Time to be positive Arsenal fans – New signings incoming and youngsters earning accolades

It has been a very frustrating transfer window for Arsenal fans so far this summer, and despite being linked with 100s of players our only signing so far has been the youngster Gabriel Martinelli. But he made his debut against Colorado Rapids the other day and was suitably impressive, and capped his performance off with a goal. He looks like a very good buy to me.

Yesterday it was the turn of our upcoming youngsters to impress, and with Chris Willock starting the game and Reiss Nelson, John-Jules and Eddie Nketiah coming on late. It was the last two that were most involved in carving out the winning goal against the German Champions, and Nketiah even got the Man Of The Match despite only playing nine minutes! Good going my boy!

Unai Emery was very pleased with the big performances from our youngsters and felt that it was ‘very positive’ for the coming season. He said on Arsenal.com: “For them it’s important also in each match here with us and each training to give us his performance and above all his energy,”

“We have the responsibility with the young players to give them chances and we want also to use different young players to help us.

“They are going to be with us in the pre-season and some players are also going to be with us in the season. Each match, each minute they can show their performance like today. It’s important because against the big players, for example Nketiah against Sule, is to show how we can respond with different situations and different situations and I thought today was very positive.

“But it depends on their performance when we are playing matches like today. Against Colorado Rapids on Monday we played a lot of young players. We need them for the moment but also in the future. Our responsibility at this club for the history, for the present and for the future is to have young players with the possibilities to take chances.

“After, if they deserve it they can be and can take minutes like today. I am very positive with them, I am very happy with their work every day in the training sessions and also today in the match. We are going to play next Saturday against Fiorentina also in another match and we are going to use young players. It’s another chance for them to show us how they can respond, but today, for example, is very positive.”

Now we have had Josh Kroenke telling us we should be excited about the transfers we have lined up, and Emery has also told us to expect 3 or 4 big signings. We already have the impressive Martinelli, and possibly Ceballos, Everton Soares and Tierney on their way. I’m not having any more belief that Zaha will come, but I do believe we made the effort. So it may have been frustrating so far, but don’t you think we should be just a little bit positive now that we have got assurances and seen our youngsters look good?



  1. Been really impressed, so far, with the youngsters ?
    Zaha has told Palace he wants to leave and Arsenal is his preferred destination! Come on Unai….. ?

    1. I just read it on SkySports’ Twitter, so it must be credible

      Zaha is my number one choice for the LW position, because he is full of tricks and has a decent left leg. After watching Mkhitaryan and Nelson played on the left side against Bayern, I believe Arsenal need someone better than Iwobi, Martinelli and them

      Saka looked good against Colorado Rapids, but he would tend to use his left foot like Kolasinac and Tierney. Whereas that Soares guy always cuts inside like Alexis Sanchez, very rarely use his weaker foot

        1. gotanidea, if Everton Soares (a full Brazilian international and the only one not yet playing in Europe) turns out to be the player for Arsenal that Alexis Sanchez was we won’t be complaining.

    2. I dont think it will change much though. Palace will still demand at least 80mill, while we’ve only bid 40mill and haven’t sold a single 1st team player outside of Ospina for pennies.

  2. I think it’s turned around this week as we were hoping!

    Saliba seemingly confirmed, Everton promising, Ceballos apparently waiting for approval from Zidane, now Zaha making noises. Hopefully we will go back with an improved offer for Tierney considering how close it seems!

    I actually think with how Joe Willock played against Bayern Munich, and how our youth overall are looking so far, Ceballos might be a wasted loan if we can’t get a buy option at all. Better to give the time and development to some of our own!

    1. I think eventually Madrid will sell Ceballos, Madrid are always looking for the best players and CM has a lot of very fine players. Unless Ceballos becomes a Xavi, Iniesta, basically a Spanish marvel, the likelihood is that game-time over there will be highly competitive at best or very scarce for non first eleven / eighteen players. We will have an advantage on other foreign clubs, if he leaves Spain it means we are in driving seat unless things go awry. We should go all out to make the kid feel at home, let him know how important he could be for this club with fans fully fledging support. He’s an all rounder by the look of him, could have a big future, it’d be great if he falls in love with London and the Arsenal.

  3. It’s all good and well playing youngsters in preseason and in the early stages of the FA cup and caraboa cup but these kids need ACTUAL game time against ACTUAL decent competition for them to improve. They wont get better playing in a weakened arsenal side against weaker opponents. What Unai needs to do is the odd game play with a full strength team and then throw 1 youngster in there and let them play with the actual first team

    1. If Emery doe’s play the youngsters in some games don’t get on to him if you don’t make top 4 these kids need time and they are good kids with a lot of skill

  4. Is it just me.. I m not a fan of Zaha. I feel he is not a team player. Strong, can dribble with good agility but there’s something about Him that didn’t catch my fancy. Anyway if we get him and Unai works wonders on me then fine. I like this Brazilian kid EVERTON

    1. Not doubting immense talents of Wifred Zaha, I still also don’t fancy the guy been my club team player. Everton Soares is the Bomb.

  5. Admin, I agree with you completely…as long as these signings actually happen.

    We know from last season that we have the nucleus of a top four club and the players mentioned will strengthen it even more.

    It’s just the CB position that seems so vunerable, even if Holding is ahead in his rehabiliation.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if we bought in someone like Cahill as a stop gap measure for the season, either that or we put our faith in the younger players.

    1. Cahill is good for a season…on a free…hope we get him…Kos seems on his way out…Cahill very experienced.

      1. Apparently, Brighton & Hove Albion now want £45 million from Leicester City for CB Lewis Dunk, now they have sold Harry Maguire for £85 million.
        Arsenal needs now to look elsewhere, as there are others out there. For example Wolves are chasing a young CB from Olympiakos who is 6’6″ tall and valued about £10 million.

  6. It’s balance. I’m more than happy to see the youngsters playing, but I’m ****** of seeing how screwed up our club is. It’s a double edged sword. Joy for the youngsters, but contempt for Kroenke and his self serving entourage. Every father has joy at seeing the youngsters succeed but every father cannot stand the bullshit that the Kroenkes serve as the main meal. Kroenke out.

  7. Zaha really wants to join and he may force a move. Looks like Arsenal hasn’t lost it’s global appeal when it comes to attracting top talents. The question mark now will be will Arsenal table a suitable offer? What happens to Gremio’s Everton?

  8. I know what you mean Uzi. I do think we need to see how Crystal Palace react to Zaha’s request first, and see if they will compromise at all on the price. Then we can really compare between Everton and Zaha, because going for both will be very difficult financially and it will no doubt hinder our youth development to have both too! Right now it’s too early to see how it will play out with Zaha though.

    1. So what about youth development?! Why have we given ourselves this job of developing youth in the first place? I couldn’t care less what happens to the youth players, my one and only interest is in the progress of the team. As far as am concerned, that youth team is a waste of time and should be shut down. Only Bellerin, AMN and Iwobi have come through in how many years? On top of that all 3 and especially the latter 2 are debatable in quality. Youth = waste of time.

  9. Zaha has proven himself over the years that he can perform in the EPL. I can’t believe some people believe Everton is better than him. If Zaha was playing in the Brazilian league, he would tear the league apart. If it is a matter of pure ability, it’s Zaha any day. The only thing that should hinder the deal from happening is the price.

    1. Well said Joe ,no one had heard of Everton till last week now all of sudden all our fans are drilling over a player they no nothing about .
      Zaha everyday of the week for me ,he tore it up last season against us ,Liverpool ,Man City even Klopp said he was world class .
      We know how Arsenal operate so except the cheapest version .

    2. Proven? How has he proven himself. Players in his position should be judged on goal and assists they provide the team. What is his goal and assists over the years. Are you saying if you have a choice between him and Sane, Sterling and Hazard you will choose. He is overhyped and overpriced. I will take the 3 I mentioned above him for the price cp wanted and gamble on Everton for the price we offered. All the players that won epl player of the year in the last 5 or more season were groomed from another league and I don’t understand this obsession with epl proven.

      1. @mobella, lol kid, that guy plays for one of the worst teams in the league,, put hazard at Crystal Palace and then measure his talent

          1. He scored 10 at 27 with more epl experience than Sane who also scored 10 and played less match. Other players that scored 10 and play from wings as well are Deulofeu and Lucas while Richarlison , Ayose and Gylfi scored more than he does. What I don’t want is a repeat of Mustafi and Xhaka. Zaha will be value for money at 40m and anything above that will be overpaid. We can find our own Watford Richarlison instead of Everton Richarlison

          2. Completely agree Mobella. He’s a 40mill player. Nothing more. I don’t understand why we are so desperate to have him. Fraser’s stats are way better anyways, and I’d be perfectly happy if we got him, or Everton. Why we need to break the bank for somebody who is not even that consistent is not a smart move to me.

  10. Was a good call swapping Freddie for Bouldie although fail to see how would can inspire and educate our youth when he seemed as useful as a chocolate teapot for the senior team!

    Still FL’s knowledge of the youth will help a lot.

  11. I’ve been saying for over a year now Zaha is a plaster we need. He gives his all and is a team player. I don’t like his moaning and diving at times but he keeps the ball, has great pace and goes past players. We have to many players who receive the ball with their back to goal he uses the passes and forces the play. I don’t think we will get him but at his age I genuinely believe he is ready to go to a whole new level and possibly be the player of the season not just for arsenal but in the league. He just needs the move to happen

  12. Since Cazorla left we have been creatively redundant. Nabik Fekur for about 25 million is the bargain of the year. Only the Arsenal ‘plonkers’ could miss that opportunity. What a great player with 6 years left at top level. Idiot club.

    1. I totally agree with you. Fekur is the sort of player we having been missing in our team for a long time.
      Problem is we need a big clear out before we can bring in. It not so much the fee for the players that is causing us the pain, it is our wage bill hindering us.i heard we are at the top end of wage ceiling as set by the prem. But then I look st manure and they have guys on 500k 300k 200k all over the place.
      Is it based on turnover

    2. Also, Mario Hermoso went to Atletico Madrid for £22m. So that’s another CB off we’ve been linked with.

  13. I like how our reported targets match the criteria the club say we are going for….. Yes they said they would go for big players but they would also be looking for young players who could be the next big thing and this time there are strong indicators that it’s not just idle talk regarding the quality of the players:
    KT – has potential to be best LB in Europe, already has champions league experience and has captained both club and country all at senior level
    Ceballos – only a loan (for now… who knows what quiet words in the ear will happen in a year) but impressive in under 21s
    Everton – looks good in videos, being touted as next big thing from Brazil and let’s face it you have to have something about you to be picked as neymars backup
    Saliba – not for another year but is considered hot sauce across Europe
    Even young Martinelli has had a meteoric rise and is predicted to have a bright future on his national squad.
    None may be the quick fix, finished article yet (although imo all are already better than our current deadwood) but combined with our own youth and the stars we do have I think we can safely say that the club actually have a game plan and are working towards it.
    Time will tell if it works out but at least we have reason to be optimistic again. COYG.

  14. One thing that stands out for me is the ages of the players we’re targeting, just on the cusp and not had their bigger move yet (except Ceballos but it’s still good timing). I like how we’re approaching things in the market. We do need to see them getting over the line of course but the signs are decent, whether we get them and they work out how we intended is another matter however.

    Beating Tott to signings would make it sweeter, and I said to myself yesterday, Rose, watch, next they’ll try to pinch another target and if they do then that is just sad.

    We might have to blood some youngsters this season. F Ljungberg being promoted was a smart move, he knows these lads and they will be more comfortable around the first team set up with him in there. Emery will also take on board FL’s advice. This was a good move too. And hopefully Bould will try to gel four defenders who come up together at some time and make a rearguard that knows and respects one another.

  15. I totally agree with you. Fekur is the sort of player we having been missing in our team for a long time.
    Problem is we need a big clear out before we can bring in. It not so much the fee for the players that is causing us the pain, it is our wage bill hindering us.i heard we are at the top end of wage ceiling as set by the prem. But then I look st manure and they have guys on 500k 300k 200k all over the place.
    Is it based on turnover

    1. No need to sign Saha or Soares with youngsters like Neketiah, John Jules and Martinelli waiting for a chance to shine on the big stage.Tierney and Ceballos should be our priorities assuming Saliba is already in the bag.They would represent three excellent signings.

  16. Zaha would be excellent at £40M! If push comes to shove, we should pay max £50M. £80M is too much. What I don’t understand is why we are keen on shelling out £25M for an injury prone LB like Tierney!

  17. Tierney is not injury prone.You need to focus on facts not perception.Last season Tierney carried a Hernia problem which has been resolved by operation.Prior to last season he was hardly ever injured.For £25m he would be a great buy.If you don’t share my views you are also disagreeing with VVD of Liverpool.Kenny Dalgleish, Gordon Strachan, John Hartson etc, etc.

  18. I always have in mind that Arsenal player Wellington Silva when we talk of Brazilian wingers. Was the next big thing and wonder kid and don’t think he ever even played for us! Something to do with work permits etc? Or just something to do with Arsenal and their weird transfer business perhaps! For years wanted to see him play for us and it never happened- he then just disappeared.

    So for me I would prefer if we get Zaha – he is a fantastic player in a very poor team and I think he will add much to our game.

    Please Arsenal make it happen!

    1. Wellington Silva, did not play for Arsenal because of visa issues, as he was not an international player. There is no similar issue with Everton Soares, as he is a full Brazilian international and as stated above, he is being compared to Neymar, whose position he currently fills in the team.
      With Brazilian Martinelli, who is a more appropriate comparison with Wellington Silva, it wasn’t an issue, because Martinelli has an Italian (ie EU) passport.

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