Time for Arsenal to get NASTY?

Thoughts on Arsenal for 2015 by DN

Happy New Year Arsenal fans. Despite the fact that 2015 got off to a pretty terrible start, I am trying to stay positive and although the chances of us winning the Premier League title seem to be all done and dusted, we are still in Europe with a decent chance of going further against the French club Monaco.

Also, a win at the Emirates against Hull City on Sunday will see the Gunners into the next round of the FA cup as we try to defend the trophy that we won against the same team at Wembley in May. Win that game and things will feel a lot better of us Arsenal fans and then there will be a week off, after which we should start to get some of the injured players back and can look forward to a better second half of the season.

One thing I will say though, is that I think Arsenal and Wenger need to get a bit nastier. As much as I dislike Jose Mourinho, and believe me it is quite a lot, the Chelsea boss knows how to get what he wants and his recent moan about the referees is something our own manager should perhaps do a bit more.

I think Wenger feels the same. At least that is what I get from his post match comments reported by Sky Sports. Wenger was quite right to slate the referee for failing to send off Florin Gardos for denying Alexis a goal scoring opportunity. I think that we have become too soft and complacent and really need to point out the bad decisions a lot more, because we keep getting them and it is hurting us.

If Mourinho thinks that doing so will have an effect, he is probably right, otherwise he would not waste his time. It worked for Fergie so why not try to make it work for us? All the best to you Gooners.

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  1. Happy new year wenger, i just hope you have taken your new year resolutions and one of them must be to make top four, well the January transfer is here don’t put us to shame

    1. How do you expect B-league players to perform at the biggest stage. From Benthner,Szczecny, Sendoros all the way to Wilshere, Ox,mertesacker etc. All we have are Second and third class level players.
      Even the mature players like mertesacker,podolski,rosicsky,giroud are lazy,hardly leaders and definitely not world class.
      if they weren’t world class, you would have expected them to make up for it with brute force, physicality and hardwork. Apart from welbeck and coqueliin who make up for their shortfalls ,the only person grafting away happens to be the only truly world class players. Alexis sanchez and cazorla
      Many of the young players cannot win a Tackle,hold possession or give a measured pass. The matured players cannot even be bothered.
      We have been lucky to get away with it this long. The team need a total overhaul.the stats of the players who are supposedly the future are shocking.
      Wilshere ; 16 assist in 95 games
      Ramsey : 21 assist in 160 games
      The academy and scouting needs a total overhaul. We need to leave the emphasis on U17 to the likes of Stokes, Southampton etc and concentrate on players who are well into their development like the U23.

  2. Transfermarkt.co.uk (who are very reliable) are giving a 70% chance for Podolski moving to Inter, a 6 month loan deal.

    In my experience, when they give out a 70% chace, the deal is as good as done.

    1. If that happens then I hope we have a proper replacement lined up… Wouldn’t mind Shaqiri or Dybala.

      1. We do not need just anyone who is better than Mert, Flamini, Arteta. We need one that can help us win EPL so they should be in the mould of Kompany and Matic – and these players are not easy to find. Matic was bought in winter transfer, hope we can do the same

        1. OFFICIAL:

          Lukas Podolski arrives Milan to join Inter for a 6 month loan deal, with an option to buy.

      2. Poldi’s playing time had NOTHING to do with not needing him on the pitch. Many games the lineup was screaming for Poldi’s left foot. He has the best goal-per-minute ratio in the league.

        Poldi did not play because Wenger is a vindictive idiot. Poldi got on the infamous Wenger sh#t list and Wenger is too egotistical to admit his failures. He would rather LOSE without Poldi than WIN with him. Yes, he is that vindictive.

        When Poldi scored in his last CL game Wenger was not happy and did not celebrate even with a little smile. Wenger did not like Poldi demonstrating the fact that Wenger is an idiot for keeping him off the pitch.

        I wil be glad when Poldi goes – for his sake. I cannot forgive Wenger for this kind of disrespect and stupidity.

    2. The Sanogo and Poldi transfers would be fabulous news all around:
      1. Good for Sanogo to get playing time.
      2. Good for Poldi to escape the destructive and disrespecting claws of Wenger. Sad to see a goal machine wasting away on the bench.
      3. Increases the “possibility” that Wenger might actually acquire at least one player in Jan –

      But I doubt it will be a replacement for Poldi – Wenger needs to get a DM and a CB plus maybe a LWer. That means he will likely get another CAM despite telling us that Cesc was not needed.

    1. I loved it when wenger the idiot said inter had offered a farcical amount,how hypocritical is that,with wengers guidance we’ve been offering loose change and Ivans last rolo for years,people in glass houses arsene!

  3. Well some days ago i said that we are not favorits to win the game, and that Arsenal has become a second rate team and people where dissliking the comment ( which is understandable). I was hoping for a draw but even that was to much to ask.

    What do i understand with second rate is that we are not equals to the likes of Chelsea but rather to the likes of Spurs and i dare to say to the likes of Everton. For the past 10 years.

    I see Arsenal ending up out of the Cl ( i had other hopes some day before trying to act more posetive), and to be honest i would not care, i would rather be happy about it, bec it means that it would make some people open up their minds and realise the truth.

    Its only Wenger who takes pride in losing. Taking pride in playing in a competition he was never able to win for 17 years is pathetic. Same goes for the Akb fans, they take pride in this.

    Spurs beating the likes of Chelsea as if they would be nothing was impressive. How long does Wenger need to beat Moro in his life once? It will never happen! Fak everything.

    1. Wtf…are you deluded ks-gunner? Who takes pride in losing…Wenger, AKB or AOB’s…just rubbish m8. You need to check your history to see if we’ve been on a par with Everton and spuds….not a fcuking chance.

      1. You did not understand the message. When you come out and claim that being in the Cl alone is an archivment, know that this means to take pride in losing, bec we never once had the privilage to win it.

        History means nothing, all what caunt is the here and now. Chelsea was nothing, but nowdays we live in their shadows.

        No friend, Arsenal is not that better then the Spurs and Everton. Mayb i am deluded but whats what i think. We are not a top team anymore.

  4. Chill out my men this loss was an necessary evil.
    Wenger has no excuse now for not buying a DM and CB.His team has been exposed we can blame him but in the end the players are not good enough.most are averages.
    We gonna need new blood.they will come for the money.Ozil pay was doubled as Sanchez.Money makes the tslking.
    Now if the old geezer does not reinforce in this window i predict a revolution and his post falling.
    Personally i pray we got Laudrup in the summer a young wolf to rivalize with the koeman pochetino

    1. Maybe if our defence is exploited by Hull.

      I will take FA cup loss fir CB and DM.

      And just get rid of Diaby already

    2. Southampton Result:

      1. Players’ poor performances ensured Arsenal would not win.
      2. Szcesny’s wretched performance ensured a loss.
      3. Wenger’s transfer, tactics, and player usage failures ensured both of the above.

  5. One day some of the kids from the neighbourhood carried Woijwack’s groceries all the way home

    You know why?

    He kept on dropping them

  6. The question with Arsenal is not what is wrong with the club but what is right? Bec the wrongs do top the goods with ease.

    1. Top 5 richest clubs in the world..with a…
      Stable business model that means we can spend with the most affluent oligarch run clubs for every season ahead without fear of FFP…whilst they will have to figure out how to build stadia, buy players and balance the books…
      Only unbeaten team in the premier leagues history
      A squad that has improved in the past two seasons with the addition of two world class players
      Consistency like no one else finishing FIRST (3 times), SECOND (5 times), THIRD (3 times) and FOURTH (6 times)…never worse in 17 seasons……

      …ah but you’re right we’ve had a crap first half of the season (not that injuries played a massive part in that) and we lost yesterday, so fcuk all the rest of it…let’s all take the easy option….baaaaa

      1. If you think that we have improved through the years then know that you are joker, and you are that kind of guy i was speaking of when i meant a fan who takes pride in losing.

        Consistency like no one else finishing FIRST (3 times), SECOND (5 times), THIRD (3 times) and FOURTH (6 times)…never worse in 17 seasons……looooooool

        Bayern has build a new stadium, Juventus have build a stadium ( also went unbeaten) but they deliver, where we, like Liverpool fans dream of past times.

        1. Bayern stadium was built by German FA for world Cup you idiot and don’t compare juventus to arsenal, Juve have been consistent for the past 30-40 years, arsenal have been consistent since wenger came to the club

        2. It seems for some being ‘also rans” is enough. As is living on past glory and having a comfortable and stable financial model.

          You can imagine the purse holders and fans of Real Madrid, Man United etc being satisfied/settling with just having the 1 Champions League Cup saying ‘well we did win one in the past”. Yes we WERE competitive but TODAY we are not. This is what counts!

          Tony Adams, Martin Keown, Lee Dixon and other invincibles didn’t settle for being second and losing. That’s why they became invincible. It’s a mentality and spirit as well as a well laid out and cohesive system of play with talented and natural players in every position.

          Personally; I’m not satisfied with finishing as an also ran every year, and Wenger has proved enough in the last two seasons alone (let’s not talk about the last 10) that he has no longer the wherewithal to deliver for AFC.

  7. We do not have the squad nor the manager to “get nasty”.
    Pund for pound, this team will loose any fight put in front of them.

    Anyway, Wenger will always tell you about “fairness” and “ethic” about the game… As well as “belief” and “character”… Sometimes you wonder if we are having a psychology course at everyone of his press conference or interview.
    I cannot remember the last time that “fool” talked about tactics or pure football…

    People have to realise that this is not a “coach” nor a manager we have in charge, just another suit… Tactically backward. He is not clueless, but not aware of what is new and current and what is needed in modern football to be successful… From new training methods, physical preparation and the rest. This is why we have so many injuries (still he same archaic staff) and a culture of unfairness favouring the “Wenger click” (Can you believe a player like Wilshere holding the key of the midfield when we have one of the best number 10 in the world in Ozil?).

    Again (coming back to that) winning the league in 2017?
    Players like Ozil or Sanchez will be gone by then (unless real improvement are made in the squad)… Who will want to stay in a club that cultivate mediocrity, poor showing, no results and basically no trophy winnings??

    Unless you only target top four… But again, it is only financially motivate because only a miracle would allow us to win it especially with this “rubbish” squad and manager.

    1. Interesting @lockay

      I’d be interested to know what are the new and modern tactics, training and game prep methods that you know about that Wenger doesn’t? Don’t need war and peace, just summarise them for me.

      Won’t hold my breath…

  8. Nastier? When we had a really nasty team we only conceded 17 goals in an entire season. Last season we conceded that many in just three games.

  9. With rumors of Podolski and Sanogo going on loan, I think now we will need a CB, DM, LW and ST. Names I hear doing the rounds are Schar (CB), Carvalho (DM), Shaqiri (LW), and Cavani/Dybala (ST)… Wouldn’t mind that list at all, would be a great start to fixing things in my mind…

    1. Don’t think we need a left winger. Alexis plays there usually, but if he doesn’t we have Welbeck, Cazorla and Campbell that can play there too. That’s why Podolski wants out, he can’t get a game.

  10. Happy new year to all Gunners

    The deterioration over the last five years is nothing short of shocking, resulting from a very stubborn and inflexible attitude displayed by AW. He sets the tone for the club and if he is happy to accept 4th best then the players will do the same. A lack of competition for certain positions in the team has generated a complacency and a lack of determination among players.
    Unfortunately for all that Arsene has achieved in the past he has not yet managed to learn how to deal with his ego. The results that we see and the decline that we witness all point to his ego and an inability to be malleable. Not to get Fabregas back, not to buy a decent CB,or a DM,to overplay players when they are clearly out of form are all about his ego and his need to do things his way despite the advice of others and the evidence in front of him. This particular trait was good for the club when he arrived and when he needed to make an impression as a strong leader and install a new regime, and when things were going well. Now when other clubs have moved on and success is more of a challenge this trait is a major hindrance, an inability to adapt and move with the flow of events is a major weakness both tactically in matches and in his recruitment of players. Unfortunately Arsene is unable to overcome this character flaw at this stage in his life.
    Had he bought Wanyama and Cahill over the last two years most of the issues that we are currently facing would have been addressed.

    The club board need to either sack him and get someone else ( I don’t like this as he deserves better) or recognize the main issue with his approach,stop being so paralyzed and inactive,and help Arsene understand his flaws. Help him to address them by putting a bit more pressure on him and by providing assistance. A starting point would be to insist on a new appointment of a defensive coach to work with Steve Bould and Arsene. Another would be to play a more active role in recruitment of players, don’t let Arsene stall recruitment of much needed fresh blood.
    Otherwise I fear that this could be the year that we finally turn into a mid table club, miss 4th place and begin a swift decline as recruiting players becomes even more tricky without champions league football. I think that the Spuds are going to be a real threat this year and may take 4th place unless we respond (with some conviction)to what we can all see as being inadequate

  11. Really think we should test Celtic with a proper bid for Van Dijk, the guy has everything we’re screaming for in defense (mostly having that physical presence) and to me the perfect replacement for Per, Celtic has pushed out a few good ones recently like Wanyama and Forster whom we’ve seen against the Defeat against the Saints. To add to that I actually think we need 2 CB’s with one left sided for more balance, Nastasic would have been great for that but City will do business with us. Surprise surprise

  12. Disappointed with this season, to the extent that I’d take top four at this point. Not panicking over the future and what not, but if we don’t get some decent signings in January I’ll be properly annoyed. Don’t let Wenger come out with his old ‘it’s difficult to sign players in January’ and ‘we couldn’t find anyone we wanted’. Remember that we’re in this position because he didn’t sign anyone in the summer. You know, when it’s easier to sign players and you generally don’t have to pay as much… Now we’re paying the price for that incompetence, if it means we have to pay more then so be it, it’ll give the board a wake up call if their precious finances are affected.

  13. under WENGER , we will always remain clean boys with nice hair……. We are not getting NASTY…..the day wenger leaves, is the day of our Resurrection……. End of story

    1. Really SoOpa? What about Rosicky…and how the fcuk can you forget about Gervinho….worst hair cut I have ever seen.

  14. Wenger out!! I have always being against Wenger and I’ll neva stop until he leaves… In Arsenal FC I have always put my trust not Wenger… I’m so proud 2b an AOB.. I’ll forever hate u Wenger… Nothing is good abt u…
    *when last have we beaten Mancity, Chelsea,Man Utd and the Top European clubs
    *when last have we had a strong defence
    *when last have we had a clean sheet
    *when last have we dominated a team frm start to finish… Not even a deplected team
    *when last have we had a highest goalscorer or assist in both
    *when last have we won with a large margin… Not evn newly promoted teams
    *when last have we played with full confidence and control
    *when last have we being happy for at least a Month abt our performance
    I conclude by saying, Wenger has made Arsenal a Mediocre Club who can never win the UCL or the League, never compete with Top clubs….. This is enough, we don’t patching anymore.. #we AOB wants you out #Wenger Out

      1. if cutietobby ran up to wenger, here’s what i have to say to him: good job! nobody from within wenger’s little dictatorship will tell the dictator what’s wrong, or they’ll get deported. someone from outside needs to tell the old codger.

    1. You’ve “always been against Wenger”? Seriously? Does that include the Invincibles year? Wow, you’re a tough one to please.

  15. @JAmerican

    Now you are thinking rationally and logically…
    You should know that it is not the way it works at Arsenal, especially with the “deluded one” in charge.
    A bid for Van Dijk (Celtic) or Reid (West Ham) would mean Mertesacker finding a warm spot on the bench… Knowing that he just extended the Big F*cking joke contract for 2 more years, it is just not going to happen.

    We are crying for a strong powerful DM (Sissocko from Newcastle would be perfect and cheaper that Carvalho), but again he is in talks with Arteta for a 2 years extension (even though he is clearly useless as a player and captain).
    OH yes, and Diaby is doing great in training if he is not injured again…!!

    Let’s be realistic here.
    Wenger is even talking about finding “that special opportunity” which has never presented itself for the last 10 years.
    Kallstrom went from one medical room to another and some fans still find that acceptable…!!

    There is a division between “Wenger out” (the ones who have woken up and realised the scam) and “Wenger in” (addicted to mediocrity and scared of real success and improvement… Basically the Arsenal supporters who have the money to spend without asking questions… The “mugs”).

    Arsenal will make the top four and even if we don’t Wenger will find the words to tell us that the Europa league is also a great competition and if we can win it we will be back in the CL… And the sad thing about that, is that some fans will follow and swallow that vomiter crap and believe it all the way (those are the dumbest and believe me there is plenty of them supporting the club).

    1. Yes we are.
      We (AFC) used to be one and should be again.

      Besides Southampton are a good team but nothing special.

      Your comment makes you sound almost satisfied with a defeat as if we shouldn’t really expect more or voice any concern. Wreaks of a defeatist attitude that accepts defeats. Tony Adams et Al never shared this trait!

  16. Off topic.
    I m starting to get irritated by chamberlains style of play. Whats d point of running half d length of pitch only to lose d ball in a promising position. It only makes him exhausted and leaves him out of position wen d opposition attacks den. Its not only him, most of d players we hav, lack d decision making ability.

    1. Maybe he should model his game on Hazard. They have a similar style, but Hazard runs with more purpose.

      1. Dey r similar yet very different players. When hazard gets d ball he runs into space to drag d players and create space for his team mates, the ox on d other hand just runs straight at d defenders and makes it crowded for himself and eventually loses d ball.

    2. you have to remember half the time only one other player is going forward with him. There is rarley more than one Arsenal player in the box at a time. :/

  17. How low has this club become
    Sami Ajiaya is even mocking Mert on Twitter let me gues he will never play for the club now
    Wenger is already giving you excuse Coquain , he want him to get his chance, wenger says if we buy players the players we have don’t get their chance
    The man is a fraud you can all fall for it but I wont
    If you want Arsenal to become nasty it has to start from the top, and we have a doddery old man
    Do you think Maureen would put up with how we are playing
    Or Simone
    Or even Tony Pulis
    Wenger out and I honestly believe it’s coming , fans are not happy with average .it was acceptable when we played the best football in the league but we don’t even do that now

    1. John0711 spot on mate. I think Wengers end is near. When you think about it, Madrid, Chelsea, City would sack him right now but the AKB’s scream you can’t sack a manager mid season! Of course you can and let’s be honest managers have come and gone at Chelsea and they have won everything. Wenger must be forced out quickly because, god forbid, if we don’t make top four the AKB’s will want him to get a five year extension to get us back in the ECL! Give him time they say. Yea, how about ten years in the Scrubs for what he’s done to our club these last few years.

      1. we can sack a manager anytime and bring in anyone

        lets bring in Klopp

        hes world class

        he guarantee titles like Falcao guarantee goals….

    2. Fraud – what’s fraudulent about what he has achieved kid? By the sounds of it you haven’t been around long enough to know. Lol Pulis….lmfao.

  18. tbh if wenger buys lets say :
    Cavani, Shneiderlin and Hummels i would want him to stay, cuz only prob i have against him are weak transfer windows, with those three, we would have half year to preapere for 2015/16 which is ok with me !!!

  19. Arsenal can n wld neva win any major trophy with wenger, fa last season was inspired by the presence of ozil. Wenger is an old uninspred man, who dose nt knw wat sucsex is n all those fans behinde him, looks like wenger has placed himself in a position were the club can’t do with him, Jez!! Cant belive any1 in his right sence or any one who is a goal getter n a sucsex in life wld surpport wenger! The guy is a a failure specialist! Mehn I swear am nt xpecting any thing from an arsenal side under wenger. Jst hope we keep getting top four n cl qualification, that is all that some deluded fans r contented with.

  20. I just looked at the transfer market value of BFG= 17 MIL??? is that correct?
    Szezny= 14 MIL….
    Poldi= 14 Mil..

    why can’t we sell these three and buy what we actually need like DM/CB

  21. Bfg 17m, I knoe cbs are hard to come by but come on! On present form hed have to pay me for the honour of playing 🙁 good luck poldi photos out showing him in Italy lifting a blue and black scarf.

      1. Podolski never stormed off the Arsenal pitch if your referring to that b.s. news article. Poldi himself even said he was in medical room the whole day. Podolski’s probably the nicest guy at the club, you really think he’d do something like that? Anyways, good luck to Podolski. I’m so sad he’s leaving, especially when I can name other players who deserve to go way before him. I wonder how many times this season I’ll be thinking to myself “if only we still had Podolski…”

  22. Last year this time we were all dreaming of wining the title. This year we are hoping for 4th place at best.

    How is that progress? Please enlighten me

    TBH the football we playing at the moment I think we will end up 5th or 6th.

    AKB’S, will no January signings and 6th place be enough for you to want Wenger out? Or are you too far up Arsene’s ars*

  23. Unless the Jan window proves successful we’d all better keep our Thursday nights free for some Europa league fun! 🙁

  24. Classy way to send a message chaps.

    We do need to add steel in the transfer window. If we have that our creative players will be able to run the show.

  25. I would suggest that quickly try to buy top players while we still are in ucl because I don’t think we will be in ucl next season. Look at manutd after all their problems and new manager, they are above us. Southampton sold half their team and got a new manager and they are above us. Look at west ham, just 1 point behind us, look at the ever improving Tottenham who put 5, yes FIVE goals past the best defense and the best team in the premier league. They are playing exciting football. We are 6th in the league in January. This is a sackable offense. Half the team is always injured and the other half is not interested in showing heart and passion except Sanchez and santi. This is going to be the toughest season for Wenger in his 17 year career and if he finishes outside his beloved top 4 then his last excuse has also left him.

  26. Last month Wenger said In a pre match press conference that we are ready to give diaby a new deal if he proves his fitness. After reading that I lost all my remaining faith in humanity.

  27. Getting “Nasty” would require a MAJOR change at Arsenal.

    So what major change will happen when the one person (Wenger) who needs to change cannot get beyond the grips of his massive ego to do so?

  28. Arsene has been much longer in the game than Mourinho and we would expect him to be much more exposed to the prospect of mindgames, comments and reactions that can have a positive influence on his team in the short or long run so the fact that he hardly do it, he probably will not learn now or tomorrow.

  29. we don’t have d players fr being nasty …and honestly speaking I don’t want us to get nasty. I feel so proud wen arsenal score those one touch goals . last year der where two team goals way above the level of other teams. That is d only thing that seperates us from d others.

    1. You mean tickie tackie Barcelona style but without the Champions League, League Titles or players to do it?

  30. Poldi on loan?? the best ratio of goals per minute??
    r u kiddin us Wenger??
    Man i used to be a Wenger fan for his achievements of a long time ago, then maybe for havin us fightin for the league, then maybe for the FA cup…..but Poldi on loan????? really??????

  31. Now THAT is disgraceful, Only one fan with enough balls to confront Wenger.Hold your head in shame you missing protesters.

  32. Its true we all want wenger out or he shld change(change in transfer dealins,find solution to injury probs which is d main issue,and probably change of mentality in sm games), bt I will not be a part to d giberish of sm fans on wenger hatred for pd10,I don’t tink wenger hate him,he bought him and has givn him lots of chances to prov himself,we all can not hide frm d fact dat pd10 workrate is apaulin nd dat he thriv as a lone striker in arsenal formation,yes he can shoot acurately bt dat is far below expectation of a lw,fotbal shld be a balance game btw ofence nd defenc nd most esp a winger shld be able to suport lefbak in defendin. I wish pd10 luck in his nw adventure nd I blieve we av beta alexis

  33. Podolski’s last twitter post before leaving for inter : Happy birthday and speedy recovery little bro jack wilshere! Rehab day, working hard. How can you force this guy out of the club? He loves this club and he performs in those 10-15 minutes he is actually allowed to play. Wenger has occupied this club as his personal property and he makes every single decision and no one have the guts to question him.

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