Tierney expected to show loyalty to Arsenal amidst Manchester City interest

Kieran Tierney has become the subject of interest from Manchester City, who needs a new left-back.

The Premier League champions are in the market to find a player that can play in that position on their team and the Arsenal man is on their radar.

Although he is injury-prone, Tierney remains one of the finest full-backs in England, and it is unsurprising that City will have their eyes on him.

The defender is, however, one of Arsenal’s key men, and he is one player they cannot lose as they rebuild their squad.

A report on The Sun claims Arsenal expects him to stay put despite the interest, and they are relaxed about his future.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Tierney has been a reliable player at the Emirates since he moved to Arsenal, and we need him for the next few seasons.

Now is not the time for us to sell anyone, especially if they are contributing to our success, but players can decide to leave a club when they want.

If Tierney agrees to leave, it would be hard to stop him, but he must enjoy the support he has been receiving at the Emirates so far, and that should make him want to remain.


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  1. Wont happen
    You cannot sell a player who is always injured without him having a good season injury free .
    City are after brightons left back

  2. Unlike JUDASRVP, I don’t believe Tierney’s head will be turned by money.

    Also, I believe he is responsible enough to realize how the club have stood by him through all his injury problems.

    There’s no “little boy” telling him what to do – he’s mature enough to know his own mind.

    1. You seem to have too much faith in Tierney. Same things were said about RVP until he left for Utd. If City comes calling seriously, he will jump ship without a moment’s thought

      1. You are completely wrong.Tierney is not a money grabbing mercenary like RVP .Tierney is highly regarded throughout Scotland not only for his footballing ability but for his appreciation of the privileges which he enjoys as a professional.Even Glasgow Rangers fans applaud him for the efforts he makes for his Country and significantly his absence ,through injury, for both Scotland and Arsenal coincided with major disappointments for both.

      2. Different scenario my friend.
        Tierney hadn’t promised to sign a new contract after the world Cup, then put himself in the shop window and waited for the money.
        He let down everyone connected to our club and, if there is one player I have utter contempt for, it’s this weasel…. just my personal opinion remember.

        1. Can i just say RVP left to go to a bigger club and won the league, where he wouldn’t if he had stayed at Arsenal. We can all have our opinions of him but he did the right thing for him and no one else. I was mightily upset when he left but as far as playing for utd, they are bigger than us and i could see why he did it.

          1. It is still a very bitter pill to swallow Reggie
            The same could be said of a couple of Arsenal players since
            They are football mercenaries and not joined at the hip as we are to Arsenal

      3. It will depends how arsenal performance is next season, but Aterta to let player like Tierney leave,not easy

    1. Was gonna say the same…

      I would be devastated if Tesco left. But, it wouldn’t be for the money for KT, more for the success.

      So I suppose, I wouldn’t blame him.🤮

  3. If Tierney did leave, as long as we get a good fee, who could blame him, they are more ambitious than us and have the best manager in the world.

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