THREE Worrying signs that Alexis WILL NOT be at Arsenal next season

It has been an intriguing week following Arsenal’s exit (well… nearly) from the Champions League after the 5-1 drubbing by Bayern Munich, and after the predictable chorus of WengerOut posts and articles there has also been a lot of speculation on the future of Alexis Sanchez, as he is well known to hate being on the losing side and just wants to win everything in sight.

Every time Sanchez is asked about his Arsenal future, the Chilean simply replies that he just wants to win trophies with Arsenal, but as the season has progressed that is looking like a bleak prospect in this campaign, and there have been three bits of news recently that seems to indicate our superstar will not be with us for the next campaign.

First off there has been reports that several young Gunners supporters were left flabbergasted on a tour of the Emirates last week, when they were told by PR staff that Alexis will definitely be on his way this summer.

This was swiftly followed by Sir Chips Keswick’s comments about “caution” in the ever-rising demands from star players. He was quoted as saying: “As expected, increased Premier League broadcasting revenues had had a direct impact on player costs both in terms of transfer prices and player wage demands,”

“Whilst these are the market forces that have contributed directly over time to the success of the Premier League, I would sound a note of caution in light of the very material contractual commitments to future wages that clubs are taking on.”

If that means Arsenal are going to doggedly stick to their 200,000k a week ceiling on wages then it is likely that Alexis (and Ozil) will not be getting the rises they expect and will be sold in the summer to clubs that will match their demands.

But the third thing that rings true to me is something that Rio Ferdinand said: “To replace him you are going to have to spend, £60m, £70m, £80m in today’s market. He’s the guy keeping them in the Champions League position. The problem they’ve got is his history doesn’t suggest that he sticks around long at his football clubs.

“With the money that’s out there in places like China, that will test whether he’s a man who wants to win silverware in Europe or if the financial gains he’s going to achieve in China is something that floats his boat.”

So having read that I had a quick look at his career and it would seem that Ferdinand is right. When Udinese first bought a young Sanchez from Chile, he spent the first two seasons on loan back in South America, before going to Italy for 3 years. He was then snapped up by Barcelona and, guess what? He stayed there for 3 years. This summer, he will finish 3 years at Arsenal. Do you see a pattern emerging? His next move will be his last chance to earn some big bucks before he retires, so why would he NOT move on to a club that doesn’t have Arsenal’s financial restraints?

Put those three items together, and to me it seems very unlikely that Alexis will stay, so I guess all we can hope is that Arsenal find a suitable replacement of the same ability, but one that obviously will accept a lower pay scale!



  1. ThirdManJW says:

    If Alexis decides to leave because of trophies, then fair enough. I’ll thank him for his service, and wish him well. But if his departure is down to Arsenal’s lack of ambition, and willingness to meet his wage demands, I, and all Arsenal fans should be furious! Arsenal are currently the 5th richest club in world, so there is no excuse for not being able to pay at least 250K p/w to our star player.

    Arsenal’s problem is that they already have one the highest wage bills in the world because they keep giving out huge contracts to average players. Ozil will not be worth his huge pay rise, if he gets it, why was Mertesacker given a new contract? More money just being thrown away on a fourth choice CB. Walcott isn’t worth his wage, Ramsey as well. Ox, and Wilshere are not deserving of new contracts, but will probably get them, and so…

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      I meant – unwillingness*

      1. Fatboy Gooney says:

        Don’t worry mate, I don’t think that anyone noticed ??

        I read that Sanchez wants £300,000 a week and so does ??zil

        1. ThirdManJW says:

          Give Sanchez whatever he wants, and give Ozil a kick up the backside out of our club!

  2. Fatboy Gooney says:

    If the PR said that Sanchez is gone then it must be true,
    unless of course he is a Spud working at The Emirates and he was on a wind up ? stranger things have happened ?
    Anyways, good luck to Sanchez wherever he goes, it’s just a shame that his influence/hunger didn’t rub off onto his fellow teammates during his time here. I wonder if his happy with his two FA cup medals?

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I missed your reply yesterday FB. You said even Arsene can’t dictate what the players will get on the contract. It was in reply to me saying Ranieri gave Leicester the capability to give out 100 grand contracts. What I meant by capability was not him coming up with the number. What I meant by capability was for him guiding them to the top and also gaining CL money. A different manager would’ve been likely fighting relegation, the teams at the bottom do not give out 100 grand contracts.

  3. Tas says:

    We managed to be fourth without having him so……. He could be a legend here with his statue outside with great Arsenal players of the past, that’s got to be worth more then 30 40 million £ more in his pocket for retirement lol

    We have to except that his leaving, he should take Ozil with him I’m pisse..d of with them both

    If Leicester City can get rid of Claudio Ranieri anything is posible in Footbal these days

    Sad Sad times for the beutiful game of football

    1. Tas says:


      1. Fatboy Gooney says:

        Hahaha ???

  4. Break-on-through says:

    Allegri had sent Bonucci to the stands because Bonucci suggested which substitution he should be making in a game that they won 4-2. This sounds like the ruthlessness Arsenal needs. He will upset the apple cart no matter how big the player (Ozil), this is not necessarily a bad thing. He changes tactics early if he feels the approach is not working, he plays mind games well because he said at one time that tactics have brought nothing new to the fold and it’s all just BS. Arsenal keep showing a lack of preparation, even admitting afterwards that they didn’t prepare properly, and still it happens again even a week later. I believe Allegri is the man we need. Simeone, yes he’s a great coach but his game is similar to our boring Arsenal. I can remember what it’s like when you are both unsuccessful and playing that type of football. Dreadful seasons altogether. If he didn’t win the title in his first two seasons it would be the end of him and the end of our attractive name. I’d take him, but Allegri is the one I want. He has more success, two different clubs, and he got to one CL final which is better than getting to two when it turns out you didn’t win one, that’s how bottle jobs start getting their name, just saying.

  5. Durand says:

    Arsenal FC hypocrisy; won’t meet Sanchez demands (allegedly) but Arsene gets 8 million a year. Sir Chips should shut the f*$# up or think before speaking. He should be asked about Arsene salary and to justify the amount.

    Sell the bum Ramsey or Walcott and give salary to Sanchez. Better yet sell Per the 4th or 5th choice CB and forward paycheck to Sanchez; doubt we’ll miss Per.

  6. Okayblack says:

    I just want Wenger Out. That’s all

  7. stubill says:

    I’m pretty sure Sanchez is going in the summer, but I don’t believe for an instant that Arsenal staff told a bunch of kids that he was leaving, absolute bullpoo!

  8. Onochie says:

    The earlier you realise that Sanchez wouldn’t play for arsenal next season the better for your health,the board made it clear that they can’t and won’t pay such amount of money,they can’t even pay 200k a week. Besides Sanchez is not all about money,this club lacks ambition,imagine this club taking the option of signing Mertesacker,Sanogo and the lots. Its shameful, I don’t think that any ambitious player would be attracted to Arsenal, we may not accept it, but its the truth, only a young player who wants to be introduced to the world would come to Arsenal. We should forget about any top signing until so many things change at Arsenal.

  9. Ronny331 says:

    All good points but to me it’s more simple.
    A lexis is class and should be surrounded by class, (bayern, juve, barca, psg) although he wants to play every game which he certainly wouldn’t for those 4. He likes being the main man, he certainly would be in China but could he stomach playing in a league so under followed and disinteresting?
    Secondly he’s ambitious and a fighter most of the other players and top brass at the club aren’t, he just no longer fits.

  10. Ronny331 says:

    Ozil wants 300k? What’s that broken down into number of times he walks or mopes, oh sorry I meant assisted or scored?

  11. Nebsy says:

    Sanchez will leave, I’m betting money on it.

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