not much. Neither of those two should be anywhere near AFC. Nor would Luiz be, if we had an owner who CARED! But we do not!

          1. Wasnt holding and chambers wengers buys ?
            So your saying them two are better than the two Emery as signed in Luiz and Sok ?
            Because you said Wenger had no idea about defenders but here you are admitting that these two are better than the other two .
            So that would mean Emery as less of a clue than wenger about defenders ?but you keep saying how good Emery as a manger is .

      2. You’re absolutely right kev bielek had class and he was an asset for the future but alas someone at the Emirates has been blinded by other factors best known to him
        Lets be patient to see bellerin and Tierney effect hope it will help to pepper the defensive leaks

  2. Good idea

    Ceballos, Pepe and Lacazette should force Winks, Rose and Sanchez to make mistakes

    Pochettino is a gutsy manager and he might not be hesitant to attack us first, so I hope the Gunners would not be shocked if the Spuds come at them from the start

  3. No excuse this week for Emery not to go out with our strongest front 3 and an attacking 4-3-3 formation. I can kind of understand being negative at Anfield but serious questions have to be asked if he does the same against Spurs

  4. No Xhaka please
    Prefer Torreira, Guendouzi/Wilock, Ceballos in central midfield

    I think we should try Chambers over Luiz

    Niles is the reason we should have got a backup RB in the summer. He is a good player but not a specialist RB

  5. Lord please give Emery the right selection and tactics come Sunday.
    I see Emery developing a sentimental attachment for Xhaka and Willock. So I see Guendouzi dropping to the bench pretty soon with Torreira taking his place.

    1. Willock is good.Proper box to box midfield talent.Looks like the kind of youngster that has an eye for goal too and can pick a pass.I love his mentality because likes to drive with the ball.
      I prefer him to Xhaka and Guendouzi if Ceballos will be played in an advanced role

  6. Pool did not stifle Cabellos, Unai did it by putting him on the wings for an away game against the best team in Europe.Even pool players were surprised with our selection.Spurs have got some quick players to watch out so we need quick mobile and skilled players – willock lucas and maybe Gabriel for 60 minutes

    1. Cabellos wasn’t played on the wing. He was played as the forward tip of the diamond. Willock was the one playing on the left side

  7. As a confirmed Emery fan, I freely admit that he makes mistakes. I also know that all managerS make mistakes at times, yes, even SAINT PEP and charisma on legs, smiley KLOPP! That is the nature of being a manager in a game full of pitfalls and spiteful fans both on the opposition and even on your OWN side(as this very site amply shows us!
    In common with the majority I dislike his preference for Xhaka and also for Sokratis. I would never pick either except in extreme injury situation. I also dislike the overplaying out from the back which with our current players, is fraught with danger and with very little upside reward, since our midfielders seem not to move the ball quickly forward much and often the ball goes deep again , to start the whole process again. BUT, I do not see these matters as decision makers on UE’s fitness to manage us. I see, in general, a huge turn around in determinatioin and energy and a far better squad, esp when all are fit, than Wenger left behind. I also see an unwillingness to play lazy players except when forced, as others need rests and also for injuries. Of course I mean Ozil and Mkhi , neither of whom are remotely first pick in midfield. And rightly so.I also see a firm determination to exit the deadwood as soon as possible but tempered by the reality that both Ozil and Mhki are hard to shift contact wise and that we have not the luxury of a Sheikh MANSOOR OR FENWAY AS OWNERS. We have KROENKE. NUFF SAID!!

    1. Based on how wan has played in Emery’s tenure so far there is much evidence to prove he’s the right man.Im not even hating on him or anything like that and I even like Emery because he has done well with other clubs and I’ve on some few occasions enjoyed seeing his teams play.However, just like many coaches who become very successful for one club and become average for another that mat well be his story..He might be on a tight budget but he hasn’t helped himself with several poor decisions in his time here.
      Last season Arsenal would probably have gotten top four had Emery picked the right lineup especially in the final matches of the season.Instead Emery put all his eggs in one basket and decided to bench our key players for the UEL.
      How on earth did Chelsea finish above us??He then goes into the UEL with a three back system which sees us get thrashed against Chelsea.This could have been presented had he gone with a four back from the start.No wonder we pulled one after he changed the formation and we had clear chances to score at least two more which we missed
      His defensive tactics are poor and the team’s work off the ball is questionable.He even dared to give Xhaka and Ozil the captaincy and these are players whose performances are very poor.He refused to play our best eleven in several matches and sets up negatively at times.There’s not much evidence to support that Emery is doing well with what he’s got

    2. Jon, as you seem reluctant to do so, I will give you the stats on theplayers UE selected against ppol and MIGHT do so against the spuds.
      From the entrance of the three musketeers, who took over the buying, selling and contract talks from Aw the following is factual:

      Leno……….New regime signing
      AMN………..Youth product working through the ranks
      Luiz……….New regime signing
      Sokratis……New regime signing
      Monreal…….AW signing
      Guendouzi…..New regime signing
      Willock…….Youth product working through the ranks
      Xhaka………AW signing
      Ceballos……New regime signing
      Pepe……….New regime signing
      Aubameyang….New regime signing

      Subs Used
      Torreira……New regime signing
      Lacazette…..New regime signing
      Mykhitaryan…AW signing

      Now, you have said many times how you admire Monreal, so that leaves just Xhaka from the starting eleven that has any reference to the descriptions of “dross” that you say all AW’s signing were, along with Myk, who played a cameo role as a substitute.

      So, as UE most definately doesn’t see Xhaka as lazy, unlike you and with Bellerin, Holding, Tierney and Saliba (two AW’s signings x two new regime signings), along with Chambers (another AW man) who many see as a vast improvemment on both of the new regimes CB’s, when, EXACTLY, does UE, his tactics, his choice of players and his results actually have to be put down to him alone and not the tired old excuse of AW?

      1. He keeps ignoring the main issue and blames only Kroenke.From his comments even in previous articles and this one I take it that he implies that if Arsenal were to try 100 coaches with the same team AW handed over and with this current team the best those coaches will can only be as high as what Emery is doing??If so that’s pathetic

      2. I really admire this your AW loyalty ken1945, but you’ve asked this same questions over and over again and with what I can feel I see that Jonfox is not ready to really reply you so I will advise you let it go.

        1. Lenohappy, it’s not AW loyalty at all.

          I have said many times he should have left two seasons before he did.

          What is so annoying however, is that fans like Jon hide behind the delusion that it is sill his players who are causing the problems.

          Until they accept that this isn’t the case, how on earth are they able to judge UE and his performances?

          On saturday evening it was Ue’s team, his players,his substitutions and his naivity with tactics that cost us the game…nothing whatsoever to do with anyone else.
          If he loses to spuds on Sunday, you can bet your bottom dollar that the blame will be put, once again, on someone else.

          The reason I keep asking the question, is because the same lies are banded about and I wonder why this is?
          If this stopped, the questions would stop, simple as that.

      3. I have told you on my long post on the other thread which you have now read (and have said so), that I will no longer discuss Wenger with you . You always ask loaded questions and I easily see through your game Ken. Keep asking s long as you wish to waste your own time. I have moved on and have no more time to waste telling you for the umpteenth time my views on Ozil and Wengers last decade. Nuff said. By me at least!


  8. Third Man ,I entirely agree with your feelings on Chambers and Holding.Nobody is suggesting they are great players but they are decidedly better than Sokratis, who could hardly get off the ground when Liverpool scored from a corner and Luiz who has been culpable for three goals in his two matches for Arsenal.They also have youth on their side and provide a strong aerial presence. When Holding is fully fit Emery should partner him with Chambers in the centre of defence.

  9. Leno
    Amn luiz sokratis kolasinac
    Xhaka torriera
    Pepe laca auba .

    This is the most probable line up to expect.

  10. Aubameyang Lacazette Pépé

    Ceballos Torreira Xhaka

    Tierney Luiz Sokratis Bellerin


    2nd team.

    Mkhitaryan Martinelli Nelson

    Willock Guendouzi Ozil

    Kolasinac Holding Chambers A. M-Niles

    E. Martinez

  11. Arsenal should be careful in their game playing at home to Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League match encounter on Sunday. Because Tottenham haven suffered an unexpected 0-1 home defeat to Newcastle last week are seriously wounded as a result of the embarrassing defeat and could therefore come in into the match against Arsenal at the Ems with vengeance to bounce back into contention immediately using Arsenal as the pivot to execute their plan.

    In this wise, if Emery’s Arsenal are to avoid another knee breaking successive defeats in 8 days in the PL, both Emery and his 18 man Gunners selection he’ll make to play in this NLD big game MUST be the best Gunners selection he has so far selected since the season begun. I don’t think he has room to carry out experimentation in match set up and playing Gunners in the match out of their preferred positions of playing to see if it’ll work. Except he’s very sure such experimentation carried out will in this match not fail to deliver the desired win result to Arsenal in the match unfailingly.

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