Tierney’s wonder goal against WBA – Was it a cross?

Can Kieran be our additional striker if we ever fall short? 😂

There is no denying that Kieran Tierney’s goal was a sublime one against West Brom to get the ball rolling for our boys in the snow over the weekend, but what I don’t get is why some of the players think it was a cross! Or are they just trying to wind him up with the high spirits that are apparent in the team right now?

Now I’m not a professional but from the slight experience I have within football even I could tell it wasn’t a cross, not from the angle that it left his foot from anyhow!

Speaking to the Arsenal website Kieran confirmed some of the boys are “calling it a cross”!
And we know Kieran doesn’t score many, why should he he is a defender he can’t do it all on his own can he, but I think the boys should give credit where credit is due, it was not a cross, far from it, Saka’s goal against Chelsea to me seemed more of a cross than Kieran’s so I will bite the bullet and say well done Kieran on a sublime goal, it was nowhere near a cross in my opinion, and it had the perfect pace behind it and curled nicely into the back of the net, some call it lucky, some call it a cross but even some strikers cannot work the ball the way Kieran did.

Although we may not see another one like that from him in a long long time or maybe ever again, all I can say is Kieran ‘take a bow son’, after all the work you put in for the team and sometimes end up being on the wrong side of the results, this time your hard work paid off and deservedly so!!

Gooners was it a cross? Or a well worked shot that fooled everyone!?

Shenel Osman

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  1. No way was that a cross. That was pure class. I had visions of a young Gareth bale tormenting the left wing as a LB.

    Beautiful goal. I have loved KT since he started and wearing the captains armband then doing that wow. That looked like something from a top class team

  2. Of course it was just the other players winding him up, anybody with a fraction of football knowledge would know that Tierney’s goal wasn’t a cross. I also think that sakas goal was a cross.

  3. How could that be a cross?. Anyone who calls that a cross do not know football. Well done @KT

  4. Of Course K T’s brilliant goal was intentional, and as for Saka’s goal, I am not the only one who noticed him looking at the goal, goalkeeper, before taking his shot. Make of that what you want.

  5. “Was it a cross”? Oh dear Shenel! How little you seem to understand about how players constantly wind up teammates. TWAS EVER THUS AND TWILL EVER BE AND THANK GOD TOO. But brighter folk know the difference between lighthearted dresssing room banter and a serious enquiry on which your non too deep thinking article APPEARS to be based.
    What is more and in all seriousness, I am convinced that even YOU know that was 100% intended as a scoring shot but your urge to write articles overrides your concern for the truth and you are attracted, like moths to a flame, to anything that has a hint- even in just your own head- to providing an excuse for an “article”.

    For context, you have written some fine and serious articles in the past and my advice , honestly well meant too, is to stick to REAL subjects and not repeat this excuse for a subject ever again. You have deservedly been shot down by all the above posters who unanimously dismiss your opportunistic and fake question as the nonsense it is.

    That is how you lose credibility and any reputation as a writer you may have, among serious minded fans.

      1. Tony It was a deliberately harsh post designed to try to steer this keen and in many ways able young man away from becoming a writer of fake articles and thus sell himself short.
        He has more talent as a budding writer than some think , perhaps even he himself. I write professionally and have for years and I will always try to steer budding young writers, IF they have talent, which he does, in the right direction. And away from selling themselves short.

        Hope that explains what could well be seen as a too harsh post. Always better to be totally honest and give meaningful feedback than to write just for writings sake. Hope you agree!

        1. Shenel is a young woman as it has been said by Pat. Maybe you missed that but you now know. There are many writers in this blog and its a good thing they have different styles. This bring a good balance. If all articles were deep thinking we would have one article per week and it would’ve been boring. You can’t have too much of one thing.

          I once thought too she writes too many articles but when she paused you could feel the difference. Her articles play an important role in feeding us something new to read nearly every day.

          I can now know an article from Shenel, Dan Smith and Konstantinov just by a headline or first sentence because they have their distinct styles.

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