Why should Wenger be given more time? (Three years ago)

As I am highlighting today, some things never change at Arsenal, and one of those is the fact that Konstantin has been campaigning for Wenger to leave for longer than my archives go back! In this article from three years ago, he asked the question about Why Wenger should continually be given new contracts despite our failures in Europe and EPL. Just like today, we have recovered to win a few games after a dismal run, but still have no chance of winning the Premiership. As Kinstantin said….

A few wins in a row and Arsenal fans seem to forget years of hurt by KM

The AKBs are back with a bang! The mood at the Arsenal camp is swinging faster than a pendulum on a clock. Winning against the like of West Ham and QPR seems to be enough for some to forget the pain we suffered thanks to our manager in the past 10 years.

Winning 2:0 at Monaco is a bad result, because ultimately we got eliminated by Monaco. Make of it what you want but it’s a failure for me. Wenger didn’t win the Champions League in 18 attempts even though he had a squad like the Invincibles.

In Wenger’s 18 attempts at the UCL, managers like Rafa Benitez and Roberto Di Mateo won the Champions League. Carlo Ancelotti did it 3 times! Guardiola, Jupp Heynckes and Mourinho did it twice. Klopp reached the CL final in his second attempt. Simeone was one minute away from the CL crown with a team of players, nobody had heard of before!

Please spare me the “give Wenger more time”. He was given all the time in the world and he failed. Forbes ranks Arsenal the fifth richest club in the world. You really believe we are “financially restricted”?

Even the kid next door doesn’t believe the Wenger lies anymore. The top players at Arsenal all left, because at heart they knew Wenger cannot do it. It’s the truth that hurts. Getting paid 8 million a year, given the squad and the money we have would bring any manager to the Emirates.

We’re afraid of change. Wenger is afraid of change. The board doesn’t know the word change. Not to mention the word ambition. We got humiliated 6-3, 6-0, 8:2, 5:0 by all the other top teams in England. We got eliminated by Monaco with Toulalan, who barely breathes in the second half, and Berbatov outrunning our defense.

Give me a reasonable explanation as to why Wenger should be given “more time” when he was given the luxury of 18 years in which it took him 10 between 2 FA cups. As much as I enjoyed the FA cup last year, we still had 2/3rds of the season being up top and when the time come to step up, we gave up and slumped to fourth.

If fourth is good for you, if the last 16 of the CL is enough, than fair enough, Wenger is your God. But your mind will be blown as to how others achieved more in less time and this could be at Arsenal. Only if we learn to accept that change is sometimes (in our case definitely) good!


Are we ready for change now after another three years of Wenger??


  1. bran911 says:

    We’ve been ready for so long, just that the dictator won’t leave..

  2. Midkemma says:

    “Forbes ranks Arsenal the fifth richest club in the world. You really believe we are “financially restricted”?”

    Explain why Wengers penny pinching was present at the Auba deal when Wenger wasn’t part of it?

    While Wenger has failed to develop players like he used to or use tactics… which are big flaws in a manager (for me), I do feel the business side is more Gazidis and that includes transfer negotiations.

    Look how we read it was Sven who wanted Auba and how it took all window for Gazidis to cough up the cash to buy him, leaving how much time to buy a CB?

    K’s posts give me the impression that he thinks Wenger is at fault for all the evils and Wenger should be blamed for everything, he has his blame and that I do not argue against, I do think he ignores what he wishes to ignore to support his point of view.

    1. tas says:

      Midkemma we have to eliminate the cause of the problem step by step, first the toe before the leg as gangrene has set in to our club

      1. Midkemma says:

        Where have I said Wenger shouldn’t go?

        Gazidis has been at Arsenal for near a decade now and Gazidis 1st full season in charge seen our spending be spread over multiple possible players instead of spending on desired players.

        AFC have been failing as a business ever since the old board got the ££ signs in their eyes, seen a big payday from their shares… That is before Wenger started to decline.

        People have moaned that Wenger didn’t buy a CB in Jan and use that as another reason why Wenger should go, not saying you, I do read comments which say just that though from WOB.

        I read Wenger say he wanted a CB but Arsenal spent too much time focusing on Auba and trying to penny pinch on that deal that the manager never got a CB… What is one of the areas we supporters moan about? CB.

        Wenger needs to go but that shouldn’t blind you to the faults of other areas within Arsenal, football is a big industry and we should expect Arsenal to improve on multiple fronts.

        I praise the recent changes Gazidis has made and eager to see what influence Raul Sanllehi will have but does that mean we should ignore his failings up till then? Not for me. I praise his good work but I will not ignore what has happened.

        Funny thing about me, I’m not a WOB or AKB, I’m an Arsenal Supporter.
        Feels rare but I put the club 1st and not my hatred of any individual.

  3. JustJoy says:

    shedding tears from a truthful concise article… one day Wenger must leave quietly.

  4. Gelz says:

    Perhaps with all these old school articles you could post some of the old comments that was posted to it.

  5. Goonerbri says:

    Bored bored bored of these Wenger articles. We the fans cannot change what happens no matter how much we moan or protest. I’m not an akb nor an aob . But I am an arsenal fan. I will continue to be an arsenal fan the rest of my life cos the club chooses you and from that day you are stuck with it. I’m a NB season ticket holder and yes I’m frustrated as is everyone. But arnt u all as bored with this Wenger in Wenger out debate as I am. If he goes he goes, stays he stays! Arsenal is my club and I’ll continue to go. I remember the days when finishing 5th or 6th and winning the fa cup was a heck of a season. Yes I’m 50+ but I’m a true fan. A goober for life. Support our club.

    1. bran911 says:

      Everyone supports the club for your information, licking someone’s arse doesn’t make you a true fan, and you are trying to fool us by saying you ain’t an AKB? Save your breath.. I know even Trump has his followers and haters, so chill. Everyone has freedom of expressing their views in here, you don’t like it, don’t comment and wait for Pat J’s articles

      1. Midkemma says:

        Maybe the guy is just being an Arsenal fan.
        Supporting the club and hating on a individual are not the same thing.

  6. CorporateMan says:

    Within those 3 years, the man has won 2 FA cups and 2 Shields. Many managers who have won nothing are being idolized. I just don’t understand. Is it trophies we want or Wenger’s head?

    1. bran911 says:

      Arsenal is in the levels of Madrids Barcas and Man U’s of Fergies era. So if you compare Arsenal to Everton and Swansea, then you don’t understand most fans’ frustrations. Fifth richest club in the world and can’t win EPL for 14 years??

      1. Yossarian says:

        Exactly. Big thumbs up from me bran911.

        1. Kenny Rolfe says:

          Or get anywhere near a Champions League Triumph since 2006.

      2. CorporateMan says:

        Why Man U of Feggie era? What happened to the Man U of today? Sometimes I shudder to think what would happen if Wenger spent half the money spent by Man U in the last few years with little to show.
        Look, we all want our club to do well. And if it takes Wenger’s exit to achieve it, so be it. But all the bad- mouthing and abuses are meaningless. I just hope that when Mr Wenger finally leaves (probably by June 2019), we would not wake up to discover that our problems lie deeper than just Wenger

        1. bran911 says:

          Yes that Man U, you don’t remember how Fergie and Wenger used to be rivals? When Wenger came, Arsenal and Man U had same number of titles, 10. Wenger went on to win 3 more and Fergie 11 more. Fergie retired but wenger is still holding on, why should I compare this Man U of Moyes and Van Gaal while we still have our dictator wenger? We still have our drought while Man U last won it in 2013.

          We will keep abusing coz we ain’t satisfied with this situation, you want your master to keep his job but we want success for our club. We have different preferences so let others criticize as well and you keep praising the specialist in failure

      3. Buddie says:

        Arsenal was/is not in Madrid and Barca’s as level, be real man

    2. Phil says:

      In those 3 years we have gone from finishing 2nd in the league to FIFTH and now most likely SIXTH.In those 3 years we have been HUMILIATED 10-2 on aggregate by Bayern in the Champions League to being HUMILIATED 4-2 by Forest in the FA Cup.In those 3 years we still have NO DEFENCE that can genuinely be relied on.In those 3 years we have seen THOUSANDS of empty seats at an Emirates Stadium that used to be full every game.
      And they say that ONE DAY is a long time in politics.
      Wenger is now prioritising a Europa Cup competition to try and salvage something from a season he has overseen.He is trying to win a competition to save himself.Lets pray the Board finally wake up and remove him from this club.No job for life upstairs.No Director of Football role(a position he has always said he would never work with).No Ambassador role for the club.When he is out he should be OUT.

      1. pires says:

        in those thee years we won trophies also Phil, but your biased vision blinds you

        1. Phil says:

          Not at all.I was there when we won those trophies.I also see Arsenal not through those Wenger Tinted Glasses you never seem able to take off.I also see Arsenal as a club going backwards under a manager whose sell by date was a decade ago.
          I was also at the humiliating defeats at Watford Brighton Bournemouth Stoke Swansea and Forest.Are YOU satisfied with that?Do you seriously believe winning the FA Cup 3 times in 4 Seasons is acceptable?
          Let’s just agree that YOUR expectation levels are quite obviously set a lot lower than mine.Take off the glasses and see the roses.There will be a life without Wenger.

          1. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Phil’s right pires, you’re a good young fan and your heart is in the right place, but you need a bit of guidance. Community Shied is not even a competition, It’s a friendly match played between League winners and the Cup winners to kick off the new season. Even the FA Cup doesn’t carry the same credence that it once did. To give you an example, I was at a third round replay in the 1959/60 season against Colchester United at Highbury that attracted a crowd of 63,000. That was the magic of the FA cup then, that no longer exists. The minimum requirement for Arsenal Football Club every year should be at least top four and semi finals of the Champions League with occasional success in both those competitions. Sixth place and even FA Cup success is not enough for a club of Arsenal stature.

        2. Arseneout says:

          Pires, do we won the epl or the champions league?? i just cant remmeber ?
          ohh you meant we won the fa cup and the community shields. What an awsome acheivement!!!
          Wenger please stay and give these fans what they deserve (medicority)

      2. Yossarian says:

        But he’s already in a Dictator of Football role.

        Oh, you said Director…

  7. Counsel says:

    Wenger’s current contract was put on his table months before last season ended, actually the board persuaded Wenger to extend his deal and that’s a fact, he did not give himself the contract. The board believes in his ability for being consistent in top level performance, it’s very unfortunate not support the team because of Wenger a manager who was ready to leave last season but made to stay because he cares for arsenal

    1. bran911 says:

      He was ready to leave.. hahahahahaha!

      1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

        Yes, we all read about the counter offers for Arsene Wenger from other clubs, which “came out of the woodwork.”

  8. pires says:

    we won four trophies since then…And nothing changes at arsenal!!!!the club broke the record of fa cups wins and the manager a record from…….. 1935!!!!!!!!So Konstantin was right three years ago!!!!!

    1. jon fox says:

      How many times a day do you worship at the sight of that large picture of your hero, Wenger, on your wall , pires?

    2. pires says:

      the trouble with the likes of Konstantin is that they are taking themselves too seriously!!!!as if their articles will change anything in the club

      1. pires says:

        I am A Muslim JON, i worship ALLAH five times a day……. and i pray for Arsenal and it’s fans to find the right path to success ….May Wenger bless you Jon!!!!!

        1. pires says:

          I am joking ,of course,for the Wenger blessing thing

    3. Innit says:

      Ues the FA Cups are an excellent achievement.

      However, when a manager is allowed to stay manager for over 20 years, its almost inevitable that you will pick up a fa or league cup here and there

      Wenger has never put us in a position to win the PL or CL in the past 14 years

      When we finished 2nd that was an odd year because United, City, Liverpool, Chelsea were all rebuilding and were average. We also finished 10 points behind Leicester so it wasnt even that close

      Even then if Wenger had signed a top striker and defensive midfielder we would have beaten Leicester

  9. jon fox says:

    I am saying nothing on this occasion. All those who read my posts over a long time now, know what I think about Wenger and if you don’t then you are not regular readers. But I had a few spare moments so thought I would write something and waste everyones time just like Wenger, with no purpose or end result . Ooops! Now you non regulars know what I think about him.

  10. Counsel says:

    To the author of this article you have been posting Wenger out articles here some of us are already bored of these same old Wenger is bad nonsense,who do you think you’re! to lecture learned fans here on what should happen.Wenger always respects his contracts if you don’t like that go and revoke it

  11. Counsel says:

    Konstantin who do you think you’re to sack Wenger through justarsenalnews articles, get a grip, you’re absolutely nothing.In fact I wonder if we have editorial policy on this site because defaming wenger is the order of the day here

    1. Ken 1945 says:

      This is a debating site that has, in the main, people who are strongly against Wenger.
      They have their opinions as you have yours.
      Calling someone else “absolutely nothing” is wrong, don’t bring yourself down to the level of SOME, I REPEAT SOME, of those people.
      Respect Wenger as much as you want, I know I do.
      There are SOME arguments put forward against Wenger, that I humbly suggest you need to read and digest. (suggest 8.16pm for the content and passion).
      It is your choice as to whether you want to try and debate with a, mostly, hostile audience. Don’t knock the site, they don’t write the comments.
      As we say, “if it gets too hot get out of the kitchen”.
      Hope you don’t though, need all the support I can get!

      1. Phil says:

        Ken-you may not have the support in numbers but you do have the respect for your opinions and who are we to deny you this?You always make your points so clearly and at times difficult to respond to even for me.
        No need for me to elaborate on this other than to look forward to your comments on all future topics.

  12. Xi_gunner says:

    I hope Arsenal win the Europa this year..

    and I hope it Unites the fans.

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