Time for Arsenal fans to stop Wenger protests…for now at least

Arsenal fans need to get behind the team and the manager by Sam P.

Some Arsenal fans have not been happy with the club for keeping Arsene Wenger as our manager for some time now and even though the pressure may have been taken off the Frenchman by the team ending the long trophy drought and then backing it up with back to back FA cup wins at Wembley, the failure so far this season to take advantage of the struggles of the Premier League big boys has brought it all back with a bang.

I get that and I am pretty sure that the boss, the board and the players get it too. I am even feeling a lot closer to wanting a change at the top myself, even if I do have big worries about Arsenal doing a Man United when we replace such a long serving manager.

But I also think that now is the time for everyone at Arsenal to pull together, while there is still a chance of making something from the season. And I do see a place in the Champions League next year as a goal and something that should not be taken for granted. You can bet that Louis van Gaal is desperate to get into the top four and thatWest Ham would be over the moon if they can make it.

So the Gunners have to keep focus and keep fighting, especially while there is the outside chance of winning the title. The moaning and protesting of fans is only going to hurt our chances of success on the pitch as it does get noticed by the players and we know that any extra pressure on them and Wenger does not help them to perform.

When the dust has settled and we are definitely out of the title race and/or have guaranteed a top four spot, then you can bring your banners and complain as much as you want. For now can we all just get behind the boss and the players?

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  1. I’m really looking forward to when spu slip a bit and we eventually go past them, then them realising how close they were but in reality not close at all because Arsenal finished ahead of them. It will be a good feeling.

    It would have, and should have happened sooner except for the Gabriel performance along with Giroud in the game previous to the Tott-Ars game, and then Coquelin making a stupid decision in that actual game. So it’s not like Tott are red hot or anything because we should have cruised past them by now, however, I reckon it’s still going to happen.

    We looked dynamite in our last game and they (tott) have some tough fixtures coming up, the boys better not let us down from here on out.

    Hope to see the same level of determination as our previous game, same partnerships from back to front and hope to watch some beautifully played football.

    1. Beautiful? Let’s hope so.
      Arsenal has played 45
      competitive matches
      this season. I think
      we bossed 5 games.
      The other 40 were torture to watch.
      Losses to Swansea Southampton Man U
      WBA WHam Chelsea x2 were hardly beautiful.
      Losses to Sheffield Wed and Watford in the domestic cups
      or the home loss to Olympiacos and away loss to Dynamo
      in the ECL could not be considered footballing perfection.
      We can only get better…I hope.

    2. Overtaking spuds is ur problem huh?

      I’m not worried bout where we find ourselves at the end of the season……cuz i knw it will down to our performance and theirs

      i’m more worried bout how we bottled it up and can’t set our targets at Lifting the Trophy

      1. No your right lets just forget about getting past spu to instead just wallow in misery. Sure the title is gone so lets just concede defeat before every game now so we can all have a proper piss and moan ..does that suit the no1 fan.

  2. Honestly,have been thinking our excesses are too much and we complain too much( me included)…
    When we are talking of traditional EPL big boys,we are definitely one of them…
    I don’t want this to be long but the truth is among these ‘traditional big boys’, we are still the best..I don’t think I need to explain much on that…
    Look, all am I saying is not to support Wenger or come against him, all am saying is that the season is just a super crazy season, I mean just cast your mind back to the upsets that has happened this season and it has been coming for a long time now.Is this not part of the reasons we love the EPL?? Competitiveness and unpredictability????
    This is an odd season, a very odd one,and the only thing that will ruin it for me is if Spurs win it..apart from that it will an interesting season for me!
    Best case scenario:Arsenal win..leicester second..
    Good case scenario.Leicester win,Arsenal second
    Worst case S:Spurs win,Leicester 2nd!

    1. If your worst case scenario means we get rid of the manager, then it’s not really bad scenario (Still Arsenal wining the league is my best scenario too) …

      1. Yes, and the best way to win the league is to get rid of Wenger now. Bould will take us to the title. I can see the headlines now. Amazing how your mind works. Save some of that stuff you smoking for me because it looks really, really good.

  3. I want Wenger out, FACT….but I also think we have made our points clear and concise to Wenger and the board the last couple of weeks so YES, we need to get behind him and the players for the rest of the season…..let us give him a long rope to hang himself with, protesting and unfurling banners saying ‘wenger must go’ will be detrimental to our goal of getting shot of Wenger….no excuses if fans been negative, no excuses of fans putting players under pressure by booing….let us 100% support Wenger and the players for the rest of the season, that way they will not have any more excuses for underperforming or been plain rubbish…coyg!!!!;

    1. I see no logic in your comment …
      Don’t you think these banners put pressure on the players to give more (recent games for example) !! … Don’t you think the banners will put pressure on the board to replace the manager or at least force him to deliver (quality players + trophies) ! …
      We demand change …
      I see banners and chants are must, every game for the good of this club future …

      1. Can I just ask if you have ever been to a game? It’s only because you are asking others to do your protesting for you…..

        1. I live far abroad, unfortunately … I will take my banner when I have that pleasure, promise …

      2. Come to think of, if it were not for the banner I doubt Arsenal would have won it. You are a genius. Quick, people! Make as many Wenger out banners and come at game holding them up. This is our title winning strategy. Forget about game preparation, forget about form or injuries. Order some banners and show them. Title is ours, all it takes are more banners.
        But first you must attend a game and it would be a big ask because apparently you support Arsenal from behind your monitor. Geez, how old are you, may I ask?

        1. Ok, what is your plan Budd …
          Mine is to get a new manager (and board, hopefully) to take us to next step …
          If your plan is support the manager then I’m afraid that’s not working .. we have been doing it long ago and look at us now, more than 10yrs without a title (EPL) …
          Stop these sarcastic comments, or you just skip my comment …

          1. I have no plan. And even if I had it wouldn’t matter. I am just a supporter. Not sure if you understand this.

  4. No u gotta have to stop telling us to calm down after a decade of being in a maximum security prison of mediocrity!

    That’s a Lot of Time to have put a Man’s house in order and set things right……..but not Wenger

    1. So you rather give up the fight while there may be a chance, as slim as it is just to fight your feud with Wenger. A feud which you claerly won’t win because he will be here no matter what you want. So called fans (I know you are not an Arsenal fan, I can smell your type from a mile off but that’s another story for another day) wanting their team to lose is just mind blowing. But then again, don’t let a day be gone without hammering Arsenal. It just proves my point.

      1. And you are the type that prefer short term success with long term pain. Arsenal fans are the weakest minded people on the earth plane. Sometimes you can wish you team failures in hoping things will change. There is nothing wrong with that, and that doen’t make him a lesser fan than you. And that’s so called fight won’t be won because of people like you who has forgotten their value as fans. If you don’t want to protest then stop moaning about arsenal failures, because it’s clear you enjoy mediocrity

        1. If I was about short term succes I was doing the same remarks as he did. Wishing your team failure is not what suppoerters do. What will this change? Especially now?
          And the fight you mention won’t be won not because of people like me, is beacuse of people running the club. As a supporter, the minimum I can do is to support my team through every result. Sure, I may have my oppinions on how games are prepared but one thing is a given, I have absolutely no saying in it. A supporter is with his team through good times but especially bad times. That’s is where weed is separated by the good crop.
          I am not the one moaning, it is you and your group. I am there, supporting the team here through every failure. I have picked Arsenal as my team 30 years ago because nothing came free for them. There’s always something in the way and the victories are even sweeter when you support such a club. 30 years ago there were no Arsenal supporters around, only Liverpool and Manchester. Hell, even Leeds ones were far more than Arsenal. Those were the times I did not have to battle Arsenal fans because there were none, we were the Leicester of today. You on the other hand have a battle and is not even with the opponents, it is with your team. And unfortunately this is the sad state of the internet supporters today. They think they have a divine right to win everything and get annoyed by the lack of spending. When that blows in their face then they find yet another reason. Moaning he says, I call that hypocrisy. This is what it is.

          1. You are about short term because you enjoy a manager that gives you half decent season every year over the last 5 or 6 years. Honestly i don’t care how much we spend because we won’t win under AW. The guy today tactially is a mess. Weitehr we bring elite players or not we won’t win. He doesn’t know how to use them anymore and make them look ordinary. Icalled you moaner because you’re among those who complain we didn’t do this or that, we could have done this etc.. and yet of doing something about. When next season comes they’ll be line for eason tickets and continue to buy merchandisin without nothing in return. The board and AW dont care about the fans and yet you’re still loyal like good kids. Of course they’ll continue to take you for granted and nothing will change

            1. You must be new here but I don’t mind repeating myself. I do not enjoy a manager as I don’t enjoy a bad game. As for tactics I doubt you are the one giving advice to Alan Shearer let alone Wenger.
              My allegiance is not to the board or Wenger. I was here long before them and probably long after they will leave. When I go to the games is not because of the board or Wenger, I go see 11 players wearing Arsenal jersey and root for them, suffer when they are out performed but I will never doubt them. Never did and never do. You can pick your players and your manager, go right ahead. Even better, you can make your own fantasy team. Is a free country.

      2. “I know you are not an Arsenal fan”
        So you Arsene boy is the real Arsenal fan …
        “wanting their team to lose is just mind blowing”
        He didn’t say that …
        “But then again, don’t let a day be gone without hammering Arsenal”
        Because there is not much to feel content about at Arsenal nowadays …

        1. There is no such thing as a real fan. You either fan or you are not. I was here way before Wenger and I will be long after he leaves. You on the other hand know only Wenger and I do feel for you. To me the manager was something which was there by default. My eyes were on the field watching 11 guys kicking a ball hopefully in the net. Or do you think I am happy with our play in the last months? What do I have to do? Scream at them and unfurl banners because they play bad? I lost count on how many bad games I have seen from Arsenal. Someday you are good, someday you are not so good. And some day the opponents were simply better than you. Or some day you were simply unlucky or you have been caught unprepared. This is the way life goes. Mine, yours, Arsenal and so on. I doubt you are made of succeses but if that’s true, good for you. I can’t say the same about me and because of that I don’t demand perfection.

          1. I did not like it when you said “I know you are not an Arsenal fan” just because he has comments you didn’t like …
            We moan not because we lost a single match or a couple of matches rather than the system runs this club … Wenger is the arrowhead of the system, didn’t he say he has a strong say of how things running in this club …
            We see moaning and raising banners and chants toward the board and the manager might have a positive effect, you see it the other way, that’s all …
            BTW I like your reply this time …

    2. Yes….. Offer the oLdie a 3yrs contract and double his 8mil…… Hopefully that would make him Less senile in the future

      when most agile managers are out ere cutting it for peanuts….. Yet we are stucked with grandpa and scared of change

      wenger knows the board ain’t a serious bunch(silly and useless) and he can’t stand up against em to save his neck and he’s been paid 8mil a yr to shut-up and do his business(Money making)…..He’s willing to ruin his reputation (if he has one) and take the fall for the love of money…..Wenger and the board….. Partners in crime


  5. When I said we are better than the traditional big boys, I am talking of this season majorly…
    And then to add to it, I hear people say we can’t win it again after this season..Really???
    The reasons stated are Pep to City,Mourinho to ManU, Conte to Chelsea,Klopp at Pool and buying his won players,stronger Spurs..etc.and the fact that those teams can afford to spend it all, bar Spurs, they are all wise predictions.
    But in my opinion or prediction,I think almost the same will happen next season because most of these clubs will also look to rebuild.only Arsenal and Spurs will remain stable..ManU,city,Pool,Chelsea, will continue their tansitions and rebuilding,it may work and it may not work for them,but hour fact is,they will all be affected somehow…
    We all want our club to do well but it is not our birthright!!

    1. but it is our birthright to whatever we can to win and if at the end of the day we don’t win then so be it. But we didn’t do that. Transition phase is a unavoidable and personally i prefer sooner rather than later. There are so many thing wrong with this club at so many levels people are afraid to see it and prefer to enjoy one or two victorie here and there. Change will happen weither we like or not and i’m just curious how you will react when thet change comes

      1. I don’t think you get me right,I didn’t even say we shouldn’t replace Wenger…I just want us to acknowledge that this season is a very strange one that’s all!
        Just bcos the’ big boys’ have problems doesn’t mean winning the league is our ‘turn’….
        I feel we are being too hard on our team and manager….
        And then I am also curious to see ur reaction when a new manager comes in and it becomes worse

        1. You’ll never know untill you try and if that’s the case we find nother one untill we have the right one for us; because for me AW is not that guy anymore. Idon’t really care how much we spend during the transfer market because as long as he is in charge i fear success is far away from the emirates but may be i’m wrong and i’ll be glad to be proven wrong.

  6. Why you always keep repeating the example of ManUnited?
    Why cannot we be any other good example !
    One day we will have another manager, Wenger is not immortals …
    We want him out … the sooner the better …

    1. Because this is the most recent example. And Real Madrid is yet another one. True, Wenger will leave one day. Probably sooner the better, only time will tell. But right now it is not about Wenger no matter how hard you try. The owners just proposed another three year deal or so did Piers Morgan heard through the grapevines. You think they did that because they thought Wenger is a bad manager? To them, Wenger is the best man for the job, simple as that. And no matter what you say you can’t change their minds. Besides, why do you think Wenger will accept the proposal now?

      1. I didn’t get you here …
        You just want us to take it as it comes … just accept it …
        “To them, Wenger is the best man for the job, simple as that”
        What is he to you as an Arsenal supporter ?

        1. Where did you get that from? If anything is exactly not accept it. Learn from their mistakes so that you don’t do the same. History laughs at us mortals by repeating itself. And most of the times we simply ignore it.

      2. Wenger is paid 8mill to shut up and to make miracles happen. Who ever cannot see that needs to find another sport. Please stop with there is a slim chance we can win the league and stop being naive. The league is lost. Three games to be won out of 7 for Leicester and a draw or so while Arsenal need to win all there games. Let’s be realistic. Then if Leicester fail what makes you think spurs with Kane rose alli and erikison will. Budd and NY gunner please find another sport how about another team

        1. @afc92
          You’ve confused me. Budd and NY G need to find another sport because Arsenal won’t win the League? How does that follow?

          I thought you were the one that wanted a team that wins every game?

  7. Yes! We will have a new anager one day but all am saying it not even about a new manager perse but on the way things are actually in the Epl…
    No manager can just come in and dominate just like that, it becomes harder every season..
    The only teams I know in the world that are not really affected by managerial and team team transitions is Barca and Bayern, even Madrid suffers the same…
    Arsenal fans just need to calm down and analyse things properly and carefuly and not allow our hatred for Wenger and hsi ways cloud our judgements sometimes

  8. off topic= i think our Jack Wilshere should go out on loan for a season to a southern Spanish club to heal his bones, its proven that ( + old wife’s tail ) the sun’s vitamin “D” makes your bones stronger,

    Just a thought i hate to see him in the physio room again and again his such a talented player love to see him play free of injury and the fear of injury

  9. Wenger has no idea how to win the PL anymore
    In fact Wenger inherited the Invincibles defence. He inherited Patrick Viera. He never built a WC defense or signed a WC DM his whole career

    He doesn’t believe that a top DM is necessary to winning trophies
    We will never win the PL with Wenger in charge
    This season has proven it. He didn’t sign a top DM or striker last summer
    He won’t this summer because he will keep Giroud, Walcott, welbeck, iwobi, Campbell. He will say that we have plenty of strikers

  10. why is Arsenal fearful to Change,even when things are not moving fine? Arsene is responsible for Arsenal Misfortunes and is time for Him to step down if he (Wenger) truly want Arsenal to become a Successful Club

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