Tierney is far too expensive for a summer return to Celtic

Kieran Tierney is looking for a new club following his return from Real Sociedad this summer.

He spent the last campaign on loan at the Spanish club, but they did not sign him permanently, which has left Arsenal with a new problem ahead of next season.

Tierney is not in the Gunners’ immediate or future plans, so Mikel Arteta wants him to leave.

The defender is also eager to find a new permanent home where he can be trusted as a first-choice player.

However, Arsenal has not had many clubs showing interest in Tierney so far, making it a challenging situation. The only team that has expressed interest is Celtic.

His former team would be happy to reunite with the left-back, which is good news for Arsenal. However, a report on Football Insider claims that Celtic simply cannot afford to sign Tierney at the moment.

The report reveals that both Tierney and the Scotsmen are eager to make the transfer happen, but Celtic do not have the financial means to sign him, and he is simply too expensive for them this summer.

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Tierney is a player who has to leave us this summer, so it is sad that Celtic is struggling to make the move happen.


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  1. If Arsenal wants Tierney off their books, they’ll have to lower their price so that Celtic can buy him. The alternative is that Arsenal will probably have to keep him (and pay him) for the rest of his contract even though he’s unlikely to get much playing time. For the player and both clubs it’s surely better he leaves Arsenal.

  2. Is he going to increase in value, no…so sell for whatever offer you get and get the wages/player off the books. If he’s too bad to even be a bench player for Arsenal then he can’t be worth much right?

  3. Loan with obligation to buy sounds sensible. Probably will have to be linked to his fitness levels and appearances.

  4. Always played well against the bottom half table teams when we had a large possession rate and was on the attack most of the game, but he showed weaknesses against the top 6 teams that had the 50 50 possession and was equal in attack or was constantly counter attacking down our left.
    In Scotland he won’t have that problem and would probably again end up their player of the season against easier opposition.

  5. In the NFL (in America) it is common for a club who signs someone to a contract to later trade the player to another club and pick up part of the salary so the new club will only be responsible for a fraction of it. This often makes economic sense.

  6. I’m disappointed for KT. Like ESR, there were high hopes and yet for both players, injuries have hampered their development.

    I agree that trying to hold out for more than is realisable is counterproductive.

    1. I agree, squad harmony has a value in itself, it would be awkward and counterproductive (good word SueP) to have Tierney in the squad next season – doesn’t do anyone any good and can become a negative no-one wants club/player/team mates

      unfortunately Tierney is stuck in the past, and it is not just he can’t fulfil inverted-left back, but just not have the technical ball at feet skills for an Arsenal level playing out from the back

      not fault or blame, just the way it is, KT is still fantastic at bombing down the wing but that is not the game anymore at the top level

      so not quite ripping up the contract yet but must be gone permanently in this window

      1. Arsenal1886
        As you say, no point clinging on. Hopefully the powers that be upstairs have something up their collective sleeves. I just hope for his sake that he is able to have a better outlook injury wise.

        1. agreed, all the best for Tierney

          but let’s not delude ourselves that injury is what has kept him out of Arsenal XI

          unfortunately elite football is at a different level now, Arsenal are luck we have kept up, Tierney is unfortunate because he hasn’t

          can still have successful career and make a good living, but not golden circle material (i didn’t go to Oxbridge either)

  7. Hope Kieran finds a club that will appreciate what he can offer and I hope Arsenal treat him well He is one of the nicest players to ever play for Arsenal a kind decent young man who has maintained his work ethic and personal values and integrity…incredibly unlucky with injuries …..I will continue to follow his wonderful career with interest

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