Time for Arsenal to show their ‘cojones’ against Watford by going attack heavy

Against Tottenham, I thought that Unai Emery went a little too conservative picking three midfielders that were more defensive-minded than attack-minded and I do understand why he went that way because of the threat that Spurs posed but by being conservative it blunts the attack.

That may be sensible against the top-six but if you want to be competitive with the likes of Liverpool, Man City and even Spurs you have to throw off the shackles and put your trust in your forward line to deliver.

Playing to your best attributes works and Arsenal need to start doing that, they have a formidable front line but that forward line needs service and the time has surely come for Emery to show some cojones and allow Arsenal to unleash that formidable front line.

That does not just include Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Alexandre Lacazette and Nicolas Pepe, it means having Dani Ceballos or Mesut Ozil directly behind them or even both, mad I know but why not?

The more Arsenal attack the less opportunity there is for the opponents to attack, this is a philosophy that Liverpool and Man City employ and it works.

There is a risk, of course, look what Pepe did against Liverpool when he got in behind them but it is a risk worth taking in my opinion, especially against teams outside the top-six that are vulnerable and Watford are definitely vulnerable.

What is the point of having a fantastic forward line if you are not going to utilise them when the opportunity arises?


  1. Ozil and Mustafi are in the same boat. The coach doesn’t trust them and it’s likely we won’t see them play any time soon if ever.

  2. Innit says:

    I would like to see Ozil play one more time with Torreira and Ceballos behind him and Pepe, Aubameyang and Lacazette in front.

    Odds are he still won’t show his 2015-2016 form of 19 assists/6 goals but interesting to see if he can

    1. Phil says:

      @innit-This Coach does not have the cojourns to put out a team with that many attack minded players.He will play Xhaka every game and Guendouzi over anyone.Until we get some creativity in midfield and the defence sorted we will never get the best from PAL.
      The Spuds were there to be ripped apart but until Emery grows a pair we will likely be as lame as we were against Liverpool when playing the top sides

      1. Sue says:

        Have to agree, Phil… and I’m still a tad disappointed by that ‘draw’

        1. Phil says:

          Yeah Sue- that was 2 points dropped in my mind.We created lots of chances but our final ball was poor at times.Either Ceballos should have started or brought on earlier and Ozil needed to be in the pitch for at least the last 20 minutes.
          I believe the Spuds will be found out this season. They have over achieved but don’t look likely to challenge for anything other than 4th this year.To think we dominated that second half as we did but could not get it over the line is on Emery.Sunday will be very difficuuas Watford will be up for it no doubt.But does that mean we go with 3 defensive CM’s as we did against Spuds? Why doesn’t Emery give the other team something to worry about for a change instead of being so predictable?

          1. Sue says:

            Felt like a loss to me, Phil. We should have battered them…
            Yes, i agree about the spuds.. with a bit of luck, they’ll be back where they belong.. on the diving board ??
            Going to be even tougher, now Laca’s out, Phil.
            I wouldn’t even hazard a guess as to what the line up will be… their new manager knows Unai well..
            You’ll be going, Phil? Arè you back from, was it Dubai?? Eyeing up all the ladies ?

    2. Kevin says:

      Then you will see the best of current arsenal team

  3. Omar says:

    Arsenal has more “Cojones” than Watford has “Balls”!

  4. Austinarsenal says:

    4-1. Gooners win.

  5. Wane says:

    If Emery can’t utilize the strength of this team, which is the attack, to win more matches by playing the right midfield combination of Ozil/Ceballos just behind the front three of auba/laca/pepe,to service them,with Torriera dm and Guendozi btb sitting in front of the back four,then he, Emery, needs to get out of Arsenal. While we need to be stronger defensively as a team, we must strike a balance and impose this attack on teams,simply, playing to our strengths. To focus our style of play on the weakest aspect of our game is counterproductive. Arsenal should try to emulate Liverpool and Manchester city style, as,we have one of the best attack in pl. Emery get it right now or…..?

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