Tim Howard explains why it won’t be a failure if Arsenal does not win the title

Tim Howard has picked Arsenal to win the Premier League in his pre-season prediction in the last two campaigns.

The American has followed the club’s growth and is confident they are doing the right thing at the Emirates.

Arsenal remains one of the favourites to be champions and are sitting comfortably at the top of the Premier League standings now.

However, Manchester City has two games in hand on the Gunners, and if they win both matches, they will return to the top of the standings.

This makes some fans worry that the Citizens will be champions of England again at the end of this term.

If that happens, Arsenal supporters will be heartbroken, but Howard insists it will not mean their team has failed again.

He explains in the Daily Mail:

“I have backed Arsenal to win the Premier League for two successive seasons. I was wrong last year and – even after Tuesday’s demolition of Chelsea – there is a decent chance that Mikel Arteta will go without a trophy once more.

“So would that represent failure for this team and this manager? I don’t think so. And here’s why: very few teams do what Leicester did and win the Premier League out of nowhere. Very few teams pop up all of a sudden and land a major trophy.

“The vast majority have to go close and fail. Then go closer and fail again before eventually it happens. Manchester City had to do that – even after buying all these superstars and pumping all this money into the club.”

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Some neutrals will agree that we deserve to be the champions of England at the end of this season because of how we have worked hard in this campaign.

However, we must keep working until the end and return for next season prepared to be champions regardless of how this term ends.

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  1. It also helps that Everton have had a brilliant night at Goodison. Never saw that coming.

    Not over yet by any means – as I punch the air in delight for now. COYG

  2. It would be heart-breaking if we fail to win the EPL title after all the record landmark achievements the team has recorded this season – most goals scored; least goals conceded; clear head-to-head superiority over the other two contestants; most clean sheets, etc, etc.
    But, as Howard observed, it wouldn’t be a disaster for me. I’d look forward with optimism to next season. There are good reasons to do so: our young team would have added some more maturity; and we expect some significant investments into the squad.
    Last season some observers were of the view that Arsenal lost their opportunity for glory which would not come again. But it did this season.
    Having said all that, I’m still believing that our team will lift the EPL trophy in May. COYG!

  3. Most pundits base their predictions on past records, personal assumptions and sentiment. Therefore, I don’t read to much into what they have to say. Because, they will say “A” now and say “B” the next minute.

    Anything can still happen, arsenal can still win the premier league this season and even if arsenal fail to win the league this season, it is obvious that the gap between Arsenal, Mancity and Liverpool has been closed.

    Which means going forward and based on the consistent improvement made over the last 3 seasons at arsenal football club; if it continues, Arsenal will soon start to dominate both England and European football; winning all the major trophies.

    We came close last season, this season is even closer and not over yet. I can’t for next season.

  4. “Some neutrals will agree that we deserve to be the champions of England at the end of this season because of how we have worked hard in this campaign.”

    This Neutral (see what I did there?) knows that hard work is a given in any walk of life, it doesnt meant you deserve anything except to get paid for doing it.

    And – what you learn as you go through life is that what people get is not often what they seem to deserve (good or bad).

    Simple fact: if City win their last games they win the PL, it doesnt matter what anyone else does.

    It wont be “failure” for Arsenal or LP it will be a good season, without a trophy. It will show that last season was no fluke. It will show that the trajectory is upwards. All good. Bodes well for the future.

    When the likes of Cedric and about 9 others are off the books, then we’ll see where Arsenal is in the grand scheme of things.

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