Time for Arsenal to sacrifice Europe for EPL title bid?

I am not going to try to put too much positive spin on this for Arsenal fans, because we have got used to at least getting out of the group phase of the Champions League and losing the first two games against Dinamo Zagreb and Olympiacos was a massive disappointment.

Some pride has been restored against Bayern Munich but the late winner from the Greeks tonight leaves us neding to win our last two games to have a chance and that would also need Bayern to beat Olympiacos and for us to then when in Athens by two clear goals.

That is not beyond the realms of possibility but very unlikely, especially with our poor record away to Greek teams. So the big question now is whether to really go for it or to refocus on the very realistic Premier League challenge. This European failure could actually help the Gunners in the domestic campaign, especially with Man City and Man United going through, but only if we have no midweek games.

With that in mind, is it time for Arsene Wenger to sacrifice the remaining two group games, perhaps playing a League Cup style team full of young players? We should be able to win the next game at home to Zagreb but that would leave us staring at the Europa League and that could actually hurt us in the race for the title.

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    1. I agree baby please

      We can beat both olympiakos and Zagreb. It won’t be easy but I honestly don’t want to play Europa League and truly believe we can make it.

      We should never have put ourselves in this position in the first two matches

      1. Entire midfield not just Joel, defenders had no real understanding either. The passion and commitment was not up to scratch we needed allot more desire, gave them too much time in choosing their passes. Even Alexis was not par the course with his hurrying and harassing, surprisingly Giroud gave the largest effort on this front.

        That said, Bayern were at their spectacular best, as an attacking threat it was only a matter of time. Defensively they showed weakness, though they had switched off again then and were still in control.

        I said before the game that I think Gibbs starting and Alexis moving far right or through the centre would be an idea, it’s too easy to say now if it could have turned out better but the truth is defeat was always the most likely outcome. Just wish we made it more difficult for them, now I have an idea of how some sides feel after facing us.

    2. So just saw we lost 5-1. I mean come on, if they were going to lose to Bayern why not 1-0 or 2-0…its a lot more respectable.
      Talk about bringing us back down to earth, they buried us.
      The best course of action now is…..DON’T MAKE THE EUROPA LEAGUE. Drop more points Wenger. No need as at some point….round of 16, we will get hammered again. We don’t have the squad to battle the heavy weights for the CL.

  1. Europa league would sabotage our premier league challenge, complacency put us in this predicament.

    I’m not saying lose our remaining champs league games on purpose but……..

  2. Wenger needs the money!!! ?
    There’s no way that he will jeopardize the europa league,
    Just because of having to play on a Thursday night ?
    He will see that as a positive. …. A day off on Saturday!

    Wenger is getting good at deflecting the blame!
    After the game He blamed his defence and said that ” we won’t be going anywhere if we keep playing like that”
    He obviously wants the Europa league! ?

    Bellerin is out for the NLD and Koscielny is doubtful.

  3. Think it’s a good idea because if we got through we would only go out in the next round. This proves that AW need 3 world class players in the summer if not in January and 4 EPL harden players that can come on and do a job. We have no players to bring on and let’s be honest we have no captain. This needs addressing now and I think Ozill for the job and SC vice. Look at our bench we have no one and the thing now can the players get up for Sunday?? Not sure because it needs a great showing by all. Drop BFG now and maybe start with MF as DM just to give our kid a rest

  4. Bellerin hasn’t totally been ruled out for Sunday.

    I think we should just send a second team for the rest of the CL, as we probably should’ve tonight. We need our core players, and two of those are Bellerin and Koscielny, otherwise we have problems.

    The injuries are such a major problem, and I don’t believe that we do as much as we could to prevent them. For example, in the Sheffield Wednesday game, we should’ve had medical staff preventing Walcott going on, until he’d properly warmed up, and they should be at training sessions as well, as a lot of injuries seem occur there.

    There are quite a few players who seem to consistently avoid injuries (touch wood) and maybe more attention should be paid to what they’re doing. And also Wenger needs to get better backup, with our current record, they know they have no chance of staying on the bench all season.

  5. Wenger on Arsenal.com

    on injuries…
    I don’t think Bellerin will be available for Sunday but there is a small chance. From tonight we don’t have any new injuries.

    It’s become a normal question after each game we play. Have you lost any more players through injury? Madness

  6. Olympiakos are a regular UCL team. Even Bayern scored their 2nd and 3rd goal against them away on the 89th minute and 90+ minute with a penalty. They scored all three goals after 50 minutes,

    To stay safe I think Arsenal will require 3 goals there. They will sit back having to defend 2 goals. from the start.

  7. Its a game like that where a double pivot of DMs could’ve been useful but we only have one courtesy of wenger’s sturbborness in transfer market. Anyway let’s focus now on EPL, don’t care what happens in ECL anymore.

    1. Even though it’s going to be tough to qualify ..I still expect us to. Also I was expecting a loss last night if truth be told, I was hoping for otherwise of course but believing there was a slim chance with getting a draw. It wasn’t negative thinking it was more about seeing Bayern for what they are and expecting them to play at the top of their very high standards.

      I reckon it will go down to the last game and I believe a dish is best served by Alexis Sanchez, and Alexis serves them chile hot.

  8. To be honest with you mates i have a strong feeling that we’ll win our two remaining games if we really want to & of course we need to win i believe Bayern will beat there 2 remaining games too so lat just take it one step at a time and hope for the best we still have a chance guys come on

  9. Premier league glory? Just imagine in December when the games come thick and fast and we need to rotate, do we have good enough 2nd unit? Nope. And what’s is the assurance that we will go any further if we drop into the Europa league? A lot for wenger to ponder on!

  10. If someone told me we would get 3pts from the two Bayern games I’d take that. I feel we still have a45% chance of qualifying but I don’t think we will win champions leauge wich ain’t a surprise.

    Tonight’s results flattered Bayern we had many chances aswell
    Eg ozil @ 1-0…..santi miss….Nuer one vs one save…….Giroud got called wrongfully offside.

    All today’s result shows we need another quick attacker, we had to rely on Gibbs and iwobi as subs which was a joke (eg aubemyang,welbeck?)

    Dm to challenge coqulan, chambers looked awful and isn’t mobile to play in midfield (krychowiak,bender)

    I think going into the eufa cup would be good for us as it will force we get to add reinforcement who can use the cup as a way to ready themselves to support the title challenge or recall players who aren’t getting the best out of loan spells eg gnabry,zelalem.

    Players like Campbell,rosicky,arteta,chambers,ospina would also be able to keep sharp.

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