Time for Unai Emery to make some drastic changes at Arsenal

It cannot be ignored anymore, Arsenal has some serious issues and Unai Emery needs to get his act together and implement some drastic changes and fast.

The defence is an utter mess, no one can deny that and while there are limited changes that can be made right now it does not mean that Arsenal has to persist with failure.

Arsenal has kept one clean sheet in five this season, that was away at Newcastle United and that was when Calum Chambers was at centre back, since then, his replacement has given away two penalties and we all saw what Sokratis did today.

Emery has to bring Chambers back in and drop either Sokratis or Luiz, preferably the Brazilian.

Making Granit Xhaka captain is an appalling error of judgement, he is not fit for purpose and Emery must look at an alternative, someone that knows how to lead and is a good player, an Alexandre Lacazette as an example.

This constant playing out from the back is nothing more than a gift to the opponents, Arsenal is useless at it, stop it and do something else.

The diamond formation does not suit Arsenal, it exposes Maitland-Nile and Kolasinac and the truth is, they are below average defenders, protect them by eliminating formations that expose them.

None of this is rocket science, we can all see it, former players, former managers, pundits, journalists etc. can all see it, why Emery cannot, I do not know.

It is like Albert Einstein is reported to have said,

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”


  1. I think it’s time the club make some drastic changes to the management side of things ,the way this is going our season will be over by Xmas .
    An absolutely embarrassing performance once again and we are hearing the usual excuses .
    27 shots from Watford ,I mean is that even possible ,I don’t even know what kind of message Emery is trying to get across style wise ,it all looks alittle like faulty towers .
    There is too much tinkering for my liking and after 16 months there is no improvement ,feels like the season is a right off after only 5 games .

    1. Einstein never said that but I digress.

      I don’t think it is drastic to replace our Greco-Roman wrestler with Chambers and bring Holding back in for Luis. Along with Bellerin and Tierney, that’s a back four I’m happy to run with.

      I’ve been a supporter of Xhaka but agree it’s time for a more athletic trio. Pick between Torreira, Willock, AMN, Guendouzi and Ceballos. Let Xhaka and Ozil lead our Thursday night team

    2. Emery should be feeling the heat now. How many excuses and passes will he get? Club finally spent money, yet Emery refuses to play to our strengths.

      He persists with Luiz and Sokratis, and they have cost team 4 points in 2 games. Our defense is worse, that’s amazing.

      He has brought nothing to the club; tactically inept, no philosophy, no style, and it’s Freddie that’s worked with the youth.

      He has to go now. Watford fired their manager, but Arsenal can’t? Why? Emery is flailing and has no idea how to right the ship.

      Even with Tierney and Bellerin returning, bringing in Holding and Chambers at CB, does anyone have confidence in Emery?

      Could any other coach do less with so much attacking talent?

      1. The first change to be made must be the manager and Xhaka must go with him.
        Now the world can see the reasons why Neymar had him removed as coach from PSG.
        His methods are a disaster for our club.. Times up for him

    3. Time for Emery to pack his bag and leave. He is so clueless it is embarrassing. He doesn’t know anything about defence, he doesn’t know anything about players showing strong mentality and determination, he doesn’t know who or what to select, he doesn’t understand tactics and the right one for the right game. He is a fraud. 200 million and we still play like children. SHAMBLES and SHAMEFUL!!!!!

  2. I’ll be absolutely amazed if there are any changes.. and fully expect a difficult game on Thursday & will more than likely come away with nowt… and who knows, we may even get done over by Villa on Sunday & will have to listen to more of Xhaka’s BS about how we were scared & were happy with a point ?
    Just imagine if we have to go through the whole season like this??

    1. Fck me I forgot about that shit show of Thursday night football,can’t wait I’ll be looking forward to that all week now

    2. Sue we are really as bad as it can get.The only drastic action he can take is just quit our club how the heck can Watford dominate us the way they did we are ARSENAL! Am still fuming sue,I smashed the wall so hard with rage I didn’t comment on the game I had no words.

      1. I hadn’t got any rage left after the spud game! ?
        I was just majorly disappointed…
        Becoming a regular thing now though.. it’s embarrassing, Kenya 001.. Emery had a free ride last season.. but that’s over now.. and frankly i think we are worse than last season, how is that even possible?

        1. That’s my point sue the more signings we make the worse we look we were so happy the past transfer window.I can’t be optimistic any more.2wins away from home for a supposed top club in 25 games!!!

  3. Couldn’t have put it better. We were embarrassing, especially in the 2nd half. I lost count of the times we have the ball away in dangerous positions. AMN was getting a roasting yet no one helped him out or didn’t know how. It should help when Bellerin and Tierney are match fit but we need PROPER defenders at the back and in midfield. If we continue to play Sokratis, Xhaka and Luiz together we will continue to give away stupid penalties. They just can’t help it!!!

    The sad fact is, Watford toyed with us in the second half and deserved to win. Please Mr Emery stop playing out from the back until you get players who can. Or have a word with Pep, he’ll show you how.

  4. Wasn’t one of the first things Emery said when he took the reigns, and is that AW neglected to straighten out the defence and that he would get it in order.?

    1. Yep, even said he had dossier on all the players too. Also promised pressing style “protagonists without the ball” as he put it. Even quoted saying he’d rather win 5-4 than 1-0. Yet refuses to play to teams strengths.

      Look how he failed at PSG with all their talent; Neymar and Mbappe up top as well.

      1. @Durand
        Exactly. Yet people were praising him as the seco D comi g or something. Dude is in a no win situation with someone else buying the players they thing would be good for AFC, but cuz it sure doesn’t looks as if he rates or has faith in most of them…

        1. I also begin to wonder if the players have faith in Emery. 16 months in and does he have a starting 11 he prefers?

          What is his style and philosophy? Why doesn’t he play to Arsenal’s strengths?
          Where are the tactics he supposedly brought?

          He can make a good team play average football.

  5. I wonder if the Europa league fixture on Thursday is the reason for emery’s appalling substitutions today. He’s fixation on el is gonna be the end of him. We are not interested in winning the Europa at the expense of the league or a fourth placed finish. I’m very disappointed in this manager, and I don’t think this is the club for him. It’s time for a change before we regress any further

  6. I want emery out. We have not improved in 2 years and all the players look confused.

    I want Naglesman from RB Lezpig (formerly from Hoffenhein), he’s the next world class manager. Excellent st developing players

    Speaking of RB Lezpig I also want their back room staff, they seem to identify talent early and buy them for cheap

  7. Wow the game today. The person to blame is all emry. Followed by the defence.

    Playing from the back does not work. We are not man city. Our defenders cannot do it. We should be alternating it if he thinks it will work and not doing it every time. It is clear that the defenders are put under pressure and the 2nd goal was waiting to happen.

    Team selection. Why are we not playing a front 3. Pepe is a winger and has not yet adapted. Also diamond does not seem to work we dont look in control. Why did reiss Nelson not start with ozil behind the front 3. That is terrifying. And let ceballos do box to box with toriera holding. I dint think emry knows his best formation and top 11. He has no clue

    The defenders. I quite like sokratis and that playing from the back is not his fault its unai emry fault. However, not his best game. I say give chambers a go.

    David luiz is crao and has been since he left chelsea the 1st time. Sorry he is appalling and makes so many mistakes dunno why the hell we brought him. Please play holding.

    Alot of people give stick to kolasinac and AMN. I dont think its deserved. They need proper CBs and directions to be shouted at them.

    Xaka lol please hurry up and have your baby so you can have time off. Appalling

    Emry – your days are numbered. If we are not in top 4 at xmas please leave

    1. Did Emery make the pass to Guendouzi or did Socrates? Did Emery give away the penalty or did Luis?
      When I played competitive sport, if I made the mistakes these two made, I would be dropped and told to introduce myself to the reserve grade coach.
      Emery must be ruthless to restore respect.

  8. The question that came to my mind when I first heard Emery speak was “how the hell can he coach when he can`t even communicate”? English is not just a matter of single words it`s the skill in stringing them together. Wenger managed to over come this problem, this guy won`t. Surely his linguistical problems were evident when he was selected for the job. Good communications wins wars, without it you lose. Best go find a job in Spain Mr.Emery.

  9. The defence just leaks goals no matter who plays. Something is fundamentally wrong. Is it the defence or midfield or both? Playing from the back is always playing with fire. I’m old school and believe in the philosophy of keeping the ball in the opponents half.

  10. Make Freddy the coach and then maybe he will play the young stars we have wasting away in the under23s whats the point in having an Academy only to loan them out and sell them when coming to Fruition Ozil again lacked the passion we need We played at half speed and deserved to lose that game

  11. 25 away games 2 wins that summarizes everything Emery is nowhere near a top coach,no style, philosophy, clueless, idiotic decisions I can go on n on .long gone are the days when we could loose and be proud of the team and don’t see it happening. We are boring to watch I can dare say we will be better of getting Mourinho at least we will get 3points whatever the cost.

  12. There is nothing new in building from the back successfully! Liverpool have been doing it for decades!
    What you don’t do is faff around in your own penalty area!! It’s common sense not tactical brilliance.
    And when you come up against a team that gets away with physical mugging because the ref lets it go,you have to spit dig kick and push with the best of them!

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