Tierney and Luiz will be a good end to Arsenal’s transfer window

Kieran Tierney and David Luiz will likely conclude our transfer business. by Konstantin Mitov

It’s the final day of the transfer window lovely Arsenal people, and by the time this article gets posted, David Luiz and Kieran Tierney might already be Arsenal players. And to get the elephant out of the room, it’s obvious the Chelsea CB is not quite the CB signing people expected.

He’s old, has made some notable mistakes and is not really a long-term solution to our defensive worries. But in the grand scheme of things, if you ask the question with or without David Luiz, in our current state of the defence I’d take him. I’m not trying to make a case for him here, nor do I think he will fix our problems, but bear with me, I have some arguments.

Right now we have Mustafi, Sokratis, Monreal (but only as a dire need backup imo) and a bunch of young players. With Koscielnys disrespectful way of leaving (good riddance honestly), we’re really short of experience. This defence needs fresh faces, even if it is just to light up the mood a little bit. When you put the same bunch of players again and again and expect different results, you are getting nowhere. Chambers doesn’t look like the answer and expecting Holding to magically fix our defence when he’s been out for such a long time is a stretch.

Now if you think about it Luiz has won a lot of trophies (sadly with Chelsea), but his experience could benefit us. He also is a player who knows this league and doesn’t cost a fortune. His passing is better than Mustafis and he’s a threat with headers. His age doesn’t help and the last old player we took from Chelsea didn’t really work out (Cech) but throwing negativity at Luiz before he’s even joined is unfair.

The question of whether Emery and the board should’ve prioritised a new CB is a whole other topic. We signed Saliba for the future, but for now the prices of a decent CB are insane. Maguire is a lovely player but 80 million is not something we can pay upfront on a EL budget. Center backs come at a premium, but in truth we weren’t that far away from the top 4.

The addition of Tierney will be a welcome sight. We are in need of better full backs. Monreal is old, Kolasinac is not interested in defending and on the other side Bellerin’s injury is still a problem, and AMN highlighted against Barcelona he’s not the answer either yet. He just has lapses in concentration which ruin his game.

This summer we chose to address the problem of having no wingers by signing Pepe and Martinelli. We’ve also added Ceballos who should fill the Ramsey void. As you can see there are a lot of problems to be addressed, but at least the board showed some intent. I’ve seen transfer windows where we only needed 2 players, which were never added and I like what I see now.

We also demanded fees for Bielik, Jenkinson and Koscielny. In other times we’d have them sold for peanuts. I’d say this transfer window is positive (assuming that we do the two deals mentioned). The Newcastle game is knocking on the door and I don’t expect a lot of new faces to feature, but we really need to win this game. It’s interesting whether the likes of Nelson or Willock start? We have more than enough quality going forward. We need to build confidence and the best way of doing that is by getting the results.



  1. David Luiz is a huge surprise to be honest. Yes, he is an upgrade for Mustafi, and no doubt Luiz is a temporary solution with Saliba joining next summer.

    He played in almost all of Chelsea’s PL games last season and the £8m fee is not much. He’s vastly experienced and he’s rarely injured. Plus he is threat going forward.

    And it seems Emery will have a lot of hope for Holding, Mavropanos, maybe eveb Medley with our current set of CB’s.

    I really hope Tierney will be fit soon.

    1. Exactly. Getting Luiz is an upgrade for Mustafi. Actually any defender is better than Mustafi. Then in mind we know what a gen we have in Holding once fit. So next season a Holding+ Saliba looks like a long future partnership

  2. Completely in agreement, none of our summer signings may not start against Newcastle, the most likely to start is Luiz, Pepe might have to come off the bench but we have nough power to get the job done

  3. Fantastic window for Arsenal- the best. Luiz excellent replacement for Kos, in fact better. And being a short term deal it will allow the youngsters to learn and flourish.
    All the bases have been covered in this window, now let the games begin.

    1. Looks like you and me are the only ones who think Luiz is a replacement for Kos, who has left, and not for Mustafi, who is still with us at the moment.

      1. Pundit originally means a scholar or an expert in something.

        These football ‘pundits’ are merely former players who are usually clueless of about 75 percent of football’s knowledge.

        1. Collymore has no love for Arsenal and let’s face it, is not “the sharpest tool in the shed”,

      1. Who wants to listen to a women beater Stan Collymore talks as much crap as Adrian Durham and big lips Ferdinand oh and Stewart Robson another complete dick head!!

    1. The guy that beats a women should crawl back under his stone and not be given any air time at all.
      Who’s really bothered what this idiot says!

  4. Hopefully no. He has premier league experience. Has to be at least the equal to what we already have and will serve until next season when our new arrival plus existing injuries will be available

  5. Luiz is a good signing. Alongside Socratis or Holding we will actually have a real footballer at the back and boy does he have a free kick. Unless we are really unlucky with injuries we will always have a competant pair. Chambers is a well tried out CB who gets stuck in, a good reserve. With Bellerin and Tierney/Kolasinac we look stronger. Should have had 4th last season, except for Xhaka’s penalty present to Brighton. This year we could even get third above the Spuds.

      1. Dybala move is off already. And Sessegnon isn’t all that (yet). He was quite timid in the Premier League.

        Not to mention Eriksen, Vertonghen and Alderweireld will walk away FREE next summer. So Spurs aren’t in such a great state one would think!

  6. The last player we took from Chelsea (Cech) didn’t really work out? Whatever that meaans.

    Cech was more reliable that our recent Goalkeepers before Leno. That he couldn’t pass from the back last season did not make a bad signing for us.

    1. You ‘re really a clown mate,why do many of you detest Iwobi with passion? Nothing he did seems right you’ll.

  7. Now we can start a glam rock band with Luiz & Guendouzi, the Metallica wannabes

    On a serious note, D.Luiz is better than Mustafi so that’s a relief. We can use him for more important matches and ease Chambers, Holding, Mavropanos into the first team. Next year Saliba will join us and he can provide depth to our squad.

  8. Even if you hate that We signed Luiz, please remember that once it’s announced he will be an Arsenal player. Please give him a chance to prove himself

    Personally I think he is better than Mustafi and has more leadership qualities. I think hopefully Luiz and Sokratis will work out well this season. Next season We will have Saliba

    There are no guarantees but all we can do is hope for the best

    1. And I hope 3 months in fans won’t start calling our new players names. It is all in Emery’s hand 5 new players if we get Luis and Teirney with the last season four adding Miki and Auba that is 11 players had 6 to nothing months under our former coach. No more excuse for him. I pray he utilize the players for the sake of my happiness

  9. David Luiz both has his strength and Weakness..

    He is fast, a good tackler and very comfortable on the ball…

    Sometimes he might dwell too much on the ball instead of releasing it to the next midfielder to do the rest

    He loves playing long ball which makes us loose possession easily….

    he is also rash and commits needless fowls and bookings….

    IN conclusion, i believe He is more better than Sokratis

    How I wish Mustafi can sort out his occasional lack of concentration, positioning awareness and indecisiveness……

    Mustafi can still change and improve, because he knows everyone has given up on him…

  10. Add Diana, guendouzi and luiz = we’ll have our very own version of the Supremes 😀

    Seriously tho – this window is likely to exceed the expectations of many fans. We are once again in the ascendency it seems

    Let’s get thes deals done #COYG

  11. The caoch is not as fool as you people think to sell iwobi you can keep waiting till tomorrow he is going no where … Why not talk about the defense scrap,highest pay for nothing i dont know why pple hate him so much ..sell him and feel sorry at the end

  12. Like others I think what would make a solid window (I don’t think you can judge transfer windows against the low bar of previous Arsenal mismanagement) a good window would be to further thin out our “deadwood” (mustafi, mkhitaryan, and possibly ozil). What would be very good would be to have a better cover/option for Bellerin at right back. Of course, Iwobi leaving and Zaha coming would make it the greates ever window in English football

  13. Who was a better CB?
    Stephanov,cygan,grimandi,luhzny,squillaci,senderos,djourou and Mr.Mustafi

  14. Ahaha Maguire a lovely player,the guy is a bull, apart from heading the ball in the stands I bet you I can find a more complete CB in ligue 1 for a fraction if his price, can’t believe it a lovely player,you need to check the meaning of lovely player my friend!de brune,Silva,marchez.,..

  15. Watch a YouTube video of Tierney . Very fast with a trick or two but concerned that he was all left foot. I like my full backs and wing backs to cross witch either foot and of course cut in side on their other football. Read that he’s played at right on occasions, can’t see how. Anyway good luck to him , hope he gets fit soon.

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