Time for Arsenal to move it or lose it on Reus transfer

Arsene Wenger may not have much more time to make up his mind about this particular transfer target. Marco Reus of Borussia Dortmund has been linked with us for a long while and continues to be the subject of many Arsenal transfer rumours.

But the talented and exciting Germany international will not come cheap and may not even come at all. THere is a buy out clause in his contract, believed to be more than £30 million according to a Talksport report. But any potential suitor would have to persuade him that the transfer was right for him as Dortmund are not keen to sell their star and his current deal lasts until 2017.

The report also reveals, however, that time may be running out for the Gunners, because the German Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich have started to make enquiries about the 25-year old, with their president Karl-Heinz Rummenigge telling the German newspaper BILD about their interest.

The Bayern chief said, “I must be open with you and tell you that we will be quietly discussing a move (for Reus) before we make up our decision.

“However, at the end of the day the player must also want to come to us. Everyone knows about the buy-out clause. At the moment I do not want to say anymore.”

Reus has previously been reported as being impressed with Arsenal Football Club, Wenger and some of our players, while also being keen on a transfer to the Premier League. But if we let the grass grow under our feet or just let Bayern Munich get ahead of us in the race for Reus, that could be the end of any hopes of bringing him to north London.

So is it time for Arsenal to get serious?

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  1. Best players playing for the best teams usually win the best trophies. Buy him.
    No guarantee after all is said and done but it will increase our chances of winning a trophy.

    1. Moving fast for him?
      Nah it is not like he is pretty unknown that we need to swoop him before his popularity increase.
      He had been voted best Bundesliga player for a few seasons.
      All the top teams had monitored him for a long time. Team like Bayern may have even put in verbal offer to his agent.
      Dont think we even have 10% of signing him. Real, Bayern, Paris SG, City are all in the chasing pack. If not because of the band, Barca would be there as well.
      We should focus on what we need and get a DM and a solid backup CB.

  2. Ozil = best no. 10 in the world before joining Arsenal. Now on the wing to accommodate Wack Wilshere.

    Sanchez = dropped against spuds even though Wack Wilshere played

    Podolski = highly capped German international whose position is now taken by a central midfielder who himself has his backside kicked to the left wing to accommodate Wack Wilshere.

    I think Reus has figured out that he doesn’t want to be back up to Wack Wilshere back up considering Wack isn’t a no. 10 and the no. 10 he displaced isn’t a winger.

    A bit confusing but that’s how Arsene rolls….

    1. You lot are getting irritating and repetitive. Wilshere this Wilshere that. Smh. Ozil the best no10 blah blah, maybe if Ozil was not as mentally, emotionally and physically weak then as he is then may be Madrid would have kep him, or even Germany would also play him in his so called best position, but instead he is being pushed away by everyone from Madrid, Germany and Arsenal. Why can’t anyone trust him anymore? Think about it..

      Wilshere the reason Cazorla is playing wide and bad.

      Wilshere is the reason Ramsey has lost his form.

      And all of a sudden Wilshere is also the reason Podolski does not get games? May be if he was not as lazy and inconsistent as he is he would have been a regular in the team. Have you ever thought about it that way? Smh

      Seriously you guys are jut pathetic and hypocrites, you call some of us Ozil haters/bashers but when it comes to hating on the likes of Giroud, Wilshere, Arteta etc you are the number ones hypocrites.

      We all know that Wilshere is not pulling down any trees, but neither is anyone in the team apart from Sanchez. Smh

    2. Nice comment.
      Love the ‘Wack’ Wiltshire analogy.
      You speak the truth, Wenger must be having some sort of love in with Wack, I watch every game he plays with disbelief, as you say the man who has the statistical evidence to show he is the best #10 in the world playing on the wing in the toughest most physical league in the world.

      A long list of players ruined because Wenger tries to make them fit systems that don’t work at all: Arshavin was on fire when he arrived, Wenger pissed all over him. Podolski is a lethal finisher, ignored by Wenger because Wenger can’t play more than one formation. Ozil, enough said!

      Then of course there is the lack of rotation, OK so it is good to play players in form but you have to have a match ready back up should your #1 get injured.
      Chamkra had some promise when he arrived but was benched once RVP waas fit and got zero game time bringing the players fitness and confidence to a low.
      Bendtner was when he left us the top scoring Arsenal player still playing (I swear check it) he was another victim, he is a prize c**k but with the right management and game time his fall from grace may never have happened.

      Wenger needs to go for the good of the club!

      1. Listen to yourself, trying to make up things to support your bias.. Wenger ruined Ozil, Podolski and Chamakh? Smh.

        Chamakh, you really expected Wenger to bench our best player (Rvp) for him? Chamakh was bought as a back up for Rvp, and he also knew it.

        Podolski ruined? The guy was already on his way out of the Germanys starting, the likes of Reus, Muller, Gotze etc were all starting to be ahead if him before we even signed him.

        Ozil, Madrid were so desperate to get rid of him and the Germany public were starting to give him stick, the likes of Gotze and Kroos were the new Germany golden boys. Madrid did not want him and Germany too don’t trust him in midfield, why is that?

        1. No I didn’t expect him to Bench RVP but I did expect him to rotate him when a match was safe or when playing a lower table team. How else can they stay sharp and it reduces the chance of burn out r injury in the main player.

          Are you saying Podolski is no good? He may not be as good as Gotze but he is certainly good enough to have in the squad if he is played and formations adapted to fit that requirement. You imply that any player who is behind a world class starter is rubbish.
          Only world class players we have on the team are Sanchez and Ozil, the list stops there!

          Finally Ozil is by statistic the best #10 in the world, pure statistics, not my bias or the bias of some German fans, a percentage of any fan base is never happy, especially the ones who cannot appreciate a player who does his job in a non flashy way.
          If Ozil is so shit how come only Messi created more chances at the world cup and how come he has the most assists, by some margin, in Europe for the last 5 yrs?

          Yopu can argue your Wenger bias all day long but the cold hard facts do not support you or Wenger.

          1. Yeah right, stats and stats, but stats did not save his Madrid career, it’s more than stats my friend, today’s football you have to be able to do more than one thing and Ozil does not seem to be able to do so. You can talk about stats but this is a new league, team etc.. What he did at Madrid means fck all if he can’t do it at Arsenal. Torres was a the best striker in the league for Liverpool, since then what has happened? Kaka, Soldado was killing it in Spain too.

            Arsenal as a club went unbeaten for a whole season, but that was back then, you can’t be relying on what you did in the past, you are only as good as your last few games.

            In 2010 Cesc had the most chances created for his past 5 seasons in the whole Europe, he was ahead if Messi, Ronaldo, iniesta, Xavi etc.. But looking at those stats meant he was better than the players those players? Smh

  3. Reus can play CAM (ACM) and winger
    However, the same reasoning will be used by Wenger as he used for Fabregas. We have CAM and wingers

    What we are really short on is defenders, DM and Top striker.

    I have a feeling that Wenger will disappoint us again in January, but it’s more likely he would get someone like Cavani or Benzema than Reus or Draxler

    That said, I wouldn’t complain if Reus came as he is top quality

      1. Why should the guys that at least have fight in them all be the ones to leave while we keep the weakest (Ozil).

        1. English fans n media are free to love they players but the truth is they are average n over hyped. Its so visible when they step out for intentional competitions..the media and fans should stop making whilshare look better than messi and d likes of then..put them where they belong and watch dem improve

  4. We wont sign reus. No chance.
    All arsene thinks we need is one defensive player in January :/
    We will end up with a French, 18 year old, injury prone, no experience, centre back from league 2.

    Truth hurts

  5. Reus would look at the pl table and see our position and also consider our performance against bvb and think ” oh yes I must go there a team on top of their game, NOT”. Only way wed get him is pay through the nose and we know this is not wengers style he likes a bargain. Best time for arsenal to buy is when we are playing and doing well and can use the arsenal brand to lure players. We cant rely on that at the moment so unless we improve significantly before jan I fear what could happen in this window.

  6. I think we can just have him bcz he is the guy who can make the differences. We cant afford to lose such a good player as we know that they arent always in the market..although we must give first priority the CDM and CB.

  7. Reus goes definitely to Manchester United or Arsenal London. no chance for Spain, France or Bayern Munich.

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