Tierney, Holding and Lacazette to start for Arsenal tonight?

It certainly looks like we Will be seeing Kieran Tierney, Holding and Lacazette all playing together for the first time this evening, and maybe even Héctor Bellerin, who was left out of the Arsenal squad against Sheffield United on Monday but took part in training yesterday in preparation for the Europa League game against Vitoria.

The latest news is that Aubameyang and Luiz were excused from the session to rest them for Sunday’s big game against Crystal Palace, and we are likely to see Martinelli back in the team as well.

I am expecting to see a completely new back four with Tierney, Holding, Mustafi and Bellerin providing the cover for Martínez in goals, and Emery hinted that this may happen when he said in the pre-match conference: “We are improving defensively, we are conceding less goals. That’s one objective we’re [achieving]. But I don’t want to achieve that best performance only with one system or with the same four players. In the Europa League we are using different players and they are also improving our defensive moment. It’s for all the players. Above all, I want to continue to be an offensive team, but improve defensively.”

The interesting question for most fans is whether Emery Will finally give Ozil a chance, but after missing the first two Europa League games it is likely that he will be left on the bench or even out of the squad. Hopefully Torreira will be seen again in the middle of the park and flanked by Ceballos and Willock.

Whoever Emery picks tonight, I am sure they Will be a big improvement on our toothless attack against Sheff United, and I’m expecting an easy three points for our youngsters…


    1. I think Emery would use Bellerin, Tierney, Ceballos and Martinelli again on Sunday, because he desperately needs a win in EPL. Therefore he has to use the most attacking players from his cup/ B team

      Saka has been playing badly in the last two EPL matches, hence he should be replaced by Martinelli. Whereas Chambers was solid defensively but too slow offensively, so I predict Bellerin would start on the right flank

      Chambers would be the most perfect candidate to replace Xhaka in DM position, but I’m not sure whether Emery has the guts to do it or not

      1. Xhaka back in on Sunday for sure Sue! I know you probably won’t want to hear this also Sue but I do feel Tierney offers us much more of an attacking threat than Kolasinac (Grug). His impact a few weeks ago was VERY noticeable. I want to see more from Cellabos and Martinelli but I also want to see more of Lucas Torreira! Why Emery insists on Xhaka over a more creative option is beyond me!? It’s almost like he’s too confront his own daemons??

        1. Grug 🤣 I feel exactly the same, GunneRay. Although I lurve Kola, Tierney looked so much better.. I was hoping he would have played last Monday, but obviously Unai had other ideas 🙄
          I seriously doubt Unai will ever admit he’s got things wrong, will stick with the same under performers and defend them until the cows come home!
          We can see it – why can’t he??
          And yes, Torreira needs to play and I’m absolutely dumbfounded he hasn’t been 😠

  1. I predict Emery would field these players, to prepare most of them against Palace:

    …………………. Martinez
    Bellerin . Mustafi . Holding . Tierney
    …………. Willock ………… Torreira
    Smith-Rowe ….. Ceballos ……. Martinelli
    …………………….. Lacazette

    I think Emery would keep Leno, Chambers, Guendouzi, Aubameyang and Pepe for the EPL game. And of course Xhaka as well

    1. And






      For PL, but ☹️☹️☹️ Emery Emery Emery ☹️☹️☹️ no way he’ll drop xhaka, sokratis and Luiz

        1. Am still crying over what am seeing of emery and his so called Tactics most annoying thing is how every team is out playing my Arsenal

  2. The back four of Bellerin, Mustafi, Holding and Tierney should be retained for the match against Crystal Palace. If Bellerin is not quite ready, his place can be taken by Chambers. I would also like to see Luiz or Chambers instead of Xhaka as DM along side Torreira, with Ceballos or Ozil against Palace.

  3. Time to shove the the PL back three of wrestler, samba joker and toothless tank to Europa and start bellerin, holding and tierney…..and shift chambers to his natural position.

  4. Cmon Mr.Emery, please understand that winning an EPL game is more important than beating an already twice beaten team in the eul. We can win tonight even if we don’t field our best team. Emery should reserve the best for the EPL and play the B team for the eul. Arsenal are EPL and CL category team not eul category.

  5. boring boring Thursday night football. Arsenal deserve Tuesday/Wednesday night football. Please understand Mr.Emery, we are the Arsenal. Field your best team for the EPL.

    1. Not sure what you mean by boring Thursday night football, gunnerforlife? At the moment it is the most exiting for me under the circumstances, seeing that the team that is chosen for these games plays much better football than the team chosen to play weekends, and I enjoy watching them much more than the so-called senior team.

      At least they play with enthusiasm and energy and freedom and they create and score GOALS!

  6. you are absolutely right in terms of goals scored, enthusiasm and energy on Thursday nights, it is the best, but what I mean is that it is on Thursday and not on normal EPL matches so that we can play Tuesday/Wednesday. We should play the same players the same system and the same methodology on EPL nights that we play on Thursday nights. The best should be for the EPL matches, and that is where Emery is going wrong. The fact that is that these exciting and pleasing results are on Thursday and not on EPL days.

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