Time to be honest and rightfully apportion blame for Arsenal debacle

There is one massive reason Arsenal got thrashed last night in the Europa League final against Chelsea and that is the manager Unai Emery.

Now, I will say straight up I am not calling for him to be sacked or anything like that and I do believe that he needs at least one more season to try and build the team in his image but neither will I make any more excuses for him.

I know some will say that the owner Stan Kroenke has not supported Emery and they are right, some will say that he was let down by players like Ozil, Aubameyang and Lacazette in Baku and they are also right and I know some blame Arsene Wenger for the mess he left behind and again, they are right but none of them is to blame for what has happened at the end of the season, that is purely down to Emery.

You see, when we won eleven games in a row Emery had no support from Kroenke then, he was not relying on just our three main players then and it was still an inherited mess from Wenger. When we went 22 games unbeaten it was still the same players, the same lack of support from the board and Emery rightfully received all the plaudits and praise.

So when we then collapse so dramatically at the end of the season how can anyone then blame certain players, the owner and previous manager when no one was giving them all the credit for those unbeaten runs?

You cannot say when we win and are playing magnificently that it is all down to Emery but when we can’t buy a win and leak goals like a sieve that it is everyone else to blame except the manager.

Emery picks the team, he picks the formation, it is his job to motivate, to form a plan B, to build character, to incentivise, to instil confidence in the team, no one else.

How is it that a team that wins eleven games in a row ends the season in such an appalling manner?

How is it that a team with the easiest run in ends up with one of the worst results?

How is it that a team that has been rested for three weeks then looks so tired in a final?

I could go on and on and on but I think you get the picture.

The buck stops with the manager and the time for excuses is over with, Emery has to shoulder the responsibility for and consequences of what has transpired over the last two months and if anyone wants to go down the road of blaming Kroenke, Wenger, Ozil, Mustafi or Brenda the cleaner that is their prerogative but then do not be surprised if nothing changes because I tell you this, unless Emery improves his consistency next season, it will get worse.


  1. I agreeEmery is to blame for the loss, he made two mistakes today which were – not starting Iwobi and going with 3 at the back.. it failed!

    1. he may make mistakes but this is his first season…

      he needs time to build a team

      Klopp took 5 years to win the champ league with Liverfool

      1. He should be sacked. You don’t play a goal keeper who is on his way to the team he is playing against in a final. Emery was naive and arrogant against teams like Crystal Palace, Brighton, Everton. Going too defensive. We should have won those games. An easy run in, We messed up. Truth be told, Emery should be sacked. No emotions. Top 4 was there for the taking. To succeed in football, you need to spend big, and you also need a top manager that instills confidence, aggression. Bring in Allegri. Overhaul the entire defence. Out: Mustafi, Ramsey, Welbeck, Cech, Elneny, Ozil. In:Koulibaly, Nabir Fekil. Recall Chambers and Ospina from loan. Have a plan A. Play a 433 formation. 3 man midfield. We need to sign a top winger. And an imposing centre Back. Kos and Sokratis can’t be relied on. Koulibaly, Mavropanus, Holding should be the first choice centre back. If we can’t get Koulibaly, then we should go for Xavi Martinez from Bayern Munich. Mustafi is a joke. AMN is not a Right back. He can’t defend. Rash in his decision making.

            1. And replace Emery with who?
              Who would apply for the position under the current conditions prevailing at the Emirates?

        1. Given the money spent, and the outstanding squad Pep inherited, then I guess you 100% would have sacked Pep then. Same for Klopp.

        2. Skills,you are talking utter crap about Cech none of the goals were his fault, he kept the score down if anything and just because he’s going to join Chelsea that doesn’t mean f all, he’s a professional and gave his all just like Aaron Ramsey

          1. Not the point. You play your best team in a game that matters this much. Cech is not the better keeper and his hoofing the ball up the pitch clashes with Emery’s ideology. So why does he start? Sentiments.

      2. Emery is a clueless coach and a gambler. He is taken ng us no where, no where good enough for arsenal. He cannot give what he doesn’t have. He is a mid table coach. Emery out

    2. @Th14.
      Are you just trolling or what? All you seem to do is regurgitating Iwobi this Iwobi that.
      What is wrong with some people.

      We know Iwboi is your life but dammit, your constant Iwobi advertisement is getting irritating.

    3. Very honest article, people like to say the players are rubbish, but the say players started the season, so until someone can tell me how the same players that went on beaten are now all rubbish I will continue to put the blame squarely on Emery. He gambled top 4, the team reversed and became even poorer towards the end of the season, he lacks respect for defending, and just one very big game that will make the season worth it, the players were clueless, couldn’t defend, we lost like complete amateur. Tactical Emery lost the game.

      1. I have said the same thing since the beginning of the season about Emery, he got good motivation when Wenger left, then he started fighting players, you can not be a good manager when you pickup fights players. This demoralised players and starting losing after 22 matches. Then the team he selected against Crystal palace. OMG. It demoralised players and at the end, we had to draw with Brighton. The manager has a lot to do for this lost season.

  2. were just not good enough in our current guise, we finished where we deserved
    players like ozil should dictate games not be absent week in week out
    i hope we have learnt from this season , and buy smartly over summer
    we shall have to wait and see

  3. on emery
    i didnt see the match i live in new Zealand BUT emery didnt make the individual mistakes that led to goals and missed scoring chances, im not saying hes a great manager or should be our manager but these are facts , players are paid hundreds of thousands of pounds to produce the goods , dont blame the tactician for players individual mistakes

  4. Emery is not the man who is going to lead us anywhere. We more or less conceded and scored the same amount of goals under Emery as we did under Wenger in the PL and played one more game in the Micky Mouse cup.

    In addition the longer then the man had this team under his wing the worse it got. It went actually backward in the run in.

    I don’t think he knows his best 11 and he plays the wrong formation.

    I have 0 interest in next season and if I were the manager I would drop out of the Micky Mouse league at the first hurdle so I don’t have to play on Thursdays next season.

    1. Emery’s hands are tied mate, he inherited that team from Wenger plus he was able to bring in few players who were not good enough I will give him a chance this summer since he will have total control and see what kind of changes is going to make. Arsenal need the entire new 1st eleven

      1. In other words, the same players have let down two well respected managers in Wenger and Emery.
        How many of the current Arsenal squad would be wanted by clubs above Arsenal in the EPL, maybe Aubameyang, Lacazette and Torreira.

  5. The manager just joined Arsenal for one season, whereas the players came to the club several seasons ago. Those old players will never improve and Arsenal should try their best to sell them

    We cannot expect Emery to do a miracle in one season. Remember how Klopp and Guardiola struggled in their first season

    But we can judge him next season. If Kroenke gives him huge transfer budget and he still cannot bring us into the CL zone, his contract should not be extended

    1. The comparison should be with sari not klopp and pep … And on any criteria he is clearly inferior …as a MANAGER … I don’t need another year of his so called tactical approach I want someone with a footballing vision and drive to implement it …Emery out is a no brainer otherwis a lost decade will become 2 Spurs will b undisputed kings of north London and we will be arguing getting Thursday night football is like winning the league … Pathetic … A club ruled by corporate dishonesty not football passion

  6. That’s not going to happen with a budget of 40 million. And Emery can not hide or justify why we went backwards as the season progressed.

    Our best football this season was played with 4 defenders and not with 5 defenders. Yet we start with 5 and are overrun in midfield.

    The only way the might get my support is if he makes Ozil play with the reserves next season and keep him away from the first team. (Not that Ozil was to blame for this loss)

    I expected a tough first season under the new manager but I also expected signs of improvement as the season wore on. Under this manager, we got worse as the season came to its most important quarter or run-in. And that has nothing to do with Wenger or the players we have at our disposal.

    Starting Cech was a move only a loser makes IMO. It signaled the manager was happy not to start his best 11. Sure Cech was not to blame for the loss but starting a player for sentimental reasons sends a message that the number one priority is not winning but something else. Wenger was great at that as well.

      1. I said Cech’s performance was not the problem but if Cech was our best keeper then why didn’t he start in the PL? And if he was not our best keeper then why even take a 1% risk the guys reflex is a split second slower than Leno’s? Why not start your best 11? It signals you don’t care about playing your best 11. To win you have to be pragmatic and this final that could have saved our future was not to place to do a favour to a player who will in all likelihood move back to his beloved Chelsea next month.

        Cech is a class act but is he worth sacrificing a place in the CL?

        The manager wants to play out from the back. Cech can’t do that Leno can. Yet we play Cech. Confusion reigns at the club and in the managers head and in the squad.

        The manager wants to press, Ozil doesn’t press, the manager plays Ozil, we don’t press. What is the rest of the squad supposed to think about that?

        The manager speaks about “our way” yet he himself has no clue about our way and thus can’t transfer his way to the squad even if his English was fluent. We have no identity, not even the beginning of it.

  7. If Arsenal board ha the guts just trim the squad, get all the non-performers out. May be 5,6,7 players – does not matter. Anyone old and on good wages not doing their part – out. If we have to suffer with young team, we should for a year instead of these Ozils/Mustafis/Jenkinsons/Elnenys – out. Stick to youngsters like Iwobi/AMN for one more year, while the club tries to find a new identity.

    We will have a low budget, and Stan wont give us a penny, so accept it and dont try post articles wishing we are linked to De Ligt or anyone who we know, will cost a fortune.

    Names of our incoming players this year will be unknown to us, and we have to trust Emery one more year as per his contract, dont start to blame him – we parted with AW and paid him huge sum that could have helped the team, we wont do that again with Emery who has just one year left to prove his worth.

    The whole world knows who are deadwood at Arsenal, get rid of them. Back the manager with what we have from sales and funds. At least if he fails, we would not have spent astronomical sums for nothing. Sit tight and have faith for one more year – thats all we can do anyway

  8. Our transfer budget is anyways low. We have to KICK Ozil out of this club so that his 350pw can be distributed to 120pw and 130pw for 2 decent players. The rest can be used to increase Laca’s and Auba’s wages.
    But since no one will buy him we I am also okay if someone is willing to loan him and pay atleast 250pw, we can pay the rest. Atleast the freed up wages can be used for better players.

    UE screwed up the tactics and also without Ramsey in midfield we are nothing(the one player who actually deserved a pay raise and we are letting him go).
    Iwobi should have started along with Auba on the wings. But it doesn’t matter anymore now.

    1. If rumors are true, Laca needs to be sold to Barcelona and Auba to Madrid and in return use that money to bring in 6-7 seven news players I really believe if we look for in Brazil or Argentina we should be able to get good strikers to replace both of them plus Ozil, Mikhy, Kozy, Nacho, Kolasnac, Xhaka all need to go.

      1. This is my honest opinion too. Sell Auba for 90, Laca for same amount that is 180mil. Sell Nacho, Mustafi, Kos, Ozil, Elnany, Xhaka etc that will give us about 300k. invest this money on quality players like Koulibally, Pepe, etc.

        They keep throwing away opportunities like this and who told you we can’t get better player like Auba and Laca for 50k each?

        1. Gogo you are dreaming if you think we would get 90 for Auba at his age and 300 million for the lot.

          Also, I think it would be a mistake to let laca go. He is the type of player the manager likes. He works hard for the team, he is our best finisher and he is physical. He should be used to build our attack around with two good wingers and a creative midfielder to him service. He would score easily 30 goals if he was our nr 1 striker.

  9. Not only did we miss out on champions league but have now definitely missed out on our top targets.
    You can effectively cross Ziyech, Rabiot and any other world class player out as they are not gonna come here if no champions league.

    Best we can hope for now is Trossard, Fraser etc

    1. I wouldn’t want Rabiot near Arsenal he is a trouble maker I would go for Hector Herrera who is available for free.

  10. After Watching that game, i believe Unai has regressed in tactics and team selection. For a cup final, with the promise of Champions league next season, The coach needed to be ruthless in selection and tactics by choosing the best players for each position and read the game tactically.
    How did Petr Cech start that game? How did Other players disappear in the game and why was our defence, which comprise of the most experienced older players go to sleep when it mattered the most. To be honest the team seemed tired, drained and dazed at kick off.

    Unai has a lot of rebuilding to do. The last 10 games have been telling a lot and Unai needs to know next season will be tougher, fans will be impatient and no one will expect less after a season so disappointing.

    i’m out

  11. Jeez.. if Emery isn’t the man, then who the bloody hell is?? I’m beginning to wonder if anyone can motivate this bunch!!
    To lose the way we did, is just typical Arsenal.. how stupid of me to think any different!
    We’ll never get our hands on a trophy, i was just fooling myself to think we would! I just hope the players touched it on the way out onto the pitch, as that’s the closest they’ll come to it!!
    Oh how the future is bright… not! Right now, can it get any worse being a gooner? I don’t think so… once again – a night to forget when it really mattered .. thanks AFC.. what an embarrassment

    1. Do you remember that article about us having the edge on Chelsea because we have more incentive to win this trophy? I knew it was all nonsense. If this squad could not motivate themselves to pick up a single point v Palace, Wolves and Leicester, it was clear to me they don’t really give 2 effs about anything. How do you lose 3 league games in a row? Someone should have paid the price for that disgraceful run but since everyone came out of it scot free they will continue putting in these kinds of shifts till we finish 10th.

      1. At the beginning of the season, QD.. I had high hopes, as things seemed different.. new manager came in, new ideas, everyone fought for their place in the team – unfortunately that didn’t last! Everyone in our team is very happy with complacency… well as long as they can all sleep at night, knowing they gave everything ?? haha when exactly was the last time we saw that?
        The way things are going, we’ll more than likely finish 10th next season!! Happy days, hey?! ?

        1. Exactly Sue, Everton will strengthen with Usmanov’s money from his Arsenal share sale, Wolves, Watford and Newcastle (if new owners brought in), without considering Manchester United, Spurs, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City.

    2. yes sue, in one word “EMBARRASSMENT” I must agree with you and the sentiments of Martin Keown on this, we are a club in trouble and it is difficult to see a way out of it with this owner and board of directors at the helm, Not enough money for the manager next season and no top players wanting to join anyway with no CL qualification. Two players stand out for me as senior internationals that just sit back and take their fat wages every week for just a smattering of good performances under their belts, Ozil once again failing to turn up, how people can say he is world class is beyond me,(take a leaf out of Hazard’s book Mesut) and Xhiaka waving his arms about every time he loses the ball to try and shift the blame onto someone else, dont get me wrong they are not alone but these are players that we need to ship out, they have no fight, spirit or will to win for Arsenal just prima donna’s of the highest grade,
      we are in trouble. The promise of being able to compete with all of europes elite clubs once the emirates was bought and paid for was probably right until kroenke got a hold on the club and until him and his crones depart we are going to be found wanting.

      1. I’m done with defending them… let’s be honest, you couldn’t after that horror show last night!
        And this is how it’s going to be season after season… the odd great game, lacklustre performances in every other game (especially in finals) no pride, couldn’t care less.. it’s the travelling fans I feel sorry for..let’s be honest, does this happen time & time again to any other team? No just us… and I agree with you, regarding Kroenke etc.. we’re going nowhere – fast!!

    3. Embarrassment is an understatement Sue and hope you are out of your beg, well I’m not cos I’m already sick like seriously sick. Emery isn’t the man. He’s got no balls.

      Remember the way we pressed at the beginning of the season? all that gradually faded away maybe cos players were complaining and with no balls he got along. He doesn’t want to offend any player. look at the way he defends Mustafi when he f**is up.

      I’m gutted here

    4. Sue, my only criticism of Emery all season was our defending tactics. It’s a sad day if I have to support Paul Meson, he said that we the way we defend, if we meet a good team (Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea etc) we will concede plenty goals. This was at the beginning of the season when we were doing the unbeaten. I was very happy when Emery was appointed, but to not have learned anything from a whole season is extremely troubling. Chelsea soaked up our pressure in the first half, we created chances, we nearly scored, we were on top of their defence BUT Chelsea’s defence held firm. They didn’t become stupid and leave themselves open to our attackers. But when it was our turn we capitulated. Because we were opened. Just paying quality attention to the defence will make the lost bearable. How can we lose 4-1 in a cup final???? Chelsea did what every lower team that has beaten us did and it worked for them. Wolves especially. We are square peg round holes.

    5. Good point Sue! I dont think any manager could motivate this team. Take Ozil forn instance!

      As for CL next season, we messed that up by only getting 1 point from our last 4 games. Last night was win or bust and we all know this team are as reliable as the British weather!

      Last night looked just like another bad game in the PL run in..

      1. We went from the CL (where, if we’re honest, we only made the numbers up) to the EL, which I’m told, is more suited to us… but after last night – are we making the numbers up in that too?? Sigh…..
        What a nightmare!

  12. We can blame Emery as much as we want but when you look at players throwing their arms up in the air instead of working hard to win the ball back, that is a player issue. The culture of lack lustre performances have become the norm at the club for several years now. Massive clear out needed and young players like Nelson, Willock and Bielik should be given a chance. Defenders are a must in the transfer window

    1. Totally agree! The players have become WAY too comfortable in the Emirates era. I would take it a step further and say there needs to be a clear out up stairs too. The culture they have cultivated in the club is all wrong. Prioritising the retention of Ozil over Ramsey is a sackable offence for mine. Someone should have identified Ramsey was our most influential player and ensured that if he was desperate to leave we at least received some money in return. Seeing Aaron interviewed since his last game, he clearly didn’t want to leave. How can the boys upstairs defend that?

      Instead of moan about Cech being selected in the final, why are we not questioning why a serial winning and experienced footballing man like him is being allowed to leave for Chelsea. It may transpire that he wanted to head back to Chelsea but again that would be a sad indictment of the poor culture which permeates through the club.

      Cultural change is the hardest change to implement in any organisation and until arsenal address their cultural issues, it will be more of the same.

  13. Don’t really see how it is Emery’s fault. Playing a back 4 would have just got us to concede the 4 goals much quicker and then possibly more.

    The squad he inherited is not good enough. That is a fact. Rank the squad in EPL terms and then see league position and that is about what Emery managed. As an example, is there is single out and out winger in the squad? His system relies on that and he hasn’t had one all season.

    Also, people side step the big issue. The defence is not the worst part of the team. The midfield is. Xhaka and Ozil offer basically nothing for a whole season. Nothing Emery can do about that other than try and get through to the summer and rectify that.

    I’m not going to judge Emery until this time next year. I would expect significant improvement in the team.

    1. It is unfortunate that Emery has inherited this lot and i think any manager would have trouble motivating them,difficult to see a way he can improve thing without financial help though mate.

  14. Klopp does not only motivate a football team he motivates a city….remember that.

    Either Emery is not suited to Arsenal or Arsenal are not suited to Emery either way they need to part company. With a guy like Kroenke pulling the strings I`m afraid Emery is the loser.
    Ozil is an unthinkable con man who needs to be legally removed if possible. I was not kidding when I said Donald Trump should buy Arsenal, money would be available and his alter ego
    would make sure they have the winning streak.

    1. Not sure why you have mentioned Klopp there. If you go back and check facts, he lost just as Emery did at this stage of his time at LFC. In fact he hasn’t actually won anything since then, including having the season of his life and coming second just in the recent past. Sure he may win this weekend but count the number of years it took, and unless you are willing to support Emery for those number if years, stop pointlessly talking about Klopp.

      1. Stop with your distorted facts. Klopp came in halfway into the season and signed Caulker on loan in the Jan window and his squad was worse than Emery. His first full season he spent on transfers, he qualified for the champions league with his highest goal scorer(mane), scoring 13goals. Klopp is not comparable to Emery at all.

        1. Try reading.

          I’m not the one comparing Klopp to Emery. And fact still remains, he has not won a trophy. He has lost alot more finals than Emery has.

      2. My comments about Trump were purely hypothetical, of course he wouldn`t be interested even if he could be, but, on the face of it the formula seemed attractive enough.
        So, far as Klopp is concerned I just like his style and getting the Kop on side in Liverpool is no easy matter. I can relate to his type of character, it`s warm and he`s fun but he, like many others would find Arsenal frustrating so long as Kroenke holds the reins .
        Many years ago when I used to go to Highbury I felt I was going home and it wasn`t just the ground. Now, like their stadium, the vibes are cold and uninteresting and at 84 I don`t think I`ll be around long enough to see things change.

    2. The Donald is worth about $2.9B while Arsenal is worth about $2.3B(£1.8B) ….unlikely he will make such an investment. Besides, he’s American too! He will probably want to milk the club like Kroenke. We need an Arab or Russian or better yet, a fan-based ownership model like that of Barcelona and Bayern!

  15. Now, that result puts to bed our £70M budget hopes.A £40M budget can at best get us 2 quality players of about £20M each. That is a Ramsey replacement and a RB or a RW and a LB or a CB and RW…shucks, we will just have to close our eyes and gamble on 2 positions. Plot twist, what if the players intentionally lost to sabotage our budget to keep their places in the squad…?

  16. I agree with the article, UE is to be blamed, his selection recently are based on sentiments, changing to back 3 with aged defenders who are ‘acient of days’ -just to accomodate Kola in the starting 11?, chosing Cech over Leno, (and pls dont tell me Cech was fine) did anyone see his distribution? Whdn did we chose long ball pattern when we dont even have Giroud with us, and against a tall chelsea player? That alone reduce our striker chances and of courrse put lots of pressure on us. And please monreal, kosc, and sokra shouldnt play as 3cb again, no more energy ,they are all aged

  17. Let be fair we were rubbish and have been most of the season.
    I believe we need to keep Abu and laca at all costs. Ozil, miki, klaznic, Jenkinson, elneny, kos (if he won’t extend) mustafi and welbeck all need to be moved on in anyway possible.
    I would love to see several promoted from the youths esp AMN and willock.
    Then bring in 1 good defender somebody like maguire or similar. 1 good young winger and a central mid to eventually replace xaka.
    Accept that next year will be a build year for those younger players and a year for the team to gel. But being able to watch arsenal next year play with passion will be far more exciting than watching what I have this year, which was more like watching a dying animal.
    Just my thoughts.

    1. So you gonna promote youth and at the same time expect to beat Mancity and Liverpool or Barcelona or Madrid?? To me seems like a big step down if I can be honest with you and you don’t win anything with kids Wenger tried that and we had to wait till kids are mature? I hope not

  18. I did support Emery till yesterday, now I have other thoughts.
    Starting Cech was sentimental, not based on merits – he did the job is secondary, it sends the wrong signal. Start your best available 11. Back 3 with aging players was never going to work.
    Starting Ozil in midfield was wrong, when he flopped in the last matches of EPL (Hey Ozil fan club, I am not an Ozil hater)Again not starting your best available 11. Some section of fans put the blame on Emery, it is true his selection and tactics cost us the cup and the UCL spots. Some blame the players, correct, but a ruthless coach would not have tolerated these players and would have banished them to the academy. The mistakes Wenger made were selling Gabriel for Mustafi, selling Giroud instead of Welbeck (Giroud offers the team option B which we did not have yesterday).The way forward is
    Sell / release all deadwood, no sentiments involved, performances on the pitch matter not commercial sales of merchandise, etc.(Ospina, Jenks, Leich, Mustafi, Socrates, Kos, Monreal, Kolas, Xhaka, Elneny, Ozil)
    Groom in the academy players, refrain from signing mega bucks players for a year.
    Give Emery this year, do not extend. Start looking out for a good coach – Allegiri/Luis Enrique
    Get the American to sell the club to someone really interested in football
    One year I am ok with a top 10 finish as long as we can start new from the 2020-21 season with a new owner, new coach and new players.
    I know the above will not happen in my lifetime, just wishful thinking.And finally the abuse Iwobi gets on this site is shameful and pathetic, is it because he not European? Every player has failed this season at some point, yet the abuse he gets is too low in nature, advise Admin to block or moderate those comments or else it could seem racial profiling.

    1. The way forward is to build a team around Iwobi and introduce the young and hungry gunners into the set up. Iwobi is the most underrated player in Arsenal and not surprising but time and time again he has shown talent and why he should be trusted. Let the revolution start with Iwobi as the forefront.

    1. How many of these players would Chelsea be interested in; Aubameyang, Lacazette……?

  19. If I were to say I was disappointed that would have been an understatement. I am totally disgusted !! First and foremost at least the Ozil supporters won’t have a say when Emery decides to put out his team next season. Ozil needs to be sold, if I were to have my way. I would say we sell Aubameyang! He misses too many important goals anyways.. we were suppose to finish in 3rd if not for his woeful misses. This match should even have been started on a good note if only he had the seriousness to play as a good striker. He missed an easy chance, if he had scored at least we would have started in a good way. He can be sold to bring in wingers.

    Looking at the positives though..I really am looking forward to starting of next season. Even if we did lose I was literally smiling with the way Willock played with his head raised high, even if he did miss some good chances, I really don’t care.. I see improvements everywhere. I am even glad we lost because if we had won, that would have given me another shit season of cursing Ozil when ever he fails to turn up. It will at least give Emery a chance to get rid of this shit number 10. We need a good left back in Childwell mode. We need a right back, we all know Bellerin can be useless at times as well. We need a sound Center back, they are out there. We need a midfielder who can dribble his way out of difficult areas. Or we could just get Doucoure of Watford. I know we need two left and right wingers. Since we already moving for Frazier, then we should also move for Neres of Ajax or Ziyech, there is also Chukwueze of Villarreal. These are players Emery can develop, Mane was not world class when he was bought, neither was sterling or Sane or Bernardo. These players were all improved by their coaches. With what I have seen in Iwobi, Xhaka, I believe Emery’s is a good coach. He should be given one more season at least. He should be aware that he needs to win Europa league next season and fight for the premier league aswell, anything less than that is a failure and he should be sacked.
    Please I don’t want to see Ozil or Kolasinac or what ever his name is near this team anymore, if possible Aubameyang should be sold. He misses too many sitters. I think he is not using his abilities well. He needs a coach like Guardiola or Klopp. Everyone knows what Guardiola did to Aguero.

    I cannot wait for the clear outs to begin.
    I don’t feel disappointed because, I lost hope when I started seeing we want to win this for “miki” “ I know this cup, it’s my birth right” see we lost this game before it even started. Sarri tricked Emery. Knowing that Emery reads his opponents at half time, Sarri decided to play safe and Emery failed with his tactics by feeding a defensive back five and ignoring to start Iwobi, but took the risk of playing high pressing football. Sarri confused him, second half they came out to play football, and by this time Emery has no answer Because there was never going to be another half and he already lost it with his tactics.

    I hope you all move on as I have, I am patiently waiting for the signings and the clearout to begin before deciding if I will be watching any football next year.

      1. Teams come back from mistakes if you have the attitude, to blame an entire season on one player for making a mistake in a game because he’s being overused and was rushed back, that is totally sliding over the bigger problem. Liv and Tott with bigger squads have made mistakes, didn’t stop the players from digging deep.

        1. Agree BoT, you will concede in the game, my question is why were goals not scored?Not condoning Xhaka, but having being 3 goals up (having a combined goal scoring duo costing over 100 million) a mistake leading to a goal, score would be 3-1. Onus is on the coach for being ultra defensive with a back 5, poor creativity in the center of the park and missed chances at the far end. Imagine 7 defensive players and 3 attacking players and yet not parking the bus when up 1-0 when you cannot score is something Emery has to ponder over and rectify this coming season. The least he could try was to give game time to some younger players, but he insisted on the seniors. From yesterdays match can see Emery has the passion, his players don’t but he could not read the game and effect early changes. Hope he gets ruthless and culls the dead wood (if only there are takers) or suffer a loss and terminate the contracts. This will make the players think about their performance on the pitch rather than social media.

  20. How can you blame emery when we had more than 5 chances to bury the game? How is the manager to blame for that? If we had made one shot on goal the whole game i would understand your point,but we had numerous chances which were not converted.Auba was frustrating,Ozil will not shoot,Kolacinac will not shoot,Xhaka actually had a good game and Niles.
    We sholud have won this game in the first half

  21. please stop with the comparison. Klopp came like midway into the season, had a worse team than arsenal had when Emery came on board. His first full season he spent, he ousted us from the champions league spot.
    Emery had time to assess his team and sell deadwoods and signed 7players and still messed up. Don’t try to compare

    1. The only way to find out what you really have is by seeing them, working with them, so yes you can compare. They both failed, maybe expectedly by many, but they both did. With Klopp, usually a new manager coming into a season will inspire better results even when it’s not a top manager. Emery had to use what he had too, and it was Sven that done the scouting before he arrived. Klopp barely beat a worse ever Wenger season with the fan base baying for blood, not a ringing endorsement, but then with backing and in his third year (two & 1/2 seasons) later he got Liv roaring.

  22. I’m done with this club. Nothing else mattered last night, not the formation, not the player selection, not the opposition and certainly not the Ozil. It’s the hope that kills, I can’t keep doing this to myself. They bsstards couldn’t even play for pride.

    1. Please go and don’t come back , thank you .I hope you go to a club where human beings are not the players but robots or aliens .

  23. People complaining about the team selection, did you see what we had available on the bench? This squad is thread bear! We need a huge clear out and next season we really need to blood our youngsters. We aren’t going to be able to compete transfer wise so we should start going the Ajax route. Time to give chances to the likes of Beliek, Willock, Medley, Mavro, Saka, ESR, Nelson and Nketiah because they surely can’t do any worse than the likes of Xhaka, Ozil, Kola, Mustafi and co

    1. Hahaha.. Will is right. I thought exactly the same thing when I looked at the bench! The squad is so thin that it will take at least 3 to 4 years to rebuild this squad. We need to Give Emery some slack because the player he has (does not) makes it almost impossible to pick his best 11!

      We need to give Emery at least one more year to get into the top 4 and at least prove Arsenal are moving forward. Personally, I don’t see much change happening now. Not after last night. We needed CL next year. But, I have always said I will give him 2 years to prove himself..

  24. I watched Liverpool’s herculean come back against Barcelona and then I witnessed our damp attempt at doing something..

    NM was a positive for r me except the pen, but other than that both Laca and Auba had stinkers when we needed them most. Ozil, was well, Ozil..

    No presence , can’t control or dictate a game, big or small. That’s what makes my blood boil!; The fact Ramsey our best player in MF is not deemed necessary but our languid, stroll about, occasionally assist with a cheeky through ball ‘wizard’ is.

    PC should not have been in goal..he is older and slower (and about to join the opposition as their TD) than our German bought to replace him so even though he made a couple of decent saves he and our defence cost us.

    Same old same old at Arsenal …
    The competitive ‘edge’ and desire to do or die will be instilled in new cheap young players by Emery no doubt and some deadwood (not the biggest log I fear!) Will be axed but on meagre resources to benefit the team Arsenal will always be runners up at best.

    Hazard goes to RM and a ‘bigger’ team for more prestigious glory whilst we will play Thursday night football again. Once a serial winner of this competition , UE is I’m danger of becoming with AFC a serial almost ran.

    Stan and co will keep their cash in their pockets or in their more important sporting enterprises and we will struggle on as always..

    Don’t believe the everything new hype..it’s business as usual at AFC. Profit before success on the pitch.

  25. Don’t forget that Emery had to change the side that was doing so well when Holding and Bellerin got injured and that’s when we declined this season. Yes, he’s made bad and strange decisions, but not having a decent right back and being forced to play older CBs all the time was a major factor, and reflects on the poor depth in squad. It’s now a question of invest or go backwards.

    1. Bellerin and Holding should make a huge difference next season although we still need a traditional left back in order to revert to a back four. With rumours that Athletico are considering a £70m bid for Chilwell, let’s hope we and unearth a hidden gem from somewhere cause we ain’t coming close to that offer.

  26. Honestly what people see in Maitland Niles I would never know. He is bang average and overrated, he is how old again 21yrs please look at some players at his age. His looser mentality is appailing no effort or whatsoever, over and over again he cost us.
    I thought xhaka- was the only midfield player that shown today. Kolasinac- is close to being useless honestly and torreira had his worst game for us. In defence sokratis was the only one defending actually koscielny cost us the first goal, got his positioning all wrong and didn’t have the legs I say get rid asap and he is no leader. At 1 down you have to rally your team mates and motivate them it is 1 goal down come on. Why he took monreal off instead of kolasinac I would never understand that sub. At least all the ozi lovers can STFU, who the hell does he think he is? You are losing and you casually walk off. Thank you iwobi for proving me wrong tonight he and willock was the bright light of that match.
    Where to begin with aubameyang and lacazette the most disappointing players out there. No work rate or whatsoever from them.
    On the bright side let’s not kid ourselves we were never gonna win champions league, I wish we didn’t qualify for Europa league at least we focus only on premier league.
    Massive summer coming up, I think we need to terminate a lot of contracts honestly and people blaming Emery, that was the best lineup he could use..
    Did you see his anger when Niles made the mistake that lead to a goal or the penalty, you could tell he was raged. A lot of this players need to leave my club bunch of losers.

  27. emery is also problem as to y we missed champions leage spot.
    y start cech yet leno is fit. Moreover on a cruisal game.
    y start elneny and goundouzi against crystal palace.and every game was like a final at that time

    y rotate the team in evry game u play.am sure even he doesn’t know his starting eleven.
    nothing like this being the 1st season,i thought sari also had the 1st one.
    back to management.we will never win anything with sub styandartd players like
    iwobi…not good enogh to b in arsenal
    goundouzi…still young,,,should b loaned to grow
    elneny….low quality
    letchestner…too old,no pace,hehehe,,,,,,sporting director.
    cech….wat do u xpect,,,Chelsea to sale a ood player to heir rival arsenal,left Chelsea wen is past his best.I wonder wether he can still see well,,,,signed a contract with Chelsea and emery still selects him over leno….hmmmmmm
    let a player like ramsey to leave for free,hehhehehe.
    wat is jekinson doing in arsenal books.

    1. I don’t think so! the problem was Auba for missing sitters vs those lower EPL teams you can blame Emery as much as you want but this is going to be his 1st summer and he will decide who is going out and coming in and blaming Kroenke is not fair either is not the one who brought in Ozil, Mustafa and Xhaka, we used to have a stubborn manager who knew everything and that’s where he left us when he was sacked. The only positive thing is we have Raul in charge and i am very optimistic about our transfer this summer.

  28. If we can’t get allegri or simeone then i think we should consider jose mourinho yes i know his not everyone most popular choice but at least he be able to do what Emery and wenger could not do teach the players how to defend

      1. Emery did get the players working harder, some of them don’t have it in them. Danny, Ramsey, Bellerin, Holding, are ones that work hard but were not avail. 2 will be gone now, and Mkhit and Ozil do need to go with them. No Mkhit meant we had no right winger to choose, and even when he’s there he doesn’t offer enough. Ozil is just not suited for the PL and what it has become, high intensity at the top. Kolasinac needs to go, he’s not a defender. Niles has a future, but he was poor at wingback on our biggest night. Mourinho is not the answer, he can’t balance attack and defence unless he has the right players, he won’t get those players at Arsenal sure he couldn’t get them at utd spending similar to city. Emery is a better choice, he needs time and backing, like Klopp received. Mourinho’s tactics can’t compare to Liv, City, and those are the only two teams that are doing it right, the right balancing act.

  29. Emry should have adopted the 433 system.Chelsea won not because they were the better team but because we adopted the wrong formation.there are many dead woods which need to leave our club

  30. Iwobi scored a great goal but he will never be our saviour. He will still be a very useful squad player next season though, which cannot be said about Kolasinac who I hope is gone in the close season. A complete rebuild needed bar Leno, Laca, Auba, Torriera, and AMN.
    Emery needs to make up his mind how he wants us to play and put players in their proper positions or just pack his bags and bugger off.

    1. Auba, Laca, Ozil, Kozy, Nacho, Kolasnac, Ozil and Micky they need to go in order to spend that money to improve squad.

    2. Auba, Laca, Ozil, Kozy, Nacho, Kolasnac, Ozil and Micky they need to go in order to spend that money to improve squad.

  31. To start Cech when he is going to Chelsea was ridiculous.

    Our main problem is Kroenke- until he is gone get used to this and my advise is don’t let this Arsenal football team dictate your mood based on their results as they are not worth it!

    1. I wouldn’t blame Kroenke at this point, he is an Arsenal owner 100% going to this summer transfer window and let us see what is going to address some players issues we have

  32. I have said several times this season that Emery’s football is dire. I don’t see clearly what his philosophy is.
    But as i keep saying. I am willing to give him one more season to try to get his own players then the real hammer ? will go down on him if we don’t see any improvements then.

    But for now i just want all the fraud overpaid old players do be shown the door. They are draining us dry while giving nothing back to our club apart from embarrassing us season after season.

  33. Couldn’t help but notice and I thought it significant and a reflection of our club when Chelsea have their owner and oligarch waiting in the tunnel after the Europa final to congratulate the players and we had the very noticeable absence of our wner and leech!!!

  34. Sure he is the first to be blame, he started the season very ruthless with players. He was not afraid to drop any underperformer but towards the end the likes of Ozil started more games which we saw the results. We started our strongest available line-up, except Cech. Almost everybody expected the line-up, nobody gave Iwobi a chance even the few supporters he has here went for Ozil. But as usual they disappointed. Certainly Emery is not the best for us, but no good coach can succeed with this group of players even Wenger played his worst football when he started recruiting these dogs.

  35. The day we lost Santi Cazorla we fell down a creativity hole. Losing Aaron Ramsey has turned us into a nowhere team. The problem is at the top. Whether Emery is good enough is debatable….but he does care. To have an owner with no passion, no investment, no participation, who directs his money to the LA Rams, LA building project, and who is leading his Colorado Rapids MSL team to being the worst ever in MLS history, tells the true story. Whilst Satan Kroenke is Arsenal’s owner, Emery or no Emery, there is no voltage, no electricity. The team have had their heart cut out by Satan Kroenke who is Arsenal’s very own parasite. If our deserving supporters do not hound him out the club will be in creative limbo for years.

  36. We need some Le Coq Monster humour… where are you? Not still behind that sofa? Or cancelling your expedition to the titanic ??

  37. The sadest feature of the game last night to me was the fact that we were beaten by a Chelsea side that is far from outstanding.I understand the frustrations of fans on this site, but there is not one Manager on the Planet who could possibly turn this bunch of poor to average players into a successful team.Because of the lack of quality Emery has felt it necessary to adopt a defensive back five system to “steady the ship”.This has been a major error of judgement on his part .When you have a weakness you do not compound the weakness by adding another poor defender to the problem.This in itself is not a sackable offence, but surely he will learn from his mistake and revert to a flat back four on a permanent basis next season.There is however a positive aspect to the defeat in that it will speed up the “clear out” which is essential if we are to give our talented youngsters a real chance to perform next season.I include Chambers and Bielik on the list to be brought in to provide some physical presence to our defence.The season is over but I leave you with a positive thought, there is a man on our payroll who has really impressed me during the past 6 months.His name is Freddie Ljungberg and before too long he will manage our great Club.

    1. Grandad, as well Dennis Bergkamp is available as Technical Director, but of course the hierarchy at Arsenal won’t be interested.

  38. I can’t believe anyone is calling for Emery to be sacked. He inherited a squad of players who are not his, and not performing. I think his transfer business has been decent, give him another summer or two and then judge. We need to accept that we are not about to sign any stars of world football, we need to find the next stars. This is where Emery and his staff are supposed to prove their worth, so let’s give them a chance before we write them off.

    We need to try everything to keep Auba and Laca, anyone else is dispensible to fund the rebuild. Lots of work to do, but I am not giving up on Arsenal yet!

  39. If a manager can not motivate his team to give a performance in a cup final, lose or not, he is not a manager

  40. Arsenal fans are as poor as the team. We aren’t a club that sacks on your first try, Rioch is the only one that comes to mind and that was out of character. This team is not Emery’s team, I don’t know why he let Ramsey go though because Ramsey would’ve played yesterday, and he’d have been an important tactical piece. Mkhit, Ozil, are not players Emery wants, and they are meant to be 2 of our biggest names. Mhit chose not to go for political reasons, and Ozil with the way he walked off was a disgrace/insult to this club. The defenders, I don’t think he sees them as his ideal defenders. There are some players Emery is happy with, but it’s a mishmash. Some of our players bottled it, simple as, same with the league run, some of them just downed tools as they say. But a final, some of it you need to credit the other side too. We all said we need wingers already. People need to remember the needs they called for, remember everything they’ve said. Mustafi, nobody wants him around, but he’s our best in the air and we were facing Giroud. There is a lot to sort out in this team, we aren’t good enough to be playing CL, but the money would’ve been handy. I’m looking at Kroenke now because something has to come from him.

  41. Fabregas: “When Ozil was at Real, he was surrounded by top players & one of the best in the history of the sport in Ronaldo.

    “Once you step down, you have to show yourself more. The club buys you to be the leader around the club, but I don’t think he has it in him to be leader.”

  42. I agree, it was Emery’s mistake. Top four was ours to lose and we lost it, gaining 4 points out of 15 in the last 5 matches in league, which is shambolic.
    Yesterday, we were completely dominated by the end of the 1st half, and it was pretty clear, there are spaces behind AMN, that the CBss and DMs are not able to cover with the current situation, he did absolutely nothing.
    It was clear since the start of the season and in first half that some players stamina, cannot make it well to the 2nd half but he started them all together and kept them on field when we were completely dominated.

    However, almost every manager available if not all managers would make mistakes. It might be too risky to sack the manager and get another season if trials. The guy must have the chance to learn from his mistakes in his first season and complete what he started to build with full support from fanbase. I hate to say that because I don’t like him and I am angry but it is what my left brain says.

  43. Admin once again your piece was rubbish. You can’t blame Emery for ozil being (mia) or for the chances they squandered,or for cech being VERY POOR. yes he picked the team but he didn’t concede a penalty nor did he let 3 goals go past him and pretend like he actually tried/dived.Cech and only Cech was to blame mostly for giving his new employer’s the uel he wasn’t the only one thou but I’m glad he’s leaving. Guys please give Emery a chance he’s a good manager mark my words he’s going to turn things around

    1. That won’t change anything, Ozil or Mustafi did not make Arsenal useless with team defensive tactics. We could replace Ozil with Messi and we still would lose 4-1. Fans like yourself have just been changing scapegoats every season since the invincibles and nothing has changed, what worries me is how it hasn’t clicked in your heads that neither Ozil, Iwobi, Mustafi, Eboue, Diaby, Denilson, Silvestre, Senderos, Aluminia, Andre Santos, Djourou, Song, Xhaka etc. decide how the team should play and be structured defensively. We need to stop talking about wingers and start figuring out how to defend properly, have a strategy then pin point which defenders suit the system. WE DONT NEED F****ING ZAHA

  44. Media reports this week say that a member of the Emirati royal family, Sheikh Khaleed, has offered to buy Newcastle FC for £350m and that the club owner has accepted the offer. The reports further say the FA and Premier League Board are currently undertaking due diligence on whether Sheikh Khaleed is a fit and proper person to run the club. If the Sheikh get the FA’s approval, what will that mean for Arsenal? It will mean the opening of another front in the fight for top four from six teams to seven, giving that Newcastle, like Man City, will now have a lot of oil money to invest in players. For Arsenal, this is worrying. If we don’t invest heavily in new players, we would no sooner be a mid-table team.

    1. Plus Everton will benefit from Usmanov’s money received from selling his Arsenal shares and Wolves, Watford, Leicester, West Ham and others will strengthen.

    2. He’ll get approval all right, look at the money in the prem now with all these billionaire’s and us with the stingiest one of them all, not to mention his non activity which is actually worse than being stingy, well maybe not, we might forgive if he financially backed us.

  45. @Admin

    Ozil or Mustafi did not make Arsenal useless with team defensive tactics. We could replace Ozil with Messi and we still would have still lost 4-1.

    Fans who blame players etc. have just been changing scapegoats every season since the invincibles and nothing has changed, what worries me is how it hasn’t clicked in their heads that neither…

    Ozil, Iwobi, Mustafi, Eboue, Diaby, Denilson, Silvestre, Senderos, Aluminia, Andre Santos, Djourou, Song, Xhaka etc.

    …decide how the team should play, and be structured defensively.

    We need to stop talking about wingers and who sucks.
    Emery needs to start figuring out how to defend properly, have a strategy then pin point which defenders suit the system. WE DONT NEED F****ING ZAHA

    Liverpool didn’t just buy Van Dijk & Allison, and boom their defensive issues disappeared. They had a defensive strategy and bought players accordingly. We need to do the same

  46. This manager might be the best we can get. Better managers would demand a budget to rebuild and not get it and therefore not come to Arsenal. But this manager will not bring us back to the top 4 even if he is handed City’s squad.

  47. Even a second division club in England knows to beat or atleast hold Arsenal with a hell of defence…Who doesnt know Arsenal defence collapses on quick counter attack. So when it comes to English clubs Arsenal struggle with their game style..walking to goal…Instead their tactics bloomed against European clubs..That is why they reached final..Unfortunately the final was against English club…which knows every loopholes of Arsenal…

    They same Arsenal fans once screamed for Giroud’s head and he was sold to Chelsea . Look at him now….Was he really a crap? Similarly we shipped out Walcot…was he really a crap? How many goals in his last season? Did we replace him?…Now mourning to get a winger..I think Arsenal should change game plan and start quick counter attack rather than holding ball…These monkeys dont know it…Why do everyone get crowded in the box…Quick counter attack always leaves enough space to penetrate rather than allowing 7..8 opponents to gather at their box..Finally all our monkey defenders will take part in attack leaving their goal post open to lone keeper…

    These monkey defenders will never clear the dangerous ball in their box..instead they try to hold it and finally concedes goal..How many goals they have conceded after getting opportunity to clear the ball far away..Very often they escape narrowly…I think it is the game plan of manager and players are being instructed to do so.

    So i think it is the duty of manager to use a team of players , who defeated Napoli and Valencia in dream margins, in an effective way. If they can beat Napoli and Valencia..then they are not at all craps as you people say…I think it is the game plan..Crystal palace substitutions will vouch my views…

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