Time is running out for Lacazette to save Arsenal career (opinion)

Alexandre Lacazette has come under criticism of late, failing to build on his impressive start to the season, but has now been without a single goal since September.

The striker was linked with the exit door during the summer, with bids believed to have come in for his signature, but none of those met our valuation.

Lacazette only has 18 months remaining on his current deal however, and should he continue to fail to live up to the expectations, it would appear unlikely that a new contract would be offered.

There has been plenty of talk about who could come in to replace him, and while Gabriel Martinelli and Eddie Nketiah have shown glimpses of form, neither have shown enough to be considered for the role in the long-term.

Odsonne Edouard is another who has been strongly linked with the move in recent seasons, and I would be very shocked to see him still at Celtic going into next season.

He doesn’t appear all that interested this term, most likely because he had his heart set on leaving in the previous window, but his number in the previous shortened campaign were astonishing.

Lacazette isn’t alone in failing to strike the right cord in Arsenal’s attack at present however, with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang also failing to live up to expectations, which has left many blaming the service which has been provided from elsewhere.

Replacing Lacazette may need to happen, but the team will need to help him if he is to improve his numbers once again, although there is no guarantee that a return to form would be enough to convince Arteta to keep him a part of his plans in the long-term.

Is Laca simply out of form? Or does he no longer suit the needs of the team?



  1. another of the greatest manager’s failed signing. I don’t know why Mikel gave him a chance after a year away goal drought, and notice the payback. I ‘m waiting for next summer

    1. Failed signing?? He was scoring goals in 20s before we bought him. This is his stats before he moved to arsenal. 2016/2017. 52 matches 37goals. 2015/2016. 45 matches 23 goals 2014/2015. 41 matches 29goals 2013/2014 52 matches 22goals. What we need to find out why all players and coaches with goal with good potentials and qualities failed with us. Emery seemed to know everything that is wrong with us and even had solution to them before he took the but when he did he lost all the ideas and became confused. Arteta is now in the same dilemma and does remember anything he learned under Pep. Party hardly got injured and 3 matches in he is already injured. Cebellos is a shadow of himself, Auba is losing is scoring boot day by day and Xhaka was a monster with BMH before we signed him and plays fine for Switzerland. It is like this team is cursed.

      1. I care for what they do for Arsenal only, who cares for what they did for former clubs and country?
        Laca Xhaka Kolasinac Ozil are not of AFC standard or top 10 EPL standard as on date.FACT.
        Mikel has not run out of ideas he won two cups. Its just these over hyped over paid mercenaries are ruining his name.
        Rodgers turned us down, Alegiri was not interested, Unai was let down, so was Fredie and Wenger (who refused to correct his darlings),
        we will.rise again in 2021 August onwards

        1. How players perform for their clubs is a critical reference for value when considering purchasing them, so very much worth caring about.

  2. I think martinelli is good enough to replace him as he has a good finish on him . Look at the chances that laca misses martinelli would put them away.as llacazette prefers to control the ball before shooting the defence in ELp would never allow this . So first time finish are good for premier league strikers . Martinelli has good hold up play so no excuse for arteta on him.

  3. Laca is our leading goalscorer this season. He’s played 90 mind 1x.
    He’s had 10 shots with 6 on target and 3 goals.
    Laca is not the problem. Tactics and formations are the problem.
    We don’t need better players to get into the top 4, we need a better game plan.

  4. Had enough chances over several years now and come up short. Just not clinical enough!

  5. Lacazette isn’t good enough, most of the time he couldn’t hit a barn door! He’s been here long enough now, what you see is what you get!

  6. Lacazette has always been rubbish.
    All I’ve heard for five years is ‘he’s low on confidence’. Boulderdash he is. There’s a blind Faith among Gooners that one day he’ll score a goal get his confidence back and be as good as the top strikers in the division. He won’t because he isn’t even premiership quality and never was.

  7. Laca needs more supply to hit a few in, and then get the feel for it. How can you play your best when you are unhappy? When a new Manager wants just obedient players? Arteta is has got this wrong… it was clear the way he over reacted with Guendozi… then with Toreira.

    Without a big budget, Arteta’s ego has got in the way. I do not like to criticize managers normally. (Usually, it the Arsenal owners who are to blame for not backing the team at the right time with funds to compete for the trophy.)

    1. Everything you said is the truth. Arteta needs to let him concentrate on scoring goals and not involves in defending. In every match he played so far he spent more time in our half and box than in opposition box. He runs and exerts himself a lot every matches that is why he got into the opponent box late or not at all when Tierney swings those crosses. In our last match, Grealish and Watkins spent 90% of their time in our half we all knew what those two did to us and why we spent 95% of our time in our half trying not to concede and controlling the game yet we conceded not 1 but 3 goals. I believe our team has the quality to play better than I have seen so our coach should let them. I don’t know why Saliba doesn’t make the bench when Mustafi has said he won’t renew. Put the boy there even if he is not going to play. That will motivate him than playing for under23. From the lig 1 to underage football. It is an insult to him when his partner is play week in week out for Leicester city. If we are not careful we will make a big loss on him.

  8. Lacca trys his best but its just not good enough,
    When everyone is fit this is the team….
    Amn. Luiz. Gab. Tierney
    Cabbello Partey saka
    Pepe. Auba. Martinelle


  9. Lacazette never lived up to his price tag.
    Apart from his apparent work rate, there is little end product. I am not a fan of huff and puff with no end product. Arsenal fans gave Giroud a lot of grievance; I would gladly take him back in the place of Laca.

  10. Ozil, now Laca, Auba not scoring, Pepe not himself….

    The all attacking line….

    No. they not underperforming but not able to play in a system coach asks.

    Play Auba as LW, Saka Tierny flying from behind & infront of him, he is there watching….

    Ii can get difficulty for coach to put a team able to face opponent when no Top DM and secured behind him

    Wenger had this issue for ages and couldnt get it solved as it is key for an attacking team to have that locked in in order to display its football.

    Kante would have solved it 6 years ago and we finally get Partey. shows how rare such dominant midfield are.

    But of course, need that CB pair which we also have this season.

    Arteta is on a personal & ego trip. Unsecured, he needs players Luiz, Willian’s support in locker room.

    I am sorry but beyond that,he is not at all ready to coach a top team, an assistant less than a year ago! Zero experience he must acquire elsewhere in lower league as everyone does!

    I feel sorry, but he put himself in this. City told him, Guardiola leaving, they can’t guaranty him to be head coach…

    Zidane was humble & smart enough to coach under 23_ experiment

    Lampard went as Gerrard now in lower league.

    Arteta is no legend as those guys nor smart enough to know he can’t just step up here and do it!i

    He is living before winter!

  11. Those constantly bashing players fail to realize that they are destroying the same club they claim they support. when an Arsenal player goes into the tank his value plummets and the club looses millions because it can’t sell. Funny how they are bashing players they prayed and prayed Arsenal would sign. There are professional players that were recommended before they come to us and they did not forget how to play football overnight. It is the job of the manager to make them play better and improve them so the club can win and their value increases. It is not Ozil or Pepe or Auba or Laca or whom ever turn comes. It is the manager’s fault. Even Artera himself admits it so stop defending him.

    1. In addition to what you have said. Arteta is playing them in the same system Emery did and failed with and we fans are expecting different outcome. Arteta is one of us and as for me he has a free pass this season with the half he had last season. I’m not a scored board fans and I like good football. I want to be happy and entertained when I watched us play. So I don’t mind us losing as long as I see us playing football the way it should be played.

    2. I doubt the manager is telling Laca, to miscue simple touches fail to take on onand beat defenders,don’t get into good positions and just be as ineffective as you can. Even at his best Laca has never really impressed, me . He is much more suited to Italy or Spain were three or four very good team’s CA dominate s bunch of small time clubs. Arteta has his own issues and one of them is finding a suitable replacement for Laca.

      1. So let’s assume you are right about Laca then what about Auba, Willian, Nekatea, Pepe and so on. How come they are not scoring? They can’t all turn bad at the same time for no reason.

        1. Not really happy with Arteta’s game plan myself. I wouldn’t pay to watch that rubbish. However I wouldn’t blame Lacazettes ineffectiveness on the manager. William is rubbish and should never have been signed,what has Eddie N. ever done to deserve so much respect,? while Pepe is overpriced, although I still expect something from him. Auba is the only one for whose form I would blame the manager simply because he is being played out of position and the midfield without Ozilis creating nothing. One of the reasons why he is being played out of position is to give Laca that centralrole so what we are seeing is a double failure.

  12. Not just Arsenal, his footballing career might be bury underneath altogether. Arteta simply play him alot, hoping that he would do something that could impressed other clubs to sign him. But in contrast reality, he is really that bad for EPL.

  13. Arsenal is becoming a retirement village. These older players in attack are not leading by example. Get rid of them. Auba Laca, let them go!

  14. Hmmm. I think the problem with Laca this season in the PL for Arsenal could be that he’s half-absent minded in the game as it’s being played and half-alert on it too.

    But I do believe that ref Atkinson intentionally stopped Laca from progressing to continue with playing after a defensive clear out of the ball by Arsenal down into the Villa half. And Laca appeared to have won a duel with his marker the Villa last defender. But when he Laca was about to progress on the ball to the goal area the came the ref whistling to interrupt him. I exclaimed WOW to myself saying for what is the whistle blew? Laca doesn’t look to have infringed.

    So, the ref can potentially get in the way or does a times looked to have gotten in the Gunners ways preventing them from hitting the target for Arsenal.

    But when Thierney audaciously inswinged the ball from the left wing to Laca who was approaching the goal area but he headed over the bar instead of to have hit the back of the net with his header. Was it the lack of confidence or alertness to absent mindness that caused his missing? I think it should be the later two.

    Therefore, if Laca can get over his lack of full alertness to stop being absent minded as if he was thinking of something else just before the ball comes to him to hit it to score, he’ll be scoring many goals for Arsenal in the PL this season. For, he’s is a top notch League goals getter of many seasons experience behind him.

  15. It has looked like some Gooners have tumbbed mesut down to disagree with me in their reply comments to my last comment in the previous article posting when I opined that Pochettino should immediately be hired by Arsenal during this current international break to takeover from Arteta so as to immediately arrest the looking could likely be a bad Arsenal season in the PL from Happening this season campaign when Arsenal could again fail to win the PL title for 16 consecutive seasons running. (Never mind Liverpool’s 30). And also could fail to make a top-four place finish again this season as well. (But Arsenal under Arteta could win the ELC this season to get a UCL spot next season which could happen.)

    But since the Gooners have spoken to discount me in my belief for Arsenal to get Poch employed. I will henceforth with, jettison my thought of belief that has made me to believe Arsenal should hire Poch now. So that he could come to the rescue to rescue Arsenal PL season from stagnating again this season. Which if it happens will not see Arsenal make the significant progress us Gooners want to see our beloved club side, Arsenal make in the PL this season’s campaign as us Gooners wouldn’t want to see a repeat of Arsenal last season failing in the PL.

    Arsenal next three PL matches are said will be against Leeds, Wolves and Spurs. This is certainly 3 looking could be difficult games for the Gunners to play and come out from them collecting for Arsenal all the 9 maximum points on offer in games.

    But despite these 3 matches could be difficult games for the Gunners to play and amass all the points in them for Arsenal. But notwithstanding, Arsenal can beat the trio of these teams to progress significantly in the table in the coming weeks. Which I will be delighted and elated to see the Gunners do by beating all these 3 teams.

    1. Samuel,
      I asked you about Pochettino before and I think he would refuse to come to Arsenal because he managed Spurs. Also as Dan Kit has pointed out, he didn’t win a trophy-albeit he did improve them
      The next 3 games are potentially difficult so hopefully MA has been working hard to kick on after the dreadful Villa game

    2. SAMUEL Why would you prefer a man who managed Spuds for five years and won nothing to our manager who has won two trophies in less than a year? Your opinion makes no sense !

  16. We are fast approaching the January transfer period and we will be linked to every one and everything. I noticed that we have been linked with Sao Paulo’s highly-rated 20-year-old youngster Brenner as a possible alternative to Laca. Obviously this rumour has been given more credence because of Edu’s association with Brazil. As the 20-year-old has a release clause of £45m then this another no go. I suppose we are in for another two months of this sort of thing. I would not be surprised if Laca moved on in the January window as I suspect he is not very happy with the current game plan used by Arteta.

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