Time for Arsenal to drop Monreal and give Gibbs a chance?

You will not find too many Arsenal fans with many good things to say about the performance of Nacho Monreal against West Ham, as the Spanish left back was all at sea and hopelessly out of place against the hat-trick hero of the Hammers. And even though Andy Carroll is a bit of a special case and Arsenal will not have to face him this weekend, is could be time for Arsene Wenger to drop Monreal to the bench and give Kieran Gibbs a chance.

There are a couple of good reasons for starting Gibbs against Crystal Palace on Sunday and the first is that the game at the Emirates is likely to be dominated by Arsenal as we try to break down a spirited and solid defence. Gibbs may have been the second choice left back this season but he still appears to have the edge when it comes to the attacking side of the role.

Wenger has actually been using him as a left winger so he obviously has not given up on Gibbs and the second reason why now might be the right time to give him a run in the side is the Euro 2016 tournament. Gibbs will still be hoping to be part of the England squad but he missed the last international break because lack of game time meant he was not picked.

But he is very close as Roy Hodgson called him up when Ryan Bertrand picked up a knock. Gibbs was already away on a break unfortunately but it does mean that a run of games and some good performances could see him on the plane to France and that would surely provide a big inspiration to the player.

What do you think Gooners?

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    1. This season is not over for Arsenal, we still have the fight for 3/4th place. Man city could well overtake us.

      1. Gibbs is fully rested, and he is reliable most of the time. It might be a plus adding his energy to the team.

        1. gibbs is reliable ?
          hes reliable in the same way…

          wengers a teenager
          giroud plays like neymar
          your handsome
          and nirvana are a danish dubstep group from the 60’s

          1. Most of the time he is, if he were unreliable less than half the time he wouldn’t be an England international and he wouldn’t be ahead of other sides first team players.

            Gibbs is more of a modern fullback, which means he can get caught out esp playing at Arsenal. This is a problem for many Arsenal players. But stick him in that Leic team or any defence orientated team and he would do just fine.

            Sure is it not Klopp that wants Gibbs, if he leaves for another team it will be in a team in the top half table.

    2. My goodness and you think Gibbs can stop crosses, he can’t even tackle and is more into pulling his shorts up than defending. Monreal can’t be blamed as others also did not know how to handle Carroll and West ham on the whole, we pooped our selves every time a cross came over, Wenger should have bought Chambers on in second half for Bellerin as his ability to head the ball was also our weekness. The truth hurts but we are not very good at changing our game at 2-0 up to close it out. George Grahame would have , with to hell with boring booring Arsenal its 3 points is 3 points CB

  1. Yeah, I think that’s a good idea, it’s fair. Also if rumours are true this could be his last season, so it would be nice for him to play in front of the faithful as a send off.

  2. I disagree. Monreal wasn’t convincing but lets be honest: Gibbs would still have been bullied by Carroll in the air and would still have been outpaced and outmuscled by michail Antonio. No panic.

    1. monreal is twice the player gibbs has always been
      thats never changed.
      if monreal scored 5 own goals. headbutted cech an stole my girlfriend…
      yes hes still in the starting 11

      1. Agreed muff.

        Gibbs is another overatted British token player. Monreal has been outstanding for AFC both in defense and going forward and is 100 times the player that Gibbs is.

      2. Yes but if that happened, we’d have badly lost a game, Cech concussed, and Monreal would look a plum next to his blow up doll.

  3. Apparently, rumours suggest that Wenger will listen to offers for Gibbs, Walcott and the Ox in the summer.
    If that is the case then It would make sense if Wenger gave all 3 player’s some game time to enhance their chances of getting into the England Squad, which would put them in shop window at the Euro’s, a good performance from these player’s will increase their values, If only Wenger’s team motivating could match his Money Making Motivations!
    We would have won the quadruple! ????

    1. didnt he recently say theo is goin no where
      an he rates ox.

      whats with the ‘beige rage’

      like the old song said…

      “hey fatty- leave those kids alone”

      1. Hahaha ? Was that fatty a Teacher? ?

        You should know better than believing what wenger says or said! ?

        Did he have his poker faced smirk, when he said that? ?
        Or was it the same expression as when he said that Welbeck would be ready for the start of the season, when he knew full well that the player was going in hospital for knee surgery? ?

  4. anyone doing anything about their dissapointment with Wenger and the current and seemingly never ending regime?

    I mean apart from drinking heavily and hitting the dog!

    More like refraining from paying money to AFC or protesting or hiring a hit man for Wenger..

    1. I’ve not handed over a penny since about a year after Silent Stan joined and I had time to learn about his other teams, since then I have put everything I would spend in a ISA.

      I was tempted to spend it the year we bought Alexis but had a feeling we would have a bad transfer window next time around and waited to see…

      So yeah, still saving, saved up a fair amount :O

      1. FairPlay!

        If everyone (a utopian dream) did their bit AFC would feel the pinch eventually and perhaps revise the strategy for growing the ‘brands’ audience.

  5. New lb
    2 new cbs
    10-15 goal winger

    And we should find starters in these positions not just squad players.
    As I am not yet convinced by anyone in these positions.
    Though Iwobi and campbell might come good in the future

  6. So now match-day squad is based on upcoming international tournaments and not what’s best for the club, Arsenal FC ?

  7. Yep. Okay with me.
    Our season is over

    These results would be like kicking sand in our faces
    Man City winning CL and League Cup
    Leicester or Spurs winning PL
    Man Utd winning FA Cup
    Arsenal winning 4th cup trophy

  8. City coming to life.
    I think they have a great chance tonight.

    Hope they do it, even though they would likely get found out further down the line..

    Oh to reach such dizzy heights:)

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