Time for Arsenal’s luck to even out against Chelsea?

Good news Arsenal fans! Premier League referee Mike Dean will be nowhere near the Emirates Stadium pitch when Arsenal take on Chelsea in the crucial match on Sunday. So we can reasonably expect to see the Brazilian born Spanish international striker Diego Costa head for an early bath if he decides to try another assault on an Arsenal player.

I would dearly love Costa to lose his rag and get sent off, just as he should have done when the two sides met at Stamford Bridge, but all we can really expect is for Mark Clattenburg and his assistants to give us a level playing field and call things as they see them.

That should be enough, to be honest, to ensure that the Gunners take all three points and stay at the top of the EPL table, but really it would be enough to make us even. There is that well worn theory that any club’s good or bad luck should even out over the course of a season and if that is to be the case then Arsenal are due a massive slice of good fortune tomorrow.

I am struggling to remember us getting the benefit of any dubious decisions this season while that travesty at Chelsea was clear for all to see and is still a fresh and painful memory. We also had three goals against us that should have been disallowed in one game, the Boxing Day defeat in Southampton, so is it time for Arsenal to get a dodgy decision or two go our way?

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  1. Lucks got “ZERO” to do with it. It’s all about us going out there and handlin our business correctly…
    Plus we must, by all means, control the midfield. Otherwise Matic, Fab and Hazard will run through us worse than Pool did…
    Ya got that Aaron?

    1. Lies, Chelsea were lucky when Mike Dean was the ref. And also got lucky when the ref sent off the wrong Arsenal player the season before that.

      1. @goonerlad
        Luck has zero bearing on reality dude. Bad refereeing, is just that, bad refereeing…We didn’t help the situation by being emotional and falling into the trap by getting caught creating stupid fouls…Thats reality dude. Not bad luck…

  2. I am of the strong believe, Arsenal will beat Chelsea. Even if their playmaker Eden Hazard and their trouble maker striker Diego Costa play in the match or not against the likely full strength Gunners’ team at the Ems if Sanchez is able to start the game. If he’s not, Campbell should be more than equal to the task..

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