Time for Arsenal to unleash Walcott on Man Utd?

I have a feeling that I am starting to sound like a broken record, which for young Arsenal fans is something we used to use before CDs and MP3 players. But once again I am going to ask why Arsene Wenger is not using the Arsenal and England speed merchant Theo Walcott.

I understand the manager being cautious with the flying forward after he spent a year on the sidelines with injury, but surely Walcott is back to full fitness now. I hope that this is all a grand plan of Wenger’s to keep Walcott on the leash, increasing his urgency and desire to play, before releasing him like a secret exocet missile.

But I think it is more likely that the manager is just not completely happy with his player, perhaps wanting him to contribute more in all areas of the game rather than just waiting for a chance to use his pace and attack. But that attacking prowess is pretty useful and I think we could have done with it many times this season, against Monaco for instance.

People seem to have forgotten that Theo was our top scorer in his last full season and was buzzing when he picked up that unlucky cruciate injury in the FA cup win over the spuds last season. Before that he impressed then Barcelona boss Guardiola so much that the Spaniard said you need a pistol to stop him. Against United’s ponderous and disorganised defence, is this the perfect time to unleash Walcott?

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  1. SaveArsenal says:

    Wenger needs to do a Ferguson, make his players play out of their skin and tell them he wants to be 3-0 up after 10 minutes while holding the back 4 in place.
    If Mertersaker is playing the full backs need to be careful about bombing off up the pitch.
    Coquelin may be the key player in this game.

    1. KickAssFan says:

      Off Topic:

      We all know Wenger is better than Mourinho, right? Tactically and otherwise. Wenger is the best and most perfect coach and no coach in the world can ever be successful at Arsenal like Wenger. And we are grateful for ALL THE TROPHIES Wenger has won, and victories too (in terms of games played against other club, like #Wenger1000), which even surpasses those of coaches like Pep and the retired Ferguson.

      With Arsene, Arsenal has ruled the EPL with a strong fist and have been a major force in England and the entrie world (remember the Club World Cup we won?). In fact, Wenger almost does his job for free at Arsenal, considering what he’s being paid is peanuts.

      In Wenger We trust, but we also which him the best of luck.

    2. Daymee says:

      That is Arsenal’s weakness. When Bellerin bombs forward, Mertesacker is wide open like a va-jay-jay. Rooney will be looking to get behind the Arsenal defence when Bellerin bombs forward and that is why I keep shouting about not to leave the defence open by bombing forward without any thought for the back four. On every counter-attack, a weakness is exploited. This is Arsenal’s weakness. The worst of it all is when Rhino presses high up the pitch and wants to show his dribbling skills and loses the ball. Not a joy to watch at all.

  2. Greg says:

    Wouldnt mind at all, our “speed merchant” theo bagging a goal or two against man u, would love it! Coyg!

  3. GunnerJack says:

    I think our manager has some very difficult decisions to make – namely how to fit Mesut, Santi, Alexis, Danny (esp. against his old club), Ox and Theo into the attack, assuming that Ollly’s place up front is already assured. If the Ox plays alongside Le Coq then we still have 5 excellent players to fit into 3 positions. Rather Arsene than me!

    1. Daymee says:

      Arsene’s lovechild is back Ramsey. From Old Trafford henceforth, he will play alongside Coquelin to afford him more solidity and protection. Ramsey is fresh now but the downside is that he needs games to get back to a sublime level.

      Just watch out. Ramsey starts every game with Coq

  4. Greg says:

    Any latest news on gabriel’s injury?

    1. KickAssFan says:

      Yeah, he’s in heaven receiving treatment. Will be back to earth soon.

  5. Greg says:

    Some keys towards beating man u! A positive mindset/ a great team effort of digging deep/ taking our chances when it comes/ defending well a crucial asset!

  6. almostawinner says:

    crap teams have beaten mu this season. we can certainly do it. i’d play roziscky in b2b to neutralise Fellaini; he always does well versus us (or caz in b2b). be prepared to get pushed around and ref will prob be on their side . be on alert esp if we’re +2 up: thats when we tend to go to sleep and let others come back. we also need to defend better on corners.

  7. vijaygunner says:

    No, no, no ox to start ahead of walcott, theo can come in after 60 mins to run riot against a tired UTD’s defense.

  8. optimisticgooner says:

    I want us to really play tough wid Dem, do professional fouls on Dem in dere half to avoid conceding counterattacks, bully players like Rooney fellaini and young whom I think will b key for man utd. If we make Dem lose dere cool Dey r done. I just want too see arsenal going dirty on d pitch for some reason

  9. fred cowardly says:

    Walcott should be our special weapon that we bring on in second half

    First half wingers should be Alexis and Ox or Alexis and Welbeck with Ozil in center and Giroud up front. Coquelin and Cazorla or Rosicky at the back of Midfield.

    We need to defend like crazy with the likes of Di Maria, Rooney, Falcao, Mata, Herrera, Fellaini etc.

    I believe we can Win
    We don’t want a draw.
    Lets Win!!!!

    1. Daymee says:

      Sorry, but I will drop Ozil for this game. Simply because when we won at the Etihad, Ozil & Walcott was watching from the bench. It speaks volumes. Not saying Ozil is a bad player but I think that this is a game more for The Ox than Ozil. The direct running from the Ox will give ManUtd problems all game and create room for Alexis and Cazorla

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