TIME is what Arsenal CANNOT spend on Walcott!

I wonder if the Arsenal and England international star was given a bit of a dressing down his representatives at the weekend, because what he said about his future at Arsenal and the contract situation did change in the space of a day.

Straight after the delight of helping Arsenal win the FA cup with a totally dominant performance against Aston Villa, Theo left little room for doubt that he wanted to stay with the Gunners and help us to achieve bigger and better things than domestic cup success.

Maybe his advisors thought that he may have weakened his bargaining position with this admission because the 26-year old was more circumspect when being interviewed during the victory celebrations yesterday, as revealed in a Daily Mail report.

Walcott said, “I’m sure things will get resolved. I just want to enjoy today, and enjoy my football. It will take time.”

I can understand that the forward and his representatives want the best possible deal and so do the club but I do not like the idea that the contract negotiations will drag on because we have seen the importance of starting a season well and that means having an established and settled team.

If for some reason Walcott does decide to leave, perhaps a much better offer, then Wenger would have to get a new player in and get them settled into the side. If the Frenchman was going to have to do that then it would be better if he started as soon as possible.

I think the club should do everything it can to get Walcott signed up as soon as possible, even if it means conceding a bit of ground and perhaps spending a bit more on his wages. What do you think?

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  1. If I remember correctly, last time Walcott signed the contract, he said he postponed the negotiations until the summer because he wanted to focus on playing football. I don’t see why this time it should be different. Unless he’s all about the money, I see no reason why Walcott would want to leave arsenal in these times.

    1. He’d maybe want to leave if he’s not going to play as a ST. As @No10 says below he’s maybe holding off until Wenger decides what he’s buying, if we buy Jackson Martinez or similar just how much gametime as a ST is Theo gonna get? Barely any. However if we end up getting Sterling or similar Theo might get told “it’s You, Giroud, and Welbz for the ST role”.

      1. Walcott also said that him playing CF would not work in all situations against all teams. I think that is fair comment and displays some commendable self-awareness. Wenger obviously had a word with him imo.

  2. Yes it needs sorting ASAP so if talks break down then we have more than enough to put him on the market and get the ideal replacement. It may sound heartless but I am actually confident it will be ok.

    1. The only way to reassure the lad he will play through the middle would be for Wenger to say “Ok, you have the position so we will now look at buying a RW so you do not have to play there again”

      I believe it is not linked to money, particularly after missing 1 1/2 season. It must be about the CF role and play time.

      TBH England could do with Theo playing there too.

        1. That’s why agents rules should be revised:

          – fee capped and identical if the player re-signs of finds a new club

          – agent salary capped and therefore not based on the player’s income

      1. Rumours from spain and some british tabliods is that Arsenal has activated Luciano Vietto’s release clause of £14 million which is 20 million Euro. He can play play on the Right left and Middle. he is a brilliant Center foward with great pace and for a 21 year oild he is and amasing finisher.
        We have a great relationship with villareal as Gabrille is from there and campbell is on loan. I hope he choses us over Atlethico and liverpool. Especially as athlethico has an Argentine manager.

        1. He looks a properly good player in the making. I really hope we can get him. I don’t think Liverpool will rival us that much. Last year they had a lot of money to spend and CL football and Alexis still chose us, so I can’t see them beating us to anyone now. Atletico may be a tough club to beat to his signature though. Argentine manager as you said, they aren’t blessed with money but they have a very good reputation for producing top strikers – Falcao, Torres, Costa, Aguero etc. plus they’re from Spain – no visa issues and no language barrier. They’ll be the ones to beat.

      1. See this is the smug kind of comment that just makes me laugh. Theo scores in the cup final and people suddenly think he’s ready to be compared to Aguero as a ST.

        If i was given a choice of Theo or Sterling i’d have Sterling. But I’d rather just add Sterling and have Theo as a good option. We won the FA cup but absolutely no need to lose our heads and think some players are better than they are…..or more importantly UPGRADEABLE. GK, DM, RW, ST can all be improved with players out there and available. Sentiment needs to be ignored over the summer.

        1. No… They just think he’s far better than Sterling, which, I agree with. Even before his last few games and I’ve argued this point with you previously.
          It’s not to do with him getting on the score-sheet. It’s to do with the runs, intelligence and ruthless finishing in which he’s displayed with us before.
          As I’ve said to you before, we have trickery and dribbling in abundance. What we’ve sorely lacked this season is deadly finishers to get on the end of moves. Theo ticks a lot of boxes.
          And Sterling, due to his experience and lack of injuries, is further along in his development, I’ll never dispute that. But I personally think that the Ox will be a superior player in the coming seasons playing similar roles.

          1. I’ve said this before to you, in no way do we have “trickery and dribbling” in abundance. Ox and Alexis are literally the only ones capable and Ox played 1 game since Jan because his fitness has been a major question mark. You talk about finishing, but the issue is more that Giroud isn’t a top class ST that results in us not finishing chances off, nothing to do with missing Theo.

            Our fans prefer a fit Ox to Theo by a distance, yet Sterling offers more assists/goals/created chances than Ox by a long way and people dismiss him. Look, I’m not comparing Sterling and Walcott, I wrote a long comment previously saying that misses the point entirely. Sterling would fit our system better than Theo and his ceiling is far greater, that’s my only comment. If Theo had been typically ineffective these past two games the general consensus would be entirely reversed, so I’m not going to debate about a player when fingers are in ears and fans are on cloud 9 thinking we’ve cracked it.

      2. No, I never did want Sterling, he has achieved absolutely nothing!

        When has he won a game for Liverpool, or turned up to help them out of a tight spot?

        He’s vastly over rated, and I just don’t understand why!

  3. Any reliable Arsenal transfer source on twitter? GeoffArsenal, AgentJim, ArsenalAction are the ones I know please tell me if you know any other?

    1. Walcott insisted on a 3 year deal, another year and it would have weakened his negotiating position.

  4. Theo will not leave arsenal, so guys please dont worry about that. Our concern should be about the players we are gonna sign this summer. I really dont want us to believe we aré there And end up back in 4 th place next year. I am sure all teams above and below us in the table will strenghten Man united planning to invest another 150 million, Man city will spend and chelsea as well. I do think we need atleast 2 top players this summer and hold on to every one else except Flamini, Sonogoal and Podolski. The champions league play offs are getting much more difficult and we really dont want that headache. i believe that wenger looking at this team will believe we can win the Epl or atleast become 3rd but i doubt it.

    Opinions welcome

    1. We need to get rid of Podolski, Diaby, Flamini, Sanogo and Campbell. We need atleast 3 players to challenge for trophies.

      1. I’d replace all these with two top players: DM and RW. It allows space for future recruitment or young players.

  5. Our current squad is too big number wise
    Strikers- Giroud, Walcott, Welbeck, Podolski, Sanogo, Akpom, Campbell, Ryo.
    CM- Diaby, Flamini, Arteta, Wilshere, Coquelin, Ramsey, Cazorla, Ozil, Rosicky, Chamberlain,
    Defenders and Keepers are limited but Midfielders and attackers are plenty.

    1. I would release Flamini
      Sell Podolski, Campbell, Ryo and Sanogo
      Send Bielik, Zelalem, Akpom and Hayden on loan
      Give Arteta one more season
      Give Diaby a pay per play contract
      Keep Jenkison ( not send him on loan)

      Sign a top DM and top Striker and a young LB (Unless we have one in Academy)

          1. but apart from that, Reus is a dream player. can play in the wings, can play Cam can play striker! what else do we need but looks like he is madrid bound

      1. and who exactly will buy Ryo and Sanogo? He couldnt even get a look -in at crystal palace! still injured?

  6. just pay him what he wants….we need a squad player to compete and rotate for backup…

  7. Really don’t think we need a ST like everyone is saying but actually a RW. Wenger said himself Walcott will be going central eventually and if you haven’t noticed all season long especially when Ox got injured we’ve been playing our CM’s out there. Ramsey, Wilshere, Ozil, Cazorla, Rosicky and hell even Welbeck. Can’t be anymore obvious to me a position that’s crying out for reinforcement, or are we going to wait until Ox has to sit out a few games to fling the CM’s out there again? Plus Podolski just doesn’t cut it for Arsenal and I can’t see Campbell making it either. Griezmann, Fekir or Bale even though his price tag is stratospherical LOL are the type of players we need to fill that spot. Just my observation throughout this past season…

  8. Walcot will sign. Don’t even worry about it. His representatives are just hard bargainers. That is all. He has said he wants to stay. Being English and an Arsenal veteran makes it really difficult for him to leave. He was educated here, he loves it here and we love him too. He has finally played as centre forward with distinction, scoring four goals in two games and winning a trophy so nobody can dispute that he can play there. So I have no reason to worry. The great thing about this arsenal team now is that we are strong in every position so no one player wakes up feeling that he is our best or main player. This enables humility amongst the players and makes negotiations easier.

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