Time for Arsenal to start with Alexis Sanchez up front?

I am not one of the Arsenal fans who groans and moans about everything that Olivier Giroud does. I actually quite like the big Frenchman and appreciate what he does for the team, but he was quite honestly shocking against Besiktas on Tuesday and I do not think we should start with him up front on Saturday.

Everton are likely to be just as hard to play against as the Turkish side and their defence should be stronger and faster as well. So Giroud in his current form is likely to give them as much trouble as a sickly schoolgirl and we need to threaten their goal in order to stop them pouring forwards at every opportunity.

If Yaya Sanogo has recovered from his little hamstring issue, Arsene Wenger will have no hesitation in playing the young striker through the middle, but I think that he should consider giving Alexis Sanchez a go. The Chilean is fast and strong and has shown us flashes of brilliance so far, but he has also been guilty of holding on to the ball too much.

As the furthest player forward, however, this would not be such an issue and it may also give him the freedom to express himself more than on the wing. You can bet that Jagielka and Distin will not fancy Alexis running at them rather than merely having the strength of Giroud to contend with.

What do you reckon, gooners, is is Alexis time?

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  1. It’s always been time for Alexis,Giroud is better as a sub we all know that,he must not start games for us!

      1. The fact that this reply get voted up proves that the supporters here are full of shi*. I dont disagree that Sanchez is better than Giroud, but calling hit Sh*trod… Come on!

  2. Alexis will be featured up front when we have theo back, at least i hope that is what Arsene is waiting for. Giroud will be a good sub, specially when we are having trouble breaking down opponents and need to go to a two man front.

    Sanchez up front, Theo on the right and hopefully Reus on the left. With OX and Campbell as subs for the front three.

  3. yahhh or cambell
    sanago-not ready
    giroud- no explanation needed

    id lovveee to see
    Cambell Alexis OX
    santi drifts in to the middle to much…

      1. I’d rather Cavani. Scoring over 20 goals from the wing in a new team new position is quite impressive. He is an out and out striker unlike reus who has the best position on the flank. A striker is what we need and Cavani gets goals. His big, strong, fast, Immense workrate and an amazing finisher which is exactly what we need. If we get reus our team will be too lightweight and unbalanced as we already have enough small tricky players… Time to go for the big guns Cavani and carvalho/khedira.
        Up Gunners!

        1. Moreover we have OX and Gnabry who we can mould into our own reus for the future as we have sanchez and walcott on the flanks :). OX can defs make it if he puts his head down works hard and gets a consistent run in the team which will only be hindered when reus arrives. Gnabry will be a longer term project but is also a future star.

        2. Correction: Wingers and centre forwards are all classified as strikers. But I hear you, we need a goal scoring centre forward like Cavani in the middle up front. Reus is a great winger but playing someone like him down the middle doesn’t gel right with me as I doubt his aerial ability. It’s a tough call as Henry was a winger converted to CF and he excelled. Either way having Reus in the team would be awesome. Either way, we will not get any better with Giroud as our man man upfront.

          1. The thing is Henry started out as a striker when he was young and also had more of a CF’s physique than Reus.

  4. Sanchez IS up front. Every
    one except Szczesney, Ospina
    and Martinez can get forward.
    Koscielney (CB) scored against Palace
    Ramsey (BTB) scored against palace.
    Those who started “up front” did not score.
    It does not matter who is on the field,
    or where they play as long as you
    score more goals than your opponents
    thats all that matters.

      1. Search for @nealcol on twitter. He has quite a large number of followers on Twitter, saying his sources the one that breaks this news is the same source that breaks Sanchez to Arsenal earlier than many major pundits

  5. I think the team is still struggling to play as a unit because of the less than adequate pre-season and Giroud is one player who benefited from the good tour of Asia last year. Anyway there is not much we could have done better because of the world cup. It will be a few games before we see the team play at its best.

    For the coming games I would like to see Campbell on the left, Sanchez through the middle and OX on the right. What that front three lacks in height they will definitely make up for it in pace. It would be even better if Ozil is on the pitch to feed these pacey players. Sanogo or Giroud can come off the bench and we switch to a 4-4-2 to partner Sanchez.

  6. Frankly speaking I hate all these speculations, until I see d player unveiled at arsenal.com I don’t believe it. It was the same way higuain was reportedly see at “a madrid airport” heading to london last season to join us

  7. playing sanchez upfront would give campbell or ox to start , giroud definitely plays better as a sub.
    who replaces arteta .. flamini?

  8. yes he will better than giroud + hopefully we will add a new striker/winger before T.W closes

    lol Alex Song is demanding £9.4m a year – otherwise he will NOT leave Barca!! hahaha maybe barca will stop signing our players from now on

  9. ————-SCZ———–


    1. I would swap Ox and Campbells position. Ox on right and Joel on left. Also I want to see Chambers rested. the young lad has been playing all the matches. not sure when, but he needs it. otherwise a case of Ramsey awaits

      1. I disagree. With Sanchez up on top, there is no need for us to have a left foot on the left wing and right foot on the right. They can drift inwards like CR7. Think that is what imran99 intended with his setup. Didn’t know the german champions were ready for a fight already, but yay 🙂

    2. Fantastic lineup but I don’t believe Ozil can play 90 minutes. Neither do Mert for the same reason. But maybe they can.

    1. not in this window atleast. look, the whole team hardly had a pre-season together. some returned late etc. buying too many players when the season has already started will not work well imo. one thing City and Chelsea have done well is, buying players early, returned players early and made them play together in pre=season… we have missed that.

  10. I really don’t want Podolski to go, he gives us more than just goals with his personality.

    I believe he has more to show us yet.

    & I hope we soon give Campbell a chance, I am looking forward to seeing him play for us

  11. Pogba agent: “There have been no [contract] negotiations [with Juventus]. The last 10 days of the transfer market will be very important.”

    Wenger : the last 15 days will see a lot of movement.

  12. Sanchez, cambel, podolski, my nan, an actual lamp post……. I don’t care who starts up front as long as it isn’t giroud!

    1. Your nan has a wicked
      swerving shot.
      But she is too hot headed
      makes Balo look like an Angel 🙂

      1. Christ, she head buts a couple of players and all of a sudden she’s a ‘trouble maker’. Give her a break!

  13. Play without anyone who is good in the air and Everton, particularly Leighton Baines, will be rubbing their hands with glee. You say Koscielny and Chambers but the weakest part of Chambers’ game is probably his aerial ability and, as accurate as Laurent is with his headers, he is physically not really tall enough to compete with many of the taller strikers, such as Lukaku. If you leave out Giroud you play the BFG and you introduce him with a baptism of fire because he will need to win every high ball into the box.

  14. ‘So Giroud in his current form is likely to give them as much trouble as a sickly schoolgirl…’

    May your words come to nowt. Our main striker WILL score. You’ll see.

  15. Di Maria has stated he wants to leave real Madrid, PSG are interested but Laurent Blanc has openly admitted their hands are tied with FFP rules. Could mean they are open to selling someone big (Cavani) to get in the money to fund the transfer? Plenty of teams have done that in the past and we have been on the receiving end of it, ozil/Bale saga. Here’s for wishful thinking anyway…………………

  16. If we put Sanchez up front now, we will be weakbon the wings with Walcott out. I say until Walcott comes back try Podolski up front. When Walcott comes back next week, we can change.

    If we get Reus and Khediravthen we can put Sanchez permanently up front



    Mouth is watering with this dream

  17. i disagree with the poldi upfront idea… poldi is a goal-scorer yeah, but what fans dont get to understand is poldi doesnt have the central man instinct. the few times he was tried upfront, he would disappear almost throught the game. he jus cant play as the main man upfront. he is better playin in space off the flanks.
    Reus? naaah.. we have way too many small tricky midfielders… Cavani is all we need. God this guy is a beast.. his work rate is simply amazing.. has the extra energy we shall miss frm resting giroud.. way faster.. good in the air… quite clinical.. great movement… honestly, what more do you need?
    if it were upto me, & i had one opportunity, screw all the cdm talk.. id get cavani straight up..

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