Time for Arsenal to forget Lemar and go for Mahrez?

If the latest Arsenal transfer rumours are true, or some of them at least, then Arsene Wenger is ready to test the resolve of his former club AS Monaco for a fourth time this summer, by making yet another bid for their France international star Thomas Lemar.

Maybe his connection with the club is leading him to believe that Arsenal finally getting the talented 21-year old is simply a matter of getting the transfer fee right and perhaps this latest bid will do the trick, but if not then I think it is time for our manager to give up, for a number of reasons.

The first is that Lemar is now being linked, as reported by Metro, with a summer transfer to Spain’s La Liga to play for FC Barcelona, who have just been handed around £200 million by PSG for Neymar who just happens to play on the same left flank as Lemar. If this is true then we may as well forget him.

Another reason is that, even though the Algerian international Riyad Mahrez is currently still with Leicester City that may not be true for long. As reported by Sky Sports, the man who played a major part in the Foxes title winning campaign is just waiting for his club to accept an offer.

And whereas he was thought to prefer Arsenal, Mahrez himself is now talking about a transfer to Roma who have already had bids rejected but could soon be back with one that fits the bill.

The 26-year old said, “I know Roma came in, but nothing was accepted so there is little I can do. They are a great club who I would like to talk to but I can’t until Leicester accept a deal.

“Leicester know my thoughts, but I will continue to give my best for the club as I always have.

“Clearly, it is flattering whenever you get linked with any big clubs, but as it stands, I have not talked to anyone as nobody has had a bid accepted but we nearly have a month left of the transfer window so we will see what happens.”

Do you think it is time for Arsenal to forget about Lemar and go for the seemingly much easier transfer of Mahrez?

Sam P.


  1. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Both want to come to us very much
    We have agreed terms with Lemar but Mahrez would happily choose us over Roma.
    It would be shameful if we didn’t get either or anybody as good or better.

    We need either one pretty badly to put our Attack on par with the top 4 teams

    1. Dory says:

      Those reports that state that Arsenal have agreed to terms with Lemar are flat out bogus. There is no way any team can agree with a player unless 1. A transfer fee has been agreed or 2. The club specifically grants permission for a club to talk to one of its players. And that is only done, when a transfer is agreed to and hammering out the amount of transfer fee is a formality.

      Neither of those happened with Lemar. So, saying that Lemar and Arsenal have agreed to personal terms is bunk and bogus story. I am sorry to say.

  2. Pete says:

    Best get your £50m out then..he aint leaving the mighty foxes for less.

  3. Gabo says:

    There’re times you go for quality – needed or not. Lemar will need to adapt to this league while Mahrez is proven. To let him go will be dumb.

  4. Arsenogenic says:

    This brinkmanship is not kind on the emotional brake lining of fans.

    I know the club has a habit of going in late in the transfer window, for player targets. For whatever reason, I believe we should not allow the season to start before we conclude our signings.

    Wenger needs to be decisive. Delay may not only be dangerous. It may turn out to be suicidal.

  5. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    Now that it’s looking 99% certain that Sanchez will be staying at Arsenal,for at least this season, it’s safe to say that Wenger’s main transfer business is done. He’ll more than likely just sit back now and wait to see if a mega bargain falls from the sky and lands on his lap. You can bet your last dollar on Wenger saying “I won’t be panic-buying” in the last week of the Window, especially if we kick off with another bad start to the new season.

    1. Ranjan Das says:


      Can we play 4-2-3-1 anymore? Do we have the players for that ? the only pure DM that we have is Coq and wenger instead seems to prefer Xhaka – a deep lying playmaker who does not provide enough protection to the back 4. Part of our failings last season was we were not learning from this mistake . So are we left with only 1 option now – go to back 3?

  6. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    Everton are now looking at making a £30 million bid for Danny Setback, if Giroud decides to stay. ?? I say, keep Lampy & Make it £50 million and we’ll chuck in Jack Wheelchair too, Thats two injury prone’s for the price of a Mahrez plus change. ?

    1. Wolf says:

      Yeah? Sell him.

    2. Dory says:

      Agree. Dump Welbeck. For the life of me I simply can’t understand why Wenger and co still have any faith in him. Get rid of him and Giroud. Keep Perez and get Lemar. Mharez was a flash in the pan for 1 season. I don’t want him either.

    3. Ranjan Das says:

      i think the striker situation is clear – no one leaves other than perez. Although I would agree Danny will never be a top striker – may be his energy and speed are indirect weapons for the team.

    4. aidan says:

      Danny welbeck and especially wilshere are great players unfortunately they are injury prone which us such a shame but think wilshere still has future arsenal

  7. Jeremy says:

    We don’t have the luxury of time to choose now, it’s August and not June. And we are already kinda late now, having targeted to complete transfer early, rumored to be the order for AW from the board.

    Transfer infidelity may really see us empty handed.

    But I’m still suspicious of Arsenal’s transfer ambition. Are these people putting up a big show again, to make us believe them tried their best to sign players. I will honestly never believe AW and gang when transfers are concerned until I see players in Arsenal shirts. This is the direct effect after years of lies and falsehood.

    Well… we shall see. Let’s hope some players come in before the window shut.

    1. Ranjan Das says:

      I think one of Mahrez Or Lemar will come in – and as long as that happens I will be happy – I would prefer Lemar but if reports of ManCity and Barca circling are true – we have got no chance.

  8. Raph says:

    …still very surprised that Arsenal is yet to make any bid for Mahrez. Here is one of the best dribblers in EPl, who has used the same rare Talent to conqer the league in only his 2nd attempt. 3 years in EPL is more than enough time to adapt perfectly. A Arsenal-like player who is also a big fan of Arsenal FC.

    Lemar may be potentially good but I think he’s one for the future. He has only performed for 1 year, in a different league.
    Arsenal needs instant results and trophies, not players who be needed for building of long term future. We have seen that over the years. Players bought over the age 24 has been the most contributors and reasons behind our FA Cup sustained victories today.
    Flamini, Sanchez, Coqelin, Ozil, Per.
    Please, in the name of God, Arsenal should go for Mahrez, he is our best option.

  9. Waal2waal says:

    a surprise or two is on the horizon and the doubters will be left redface and head hung in embarrasment

    *do readers think for 1 second wenger doesnt know whats at stake by failing to add quality to the side?

    he knows interest he shows in a player, our rivals try guzump the deals. maybe this time he has interest in someone other than lemar an mahrez – we’ll see.

  10. wilshegz says:

    we play 3421… except he is to be a benchplayer, we don’t need Mahrez… and Lemar ll only be a good signing if he can play CM/Cazorla role.

  11. wilshegz says:

    priority: we play a 3421 so we don’t need another winger or AM cos Alexis-Ozil have the 2 spots.
    we need an improvement in CM… Cazorla n Wilshere are injury-prone n Ramsey is positionally indiscipline n inconsistent.
    …2… we need a third CB…
    Holding is good but still too young to play weekly in EPL,
    Mertesacker is slow n in his final year,
    Gabriel is not too intelligent n flops against technical sides like Bayern,City,Liverpool…
    Monreal like mertesacker struggles against fast forwards plus he gives them too much space in d box with his archaic style of shadow marking.. eg Willian preseason,Sterling,Zaha,Mahrez,Mane,Barrow,Robben etc.
    ..Chambers is yet to prove himself in a big team.

    we have too much quantity n lil quality in CB and we require 3Reliable ones seeing as we play 3421.
    of the reliable ones, Koscielny is 32 n gradually turning injuryprone

  12. Nothing changed says:

    As always we hesitated too long and now with the Neymar deal done we might face competition for Lemar. I think we can forget about him and if we are not carefull and wait too long Mahrez will be gone to. We have to be way more decisive IMO.

  13. jm says:

    Wenger should get him asap

  14. arsenal-steve says:

    I don’t quite understand why we have not signed Riyad Mahrez. We know he has solid Premier League experience and is a really dangerous player. We have all seen that. He is 26 and has a good top class 5 years left. I hope the Juan Cuadrado rumours are wrong because he really looked nothing at Chelsea. We must be honest and recognise we still need a couple of players to take us to a Premiership challenge. We have too many players just not good enough. I hope we go for little Jean Michael Seri as he really is a Santi Cazorla/N’Golo Kanté style player, top notch. I would dream, Seri, Mahrez, Thomas Lemar, but that would depend on selling four or five players. Coquelin, Elneny, Jenkinson, Debuchy and Walcott who are just not a high enough standard. Jack Wilshire may never be at the level again. Wenger has a true opportunity to upgrade the team to real contenders but he needs to sign the cream and not the milk.

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