Tierney: It was easy decision to leave Arsenal

Kieran Tierney may have just hinted at a future away from Arsenal in his recent admission when asked about leaving Arsenal for Real Sociedad in the summer.

The 26-year-old is one of the best left-backs in the game. In the 2022–23 season, however, he was a victim of Mikel Arteta’s new game plan. Mikel Arteta adopted a new tactic after signing Oleksander Zinchenko in the summer of 2022, playing the Ukrainian as an inverted fullback. This revolutionary method helped Arsenal excel and caught many teams off guard. Tierney was unable to thrive in the inverted left-back role, which severely reduced his game time, making him a peripheral player.

If he hadn’t left, there’s no reason to believe he would have played a significant role this season, considering that even with Zinchenko out injured, he wasn’t counted on, with Tomiyasu and Kiwior ahead of him as options at left back, as seen in pre-season and at the start of the season.

Anyway, when asked if leaving Arsenal was a difficult decision in an interview with the Daily Record, the Scottish international stated that it was not. His admission is surprising given the fact that Arsenal is in top shape; they’re flying at the moment; leaving at the moment should be difficult.”Was it a hard decision? No, it was an easy decision,” admitted Tierney regarding leaving Arsenal. “It was a big decision, but an easy decision. Clearly, it’s a big change for me.

“Culturally, the league, the language—everything is different. But I think you have to embrace it and put yourself in uncomfortable positions sometimes.

“You just have to enjoy it; go make the most of it and learn everything you can. I want to grow as a person and grow as a player, and that’s my ambition.”

Although his loan deal with Real Sociedad does not include a buy option, the ex-Celtic man is unlikely to return to the Emirates. He does not appear nostalgic about leaving, implying that he has moved on and sees his future elsewhere. What will Arsenal do with him?

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  1. Why on earth do you make 2 +2 = 5?
    Of course it was an easy decision!!
    You have just stated he’s one of the best fullbacks around who needs playing time – then go on to say he doesn’t fit into MA’s current game plan.

    So when another club comes calling for his services, he jumps at it and so would any other sensible player.

    That doesn’t mean he wants to leave the club – it means he is taking the opportunity to play football again.

    It could be that he enjoys life in Spain and might want to move there permanently.
    In which case, as MA has shown, he will get his wish… unless MA changes his formation again.

    1. 👍 Also ken, easy decision to make to move on when the manager doesn’t respect your talents and doesnt select you. To maintain his position in the Scotland team. Tierney must be getting game time at his club.

  2. If he does really well out there, it’s possible arteta will change his view and want to put him in our team – then it will be a decision for KT. As things stand, I expect he’ll end up leaving, hopefully having increased his value.
    I do like hearing tierney’s thoughts on this. He has a refreshingly positive outlook. I hope he finds what he’s looking for.

  3. Daniel making a mountain out of a mole hill. Just because it was an easy decision for him to make, it doesn’t mean he wants to leave us or that Arteta wants him out of the club, otherwise there would be an option to buy. He might not fit into the way we presently play but things could well change next season. Anyway, I hope you do well, Tesco.

  4. I envisage no permanent return to us for Tierney He was NOT an MA fit and it is clear and has been clear for a long while, that MA does not see him as a fit in the style he wants to play.

    He will in time move on elsewhere and lets just hope we get some proper money in return.

  5. 😇Jon, I thought for a second that you had recognised something :
    “He was not a MA… I thought the next word would be signing… but it was” fit”.

    I believe both words fit, but I disagree that Tierney will not return and we will get money for him (if he leaves) because he is a first class defender.

    1. Ken then you agree, as I said I see no PERMANENT return, meaning I think he will return, but only briefly while we try to sell him to another club and for hopefully much money. Nothing to disagree about, I would have thought!

      Unless you envisage him returning and then being MA s first choice and staying long term

      I also never said I was at all happy he is leaving on loan or happy that I think he will not be back, except briefly, while we move him on.
      I simply said I see him as NOT a fit for the style of play MA wants to use. Do you still disagree with THAT? If so, please explain why!

      1. 😇Jon, I never say never, remember Henry returning?

        As I said further up, MA could change the way he sets up his team, so I still see Tierney as a valuable asset, both as a player and in financial terms.

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