Tierney plays in short sleeves while Saka was freezing cold

The game at the weekend at West Brom was the first game I have seen played in a snow blizzard for quite some time, and it was touch and go at one point that the games may have been postponed, with around four inches of snow on the ground an hour before the game.

But luckily it held off for a while after the game started, and the Gunners were 2-0 up be half time, thanks to Tierney and Saka, before the blizzard started again in earnest. The first goal was a brilliant individual effort from Tierney, who was playing in his trademark short-sleeved shirt, and seemed totally unaffected by the weather. “Yeah, it is what it is.” Tierney said. “I played in Scotland for my full career so I’m quite used to a bit of cold weather.”

On the other hand, Bukayo Saka, who was brought up in Ealing, West London, is not so used to seeing so much of the white stuff, but still managed to perform magnificently. “Wow, it was so cold, the ice was getting under my boots!” Saka told Arsenal.com. “My boots were frozen, I felt like I was ice skating at times, it was good that we got through it and we managed to get the win in the end.”

So Saka’s goal was even more impressive with the one-touch precision football involving so many players. He explained “[For my goal] Emile saw me around the corner and played it first time and then I went to Lacazette and Emile made the third-man run and luckily Emile saw me in the middle of the open goal. It was great goal from all of us, one-touch play and this is the football that we love to play.”

Mind you it’s no wonder they were moving so fast, they were too cold to stand still!

Luckily our next five games are at the Emirates and Southampton, so there is unlikely to be so much snow, and the cold snap should be over by the time we go back up to the Midlands to play Wolves and Aston Villa at the beginning of February…

That will cheer Saka uyp!

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  1. Would love to see Quenduzi back at the Emirates hope he can settle his differences Martinelli,saka,esr, quenduzi plenty of pace

    If Tierney is not our captain by next season I will be amazed. The outstanding candidate and esp as the present holder, Auba, is the most unsuitable of all our squad to captain.

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