Tierney already tested positive for Coronavirus two months ago

Arsenal is currently fighting to bring back Kieran Tierney to London after he was forced to self-isolate following being a “close contact” to someone who tested positive for Covid-19.

The Scotland defender is frustrated as he has already tested negative for the virus three separate times and wants to leave self-isolation.

It was confirmed that he has the antibodies that fight the virus and The Sun is reporting that he had the virus two months ago.

The report claims that the former Celtic man had tested positive for coronavirus and he was mandated to self-isolate for 10 days.

He was asymptomatic at the time and he came through the mandatory 10-day self-isolation period and recovered from the virus.

Arsenal is keen to make sure he doesn’t miss the club’s next set of games.

If he remains in self-isolation, he will have to miss Arsenal’s first game back in the Premier League against Manchester City on the 17th of October.

The £25 million defender has become a key part of Arsenal’s first-team plans so far, putting in some good performances for the club since Mikel Arteta became their manager.

The Gunners will continue their efforts to get him back to London soon enough and fans will hope that they succeed.

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  1. The critics of the Government want us all to get the COVID19 to build the quote unquote Herd immunity !! yet we have a case here that Tierney has indeed got the antibodies ie the herd immunity yet he is in self oslation ???doesnt make sense ?? Either you have herd immunity because you have the antibodies or you dont ?? seems no one knows if there is such a thing as herd immunity !!

    1. Isn’t this the problem that the virus is still too new to know quite what the best course of action is? I totally agree that if Tierney has been tested etc then he could be able to play but haven’t there been some reinfections? All very complex and I just hope there is the outcome we want for the City game. It’s going to be a long haul.

    2. And that’s Scotland for you. Even the pubs are open but not allowed to sell alcohol! Arsenal will get Tierney back in England and he will be fine to play against City.

    3. Heard immunity is when an entire group of people become immune to a particular pathogen.
      One person can’t get heard immunity. It’s in the name. HEARD.
      Also, quote-unquote in writing would be”.”
      Just thought I’d correct you.

    4. Carl, you are mistaken in your final sentence. There IS such a thing as herd immunity and that is widely accepted among medical scientists. What is NOT yet precisely known and is of far more relevance though is, firstly, how many people have already had Covid and secondly , how many have anti bodies. It is also not known definitively as yet, how long anti bodies remain in the body.

      Tierney appears to be unfortunate in that his case looks on the surface to be an unfair judgement. But as no one can say for CERTAIN that he is not a carrier, he falls under this governments rules.

      As to those same rules being sensible and helpful, well that is a far wider debate, for people far more knowledgeable than I am.

      I do however believe in the rule of law, though laws can be and are changed, usually via people power.

  2. Ive “herd” no one in the government has a clue what’s going on – except to ask PL players to take a wage cut of course.

  3. Has there been a confirmation for authentic source that he has tested positive? If he had COVID19 before then recovered from it and now if he has tested positive again then it’s reinfection which as far as I was aware has not happened before. More then the club WHO might be running after him to conduct some experiments on him and study the virus further. I don’t know what the real story is but wish him all the best and hope he gets through this without any major concern.

    1. He hasn’t tested positive again. He’s being made to isolate as has been close someone else who is positive.

    2. He is testing -ve for days after contact of the guy who tested positive. It is a real shame that after 10 days of continuous -ve testing, he still have to miss the match.

  4. I’m not a health professional so I will only make an opinion based on common sense.
    What I think is that enforcing isolation when someone has either contracted the virus or come in cantact with another who has it, is to control the spread. If KT has the disease and still asymptotic or has strong immunity to subdue it, it doesn’t means he cannot infect others who don’t have such immunity when he interacts with them. It is necessary he isolates until he is completely free of it.
    However if on the other hand several tests have been performed on him and found he is free of the virus, and he is still forced to spend days on ends on isolation, it becomes obvious he and/or his club is being punished for no just course – because he’s bound to miss matches he shouldn’t necessarily have to.

  5. Available evidence from contact tracing reported by countries suggests that asymptomatically infected individuals are much less likely to transmit the virus than those who develop symptoms.

    That they are “less likely to transmit the disease” is evidence that they are capable but not at the same rate with those who show symptoms.

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