Tierney happy with 3 points but it is only “something to build on”

All Arsenal fans are very relieved that the Gunners finally got three points against Chelsea to stave off the threat of a relegation fight, but the fact is that we are still sitting in 14th place in the table and ten points below the Top Four.

Kieran Tierney had yet another great game, but he is also well aware that one game is not going to change much in the grand scheme of things. “It’s a start, isn’t it?” he told Arsenal.com. “We needed that today and we needed to give the fans something to be positive about. We’ve had a few bad results this season, so it’s a start.

LONDON, ENGLAND – DECEMBER 26: Bukayo Saka of Arsenal celebrates with teammates Emile Smith Rowe, Alexandre Lacazette, and Hector Bellerin after scoring his team’s third goal during the Premier League match between Arsenal and Chelsea at Emirates Stadium on December 26, 2020 in London, England. The match will be played without fans, behind closed doors as a Covid-19 precaution. (Photo by Andrew Boyers – Pool/Getty Images)

“I think we started better today. We didn’t wait until we went 1-0 down to start playing or creating chances because it’s always hard when you’re 1-0 down, but we started on the front foot today. That’s been the message in the last few weeks of training and we did that.

“All the youngsters here are hungry to play and it’s a big club. They’ve got the platform to play and today they started and they were brilliant.

“As I’ve said, It’s the start of something to build on. We’ve been looking to get that first win, the three points, but this is just the start. Chelsea are a good team and they’re higher up in the table than us. We knew it was going to be tough, so to come out with three points today is so important for us.”

And of course Tierney is right. All we need right now is another false dawn like the euphoria we had after winning at Old Trafford. There is no point beating United and Chelsea if we can’t beat the Burnley’s and Saints and Wolves of this world….

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  1. We shouldn’t forget that those were forced changes I just hope MA has learnt something and will not automatically reinstate seniors players when available and that he keeps giving the younger hungrier players more playing time.

    1. Forced? We’ll, except for bringing in ESR for Willian, I don’t think any other falls in the forced category in the context I think you have.

      I do think there was one forced change that we should commend Mikel for. Dropping Auba. I think for about a month now, I’ve been complaining about his either Zero or complex movement. Many a time, he’s not been moving, or he’s been moving in a way that doesnt give his teammates a passing lane.

      The rest were forced changes that we don’t really want to make permanent.

      Do you want Gabriel permanently out? Do you want Partey permanently out?

      So in conclusion, your comment pretty much means one change. The ESR one.

      1. Joe I partly agree but partly not! No argument on Gabriel and Partey returning when available, but surely warrior Martinelli must now be a first choice above idle PEPE! ESR, as you rightly said,should now rightly replace the limited Elneny.
        I see MARTINELLI as replacing Willian and Pepe (as normally only one of those two starts) and ESR replacing Elneny, slightly different from your view. Partey for Xhaka and Gabriel with Holding as CB’s ideally. Mari as next in line though. I also like AMN in midfield and he would get chances too, if I had my way. No XHAKA ever and no Ozil , never ever!

    2. That’s wrong. I disagree, Pepe and AUBA were fit to start. Willian was dropped last game and Luiz hasn’t been in the squad for a while especially since holding and Gabi partnership, so how do you say it was forced

  2. This kid is my choice to be the next Captain of Arsenal once Auba isnt!

    Yesterday showed that the young guns are the way to keep going with the likes of Saka, Martinelli, SmithRowe and AMN (who should’ve been brought on instead to close the game out in the middle of the park)

    Laca had a good game so he starts again with the flying wingers we have which leaves Auba on the bench and SmithRowe has the similarities to a young Cesc Fabregas to which I am thrilled about (loved Cesc) and plays in that role week in week out as hes going to get even better!

    Bolugun is another who should have a go if the so called big boys dont want to give it their all. let the young gun play and hopefully get a new deal for him as hes leaving atm once his contract is up.

    If these young boys shine then Auba, Pepe & Willian are in big trouble or we can think of it as having a strong bench for the rest of the season.

    Hats off to Xhaka as I rip into him all the time but had a great game yday both defensively and offensively.

    Partey still to return along with Gabriel which is a positive in the next weeks.

    Hopefully the kickstart we needed but we thought the same v Utd so fingers crossed

    1. ESR is far from young Fabregas, we can only hope he get better.
      I would have preferred AMN in place of Pepe yesterday for the lwb not the middle

  3. Yes. Let’s build on that. I really wish we have our own Zidane in Arterta. I was reading about Sir Alex Feguson and that he had a horrible start at Man Utd too. Have we cut the corner this season? I can hope, can’t I?

  4. KT: What a mature guy for his age!!
    Foot on the ground and head on the shoulders.
    Take Brighton seriously: They are playing well and just not getting results.
    Hard game on 29th. I do not want to jinx it by predicting results in the next one.

    1. Indian Gunner, I am interested in your “jinx”remark. I guess most of us are superstitious around matches concerning our team.
      With me I have to get all the breakkfast things ready before the tea kettle boils, to avoid defeat. When I fail to do so in time I “know” the team will lose. This only applies on matchdays though and you should see the speed I use on THOSE days.
      Why do I or anyone else do this sort of nonsense ? I can only think it is because we are human and therefore deliciously strange, but normal , both at once!

      1. For Jon Fox
        I am not as old as you but have been supporting AFC since 1979.
        My wife thinks I am stark raving mad.
        Have seen too many ups and downs. I just feel the false dawns are there to come. Yesterday I did not watch the Ist half and only checked the scores on selected screens.
        So I do not want to predict: win, loose or draw.

        I still do not know which Arsenal will turn up.

        1. IGL, Join the club then, as none of us ever knows for sure! But certain things make a huge difference and put the odds in our favour.Like never picking lazy players, for starters.

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