Time for Arsenal to play Cazorla in the middle?

The Arsenal and Spain midfielder Santi Cazorla suggested ahead of this current international break that it would be a chance for him to recharge his batteries and enjoy himself before the serious business of the season ahead.

The Spaniard has improved after a slow start for the Gunners and we need him to come back in top form, with our German play maker Mesut Ozil ruled out with injury until the start of next year. One of the problems for Santi has been having to play on the flanks rather than through the middle.

I know that Alexis Sanchez has been doing great there in recent games, but I also reckon that Arsenal cvould do just as well having Cazorla there and Alexis coming from wide or playing as a second striker in a 4-4-2 formation. He played through the middle for Spain against Belarus tonight for 70 minutes and looked threatening throughout. He will lose the ball at times as he tries special things, but it is not as risky if he is on the edge of their box rather than on the wing.

Maybe the first game back against Man United is not the one to change the system, but with United;s defence all over the place, maybe the little magician’s tricky could be just the thing. Cazorla should come back in good confidenciness and an in-form Cazorla would be a huge asset for us.

So is it time for Arsenal to play Cazorla as our number 10?

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  1. y not play every one in the middle….rosicky, sanchez, carzola, ozil, wilshere, ramsay etc….

    they all excel in the middle….

    and this will make all fans happy….

  2. Carzola needs to be benched for a few games. Watch how fast his play improves when he is no longer an automatic starter.

  3. Must confess I never fancied Carzola on the wing, although he did extremely well there. Sanchez and Walcott would have to be our first choice flankers. Ozil has yet to prove himself to me so ,the number 10 for me ,comes down to Carzola or Rosicky. Thomas has reached the age where he is an impact player so I`d start with Santi. Should Giroud be fit I`d be inclined to double the attack and play him alongside Welbeck in a 4-4-2 formation with Sanchez, Wilshere, Carzola and Walcott forming the mid field. The defense is anyone`s guess. Maybe Wenger would be prepared to don a pair of boots and play alongside Mert.

    1. I don’t know what you mean by Ozil is yet to prove himself, Ozil is miles ahead of Santi. What has Santi done to warrant a start Rosicky should play ahead of him against Man Utd

      1. @yin… What do you mean by miles better?… Compare both players Arsenal careers so far, we are not talking about what they did at others clubs, we don’t care about that, what we care about is what they have done and are still do for Arsenal..

        I know Cazorla did not cost £42 million and earning £150,000 a week but he has given more to Arsenal compared. I know he is not everyone’s favourite and is out of form but don’t let your bias get in the way of the truth.

  4. Santi cazorla really needs to work on his shooting. I am tired of seeing him miss chance after chance. His shot is either weak and straight into the keeper’s hands or blasted into row z. He really cant cut it on the wing. Wenger needs to bring him into the middle. His close control and ambidextrous nature will surely help the team.
    sanchez and welbeck/giroud up front. ramsey,cazorla,wilshere and rosicky/arteta in the middle. And why is wenger sticking with flamini in the middle. He has been dour for the past few games. Wenger should play him in defence as a full back since we are short of defenders and he has experience playing there for milan.

  5. Wenger specialises in playing players in positions that limit them.
    That said a Carzola has been terrible, such a weak shot and so inaccurate.
    Rosicky should be getting game time, guy ran 12k in his last international game and is still in the top 5 fastest players at the club.
    Factor in his ability and experience and we are left scratching our heads as to why he has an ass full of splinters.
    Until Wenger goes there will be no end to this nonsense.

  6. Our midfielders are so out of form it’s unbelievable, we are already 3 months into the season and they are all still playing like it’s preseason. The whole team apart from Sanchez for that matter. 12 points off Chelski and I still see no urgency from them.

    Its a bit worrying.

  7. Santi must of mislaid his shooting boots.At the moment he will have difficulty hitting a barn door.As for ALEXIS just let him continue doing what he is doing and that is scoring goals he is the only one really playing with any confidence for us at present.

  8. Santi should be in the Middle of the Arsenal Bench….. He is under-performing, has a low work at the moment, shoots as if his Boots are bad…. Anyone should be in the middle but not Carzola, and d defense, Let Monreal sit/sleep on the bench till further notice… Gibbs,Chambers,Mertesacker,Bellerin…. And let Wishere play deep in front of defence alongside Ramsy and let’s see hw it’ll look like against Manchester United

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